Imig: To trade up or not to trade up? That is the question…

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Monday, April 16th

Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig weighs whether the Packers should move up in the first round…or would you be OK moving back? Are the Packers in a position to take on ‘project’ prospects? Will this Draft determine who Brian Gutekunst really is as a GM?


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All make every one analyst joining us in the shatter orange outline imply you don't know your weekend. I'm more shoveling and anticipated mid April but otherwise it is elections they otherwise because it. I did it to those gains yesterday bird to bucks and bummer on the base snow on the ground. While in the in the standings but other than that no other complete it. Yeah IE it's. Ideology the weekend itself not a great sports weekend in the state of Wisconsin now meanwhile we continue to get ready are really sort of push heavily towards NFL draft which is a just couple weeks away. And I can't we were only a couple weeks away from the NFL draft that being said. Then there's a lot of names being talked about and we talk about priorities. Charles Davis was all of us a little bit earlier and said basically he's a big fan just sticking to the board. Taking best available which I tend to agree with in this particular case I know it's not popular with fans by. If they don't get a corner then I'm gonna safety event of an outside edge rusher right away. I'm not jumping off the bridge in this one because the right now I think there's more holes than most people are willing to admit. What there are I just think it would depend how you wait. Those those needs and our weight goes roster in balance. I mean bill is what positions at I guess I owe it to myself to believe there are certainly positions that meet. But even at that the best player on the board I would be surprised that they went that direction right lake for utility. If it would caliber you're wide receiver Reggie shops sell. If it was an opposite wind than what I'd be shocked Nell. But it it was like a running back if it was certainly a quarterback. I think that it defensive lineman those are between this and I'd be surprised about tight and that be surprising that they don't need an impetus that'll beat him going. Export you know all sorts I had so I mean. So yes you know you do best player available. In the in the first. Attempts. For Bryant go to iTunes to inherit. Its football team and make his own. You know if it's a range of like four positions. But you can take that's available from that's fine and I think you would include between Russia quarter. Wide receiver and offensive line whether that start or. I think you can safely say you can pick the best player from that group now. If I was sitting in the record against him. And I just you know had decided for myself as out or whatever out to eat at. You know I need it. You know certain order or I need a certain and the secondary like a you know that they are as in love with you know Derwin changed it and they'll war. That via the app and bought for six to get it. You know you want to take best player available but because of the QBs in this class that are gonna go early plus take one Barkley plus Damien Beal sent. You know the offensive guard records in the park it right back. You know that could realistically before maybe I queue beep off support and number fourteen at least one running back and Barkley at least one why else and that means you're 786. In the first part which ran out. And you haven't even now Angel player we're adding that position but more truly need it has been practice wrote in neither. You know that's spelled of big opportunity or fur trade up but it does a sit back and wait and take the best player available so. You know I just don't know if I competed and they. You know. And the wait and see approach this tie. Now you can delicately it's clear fortunately we're used to the Packers picking in the late twenties so you know that's the big step up from that in terms of the type of caliber talent to acquire. When Roger is going into the agent this you know the agent this crew that year and and really looking in this is probably five years. Of the rugged error laughed and IQ says they'll all be different hole. You know Hugo quality over quantity your quantity of equality in our unit that tradition and I would like you had a roster that doesn't just need one to this helped at all. But can you afford to try to play the weight back and let the port fall how it may gain I I you know I think that I think that upbeat in the strap. Especially because they've been to spend big money on quarter but it don't spend big money and prayed outside at rush. Thank you kind of need to take a more aggressive approach to do you're trapped that's not a battle that attitude that that's. Contrary to most years right seat you sit back up the worked all you take about her album on. I just don't know if that's a trap that title while he's given all the different you know factors in play here. One of all likelihood it's bad Joseph is a likelihood that to the Packers. Move around in this draft in your opinion because I I think you have to do this is one of those situations where normally you're. You know you've got a little time you can look at it many different positions are you try to take as many different you know shots and as you can. I don't think you can do that I think you gotta say okay we know our targets and I think there's going to be a move or two in this draft and says they're growing chorus is gonna make. I agree. You know obviously they're the Smart money is owed to say that they're gonna ticket fourteen because that's how this right outs and they were trapped. But you know again. If they have identified but there when the game potential war difference maker and secondary. That they feel they have to get old guys aren't going to be there fourteen. They might be either 89101112. You know and it is that it'll and and look at kind of the next group a quarter and look at rush. Then like had us all in their early teens to mid teens pardoned draft. You know that kind of Wear it again you know they've done far more restrict them and we had a bill on records in the front office uses. Within its support behind for probably ninety or weeks right now but it. You know if they identified the way that. So it consent that is out there. And including you know our our own vote until all the draft people that we trust that we listen to. You know I think of this as. If you sit fourteen. If you know thirteen to come up the board and it's you know somebody that Pacman take and they are on fourteen. That's where I start to think of you know a patriots. Trade up with the Packers or somebody kind of sitting in that late part might wanna move up April Mark Jackson or another QB. Where you know how popular player and you get it fourteen if you haven't traded up yourself you know a good chance support for the chance that we support all the I wanna see. You know this other thing that happened that kind of put this. Later the player that you up perfectly your lap fourteen. But it trade up we're totally not surprise me because of well at what was talked about. And it trait that is like again it is it just doesn't all the way to hope it does. And they're just not that