Imig: A lot of truth in Rodgers’ presser

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, April 18th
Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig weighs in on Aaron Rodgers’ comment from yesterday’s press conference. Plus, how will Jimmy Graham be sued? Is the offense in a good spot?

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Good change gears a little bit and a guy that they shed some light each and on in well maybe what he's really thinking as opposed to what's been rumored to what he has been thinking and Aaron Rodgers. Could hear a little bit from him coming appeared shortly would Paula bigger green gold analyst on joining us on this matter orange hotline so Paul. Yesterday Aron Rogers says oh look it's not about being the highest paid player and both sides her. Now bill you know discussing things are apparently he kind of insinuated that affected the the Packers mortgages is quick to cover of the phone calls so to speak. As what they were leading people believe about getting your writers locked up by that being said it didn't selling Barack was pissed off the viewer organization getting. Null if anything I think it would an opportunity for him you. You know I don't think he's he's fortunate just from a public perception perspective. That he had an opportunity to speak with the media in you know a group setting up in Green Day. On the state or that it borrowers. Adam about our report coming out and about out of sources close to Rogers say that you know and thought. That would that would be a chance for him to kind of clear the air and and the kind of let. At least to a certain extent and tell his side of or or an advocate that he did say a couple things that. You know those in reference to the organization at that this ot these are all go to saint. But you know if you do look at some of the reporting that surrounded it. Yeah out story the other day you can start to get in right. Hard ball ball ball. Aren't being. I don't know what I was rolling it real well all the whole goal on hole was that had holes because apparently the aliens. Yeah well little pimple on Holmes who begin either call as backer trying to again I don't know what Dow was always. That's Paul sounded like a budget cats got into his pants and castrate him. How's opponent I'm gonna have to say that audio yes say that audio and that's all have a guy how are we all around these if he was getting in the broke from the aliens. Never have I figured that. That is one of the strangest sounds I've ever heard about his career brother running tape on U I don't know who lives that was weird may be the Packers are taping this. That was weird those are you listening out there and in middle Aaland wherever you are. We had nothing to do that were just sitting here looking at each other gone like wait a minute you know OK with Paul try this again okay volume there. I'd like to clearly are not an abducted by aliens. Okay you didn't deny the probe though. I didn't know what. Yeah it was the weirdest thing you were gonna play that back to those words the I've ever. Ortiz went with something I want to do gloves on a lot of water. That was great. I wanna I wanna hear and I obviously didn't hear I have also read. I know it's a little bit this note to start coming out party aren't I don't know if it's. The weather patterns but I I'd entered the year back in do you I still I still earth hour. The best way I can describe it is the tape who got snagged. And started running really fast. First you got all white blue who got all balled up and meditate started speeding up and you went in the mouse mode. Do you consider the possibility that it is an elaborate prank than playing and you acted on purpose. I have not in it would be brilliant if he did it now why would he did I just just do you know general attested to it's it's the April's fools that's late. You know why don't they got all that when you expect that right that was weird I I don't know what it. Later. And it's indeed there apple. And I'll I'll try to go back in and act like nothing ever happened and now I'll hold up talking about. Yet though. The other odd that it's not cheaper and reset and and get things out from his perspective and I wanna say about the contract they got a lot of record and play hard ball with him. But there is there as they appear to be that some articles written actually I'll I'll reference pro football talk. We're set at the Packers wanted to they let rotten apple last year mister contract. Rent tried it twice and by that time he's 38 years old and you know presumably. Work a lot flat so. It met him in Rutgers does not help leverage now again when he could talk about a player that important I don't know why would. One play hardball that extent I don't think that's what it comes then is our topic is do in the negotiation. But it is something to that web that it would look at Kirk cousins and it's fully guaranteed toi and dark beer can't argue that. A lot of the to have the pop that now Booker problem at all the leverage and all the options in the world and rockers out that though is that like a factor I don't know. But yeah I mean it definitely a chance reluctant to cut that. But the record straight a little bit you know after I got the story approach is called to him and blah blah well yeah yup certainly an interesting. Press conference exposed Italy. I don't know. Still specifically what's going through