Imig: There’s a very good group of free agent CBs

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Friday, February 23rd

Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig discusses the Marcus Peters trade to the Rams. Does that make Trumaine Johnson a likely FA candidate? Plus, are there other options at TE besides Jimmy Graham?


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Even alcohol limit our green gold analyst joining us on the Schneider orange Colin are you doing and demand. Are. I'm doing well what we know the chiefs are expected to trade their quarterback Marcus Peters. To the Los Angeles rams so we know he's on the move it looks like it's going to be for bowl load of below the draft picks the question then becomes. When they end up red bay being LA ends up letting go of their corner should the Packers started jumping to that mix. Yeah I think Pittsburgh sure makes for main job in the new will expect to be former rams quarterback. You've schedule and that list with guys like Kyle Fuller EJ game and welcome Butler and easily it's not our other book or top corners on the free agent market at the pretty good let did you compare. Even overall value of those guys compared to some of the free agent Ed Rogers. There's a lot better free agent corner I guess would be easy way to say it so. With you know given what we know the actors needs to be a good thing you know the only one good quarter maybe two on the market in the you know five verse six and EDT about this year. Let the bidding against each other so I wonder you know of that list of that or five popcorn and a free agent market. If there's one that didn't come in its staff. Like more than a raft you don't you don't like Britain bleep Ed mentioned. Markets Peter availability to you earlier this week if that's indeed but the typical got to pay because he's crazy talent that. It's three years in the NFL nobody has forced more turnovers on the beat at the side of the ball that Mark Peters but that's how good he. The most. Got to create more turnovers than any player and he spent over the last three years when he thought that that might take you wrap leg and wrote in the stand and be suspended and and get on the wrong side of coaches and teammates and obviously Kansas City. After moving Alex met penetrate the Washington. Almost seemingly being a bit of maybe we built our or make over with my home state quarterback you know decide that that Peter on the work the headache but. It's it's a really good group of corners that I think we found out for sure. With Peter being traded to the rams. That that may. Tremendous job in the very much available on the free agent market and so you're looking for a quarter between agent like 2729. You know who can step in from day one and play you know about eighty plus percent he's up on defense. There's or maybe five guys out there that's great class that are they can really get the job done if you indicate and 1211 million dollars or. Well ashes stitcher ray Johnson becomes expendable although with Peters are will say there's he has been I mean. The chief stolen were never resigning your your product and you're as good as you are your and idiot and and via the he has been problematic so. I don't think that's new that's the guy you wanna go out and kind of you know mortgage budget draft picks for. If you're the Packers even though his productivity fantastic you just got rid of the headache in Martellus Bennett. But true main Johnson. Would be that next level guy. And eight that would be a guy that I would be very interest in going after. Yeah into an eight and the ramp franchise arrogant white. So I believe it'll be his seventh at a even. 28 years old if memory serves correct they would make about that that would give an account to twenty deal. Good player you know it's hit top five NFL quarter Knoll. But what you're going into a year where we did various Randall really obviously showed extreme lapses I think possible star power it's not. Very solid core ability out really sold. On the majority what I often to Mary's Randall post Peter's game you know decade dot sideline you know reportedly. Perhaps left the game the orbit even overturn the lead in the locker room in crucial Platt is Kevin Kindle. You know what you have to really jump ordered second year guy and can import your guide Randall. It would be nice to have an NFL five top five corner you know what they'll get Iran that he would think every team want out but it you can supplement. You're young guys with an experience I level corner which remains out indefinitely and Malcolm Butler definitely had. A Aaron Colvin who is on the Jay Martin and I'd been mentioned earlier who I think the clear cut. Top five free agent corner of the upbeat you know you put stock in Jacksonville behind Randy and the IOK so and it. When you're playing I don't I didn't do anything wrong. To be stuck by them guide those two that it is absolute stud in our pop and order in the NFL though. You can pop the number reject or quarter net group in cold then we can go after it means jobs and or something like that. Yeah although I would be. I would be really surprised if the Packers didn't go that route and not just because they have a need better but because the edge rusher free agent class is pretty bad. There's not gonna get out they could. The market market not leading Dallas OK it outside of and the there's really nobody we want to row amount of money yet so. If you could a threat that needed free agency inter maybe a third sport that compact. I ordered to kind of keep developing that position with new young talent that would be fine but that's where you could fail can be crossed up quarter often he'd let. Be it created the with a lot easier than you'd I drastic and structure and you know kind of pick up this into the trap Baltic in the quarterback group. Did are created the and that's ordered US. The talent available at all but those you know mean to acquire cal in the draft had better add pressures compared to their value. And created you got for Ed Rogers and quarter got a good course in the draft it but it might be the time where you want. The experience to lead back to Mary is Randall Kevin can