Imig: Why hasn’t Rodgers gotten that contract extension?

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Wednesday, March 21st

Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig weighs as to when we can expect the Packers to lock up Aaron Rodgers long-term. Plus, what’s his take on Morgan Burnett’s new contract with the Steelers?


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Let's do this is bring in Paul image shall we as Paul our great legal analyst joining us on the Schneider orange hotline hello why don't. While so let me ask you this. Do you think did and this is an email that was just did just came to me. Said you think that Rodgers doesn't avenue cartridge yet because he might be thinking about playing out his contract and see what free agency would bring him. Or are the Packers holding it back right now. Wouldn't give me your thoughts. I'm saying neither of those two. I would. Luggage is going to be offered the most money he could ever possibly wants. Actors you know bill we used the word open checkbook. I don't think the accurate literally. Letting luggage below and number. But it will be pretty darn close to about it being a reality so the reason that it free agency or to reunite to vote for any player. Art because they can make more money it's written that about the case for Rutgers I mean the Packers are gonna get him what you want. If you want to make. But you know it RD year I can bet that Pakistan and well known under that's ridiculous that happened but like I would really be hard pressed to leave the Packers they don't think you know. And apartment and that there and it's really acute because there are not happy with their currency. You know a rod as is. You know is moments where he'll say like audio I should have been consulted or out and help when. Released and I shouldn't be nicer have been told you don't consult about Jordan outfit art. You got to move throughout the year but he at a allegation by the department decision making brought that. What usually we wouldn't do for money can get to to let it he'd ever make by Green Day. I accurate in that you'd like some sort of breaking tipping point with the Packers that the. I would be very odd that were true I think it's more about now. When it advantageous. Or Rogers and his agent. To make a deal happen and I would have thought that would be now they'll be out because once Kirk other side of Minnesota and got the AD or in college fully guarantee. I can't figure OK here we are you know whatever Rutgers extension and them being it'll probably be about a hundred million dollars guaranteed. I don't every penny will be guaranteed like and because that probably deal a bigger dollar value probably more years. But I don't think there's any reason whatsoever people are thinking. You know that pessimistic about Ryder long turn you to see. It's a you know where you're talking about I. How did it to the under million dollars that at 99 or night at nine digit. In a single player that not just an apple happened to figure but I would say rest assured it will at some point or do you ever. Equality and restricted free. So here's that in the reason I bring this up is because is the is because they bring in Kaiser to Sean Kaiser. And they are then going to say while Rogers you'll play out your contract maybe we franchise tag you once or twice to keep you here. Blight that Kaiser is the guy's a future which IE and scoffed at and I can't believe there was even the insinuation of a thought process but. That would be almost committing career suicide of Brian convinced. Use your general manager in saying that you're going to throw Aaron Rodgers away after a couple years could you just wanna wait and see you know I mean. Yeah I'll leave it to a national TV showed how to get people riled up than. Think about the worst. What nick Calvert like this at December who said something about. Oh rocket to hit it yet that you're gonna do it and it's a bullet but it. You know like I thought it was actually an accurate no he couldn't become a free agent and two it was like. You know come you know Urlacher it bluntly. Most know don't work like driving an apple players a week. We play sports small market Acker and I think people who are disconnected from this team not you know David debate until eleven not but at this qualified public opinion but. You know what I think that you just. It's just to generate attention you know I Atwood and they want a stir up. And I don't know hackers or Pakistan dark. You know easy bake for people that mr. I don't know what the I'm not in the room when they're side by. Don't worry I don't think today agreed in order to start thinking politically. It is Sean Qaeda Arabic and let don't don't let your mind wander their because. And the for a Packers right now extremely thin when it comes to the ability go out and sign anybody's gonna help them in the secondary it seems like. The longer we wait to obviously the prices go down but that being said do they go after experience to help out the young guys in the secondary it is a big article by rob demolished in USA today that said they would Morgan Burnett signing with Pittsburgh. Josh Jones is going to be the guy he's going to be waited upon heavily I. Which I still after watching a place that you have that season he didn't look as if you really understood where he was supposed be when he was was be there now granted a lot of those on the shoulders of Mike Patton but. I got to admit I'm kind of one foot in the pole with a lot of Packers fans as they holy macro defensively what Ian dale. Yeah I mean the secondary would the weakest part of the last year. And all you've done and that it got in at major secondary works Morgan Burnett isn't it into Mary ran a straight. One when Reagan he started bill. And a lot of these projections salary cap math and people were coming back with Morgan Burnett and 101112 million dollars per year. We walk and it had like OK completely you know and that will eat it on a contract they you to Pittsburgh. You know it's very it's it would not that typical for the Packers to assume that at the. Caught you argue we are Morgan Burnett has worked every every and you. And you know lobby it's inserted KP shortly become a superstar Mike I did lead. And even a better year than he did what it would in Green Bay now of course people are gonna say you know Dinara Crennel go to become the starting Cleveland it would go again. I