Imig: Wasn’t a pretty win…but who cares?

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Monday, November 13th

Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig was very impressed with Brett Hundley’s performance, specifically in the 4th Quarter, but what also bugged him about his play? Can he buy into Davon House and Damarious Randall as good corners?


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Raman now let's hear from Paul Eric. Ellis is going. Green and gold analyst Paul Emmerich has brought you by the sprinkler sitters local 183. Protecting life and property since 1906. As sprinklers there's 183. Dot org I am. Okay. Auto analyst joining us on the Schneider orange hotline Limbaugh how you doing today. Well group and so what did you just did overall helicopter pictures as well you would stick work. Yeah I mean it was a bit you know the pretty bland but who cares. The Packers right a point where they had been trending hard in the wrong direction. Brett Hundley you know really her records of yesterday's game looked a lot like the guy in a lot of ways to have been playing in the previous two and three quarters game. You know he looked and you know it looked okay but that fourth quarter from Brett Hundley was really impressive that you wrote the Dovonte Adams. Were picture perfect than you couldn't ask for better throws. Burst the one and a touchdown and then of course the big third down conversion perfectly down the right sideline. That go to the kind of moment that I think artist encouraging from the big picture perspective that. That this guy would he opened it up a little bit and he went from happening at gateway and recorder yesterday. All he had to give you an undercard capping an ad in the fourth quarter he performed so well in the division looked like 212 at. Acting art is something to write that range in the back encouraging. I'm we'd all look the they're off and it is what they're known or maybe it better defense if team. So the Packers deep and you know putting up all the allowing what they allowed. It was a good step in the right direction obviously they were aided by the John Fox. You know catastrophe of of a review. The goal line that up speak up points off the board. But you know that there were plays that weren't bad you know about how getting burned that one touchdown certainly didn't look good. But for the most part been shut down George Howard you have to be encouraged by that completely keeping up a bruising back like that in check. Forbid he didn't have a good game and the Packers have some credit for that a lot of the credit for that. Nick Perry had a huge statistical game some that was you know good copper sacked some of it was nick Perry. Is getting all the above it was a bad decision by two bit steep but special team continue to be concerned or in I think for the Packers. Had a tendency to be a good punt return the it it's called back by holding our block in the back yet Trevor David making. Altered questionable decisions like when he took the ball on the punt return where economy and don't it was it was you know to kind of numbers are stopped and mostly than some negative they're at the botched field goal attempt that mobile then handle. But that the that the concern but. The Packers won a game that they desperately needed to win and because even that the point threat now Ivan or. They're not the playoff picture in the NFC so it's a step in the right direction I think a lot of waited they've there's even capitalize. For all intents and purposes and that now they try to see if they can. Like Brett badly hit that in an interview after the game that they can keep that momentum going if they can get wins against teams like Baltimore Tampa Bay Pittsburgh. Still let's go to the Bret Holley says things I thought it started out it would not great it was average you know maybe it was just what we'd seen before. But I thought as the game went on he specifically after the way the first quarter ended. And that that just. That that mistake of taking the time now when you had seven seconds on the play clock verses five on the game clock and you try to drama side it was bad timing bad move. After that I thought he got more into. He got more comfortable I think is best way to put. Yet I think the first time with any consistency. Since he took over starter that week he. And not just the bots timeout call which. And a McCarty got a big play important public that went for a short dummy would learn nothing from that but they're also play. And the about should be gone back and watch the TV brought that the that the you know he called out where. He scrambled right yet plenty of time nobody was open and he threw the ball away. But he had like fifteen yards of running Herman product and an and there there's a play in the first app you go back and watch it. Where all his to do it like run for fifteen yards it was right there on the paper the way a little uncomfortable moment but then whatever. Whatever triggered this turnaround for him in the second half particularly in the fourth quarter. If that I can show up for the next however many candidate until Rogers comes back let justice Roger doesn't come back this even. And the rest Utley so the rest of the way to the quarterback showed up in the fourth quarter and most of the second app yesterday in the gut and then the rest this even. The Packers have a chance and I think going into this game. I don't know how many people felt that way and it's so if anything what probably did it. In on this final fifteen minutes twenty minutes or so give or take in the second half was what something that I think the players conceal it okay. Is that if I can do and I can tell the different reactions on Twitter with the Medicaid the fan base something to say. Eddie if the guy that. Apple doesn't darn good throw that some darn good leadership. For a guy who need to come and play what that's like it's so I think it might or the spark they think and work but I think it gives optimism and confidence. To a team into a group of players that needed something from cornerback to show that he can deal. I saw I did with a one other thing the last week he was kind of under siege this week it was a little bit better even with a decent defense without trained in each race and but. I thought the offensive line held up I mean I was kind of impressed with. With what they did with you know with two week with Lucas. It was a loom large just McCrery should say. We just McRae company I I thought they did a pretty good job I didn't see. Massive gaps yesterday like we've seen in the past and looked as if they were a little bit settle we impressed with a lot. I was I was