Imig: Packers are walking a fine line at WR

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, May 18th
Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig examines the Packers WR core. Are they too deep at the position? Is it obvious DeShone Kizer has no competition for the #2 QB spot?

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Paula (%expletive) green old gold analyst now joining us on the Schneider warned China life. I don't well. This bill I'm doing well if you we are now that every time I sure or or save radio show my brain Bill Bennett cheese Kurds. I can't I can't hear you say just radio yell out here it took. I I got that. It was yet it's it's proving it proving that multiple times of marketing works by. I was actually I was in Brookfield. It was it was two weeks ago could one last week goes on count two weeks ago. I went into the moral Linden boulevard location in Brookfield on Waukesha. And I don't know if it's they knew our wives or they just knew the show. But I said idea to go Michaels the guy knew exactly what it was an eternity before it insane he says and you want to read your your cheese curtain that right. It is not its modest I'd like that you know and I. I didn't OP knew me or if you did know fetus you knew what they worry what it was a little bit I'd be clearly he had had either. Experience really show our experience with people coming and asking for in that direction that that he knew exactly what what. That was how it works and a narrative work you are forty yourself over their Joseph when you go to cousins you just walk and go have me. Not on pulled out there. Fly if cousins is it up their sales are increasing and she's Kurds I want a piece of that action if the reason that I yeah well I think that's only that's only fair fight or the NCAA students over here you know we're student athletes. Does joke of radio show trademark yet like it that is that you forever should do the radio joke at the radio Jude due to radio June to a trademark. Like go all the light of merchandising and achieve Curtis just got. Right and radio giant Bobble head the radio Joseph Bobble head eating cheese Kurds you know as you with a good arm it's just she's Kurds and it's for us it's gonna cost money to trademark my name I don't have money in solid is the money it does does get us through that town that I'm not jealous of Israel's doing. A ball we got next week we get some OTAs coming up and so. A guy in this discussion yesterday and did there is say if you're gonna be a betting person in your head of debt. As to when the Packers would announce that Aaron Rodgers is signed when would be. The timber second. About that yet and I I think I think in my heart and more back to. You know some of the recently David Bakhtiar type extensions that I realized. We got a Aaron Rodgers and literally anybody else on the team there's probably only five other players in the league would get. A different type of treatment and Iraqis they live in their own universe just because the dollars a bigger but seemed to be like that that sweet time between the that we you know the week for appreciate your last creaky game and at the start of the regular season when a lot of times at least in the you know in the era of Ted Thompson. When he got some of these things done so for me my two timetables were. The week leading into the draft estimated Wednesday the day before the first round I think Brian predictions made it pretty clear. Why that what it's gonna happen in the sport in Japanese at all in my title. Track that is displayed back a month ago. And academy Beatty which you. And in the sense oh okay so you whereas in previous you know redeemed with Ted Thompson running in the run all they might as. Gotten something done at that time period but ranked duke and say in my mind in the draft right now in a dusty crowded extinction error but probably not at week okay side that didn't happen. The next logical timeline would after Matt Ryan ticket guilt. Okay well we're two here two weeks of boot from that ranking is guilt not about to what reach or whatever spent about two weeks passed. And it's still not done so yet in a ride it is going to be in town and play an opportunity for compensation. Negotiations. That. For the most part that's what that's been taking place. Between the rust all probably and that air Rutgers age or under the ball is eight and understands what. What aired a lot out of this and what he called out to beat but yeah I just wonder now bill not that it would be. You know completely out of left field to happen the next three months but. Normal and it felt timeline wise it's you know it it happened in February or march it happens to the draft. Like it happens in that you know that little period in between the end of the preceding the start of the regular sheet don't get it didn't happen and it all happened. If you're looking at and it's key identifiers. Throughout NFL recent history of free agency every connecting to beat them next kind of popped high into Cirque. What's we we were talking to were there innately about this yesterday and I was asking him eat you know because the thought process was Dez Bryant is more electric than a necessity. But it election assay. Is you know one of those scenarios becomes reality in the sense that as say Dovonte Adams. Does go out for a period of time is it wise to just have the youth in the inexperience behind him because Brett comes a slot guy. Or do you think it does become a necessity to bring in a guy like Dez Bryant who's got veteran savvy. I think he says it well I mean it's. You you have the dollars you decide has brought in now. Question did you have sort of a roster spots. Cortez Bryant and I know that don't crazy because you know you instantly come in I don't. If you would be would be one of the team's top two catchers. Right and that is the competition for that job I mean about it is becoming a monster and it all beacon of cautions this career looks like. You know it could be. Feeling you know he could just become outstanding at already very good Jimmy Graham Krugman I didn't pass catcher Randall a lot it is. Still one of the league's better slot receivers and then you have. A it doesn't ride on that team in the top two worst case scenario top three at catching the rest playmaker. But if you look you know what let's say it but not yet read up. Does you have and you basically have 83 other wide receiver spots to choose between. Trevor Davis between. Italy and between. Reading and keep that just came and between Michael Clark are you gonna gonna cut three York or old guys do you really think you complete recap of that list. You know we draft picks and this year. And being Michael Clark. Trevor David and editing Pedro out and yet to actually you know debate because it makes poor that -- person and so he would already be