understand that you know that did nothing where. The secondary that already we can just become weaker there's no doubt about that. But the up is it still young and being what they trapped just jump a year ago I was in I was sitting with would joke. And with our way cooler and we were going to that second round of the draft. And lend when the thick woods. And now on Twitter. And I think it was art and who didn't know it wide and all the Joseph I said was that the people listening like let's put it this way. Morgan Burnett has one year left with a accurately off and then to pick which got killed immediately by the very similar style he's going to be that next hybrid of. They've been gonna go play in the box in a deal would spend it in coverage. That's what we're but it does best so the community is certain salary cap aspect to no doubt because it's ballot the actor flush with cash. But they regret the Joseph Jones at the position that they did. It's early as they did because they did this I think in that decision Morgan Burnett a year. You know they decided when they got the job count. It cost effective way to replace Morgan Burnett. And in the writing a thing about point what on the walk in a week but at the time it it became three year later and you know they are now what I it'll go. Got killed and his rookie blunt there's no doubt about that but I definitely believe in the wire and now here's your chance that you don't approve that the Packers. The right decision and I'll be easily see Morgan Burnett is well it viewed at 83031 Q looked at Bergen. You know he performs well and just got killed performs but they equally as well George Jones comes at a cost like 18110. Of what Morgan Burnett will audit new contract so you keep using your money elsewhere upgrade you know a quarter or something else throughout raise your trade. You know but he he would you let out at the end of the year he. Real quick before I let you go wrong by Karen Rogers depending on what he's paid and we know is going to be a lot play. You've got Kirk cousins Matthew Stafford and eventually Mitch for risky all are going to be paid handsomely within this division is some of the top quarterbacks in all of that in the National Football League. So good the monetary arms race in the NFC north. Will be someone unequal footing. At least until the bears catch up but that being said. You're going to see eventually repercussions in trickle down effect in debit did the argument to that is I was watching this he would the other night in the NFL on the air on network the argument to that is though. You're really for Packers fans is it give you wanna win the NFC north but it's not about that it's about being the best team in the NF seeing getting to a Super Bowl. So for as much we talk about all the FC north they're gonna win that because they're gonna win the arms race here Rogers of the best and we know that they can fortify the team with the same amount of money that other guys put around other teams. I still say it's about the NFC north it's about being the best team in the NFC. And you have to figure out a way to be better than a team that may not be paying their quarterback nearly as much has more bits and pieces did then what you have right. Yeah look it up with about stout Ergen about Kirk Catan this is eight about the need to look. Or highest paid quarterback in the NFL play in the NFC north. And that neither of them are Aaron Rodgers. You know it is this startling. That content content that are our two or higher paid players. In the and total not just among quarterbacks so and other at Rutgers so clearly what happened. Tomorrow that upbeat and rockers will certainly eclipse that monitor there's no question about it a question I have. And then to the point about the division you know. He might occur on the all right county he knew that they like the other division not the most important thing here after he would job and couldn't say. Now we go to the division every year but at the Packers group. You know it's only eleven and at mid eighteen apartment and the order out. The goal was to be hot at the end of the year to catch fire what you need to get the back Packers team that they about it. Overall in the past decade what the 2011 regular seat it would lately is even want to just dominated. But they you know they lost to Kansas City in week it's. You know they they wrecked other starters in the seventeen. Y. And then by the on the New York Giants showed up but why not met January 20 well. You know they were out so they worked like it if the play out in 111 would have been in October. The Packers are one to 200 everybody looked silly but hot early and they work eight and so. You know bill as we out of any kind. You get a good team can withstand injuries that mean look at the reigning champion in Philadelphia that lost ark and went to. It would MVP this year private industry would probably taken second or third in the NBP rates and they couldn't at all then there would be AJ they got a little bit and and it still go to be you know patriots team that arguably shouldn't build a better ball round at a Tom Brady at quarterback so. Yeah I mean that might cart in the air they Italian goal number one at twenty at a C north and you want all the adage you get and obviously that goes without saying. But unique and well the team to build it into an ample lot. A players learn to be unavailable come January and do you have the up and the talent and the ability to get hot at the right time whether that. I'm on the locker combination palatable. That you need to be good at the end of December going into January healthy enough and good enough that you can. I don't equipment which they're not that easy but you get the idea that so. I bought that Dell and and the band is great at it in our titled great. But Minnesota is going to be one act of of an opponent debate it in our this year and it certainly isn't to win the division or busted. It was Super Bowl or bust and we all know there's multiple how to get to that doable though that to a bowl game whether the division and. Paul always get a general Janet Taylor in a week okay. Persian about judges soon that is Paula bigger Reno gold analyst joining us for a couple of minutes. On the Schneider or challenge better harried drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years that beginning you don't call me 244 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com.