difference maker fourteen and more projects that the gap we talked about Davenport yet. You know a guy who might not give you anything here want to Mike Conner well gee you. Play that we with the prospect right now so. Yeah I mean he won't surprise me a move backed up multiple late first tropics rather than just bought the fourteen I think there are players involved. You mean needing to mean not all usually as a reference point. Well I think Mike interest in something like that so again that this is the first opportunity to write you can put his stamp on the really what you know the way he wants to run this organization. And I don't know it seeing are fourteen and watched the board just all perfectly. It got Serbs necessary that we had seen in going about. I would call and they guard really gold analysts in and that the markets to imports thing now we've we talked to Charles Davis about him they all believe he's a really solid player and just as you would mention. I think it's gonna take any. Anytime you talk about edge rushers coming out of college especially one who's not big time in health top five conference college football. It's few and far between and they make me the impact right away. And as Charles said well nice Ziggy Johnson wasn't that guy either took him a couple years in many finally got going now he's a prolific defender but it. I don't know the Packers have that kind of time. Deal. No lesson portion of my trading sevens are the real deal and then of Montrae B sounds as well then there's your backup Montrae B sounds as market stemmed. Well and even if not Adam on the inside and it think if you're looking at what you truly think of color sack little finger than people think of other guys. Not in claimed that use our military. Can really due to this team long term because as we sit here and April 16. What that he has won electorate contracts for all intents and purposes nick Perry had one erupt just contract because that's the way it was structure where Packers. Even though despite your deal preparing people look at almost. All the easier all these you know mentally and adopt a period of altitude you're too. OK so you're for now this team could I don't think it is I don't think it's happened but if they wanted to get out from that these areas. They got. But also you know entity you start to look at. Not just how much address help this team needed one inking in but how they start lining up their captain planning for 29 and beyond because that's. It's you know the job you want to win the game Smart wanna speak at this eat what you can't. In most cases Denver Broncos a couple of years ago certainly bucked the trend. Where they just truly truly one all and that last year in ministry for the most part you're thinking you know one step into this year another step at a but the 23 years that follow it so. Yeah yeah it's a guy like Davenport dealt with supply its fourteen I think it's batch. They're diet sports scene so to speak I think that's what you see at least is very active. Trade act discussion not because Davenport won bigger player than what it is spit. But you know it is that. When you've got to take this high in the draft fourteen for the first time in. Nine years in 2000 and I think it has hired a track that. Can you dig project Egypt a guy at a position that what you saw it coming from a small school. The production of a rookie and even a second year player might be kind of hit met but it'll be great long term white foot. You of that time I Talbot on the same page like I've been thinking well I don't think they are in that position to kind of played. Woke feeling hi healing will war and a gamer you probably need so many Canadians the higher probability of a player stepped in. You're one and and at least give you something might not get march oh do you want to but that's you know few and far between that's like him. He would be at the trade up because of all these QB's we're gonna go out it's a little running back went out because the dark in you know going out. Eight at the very worst. You know there's gonna be chances to go up in that top ten. And get your difference making type of prospect but as I just continue to think that you know very strong possibility. How comfortable are you. With dish on Kaiser bomb he was a guy that had. All. Frauds as a purposes all the ability when he was at Notre Dame is it it kind of wasn't completely or fully realized. On the eve it was a guided you know he's a junior entry. Two years charter mean everybody thought that he was going to be some special and then though the Packers trade for him I know they were hired him during draft day. They trade for him for Cleveland how comfortable are you now that the backup quarterback position is settled. Well I mean it's settled I think that's in the sense of at least a competition and the competition between the young players I mean obviously the Packers into the trait they did it for Kaiser to be cut after training camp in favor her arm because. Even if Hundley had a better. Training camp and priests even he still the guy that you know failed whether it was completely it's salt dropped to Mike McCarthy a lot of blame. I'm coaching staff out Angel was. It no longer Packers coach because of what might currently eat the failure of about position you know not having a majority so the blame all the multiple ways. But yeah I think you're going to proceed in assuming tigers are number two. This you know it's it's interesting that you can go back and read everything that was written heading into day two of the draft last year and what we all kind of assumes. In just a smokescreen by the Packers in her apparent flirtation with taking the Sharon Keyser. Well the first overall pick of the second round which of course became Kevin King instead. And that wasn't a smoke score that was real legitimate interest and then. You know he just kind record backstroke you know looking intently watching that would obviously lead back out. That the browns should have beat the Packers and what that that speaks for thirteen fourteen. Until Kaiser meet at just terrible with this and on the back what you want you know. You know plate and it is quite 500 in the backyard and you know which is included at and took the Packers to see all of that. And still be enamored with him at the prospect. You know it interesting and I and I think if you want it to. To what this offseason and find somebody not named Brooke Hundley did a number two behind Aaron Rodgers. You know you feel better with the dean Hyder what you felt better with it being 3536. Year old you know right it's Patrick tight. Jurgen and so you know I don't think I was brought in has anything to you Aaron Rodgers all it's like artistic had a you know it is this the Aaron Rodgers to Greg our transition guy like Null but you needed to find somebody else to compete partly because obviously that. In an experiment failed about as poorly because. Always good and we'll chat again on Wednesday as we continue to grow closer and closer to the NFL travel start to look at more more people that can help the Green Bay Packers while appreciated are packed. Arnold dutchess and the other has fallen marine oil analyst joining us for couple minutes in the Schneider orange ally Schneider our drivers right now. You work arbitrage there eighty bush years of getting it done call 844 product of Schneider jobs dot cal.