difficult. Decision and of course you have to almost expect one injury happened like just naturally at. Sort of like when that the brewers can't figure it relied out there and rosters but these should take care of themselves because of the injury he could planet planet at all they. Something happened on the final day training camp and the decision was based port so you gotta look at in a weird weight on one person up for something that but. You have so much young. Unproven that that. Even that these guys that you would take a fourth fifth and sixth round pick wide receiver and and say well we're gonna cut to a real like. You could end up doing and so I don't know I don't I I think and to the point where when you're talking in this day and Dez Bryant missed a free agent. I think you. You know and let the money is just so obvious like OK you know eight Packers on the other that rankled under agent called an 81 your screen don't yet Chanel used to yeah. Yeah he did an art beat but you know it's something where you're actually competing against. Another team or another couple in verse services and getting leveled Adidas and you wait you out but. I don't expect it to happen bill. I think there's enough. Young unproven guys that you think maybe the seven that we just mentioned would step up and have some sort of contributions so. I think you wait I think typically right now weight but it's something out. You know something unfortunate something whatever. Then you make that Colorado and and you know you nature and not relying too much on the really I'm glad that you don't want to really. You know YouTube YouTube is the party was or does Graham and all the tenure playing. There unproven got significant steps so that there should there buried or I'm. How did you believe that while receiving court date with the new additions. Annika if you think about it like you'd be. Cobb. Adams Jimmy Graham. 5% maps probably nearly eighty grab a can do you might seven is up in about more often. Different packages and what not but you know you're gonna go three wide receivers and you include Graham and that led to some extent. You are ready played drama Allison but again ending injury how many snaps did their relief left. For you and see if he makes asking for Trevor Davis as something other than on turner or Michael Clark orders being brown nor any of the other. You rookies a decline this year I don't know if there's again pending full health which you're never gonna go to report to complete 100% health. Even though we actually be relaxed and roster spot you might give him you know six snaps in week one and eight snaps in week two and you can do that feeling out process but you can even go back to last season led the I mean how many snaps to drop out of relief play a different point does he like he kind of break it down by quarter the seat out have. It's natural and probably but I think all throughout speak for myself. But he would label in 2017 but you can write more you look at that next guy so you know I don't know who's gonna win the battle between. The anti Davis in the pre rookie this year even include Mike Clark and that was I don't know who's going to be. And number one of those remaining sexy if you follow late there but eagle I was aware that lever it. How much it is that's where he can definitely place our ticket feel good about. Because when you put 56 talented guy Wednesday. You know made that Atlanta. Someone's going to emerge the question is beyond that the Packers don't suffer injuries to Beckett even play because thing to get played and overdrive and over Jimmy. Over common over to punt out of so an apple help I think they're really at plate if you were to lose once or. You know in a grabber outdoor. Academies or drowned out and then you know now that's what are going to be rest must do your duty so. I think it definitely could but again I look six guys at least three which would make a roster spot where pretty much completely unproven. Feel about the better quarterback position now and he's still Bret Holley who sits experience obviously wasn't great but you still have some and then you've got to Sean Kaiser coming in this situation I mean. I'm not saying Kaiser is the answer written do you feel better about Kaiser now. Yeah no I'm I'm good at that bill and I'd I don't even wanna. You know I think we should completely avoid. Talking points in August about. Who's going to be the number two QB of the Cutler because c'mon I mean it's it's tight like wheat weaken. We can play differently gains that we can try to actually make it seem like it's. A real competition it's hot I didn't take the current or stop I'm only had to change and at the Venetian ever have a chance again that team. It just it didn't work right there's a run and that they went out that tiger yet Mike McCarthy was when he filled with praise of Hundley at different points last year even when the rest of the world was saying commodity that working might. BI he was still. But when you get the kind of comment that might currently add. Board shot ties when you go back and you looking cute that the Packers interest in taking hand. Kaiser with a number 33 overall pick in the 2017. When they were seriously word that would that what you just. You know so it's going to be a late trade up that would legitimate interest. This is the guy that whether Qaeda deserves you know we can add index result in Cleveland but you know Tony Earl starting quarterback. For perennial losing franchise that they get to cut it got a break. Thrown into purposes they keep it loves to shop Kaiser and you know Hundley had one year left on his deal Qaeda has agree all the writing on the wall I shouldn't and number two so I I think it. You know I I think that's the guy that. Something happened to run again. You know I think clearly Qaeda guys in the year ago I would have been on board with. You know signing a 36 year old journeyman veteran to be the back up I think at this point. With all of the praise with all of the content public with a bit tried to with a big difference between you guys expect there really is a note that today. Are putting in the same category either vastly different prospects in the NFL they were actually different coming into the trap and does not I think. Again there is tiger's all of 21 years old. I think there's room for him to be group that I think there's room for. For him to succeed in the unfortunate circumstance should happen. Yet there's some should something happen to up to Iraq again which obviously no one watching it involves. All good stuff enjoy the weekend we'll talk again next week OPEC. He helped ocular and they go in and joining us on the Schneider or jolly Schneider our drivers right now you were car they treat you fair eighty plus years vivid donate call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com.