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Thursday, April 12th

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To the Milwaukee basketball our present in my merriment social and third coast revisions and featuring Steve Novak. Tonight's special guest just go walking. Jabari par. And now live from Merriman social and Walker's point here's Steve Sparky Pfeifer and the big unit bill Michael's. Smart you wanna take you got Billy grow our guys. I have no idea. You know back and not know if it is now you know welcome mythical hockey basketball our Petrie Steve Novak uncle Michael sitting alongside the host of the basketball quotes you show. Steve Sparky piper Steve Novak is here will be to war against yours just couple of minutes. As you're going to be joined momentarily to court workers on his way now with guys. They make it into the post season it was the reviews to games last night to witness the you were technically we're doing. We go to bed yet support unit that reports on hold. This up. Like what to do what you are Craigslist I Benet it's news late now. That begins with the Boston Celtics and they use that day that it's underway. And real quick and you minute synopsis guys that match well with this team and illustrated once mango. You know there are mango the. Like you just that the regular season vs the playoffs. It. No this would like to think of is that this different where you do go from the regular season and a lot of times at the end of the year. It does Tennessee to taper off a little bit so you watch these last couple games that were more meaningful this year which was. Which was on who you return to box him off your watch in the Denver Minnesota game was off one end of the year but. There's no question it is about how you're playing right now aren't healthy. You might want seventy games this season if you lost your star like Boston did and they lost carrier ring it is a totally different season with a seven game series. It's usually ruling I think the Bucs match up well especially with carrier ring out so I think the season is ending. In a very good fashion from Milwaukee book. I think the bus or mortality basketball team in the Boston Celtics for sure. My question is coaching. I W creators and game series of post season in the playoffs they got not a coaching game planning adjustments within the game adjustments from game to game and so forth. We know Brad Stevens is one of the best if not be that's an idiot yankees dot it would not maybe the best talent in these teams that were more talented I don't what he does. We don't know molecule brought to you ever been in this situation you know how could you beat a seven game series and that's the question. We are live down here at the maravent social and third coast provisions thanked them for hosting us for the entire season though. Or Milwaukee basketball hour we're joined up here now we're gonna kind of deviate away from basketball for a moment. Kevin Schultz who was with baker Tilly joining us up here at the table and it can pick up first of all thanks for the playoff tradition. Over the playoff edition of the Milwaukee basketball our let's hope it goes longer yeah a few more weeks yeah a few more weeks to the very least Europe here because you guys have this one of the charities that they work with here. Is crohn's colitis you guys have that during your duty Herbert maker to right right right so tell us what you're gonna talk a little more about that. Servicer. You know course like as a thank you to the Bryant went for this opportunity I have Steve of these bats falls in line to sign. I don't think suicide due principally by ten glossy took me wonderful advances our piece of them Reynolds like Parcells will be yet. But not much of a patient going to play if they're holes to politeness. Got the disease 32. Bit of about three years in 2013 just got really bad in the hospital for a few weeks lost forty pounds. Couldn't manages. So ultimately to my vocal and well you know one and created a whole new that just effective. And. He goes missing what is real quick points of the misconceptions about this for the fact that people here. It's not necessarily the best mental picture right ahead and there's this whole stigma I guess the best what you I don't a couple of people look at this. Yeah everybody thinks it's just the bathroom disease and that's what the commercials to me you want with a bit more time to this room here take this. You know antibiotic. What really you know there's a mental side with there's the anxiety of where is the nearest bathroom how many get there there's a depression that goes with. You know I can't smoke my friends you know like I don't want to talk about it because it is somewhat embarrassing topic a lot of people. You don't even to me. I know where every captain is in the sixty mile radius I only go to restaurants were uncomfortable that Christians to two weeks. You know it it's of the bigger part of your life and just you know oh well I need for the death of a couple times today so that's what it is. You know investment market and I talked few weeks back upon this whole deal with him. And how much you pay attention to work the fastest. Athletes are. Casey told me he knew that have a list. The bad news like this night though because if you really it's it's there you really do pay attention to where they're really really nice restrooms. Variety fewest what has much I. I always get yelled at sometimes because I'm really critical math and sometimes it's right. This bottle like about it a problem back here I