and they actually that is they started out if that if they can't help it that's an encouraging sign in of itself. And you know look at even at a Montgomery long running play a Montgomery ran that ball well. Jordan note and I Lott's got to repelled you know nice lock on it but they'll replace they're open up by the offensive line so what can just from the pass protect stamp went right thought they gave. Brent on the goods and a brother get a good job in the running game obviously one that was the Jamal Williams show. They yeah he did exactly have a breakout carried it along London Mullen only seven yards. Well they blocked well for and they gave under the protection that he needed. That's what it is still I don't David backyard admit and gave this either but it was. During the day he was pro football focus is number one rated left tackle in the NFL I don't know if people recognize that he's missed time. And that's certainly should kind of affect the way he looked at but. That he's got to get a good seat and he played well yesterday and up at the Y and most importantly. At impact they had that one going into the game yesterday and that might be the first time all even. That the offensive line that start the game together as a together in a completely healthy weight so. You know now that group state helping build together maybe they can keep excellent progress it could Chicago defense. In the good defense especially up front so you can control that Chicago on seven. You can do good work get a lot of these fronts that. Paula Paula meg are critical analyst going over the defensive side of the football. Still some non-GAAP says I'll tell you why Iraq IE and waited out our domain areas Randall has just massively he may be. Position only a guy that is going to give you flashes but it. He continues to avoid contact he continues to avoid physical play I tweeted I guess he's a soft a soft gets on the opposite side. Divide house give up another touchdown yesterday is that getting concerning. You know another guy who is rated incredibly highly by a pro football focus I think when he's seen some. I'm saying it and speaking to about about house and turn the purple ball focused ranking. You know what you gonna get what spot words about how it matched up like in the speed vs speed scenario. That's where he loses that that were to opt out if that is back. When you go out to play up of the line of scrimmage when he's able to get some contact it's a pretty good physical corner. But we do know I think you know Pakistan's resolve for the first four years of his career in Green Bay. And out in them this year. I think it's actually get up yesterday as necessarily surprising because once he gets behind a guy he didn't have that then she'll make up. Speed you know it's about how that and then it turned at the Marriott Randall. You know it but really he's not he. In not only get back to the wanna tackle I think the guys. Who are deserve credit in the rookie class but a Packard in the defensive secondary. Do you like to play physical Kevin and just don't with the various Randall of interestingly given the start over Kevin king of the outside quarter when the Packers opened up in there. In her we don't run the run formation defense and debate if report or retired defense. About a bit surprising that Randall and gain that trust over 78 but yet he eat we knew coming in the into an NFL career when Randall attracted. It has remained true to this point. If you like interception to let it get out run but making the big hit it's certainly not his orchid Italy. Report or more before I let you go and then now they did they have lies to for a little while anyway time and gummery. And Aaron Jones how confident are you in the run game is supporting what Brett only needs to do. Not bear and at this point it out through a situation where they got maybe the Packers you know they're still only being out as they only come air quote the previous six weeks. With it being an NCL. In a lot of what you could say that would be worse we cannot wait to see what I'm Montgomery road situation is like. But it wouldn't be encouraging that the guy who. At a bye week and had a big deal that got played through it with the flak jacket whatever else is now that dealing with bad. I'm Jamal Williams did a fine job I mean at bat he racked up twenty carried the state LP at sort of with silver lining to the whole thing. It's going to be a force apps for Rick Kelsey the body and it is gonna go from being a guy or not it on the game day active roster to being the number two back in presumably getting used. So I don't know you can feel good about a running game that already doesn't have the Aaron Rodgers because the Packers running game just like anything with a good quarterback. You like it always looks better when your quarterback is awesome because you know because that became the acting game so value Brett probably at a center and you're down you're number three. I and the depth chart at running back as part of feel good about it but you know we talked about the offensive line that one watch fairly well yesterday but they should graded out pretty well on. Run blocking perspective and always disorder that tough physical runner he's not Montgomery Ngo site at different kind of guy. But you know it's at this point what injury would really surprise anybody the Packers are are beat up at running back quarterback situation goes without being you know goes without saying. Not edit it to battle through it and you know it's it's more adversity tune in at thirty dealt with plenty of it and now they need to see of course if if they can battle out of despite or old because it would address the SE. Yeah it's it's not it's going to be hard to do with the nine and seven record you know and for the next. You bet that in game you have to keep winning them and that that that they didn't stay alive and you know if you wanted to get to a point at the Packers were you get in mid December and you can have conversations about. If the Packers get Rogers and Eric Jones back in it that haven't been. And now Brett Hundley and all the William and god we didn't think would get the better be up at the conversation. Our guy that you believe them obviously into the next month against the if they're still relevant by the time rod has to come back. All good stuff for Jeff again this week and also seen. Huddle on that there's in America. Report that all right bridge about judges and they don't has fallen in Irving oil is joining us for a couple minutes on the additional or or challenge Schneider Harry drivers right now you were car they treat you fair. 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