aaron's mind but I do know one thing and guide them in I said this in Rhode there's. You know. There may be animosity he may feel like K you know I should get more I should be paid higher. Whatever I mean you know he understands what what it is it once he takes the money the money's gone nobody else gets it in in all I kind of stuck. But I said all along I don't care what's going on between the team and Aaron Rodgers once he comes in the camp once he straps it on once the pad hits. Once he starts getting some of his wide receivers in the Vontae companies are working when Jimmy Graham and you know I mean it's you hate to lose George OK you do your good friend the guy you ride to work every day your company take a lose that. But. It Brett Favre did he reference far. It's a Dario Brett went through you get it you know guys move on if you really are great quarterback juice day you're the only common denominator so that being said. I I just think that once in all its goal for real this is already gone when I don't worry about this anymore and I don't think there's going to be any lingering effect of all of us. I don't think the leader. In again winning always cure golf course that not just saying it. The truth with a lot of special athlete all that they the most level and I I think yeah when you look at it he's it would mean quarterback. Can play until their late thirties and out you bet I'm ready complaints other forty and beyond. He gonna do people say a running back 30829. They are on their laps like what and why you know why perceive that it would be thirty. It's like well I mean this guy running out of gas then. You know it. Roger going to it's at 830 or even then. You know like he's at a point where you thought about it. Multi year huge multibillion dollar extension out of your Billy you're a lot so it is that hard realization. That as a quarterback you. Do you perform well that this. You are going to outlive from a traditional perspective and you're you're like in the NFL you're you're you're I want and not bound to be out of order and yet you have that same. You're watching Jacque Jones go from you or eat out I go from. I'm here at a sound catching once you were to breaking packer knew on Twitter and spent two years you know. That's how quickly it can happen from Jordan now indeed your paper target your bachelor and the team. I think it opened at Oakland Raiders so it is hard realization and acting is on the flip side of that. That brought the talk about what EL and robbers with a young player. Not a starter and Barbara are going to bring you now on the other and then being burst and it has been you know several years. Going back like you records which Angel. So that all that aside you get a guy oh you know that that comes in this organization and you're looking at the tight end position you're saying okay you've got Jimmy Graham you've got a little bit the death. But Jimmy grant's is look I don't know exactly how they wanna use revisited the versatility is there a I I still did defense to that question is team nothing has changed offensively. I'm I got to admit I'm excited I I eight I know that they still lead yet another wide receiver I know we need to fix the rights on the offensive line a figure that out I should they have something in mind but. Even if there Rodgers stays upright in between Graham and atoms in Cobb and whoever else it is they pick up. And in Toronto Allison seems to come on the way Aaron Rodgers was to believe a couple years ago when you throw passes to him. I'm excited this team to score some points are you. Yeah and another question number two like receiver spot. And and they're they're that good backlog of young players that you have to try to get a chance you need to see. What trot him out and can be your vehicle again between Pete or Michael Clarke and you know there's there's guys there are these like high prospect that the guy that you see coming at their economic. All but I do think that the position build it if the court all certain way. The Packers tight I'd really believable throughout the wide receiver before he had a robbery. So if you're in that at least a normal trajectory where. You know ought to ought to Adams career are comedic like second round pick wide receiver pack at great to that's what an attempt of an era. I expect that to be positioned to address. Tight end I mean having Jimmy Graham there. You know you go from Jericho June Martellus Bennett if Jimmy Graham. You know like you said yesterday is still there that any bull run or fired and he's still a big. About diet and it'll be entered in it like the way Mike McCarthy why didn't someone of that ilk that and it didn't look at going it that this. Upcoming speed that the cabinet and a long time indeed very steady if it was high upside. Running back duo and we're even trio it at Montgomery adding that. It's not something back to god and most often not worrying about there's almost always been the question now. You know something to do with Eddie lacy thought it would change spark going back like all the bad that and that it would not light up in. You know adding that this young group of a running back these adequate time Montgomery and there. It is huge bonus. Lot of the LP is that dumping any and it expected back up and look remotely like what it did this past it and and I think really it's a question now. Group tight ends and to play alongside Jimmy Graham