don't know what you got but just for me that's a big deal that tells me all public to hear what everybody else in their customers on top. Right if there's somebody young and innocent and amp. I'd like to do one that rates the veterans around here because I keep my own partner. You know those Tommy tells you what when the secrecy to at least is there heat it was math that's good wanted to apply to others don't keep it about the if it that is awful party your life not just to know what they still on the verge of take Aaron deal. How how many steps they need it either working with. Helping to alleviate the symptoms we're coming quote from world war of all of this because we talk about the different steps of progress medically for. Right now all we're able to do is is tradition we don't know what causes it. And so we get treated here until we figure out clause and it's different when we're starting to be able to identify certain genome some of the kids he kind of no earlier expectations of how bad it's bad for them. We can't fix. So I think it's palace lucky owns that got in my thirty's but I have no friends who are in eleven years old and an opera house to be vegan. And that's their life. What's if you wanna find out more information you can call your story that donations you know it's all about. The information that's out there where they go into that stuff. Search for for local information the clips are just going to colitis foundation dot org. Well locally and on the president of the Wisconsin chapter I was gonna FaceBook page don't like its foundation Wisconsin chapter. Malik is ours our leader here that's the only place you want. That we do have our take steps walk on June 3 this year to insult to our partners are our biggest fundraiser of the year. Last you know 700 walkers through and to keep that up we'll. Here. It what is that the June 3 so there are. There itself or if the argument that with well there it is so well thanks for coming on you know what that's important room. Yeah you guys write I don't it's meant to all season long but nevertheless. What we're stepping up and help us now. Obviously know so well is expected to refute that you let him talk to a good for a couple minutes baker Tilly. And outlets in disguise because we know that the the. The old style. Nice Cadillac is pulling up outside we go to part markers on the scene. So let's take a quick break we're gonna come back to board Parker's gonna join us up here at the boxer a pretty towards the post season. Take it on the Boston Celtics on Sunday in Boston. This portion of the program rut by not only baker Tilly but also are pretty sharp literacy third coast revisions Baird private wealth management in Coors Light it's the Milwaukee basketball our Petrie Steve Novak Chicago Michael C Sparky by prolonged sigh we've got more right after this. Welcome back to the program we are broadcasting live over at their habits social with the Milwaukee basketball our featuring Steve Novak got built Michaels he's working by prolonged side into the guy that just. Rolled up in what is I can only describe as a really nice wheels you quarry workers joining us here at the house tonight you don't. But that. That a day ago right there OK I kind of different for those what you're count this 64. Original color all the minutes tonight when it goes so all started off last night not the best way to end the season it will you guys want to. Is it just a rhythm thing right now I get a lot of guys but if you're optimistic at least for the fact that your healthy fun for the first time all season long going to post. This pretty good summer guys get a game or two other themselves that I really notes get a rhythm again. And so again passwords everybody's healthy for the most part. Out of the rotation change. Now with rocket and they'll they'll look back guys who were gone for so long coming off the bench. How does that she's not going to postseason. It's a little bit expensive Brandon Graham and spent of the a lot of simple for the second unit work. We hope to do the same thing work my opponent Democrat. And now what about for you so you've been in the league now for four seasons. Both have been the playoffs to lot of those years which you were injured for those two so this is the war. First time being in the playoffs you've got to be it's Howard feels that he did out there and play the playoff hopes they'll most definitely is real fortunate. Any time and opportunity act expound court. It is less so especially this time. Won't for a post seasons where everybody recruits. In this big time. What about the the idea of coming off the net because before you came back in sports talk radio in town everybody. The natural assumption was welcome back off the bench for a few games back in the starting line up local backs away once you got stating that roll off the next. For a few holidays that hit it as far as mental adjustment goals it. Getting comfortable now volumes desires well for starters the bench went hey Rick reflect you know we San Antonio and so forth how is that. It's been all right so far as keep things in perspective. That's most important is being grateful putting the opportunity active. And I know it's not from all right so I just try to do what is in the. The hardest thing for you coming back and then you right back in games because you put through the rehab people all the time and effort and and that you try to not only can do rhythm with the guys come off the bench with the rotations are so different so how tough is definitely coming back. Definitely helped so. It was new because a lot of times. You build around guns. They know what if shots come for a while like leave me I've got tossed in the fire really didn't have any expectations right like I have to file I'm always myself. What do I need to be on the court how to conflict right so that's has been the difference maker for me. And we talked about this we did little on court and you couple weeks back there's. Things about being heard coming back that are really difficult which lets them when you were out. We're able to kind of see it being slowed down really able to learn from some new teammates and look at it from a perspective that was different. The opportunity to relax and sit back and watch it today and also one of the persons Marie didn't do was come back. Few and chew chew that we saw in your first few days back to a player for three sold talk about those two things you're shooting and just your perspective on being out. Although how the injury you you've told was felt like. So reliant. Is the offensive line. I always tell put things. And being grateful you know like when I sat out the game slowed down because of the good from four to unseat while wanna be won't wanna become like. But who want to return home court. And this is a mentality thing that most of poorly suited me all sit down and from that point on us like it goes to bills like parent. And that's all. Concerned with a at this point on a bass was fine book amen to walk him walk in positions where I can help so many suits. And so many people in general that don't have easy Whitman. And you have to say to its. Being a guy who's watched legally through your purses readers like an injury and beat Milwaukee watching the impact that competitive to tonight here. Your story out that the the struggle with the injury. Like you said might not be what someone's going through what they want different things and I think it's also when you. Incorporate itself if you had hoops with so many people watching you play basketball with the things that they have one of their life analyst its auspices of doing. It's a Bartlett about the draft been an effort to. Yeah I Andrew Higgins can argue should be number one. Policemen who want to let you come out you go to. You're looking I'm sure you have expectations here at what you were union BA and how you want to be packed with first obvious opinion. But fortunate law the couple knee injuries and now you're at a different stage of your your obviously coming off of that yet restrictive rates come up this summer. What we're rectification a guest coming in. Prior to all that happened to pay that has an event changed since all that's at your rookie. Oh say it when when offers tentatively. I knew my expectations was gonna beat them but enough went on us the only reason while accident in different places because it's going to be difficult. And difficult situations really will do to look for lifetime so. I have got to back my mind. But as far as everybody else that attempt checks. Armisen people's phone plan for the wrong reasons and you know most of whom the and then going back to my third year I had dreams but there always that title. A title to. And that's what success is not in my book defined is not defined by title just spoke. Trying events vivid movement at the event so I had to learn that from the first. Couple years of my career and now I have no regrets at home crews could support. From the injuries and all that been greater blessing than. It's fair. When you had chances to see sit back and watch the game watching slowed down. What would some of the things specifically that you noticed we're not only you could say we've yet to help my teammates. What this is something that I can help that maybe I didn't realize when you're just going through a hundred miles an hour. The game itself. Well this is an entirely point not a game of natural instinct. Not swallows is fortunate that that is just being out there and when asked why also he's from your conference games is because what. It's all about the ability of them bit like you just have to train some of them to know we have to do and how. Interest is that so. As far as off the court goes is where a wannabe. That role model is a long one on some alignment of us who don't have an easy way up to that's the majority of votes today to. And the format. Would inform my best effort I'm nobody and then. If you talk about that mentality that you had. Because for fans we watch you that you we must do you talk. And you couple process. Really unselfish. Well me I hope everybody out right that's that's fair assessment that. It's an opt out of a ticket to a different level which you agree situation seekers cope with yet situation but this is what I do. Alec Oklahoma City. And I see Kevin Durant I see Russell Westbrook and get the stops and as the game started putting it to be the star because there would go to the regular guys. And wanted to see what he could do you that got another situation. Do you ever think about that your mind while looking at because what you can hit it was who's going to be you would not that was going to be. To be honest with you when you paid me you were farther along than it for sure offensively. We're gonna be no position to kind of lead at least or Augustine. But because of the unfortunate situation and it's unbelievable role he has become but I got this team obviously and one of the top superstars that we. Does not ever come across the goal through your mind as far as kind of how he would do to this point I'll go forward. Well as far as. It is a