Imig: It’s a whole new world for the Packers and free agency

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Monday, March 12th

Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig discusses the Packers’ game plan for free agency.  How serious are the Packers in Jimmy Graham? What are they going to do in the secondary? Plus, what should we expect from Rodgers’ upcoming extension?


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Bringing in now our green gold analyst Paul having joining us on the yes that are orange outline hey why don't. No word on a while so. Others talk about let's start to Mary's Reynolds first and foremost traded away he's gonna become a free safety. Over in Cleveland but they pick up John Kaiser. In the process that would clearly spell the beginning of the end for Brett at least tenure in Green Day obviously they weren't happy with what they sought him last season no matter what it is they say. So give me your thoughts on the trade first and foremost. Why I don't think you know you have any race. And most likely thing that I thought would have been the first major move a right good accident that certainly would not have been an up and that he would trade at a quarter arguably it's in that order which is already additional weakness for quarterback and I think we do that. They wanted somebody to replace Brett Hundley in the back of or at least get on legally significant competition. But to get rid of the marriage rent on the tell you that the with a lot like the jobs didn't release that it was like god agent in one around. The locker room perspective anymore and yet if you add in injuries and and you know big contract. Randall you know carrying the first round pick number it's as if he couldn't miss it here in 2090. Not referring to the upcoming season but the following. You know you're you're approaching that territory revamped to make a really big. Financial position of a doubt the air travel much like what we talked about what market Peter when it's great candidate or like the ram. Is that not so much about that early this year but be preemptive to the idea that trading for Peters mean getting any contract easier now that. Obviously a bit like with RBI you know build and few players. Come to mind that McCarthy had been at publicly critical of. And the various web. Eddie lacy come to bite you pretty critical of any late he publicly. And there is Randall especially at the anything that might you know they're very proud need to worry about his own. Felt the need to clean it all how like. It pretty clear. McCarthy felt about that player. And then you know bill we thought going into it you know. The Packers traded out of round one of the draft last year they got the first overall pick of the second round which means bad you know twenty hours to sit with the first pick in the background and I know. Pork but certainly that they widely used shot piper and I think most of the all that's just you know they want to in tight somebody betrayed them and acquire extra picks. And I think it's LD pretty in Italy that that was not. You know they've interest for the fact of you know getting an extra traffic intriguing back because. McCarthy and admitted to some extent right good and then if you can test out loud yet but they left. In the in the even maybe Russ ball as well the financial side that. They want disarmed they love to a year ago that they were about looking at that Kevin king and number 33. In and out here for now they tried their best corner forehand so they clearly like the player and now they need to develop and better than what they developed by partly because. Mike McCarthy admitted to shortcomings that happening getting ready and so they like to start over and start fresh for the guy and and tightly out of your love for over a year. So this because I said you know while I understand a backup quarterback position is vital as we know it is now has been self what solidified. They have gun battle that put all the eggs in one basket when it comes various Randall because he's a school ladies he's got a lot of potentially has been a great player. But they've gotten weaker now in in on the defense an area in which they were already weak. And now all you know you've got to go out you the fact is you have to spend money in a second you have to bring in a veteran presence you can't let Kevin King. And aquittal Rollins. The year two most veteran players back. You can't you know and he. You wanna go under the draft with the idea that you're gonna take the best player available. And that you don't want worry about what position that players. And you don't want a don't want to create a deep thinking I might have to overpay a player acts because he played this position of need. While the went. You you'll now have you already have a glaring weakness that quarter that just became a whole lot more glitter you know and it took it to a point now where. An upbeat about against report over the weekend. Bill we talked about trimming jobs in many times in the past month and half. And that is the guy that bombed again and not connect to the Packers to where they eat out public it's going to be. Raiders or it's gonna be hackers you know you'd be ego by that report. And that's gonna cost you 10111213. Fourteen million dollars per year somewhere in that range but what if they do. You know based information got in free agency and given. You know or a year forty to 52 but when that million dollar contract. And then they use number fourteen overall and it also lets say a short round pick on a corner. Okay you're you're better off than what you work but you're still he's got such until the climate terms and gave up position back to being out of weakness. And you made it weaker trading Randall an upbeat and doing what the profits and the coaching staff. Other Leno might occur the other yet increased sway in personnel decision. You know I haven't there's a spot where they thought their baby you know addition by subtraction by getting we're Randall but they now have to spend. They delegated to now they really have to bring a veteran rated it not to you know maybe you you'd inflated got another big contract. And then you also bring back a Davone house or you bring back a trim model like the name that I've been mentioned in terms of another possible reunion. And that he's still also might abuse number fortune overall on the corner so. Opposition that are ready did a lot of work he'd even more work now I don't think anybody in the front pockets would disagree with that. In then you start to worry about your right tackle position because blog that is fort Reno was not be ready come training camp nothing's been said. Yeah and if you figure that out that you may still in the media card reports all said and done. We talked about Jimmy Graham tight end position. What are you gonna do with what you have the white receipt there's still I tell you what this is. Every year I say it's always have very intriguing year for the Green Bay Packers senators like kind of a pivotal moment. This is probably it is is watching the deterioration of the defense and knowing how many holes you have to fill. And the ability or inability you're gonna have to fill. This is an incredibly. I I guess pivotal offseason would you would you take it that way as things continue to unfold. Oh for sure and I think the fact that there is now front office in place. I mean at top that would not I'd like I've nothing anybody could