and ultimately take his plate now expect the packer to draft. A tight end you know it's not too distant strap. And then what do you do it that you like receivers but I assume it's gonna be addressed the Udrih. I'm not afraid to rent a couple cork city you know whatever slot receiver but you know you just give each other than the of the yen in Europe. Clark or or adrenaline allison's up upn. You know they have the opportunity if that is a lot does make I'd look at on the red blooded Mexican to pick up the match at what you're up to the question. Let's not forget has helped and I'd like Jarrett Boykin. It's the team that looked like while I noticed that I could really come on you undrafted and outlets untapped potential there to unlock. And then to your letter there. Completely and I'm not factored Packard released in the that are so. I did you gotta be careful when you talk about yup undrafted. Unheralded guy bacon they can become out driver but they can help would be a jerk like. Pay also wanted to ask you when it when it comes to the some of the comments made yesterday. And specifically by a some of the guys in the secondary hot Clinton Dicks said that there wasn't accountability ha Clinton Dicks also said. Then you know they they were tired to Marius Randall and they went to the coaches and say this guy's kind of kind of an idiot you know. Were you surprised by him by all of that. I think I think they'll to a certain exit writing on the wall. Mike McCarthy's. There tread on basically it all out comment. Told all of you know the way that the players at a tell us about that group and more and more likely that specific player in in the area Randall. I want to that village is confirmation. Of almost what we all. And yeah I'm acting a little bit attracting that Clinton would be part of that. Description of the heat coming up they'll a really bad you know and it's thought to you know pros don't in the flat out all the old analogy but. You aren't a problem what they do not accountability perspective but from a performance perspective in Clinton expect and when the Packers trade. A position of weakness arguably their best player at their biggest decision that we and that the very Randall. Are you back up quarterback. And might be making you know you don't out of the comment I think that would all the the writing on the wall we need to know that that the situation out probably incredible matter how well Randall when played better unit. To restate being green there Cleveland. I ate it at anybody want around so it. I don't think it's a surprise. Other than maybe it's a confirmation of what we thought we currently do. Yeah I always I was a little bit taken aback by that that they just early talk when Dick system loaded now makes me think. Because I'm thinking well you know like maybe that's part of the reason. That it wasn't great you know was because you do Marius Randall was back there are other guys are trying to cover for his either ignorance consonants. Or just his inability to cover I I may be made that was a reason other guys Rodham positioning and you saw the thing reporting because. He just wasn't a damn good to begin. Yeah and when you're you're performing at a very average. And let's not because he had a really bad they're Internet and change in the whole thing that happened at Lambeau Field that night. He really really turned a corner from a talent and an ability perspective. Like when you are going to talk a game. And united and at the inside you're gonna be a guide it to stop the sidelines something. Is unprecedented. Happened. Really in the NFL much let under Mike McCarthy even in his tenure here. You could you have really better be in the league elite player to kind of get away with some of that. And better how much to bear Crennel came out of the player and at the white seventeen even allowed out of it and he was really looking like a guy who has got a lot. There there should lead this isn't playing NFL Madden on PlayStation that it's. There is it chemistry issue there are things that locker room and locker accountability and having leaders and having the right side in the right spot. There's a lot to to be set for that and you know apparently that I don't know what their alternative. But the you know as Randall dispute all I entirely work it is what kind of the final straw that but. You know again I think it's more confirmed what I need to an idiot interest in democratic you're all. Paul always good and real quick before I let you go on oral delayed a busy as you earlier when the aliens floated down and took you out. You know you can look at some of the reporting that surrounded. That yacht story the other day you can start to get in a play hard ball all all. Are being out. The war. That's that's what happened while we're on the air talking you play hardball all all. Being out. A yell that that the I yeah I'm on the may ballot that's pretty. That scared the hell out of me and I'm gonna go home sleep on my bed and I paid out by buddy Doug Izzo. You still there go to Paul limit and we hope that that was really Paula make we don't know. Committee teach. You know he's a mother ship right now. They've inserted soldier. Probing probing colony. But my heart 000. I hope. All are being. That's scary suffered you don't hear you more the election next. Play hardball ball culture. Oh aren't being. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking.