Imig: Rodgers comments were a “great move”

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Wednesday, August 8th
Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig weighs in on Aaron Rodgers comments towards the young WRs. Plus, if Khalil Mack was available for a trade, should the Packers pull the trigger?

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Paula make our critical analysts now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline so Paul. Aaron Rodgers who says that their practice for some of the younger guys on the scout team was quote this for. Good move bad move how do you take your Roger's comments. You don't like take it and and a great move and most of the commentary I see. Head has been positive for others it means that that. When you are. You know again Roger at this stage in his career 3040 years old. You can he is playing with wide receivers he likes. Well and who we're not yet in grade school when Iraq strategy high school you know there's a twelve last year eight different. With them over the wide receivers and I think we've always kind of thought it kept every quarterback. As. In come breeder rookies and the and the and that you know they edit the rule of law. And making a meaningful connection with players. When your leader when you're a quarterback like Rodgers did. I want it can sometimes take many different facets and different term. And I think sometimes the best motivation comes in the form of doing something public like it out of what. This to the public different tactic from Rogers he's not really. Call out guys in the media type of guy. And he did he name the name. But you could also do the process of elimination and determine who he was talking about so little. He made evening Ian Williams meeting and that he gave it yet and that. But yet you had a good camp. Jeanne vote fraud well Al and eat mentioned meeting that he's not including Alec and that conversation. And eat and of course number sixteen. Anecdotally you would I don't personally you and I have talked about it sixteen decor so like aside from you know these. Cobb presumably Geronimo Alec then and then Jake tomorrow to basically everybody else which includes all of the rookie draft picks. In that in that conversation in the sport center and the rock expect suspect you're all wide receivers. Are all being lumped in this day Aaron Rodgers and knowledge that the and this poor performance and you don't broccoli at regular Lebanese and as you get more tighter you gonna count or the State Capitol the mental mistake start up. I really thought of the good side of leadership dot by the leadership erupted in gold belt that kind of public call out to the media at the same but I think an interesting cat. Try to get it got it in annual you don't works but I think. If you'd need to be addressed somehow on the look at the courts practically that he did attract it publicly it. And that's not usually is when you think I like I quite get the sign at Wasilla leadership item in that way. So Paul. Calling out the young guys now personally say I agree I I think he he he didn't do any thing. Detrimental he didn't. Completely name names of any talk about the positives of that said you know guys that weren't there as far as met solar energy level goes it was you know quote this for comment. But let like the fact it even on the scout team he's showing these guys look I was here. I did notice this is right made my bones man that there's nothing about that is that smells bad to me you don't have any. Yes it is and it's it's again it went with the one who is at. Successful and our regular old man and BP or champ OO MBP wanna be. Most noteworthy. Aimed at football of the past certainly currently a bit out of a decade. If you it and you don't tackle people hate named by the ball where aircraft that come up. Were these young rookie to come and a guy who had all the accomplishments who's making them out of money that brought. You know. You know lists of top 100 most influential athlete. In Latin number if you got that most recently as to when that guy. Cares more adult scout team reps than you do. As a rookie wide receiver you know at the rookie wide receiver you're doing something you don't aviat and I I think it's. Or prevent you're. At it if I ate. A rookie wide receiver don't care and my all world quarterback which outlawed list of accomplishments does care. I doing something wrong at the rookie wide receivers so again I think it would. I think it was good that it out that way ticket at that the cable that. It is because scout team right now it doesn't mean you can take the next fifteen minutes up because. To rob his point sometimes you get really really could work in and I think during that period of time. Are defensively speaking I was listening to what Putin's had to say boy he's really hard evaluation process that. That Mike Patton is is is kind of giving to his defense and it's towards the depth goes you that there's a genuine level of eight it looked I noticed microphone speaker that behind the scenes speak but it seems like he's content with what they have. And the and Mike that ability to coach about doesn't it. He'll get it done. And that leads me to thought it ironic if that's your main point in a minute but at least it's the thought of public until he he's been thinking about or talking about. The idea of trading for Coolio math and that. You look again I think he can hit it pretty clear he's happy with the group we have the cap is currently there's over patents he would happen. But the more market about its Cleo Max suggestion. Of a trade with Oakland considering the Packers have the extra help exit excuse wrap. The more makes sense to support it I've got to what are we are there the second public if you put thought into that in and what do you think