Imig talking…Brewers?

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Wednesday, June 20th
Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig has some thoughts on the Brewers, including whether he’d make a trade for a legitimate starting pitcher. Plus, is Oren Burks one of the more underrated selections for the Packers?

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Joining us on the general orange line right now Paul in bigger green gold analyst is here hello Paul. It directly at you wanna talk Noah and the guard and opt in or one thing I'm game for anything but others don't but the Packers now. Let let's go wherever you like. Let me ask you that if you're going to make a trade of forcing a no listener garner Jake you're gram. How would you do that would you pull the trigger and how much you're willing to give up. In your era. Oh my goodness but let's applaud whole. I don't know what it is we his cellphone or whatever it is that that area that he's in but he is possessed by gremlins. He must be really couldn't really close to Wright Patterson air force base. Because it just gets really weird. I want rerouted to say about casting here I don't I did so it'd do. We'll get into that coming up in a minute we're Balkans balls Paul's got some weirdness. I don't know what I'm on the straight and OK let's get back to ball boy there. Bill it. It's a Bluetooth but it has to be a Bluetooth. I looked at it. Fight I don't know what it is they have and it's like listeners still in my seat over haunting I have not been does that that I know this. A random occurrence it's not even close to Halloween I don't know what's going. I don't know later okay sir Jameer excited because I know you follow Schwartz all over nudges the Packers have give me your thoughts. What would you do regarding north cynic RJ to grow. Yeah might be a Packard analyst and the brewers nut case and crazy fanatic. I don't give a more projected to ground just because he's proven he can't help it and almost in the dark purple. Crazy good and would be clear cut aces on any team in Major League Baseball what I'll look at it I think the only. I don't I don't think you wanna say they can't you hear it untouchable because again like. The angels call it a case you want my trial when he kept her in he untouchable untouchable. He's not untouchable like yeah out of an untouchable but he you can get that done you know for IP network like orbit burn on to number two prospect. Look at Irsay at a pre prospect in the east pretty well of course he's done great in the majors but only 21 years old. If something like that gets it done for a for an ace pitcher like in the Arctic rom. I think you have to do that but I also think that the Mets aren't gonna end up opponents look at irritable and that is awfully tough to. Two agreed to discuss how close you to the majors. And the fact that that's like his don't come around very often I could get the same token. On Blake to ground to become available everyday users now. David Stern is in a heck of a position here and I would I would like a button and I would sure flinch if if your name was sport in golf. Yeah it would we may be a little nervous some bite it depends on how close you believe you are to quote going for north main. And getting the ball guide to ground has. This year plus two more years of control in the dark as this year plus green or you're also. It's not like you know until I I I'd like you know I think it was maybe two weeks ago he had a lot of conversational manner in which Otto and I enjoyed listening to it but I just. Going forward to this you're only like you know doing a cranky or sabathia tied things at which is what would match out of work eat where. You know you're renting a chat is what you read it sabathia decade ago. I just can't I just. I just can't wait. I'm all for gambling. But I do not like you know put all my money on black on one spin maybe gambler and I and I don't think David Stern is either and that's what the big differences here right. I am a huge. Market you directly in terms accused mark orgy hero moved out from among county and the upgrade that would yet catcher. Same thing with the ground and the guy it's. Acquiring an extremely extremely high level player in these guys but we. Have control for several years so. It's like quite a player Alex you've you've got a great contract yet or yours to control it it's not like you're renting a Machado for three months that. And again putting all your money out black and hoping that this been paid off maybe to doing it with a three year window or to your way so. I'd be more comfortable knowing that you guys are rental which makes you feel better about the first. Com wanna flip over to us and Packers shatter and that being said is so. All quiet right now we talked to the coach that has so warhead or converged on Vanderbilt a little earlier Chris marvel linebackers coach which are found very interesting. Object after talking to him and then after that I kind of looking at this we talked about the depth at safety that there's a little bit of nervousness there. We know that Quinn Rollins can play safety or Burks might be able to come to gore received in play there in a pinch is that really an area of deep concern. They beat the oh for sure I absolutely especially because. You know entity that Ellen and Josh Jones held without a net on the cell. Others also started a few years ago the most or they don't Buchanan. In Arizona with the cardinals that. Saint Stephen inside linebackers have become a lot more interchangeable and I ever had then. In the history of the NFL or that so you know and it's it's like that that you talked oil and Burks is Cogent and a all the players that we talked about and I think that most people have talked about I think it more conversation about the long snapper and the hunter that they drafted. Been Orangeburg that I it was kind of feel like to a certain extent he's been forgotten