group. So good looking at the secondary I think. I would be safe in saying that I would like to see one more veteran back Peter King I'm hoping he comes back need to play well the marriage ran a computer where you left off I think you need to add depth. The other area that is very scarce in the draft is tight end. And yeah I really believe they're gonna have to pick somebody up I via the dreary girl via free agency. You almost have to go into an into into free agency for the tight end position not so much coming out of you know in the college position. I couldn't agree more and I I added you know you're loyalists as well as everything before but. I did that very difficult position to draft and to expect. Any early return on the investment so that means don't track the head and it just means don't expect. Your rookie tight end or sometimes and a lot of it is even your second year and to be a major difference maker ever you know like one and I. First or second round pick tight end. If you value in their first two years we have been really patient about the addition I saw one of the Philadelphia newspapers today. Tweet out there headline and article about how Beagle. Are not expected to read by Trey Burton and though most people know him as the guy at the tops out at the Super Bowl nick all. He would be very good up and coming. Tight end. Whom you could say it's a lot lately and job and you know it's like lurking below like Erik Cole and Jackson that was stuck behind really good players. Trey Burton was is kind of a linebacker in Philly so you wanna. You know take a tight end in free agency like Trey Burton. Quite the result he's been in the leak for four years he's probably about that age 262728. Years old were a lot of tight end break out in the NFL. And I have a breakout season. That would be another spot where I am not saying just like the corner about that you don't rapid guy you know in the middle rounds I would hope I'm corner I think he should I it and I think you should. But it popped the then they'll take a lead this grouper gold beat the number one guy that group. Which is why. Like with the earlier citing one of those quarters make a lot more sense to even necessarily using your topic on one and just like tight and make a lot more sense to meet its origin program. Or maybe even at a better Katie and it left a note right now a Trey Burton. And adding that to your current group and ensure it distracting and I looked out the expectation that the drafted player additional but the rookie adopt. Palm what else do you think because I really have not I've sat down now I started really kind of look at the that the draft and see what's available on the players that are there. But the Packers. Everybody agrees needs outside linebacker. Al cornerback. I really gonna be intrigued to see what they and the doing with a wide receiver position that that's the number one thing and I keep hearing over and over again as Randall Cobb as you potential salary cap guy is he going to be Jordy Nelson or because Torre so closed. Close to air and what are they gonna do if they do get rid of ago wide receiver they gonna draft one they haven't in the stable. I think that's probably four for a position that seems to be show full right now I still probably one of the biggest lingering questions at that the remains of this team. Yeah and I think if everything breaks perfectly. For the Packers this stop it and it's been ordered to do there best case scenario outlined. But the strategy I think they would go way. I think they would sign at a corner I think they would sign a tight end. I think it would be the first round pick on an edge rusher that name that everyone you know keeps posting about I keep reading more and more about market Davenport. And I think they would you date second round pick on a wide receiver. When you look at that group that they have like even if top and opener bowl partners team and 28. They are all gone after twenty you know let one of them get extended with a quick with a restructured its upbeat and so. And you say you know if the 22019. Actors when air Rodney is going and at age 35 feet and he really wanted to be you know what it ought to Adam. Rodham Alex and Michael Clark trio like art you know the galloping in case the next year net debt they've got a group I think what you need. If you need your next about atom your next Randall Cobb you're next Jordy Nelson. And these big neckties those three guys together out of that hole being packer receivers they are all second round picks. And so and that the content of that anymore that's in the political show and we don't exactly know his MO is going to be in the draft or agency. But the track record packer receivers in the second round if you don't mind because critically important running this staff it was a very big part. Of this Pakistan app under Ted Thompson's so I'm sure he's the the track record there and think you know it works so many times. Over the past ten years including Greg Jennings before them. We can take a guide the economic receiver get that working with Aaron Rodgers and an almost unanimously he really good result. I think the perfect Packard bought it and it helped binding accord are batting a tight end. Using an idea of using the first topic and address or do you think your second topic on a wide receiver to. That might receive a group not necessary that in the current account and what and twenty AT and I think it's one in nineteen group that wide receiver. Start to look awfully an even at milk or cup deal reached by next off even Portland Nike and there are another year old there another you are slower and that the last thing that you need but I do agree to build and at some young. Talent at the wide receiver position sooner than later. Seven college ball British man we will talk do you again next week okay. Oh you know Rogers and dale Paul and your reading or analyst joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider or challenge Schneider hiring drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years. They'd be getting it done call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs start time 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com.