of that and at all at an at an option possibly. I'd look. I did that he committed the system and play a veteran presence. And be good doing it. I'm all for I I just I just can't I'm all for I I really look I know Coolio Mac gave his better days it might be behind him. Oh boy look at this point in time you're relying dates they're putting the the helmet the electronic helmet. On or perks that may be able to handle I don't know. What you're talking about a guy like the legal Mack who has been there done that and he can he be gives you eight much like it Julius Peppers they give you a dollar to hear there. Does that bode well the medical the price you have to pay to get them. Yet if the I don't get clear Mac and a top ten edge rusher in the leak by you know I I must think more highly of him that you'd be likely to quilt back I think got. A guy who can be eager Ike. If you Julius Peppers what do bend. You know 510 years reported by the the Packers. I think that could come it and you or. Your next got you know your backstop and at that spot and I don't know it. The best production of quarterback's career isn't far ahead or behind him. That is the guy to disrupt defense and that's something that it hurt more and more about some guys collect tax. Some guys like tackles and some guys kill people double and also. Disrupt what you wanna do with an offense and I think. It would get if it works export again you're talking about. It is Reggie Kennedy running Oakland it's it's not very typical for Ryan put it in regular candy. Former coworkers with each other on the totem pole in green in one other big question to beat you think that. I think like Putin is is happy to say hey Mike used the group I billion would I have talked about what it. Can turn it into topped all defense. It's possible I mean get at it like that does that it would be. Really remarkable turnaround for eighteen it looked like it but bad. Edit everybody would agree. That I don't know how big the Packers window is helped off the record a window is what it's all. You could vary vary very easily make an argument. But the Packers are eight favorite to top three top five favorite to get to enter or win a Super Bowl this year. Can make a difference making. Addition Chirac elected quilt network in the middle of August. That that kind of one giving yourself that option is one week into quite there yet for a first round draft pick that right Republicans didn't he struck out. And collected effort went on to beat Turkey economic data as an asset you that it ever so it just. Speaking it's more of you know a baton or offend people all penetrate but I don't know I it seems realistic just because of the oil medical. Seat back is still everywhere would Howie Long coordinate generational player and you know he's make it fourteen million dollars a year I understand that who knows what he's gonna bring to the table this year I mean everybody believes she's Atlanta like you I don't meet that now play his talent or ability. I've just wouldn't want guys hold out they don't have the same season we all know that. So where he's at right now I don't know what we're at the table I do know one thing. The Packers could use him he's got an unbelievable motor he's he's got a tenacity like the Packers really could use. The raiders when it comes to them signing him. The ports teams in the NFL until they move in the Las Vegas they don't wanna spend that kind of money. But you know I. I look guys that the bridge or a quarter. You know their they paid Derek Carr they got Jackson Roberts. They a lot of guys at their pay a lot of money to get one of the guys it's considered to be the best they won't pay still. You know they're sending a loud message to the rest the league has come and play broken by any stretch of the imagination it is matter practice at the absolute opposite message your generational player. Well we're not that you were just hold your contract if you don't complain don't like it don't come don't show we don't care so I don't blame politically or back at this point for how old now but it. What I trade for him what I make that kind of a move. He wants to be ready whether it's an open letter whether it's in in green bag he wants to be paid to the Packers reported that. If you can get talent that I think you make it work books on this but don't tend to have that last year built eleven sacks the year before. 27 years old doesn't turn twenty until secretary so. Well three all you can left of this guy in his twenties you can argue that you know eight point seven years old on a crime that some of these guys. Careers at least from our perspective. Of itself but he too could you into Oakland and maybe that unwillingness to get that money that they've Oakland Raiders indicate Jon Gruden a hundred billion dollars. So you know you can give a head coach and your argument about content you're gonna let one that is not address is in the lead in his prime. Cut us do away and you know it not at negotiation itself. We told you implement sure where you want to go at this but it. Yet but every day that you could actually have real discussion about player of that caliber would you have a a collection of assets like the Packers do a boxer's trap so. I like the mystery that that it will back at all. But like what 21 that the past two years you can't get if you buy that on the open market. Right now have appreciated Paul war get back into it again on Friday until then enjoy the rest that they were talking assume palca. Okay you don't think that partly to actually if they don't that is wallet bigger political analyst joining us for a couple minutes on the shatter or child like senator Harry drivers right now. You work hard they treat you there eighty plus years that he did call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot dot.