guy. In this draft at least among you know the earlier round exit the Packers Nate. And I don't know if this because they do they wanna if you were snaps or chick I am. Or is this because you could Jake Ryan could run stopper but you never want and out on the field when it happened so. That the even. On you know breathing a higher pick on some late Burks and maybe. Maybe it's because they don't think he'd first I'll like it he he would almost beatle is thought of that happening you know what they actually choose him. At what traditionally eat a lot of that is as strong safety position and again I think those terms are molding a lot you know like they're becoming more interchangeable. Of terms in a position but if he was used more than a strong lead you little. It would be the inverse of what they did with just Jolie and Morgan Burnett where he took a safety and east that hate. Your safety because you can cover butchered good enough near the box where we can put you near you know culture the line of scrimmage and expect you to actually make a tackle it prevent the situation. It is doing in reverse in this scenario that you're pretty you know that you're talking about what Orrin Burks where. A European of Europe Dix sound guy you can stop the running benevolent scrimmage which are also that be enough. In coverage that we would trust YouTube. You know to go cover somebody and it kinda hearkens back to what we got the bulk yet that they were part Montgomery and where it's our team. You need guys who can cover. The Dion lewis' of the NFL and couldn't cover that Ty Montgomery of the world because if it goes right to validate our catching pat without a backfield and you know are going on actual traditional routes used you know by a wide receivers but that route that a lot it would work were put on its. I don't need guys like this what is athletic and complete the entire field of play it's space so. You know that that the lack of work that we got about one expires two days. You know doubted think back on a kind of surprising to write a Egypt via an integral part of I think what the defense goes because of meteors per versatility. Offensively speaking we keep talking about the running back position and we keep talk about the wide receivers and enough depth and Aaron Rodgers and his weaponry. On other than the fact that the right tackle position isn't the most is solidified as to we know exactly what is going on. I'm I'm feeling really good about it I I gotta be honest I mean I I shouldn't because every time I do. I end up getting kind of snake bit so to speak we've talked about this before where you think you're really good and an area and also a couple of injuries and boom all of a sudden you're scrambling. But offensively speaking out to be honest I'm feeling really good note the Packers are going. I'm too and it all goes back to drum beat at least that this is on paper an important thing to clarify this and the beer on paper. The best group of runners that they've had. I don't know built since land for awhile that I can think of that you would have actual real guide each with their own strengths and weaknesses none of them are. You know going to be outside runner in the week is here and I don't think I'm but you know at the and a unit and that it is true. Those guys are really relate to that. If you know and again we can always say in debt debt like if divided Adams stays healthy clearly aired on it need to be LC. But the team that you would want to do but David back to Gary you know whether you wanna use the eye test where the money's group was awful good. Is pretty clearly a top three left tackle and it's a really really obviously important position in the NFL for any team in the Packers have that it is not locked out. I think Corey allegedly. Do contract. Is emerging at the you know a top five for sure top ten maybe top fives that are in the league. I think that he additions of I think Graham was a really good addition though. But I think the addition of Jimmy Graham became that much better when they added Mercedes Lewis individually all little guys would have been good pick I think. But to gather it takes what would have been like Jimmy Graham and and or Hendricks and hurt you militarily. Not really a lot of debt to all the while he. OK he went out about a guy Lewis you. You got on the cheap you you waited so there at the main crazy money was spent increasing and there's this really good blocking tight end who's definitely capable in the red zone. Who can complement maybe Jimmy Graham is doing are you seem to have a motivated rent a cop on the last year contract. Yeah. Yeah Mike McCarthy back with Joseph Philbin probably an under talked about right ordered out of this offensive joked oh wouldn't. Like it if you wanna trade. The height of a parent brought his career when he was statistically. At his best it was when Mike McCarthy chill pill and air writers were rebels are grouped together. And figure out how to exploit these fences so. Mean Mike Patton deservedly as kind of like the new guy on the block it's a lot of talk and it's a lot of hype and deservedly so what he can do to his defense. We joked open is back and that it beyond a reporter at this point in terms of what McCarthy Rodgers can replicate may be going back to debate and they work together on the Packers were. Fifteen and one team in the off it was going to go to your 38 point gamers something he's crazy yeah. Look I I'd wit you bill I I think that offense you know it was sort of having several major injuries. Could be really scary an adequate ministry. Paul great stuff we will talk again later in a week okay. Our version about doctor Su and they don't call and make our gringo an analyst joining us for a couple of minutes in the Schneider orange hotline shatter our drivers right now. You work or they treat you fair eighty bush years immediate and call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com.