situation map and put me behind you know they had. They're guys who've grown lit and mountain time so you know you have to move on Tuesday. And you have to go guys. And justice expands but responsibility goes like on the fence. That something like that's just how it and that's my ego. But when it talks about. Mike James Harden is this circumstance. Is lot different in mind because my injuries and who knows how his. Contract talks were there my mom wasn't the easiest. So that's his houses or can't compare it to. And I was I was actually in the locker room with Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant the season after that evidently I've been in the locker room with you would. Honest maybe just there's always those questions all through what is your relation like I've seen you guys on the Boston it's because a lot of this. I would say speak a little bit to the fact what is your relation like with doubts. Our relationship with all my teammates. Very good we Alston same amount of time again. Be honest we have a relationship. Where we second year after months like you restate those summer worked out walk and so. You know we have mission when it comes event. I got sidetracked perspective it's a distraction. Person. You. And see my mom's from a bit. I don't know an idiot tactful thing. Weird I got a lot of them you know in some what did you Wear them right if they can't see. Mark zone Pakistan. That's the wrong with a what you all think. Oh yeah. Those video does not allow tech bubble like plant that global problem ultimately for the next corset like get back I'll I'll obviously a topic. Really he just aren't what it's like. I should work first of all not a woman bears stuff like last week. A Hamas and the handled by the food. They would throw back hairs that you want to pay. Dick Butkus. That's the only to a different. No fruits. I can go to the about like risen and it's kind of hard on American groups though. So as the months soccer Acura so I'd refer to notes widgets we know I was right on the court. So we're pretty much suffered no. So Kenosha news that today newspaper Kenosha always at the packer fan of the years. And their fans here Mike Gravel wants several times with their friends. Happy holsters under par and it all of us are still back him. Easing back to the Packers management you know let's discuss second hand like that probably put jobless right YouTube that you bears then that's what did you pick and all well. The team that you likens the not on this team besides when it's the bomb team you. That is the work that's the only that is the only Norton. Walking in we that the amount of to a that the congress. Go to McDonald's house right now magic man. I think house deters or even well thank you take old school that you go to court stories start there everything else trickle down. It's true well maybe department favre's right in the program when your report. My five seed Daria. That we broke. What we are talking about you would you honestly. You guys we gave him. Your billed as the two cornerstones that I gonna return this franchise. To. The luster so to speak lot of talk about you lot of talk about the contract what's gonna happen this off season eat your mind. Are you still Milwaukee Bucks it is going to bring with you on as a championship practice it. Well I hope so always aspirations. Were to cop wounded. But it and there wasn't much room that's the unfortunate part. On those of us thought you I don't know what's the things I told dot haven't this I told John horses I think the NBA's all screw them. When it comes to restricted free agency and how all that whole deal worth I think it puts everybody in a bad situation. Because the players onto the other team we've seen it happen Milwaukee patsy players come back bigger bat. Because that must match the offer because they don't like the bus were just UC LCD you know for cheaper price they'd get the price that they wanted on the market. I think it with even a bad situation out here with a player horrible situation. With the way it's set up now facing up. Because OK listen to argue covers are the freeagent well he can't leave us we safe to say that extent and they can match but. How can look at it from a player perspective to point out that mean you're coming up on the situation and it's kind of played out all right. In the team has to be professional about it right the have to understand it's just that we can since. Favre Milwaukee goes it's not like a huge target for free agents and I was willing to take. Don't take into consideration because this home in the afternoon it's a home so. When it comes to a player like myself. I was desire in the banks. Auspices wasn't. I do that's of this over that is one of security that's all I want but then I get a offered an. Was not what I wanted to. If I had my accident Iraq out of practice now but all of this because that. People tell me offer wasn't true that we'll tell me now it's. Yes you reported months back that they offered you 350 ports like tease me. Generally if that's what I was the I was still I don't know we'll wait you lied outlook true. OK I wanted to clarify that until now you know now what would make it to the house so that number would not close to what else. Well that's that that's fair enough. It's what it was I want to back it up for I'll respect it is. Because our fans that read it ought to ESPN let's be true so they re going to familiar agnostic it's funny he's gotten me to be injuries and everything else. Policy think easily get all that much more than eighteen million