count it out convinced me that that problem would have traded to Mary's right approach on tight. And there's no way Ted Thompson would have been won the first call to Richard Sherman street saw that report on Friday that you sure but initially received interest from sixteen. One of those in the preliminary interest or of course you can bet I'm the effort the gulf was Green Bay and you know they already had posted. Mo 0% and you know it's like night he beat other guys end up getting release like the corner from doubts Orlando Scandrick. And Republican you're gonna get relief from Miami and I saw this today as well I can't tell a barrel I think I dropped below an add on network. Reported that the Packers are in fact. Looking seriously not talking to look seriously internship program. So that the whole new world where the team with more whole than what I think the Packers used to have an island off the but at least from this perspective you can say it valley GM and play. Who at least willing to go out avenues have these conversations be part of every created discussion be a part of possible trade scenario. And using that connection and Elway like what it very hard for gluten. Called John Dorsey Eliot wolf and a lot I miss the green and got in Cleveland and make something work you know the kind of parental swap and other it would upbeat about the what you can and you know there's. It can be the quick cap space that we don't write that the content that you map out a map you now the discussion than you brought up right tackle but. The fact they're connected all of these guys enough is connected to but hosting bit. With a look Christian and being one of the top two teams Aybar to maybe get Jimmy Graham and you know it's the new world and it had better be because we know that this team. That's all behind now why that a lot of position that he you know because of people just barely get it at that address should get out audio lot of work to do per share. Paula Paula make our own analyst and you know Paul won the other aspect solace that we didn't really touch on this segment at all I think we would be remiss if we didn't. We still wait for the other shoe to fall when it comes the quarterback position. What is it what is Kirk cousins gonna cite for who is he gonna side with how much money by the time it's also in the what are Rodgers then demand. And all the indicators much like Hewitt said a couple of weeks ago all the indicators are he's giving the highest paid player all football. And that's I mean now they can may defer a little bit of money changed things around maybe resigning a couple of guys and try to you know cut works in caps stay up late. If he signs the boat load. You gotta wonder out loud how much what he's going to be left for everybody else. Yeah and that's why I think Rogers and you emote partly rotten agent. Are gonna let Kirk cousins by burst in the if that happened this week. I don't think there's any other shoe to drop it I think the current content she would the only one a lap and the that would clear the way I think for the table to be that for what Rodgers gets. Now and the patriotic or companies seeking is going to be dip and whether it's by. They don't know or by Denver or by the jet. You know if he really does get a three year. Only guarantees added every single dollar guarantee which is unheard of in the NFL if that ends up happening let's just say. Three years ninety million only guarantee that would make her cut the first ever at the old contract guaranteed. The highest paid player in terms of annual average because right now drop like twenty half per year output content hypothetically and it's an area thirty million per year. It reset the table at a whole new way that we're not used to at people that you know desire stand up and all the NFL and that would get a spot where Roger than a day. You know. Even if the only aired yet they only very loosely 90% of his new contract but nobody much is cut and so. You know it they'll likely that it all comes down to how much. How big a piece of the pie Roger wants the valued at the hand that he'd need to be the highest paid player ever or at his position. Or is he willing to actually make back then Kirk cousins. Or have left and had a contract guaranteed. Compared occurred about. Obviously Al Leiter adult conversation at rod into the far superior player but other than a spot at age thirty entering a restricted free agency where there's a bidding war. And that that's not the position that rotted and so. Yeah that will mean once that it's taking care of it rocketed into the refund or cut but don't think there's any logic that wouldn't help me god. You could probably realistically start it countdown clock. When Rodgers and might do an extension. But that number I mean people had better be prepared. What that final number and that being how much in the being guaranteed because you know let her cousin's about to read that the market in the big way it would appear. Don't you think though that if Aaron Rodgers. If if the money side of things really doesn't matter I mean he knows he's gonna get over one million a year if he just says 4025. Point seven what are. If that doesn't matter that he can sign before cut. But if you're concerned strictly about the total number and how much you're going to be paid more than one of the higher paid players. That's when the concern is I have to sign after them sought to figure out what my number's going to. Which which which reaffirms what I thought I think we have but bill. For awhile which is that Roger is not going to give a bit. And that's why the you know the best cornerback in football are one of the that's for sure on what may be yet operate in that right at you like create up realist. And you know he had every right it paid a talent is what the market is to make the most money in LA and and for him to be. Expected. Why add to light to Tom Brady does take it is now you know more progress that seem. It's you know it's a wonderful spot man but like it it's just acted out. I don't expect it to happen if if everything. It brought it actually does that. That would be abbey it really powerful. Message to direct the team into the office but. I think if that would indicate that extension would have been done long before and the fact that. It now officially opened free agent market and that content is still out there about currency can only guaranteed deal. I think it speaks more and more idea at least that theory at least. Roger watts writers represented at least in the court not rocket making these phone call but their rugged agents represented as are waiting for content to sign. But back and read that the markets that rocket can follow up. 48 hours later something you know and the ability to reset the market that way so. I think more more to the point that it's going to be a hugely rich market reach setting type thing for rocket could be that what. I think it would depend on month to. Up all that stuff and will chat later on the week and in kind of wait and see because we know via free agent market is gonna open just about the next time you and I talked. So will law will chat about all the doings goings on that okay. Is about targets in the policy maker in order analyst joining us for a couple minutes in the Schneider or it's not like. Schneider hiring drivers right now you work hard retreat to their eighty push yours at beginning you don't call 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com.