dollars a year on the open market type deal. Hey you're a horrible position for that. Perspective too because I'm sure that will be used against you when you get into negotiations with your interest that you ought to codify that can't be answered. I'm tired tonight. We see guys going through injuries. You've got to see how to respond. And that's no excuse of mine like I can happen any injury on the comeback right but that's not the case for a lot of people. So I'm glad that I was able to experience it now for the people Nolan. There have little injury have a minor that you picked injury then they'll make a difference does. Doing it showed tonight and see what you just said. Something that Wednesday he along you know like. This always men who puts you with a bad situation could get to know that we've been going against what. You don't say right so doing this tonight is this helpful he thinks is. You are wise for you because of your politics greet the people let's yeah you turn it down. That I'm saying it's it's rough but it's it's unfortunate that some of the opportunity to easily with a story they drove by this is more personable. Interview right amount of social media you know we I don't bash people on Twitter I'm not bitter when it comes old school. So this is like a personal conversation. I'm being ambulances. It's easy for me it took over let's do this we're going to take a break on. That note. Welcome back we'll talk to basketball we'll talk on the court that we got a lead off the court stuff on the way we'll talk on the court now. Dwight Parker don't just out of Milwaukee magical hours these marquee fight alongside Steve Novak and I feel like we got more out of this. Lot of back as the Milwaukee basketball hour we are broadcasting live it maravent social also we are rocked by a different that there are those provisions as well its retreat Steve Novak he's 45 reliance on I've built Michael's. We're sitting here chatting with you Corey barker who was currently the pictures it. A lot to finish up with that thought it was a couple of seconds Wes Bentley silver lining also brings to the program and it's wealth management and we've mentioned are written earlier. Brook baker Tilly as well what I remind you that there are presently heavy sports bring this program each and every week. You could follow us on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash MP beat all power. And K people our also mr. Graham the same on Twitter and KEB ball hour as well. And he can follow myself to post feeds or piper Steve Novak or a little broker a Twitter just look at supplement to go through. Everyone it is that it gets smaller after awhile to Jabbar you guys draw. The that the Boston Celtics and you know now they're banged up to thank the team you guys coming back healthy. Last night aside optimism at this point times leaders lead after Reid supreme would have to hope and optimism right that we do. He'll get there but where you guys are it was a bit like about the plane ride home last angered. I'm just was just one of those day you know like clean slate don't want to bill let's move forward. Honestly how much statement of humanity book and I got the Wii last. We've tracked notes. We have a good time it's like. We just put together something announcements but we just finished everybody made it to the finish Smart. And losers are have enough points and then made us a little bit more happy I was watching other games. You know CN that's the plan and it's evident that the words to be in and book without overlooked you know phone bill for that perspective yeah. You talk about Philadelphia. And as you don't know there's three point shooters all of the court Nancy you guys probably don't defend the three necessarily the best a lot of world with Boswell. That active toddler with a clutch three point shooters I mean that that he has a look like closer to Milwaukee after aka fired up forty or fifty threes negate. It's gonna be a little closer how you guys play I would assume that that kind of benefits you got a little bit more diversity playing a team that's three point happy. Well you know. What accounts that three point game like team do that on purpose. Like they're going into the game knowing that we should mom sues. And you can't. It is kind of hard to beat a team that she's a lot of Suze. And makes a lot of tunes you've got us got to respond a lot of greens so that's just this downward more moments with everything that's the only way to mobile so. But that's not that's not a bad that's not a bad thing no admitted they ask don't play in our minutes because that's the low percentage shot compared some of the shots of course. Is that frustrating and you guys had a few games we use who worked 56 or. So more buckets that now which you still lost the game because the voices from beyond your market be is that just look at the draw ours is something where. You know make guys you know it in the it'll leak this war to three. You got to figure out how to you know kind of balance that that gave it right. This deadly do it comes with the territory. For us to a team that you know we get to the basket alive. And it seems as though you know don't don't don't don't play at a two point implements. But that's not that you guys who wanted to seriously it is you guys have to. Shoot more threes have to make more resources. Needed to be exactly who you've been and continue to be doubted the neat because like Sparky who were the same. They are very good defensive team you guys all right very good story to write a lot of around the basket so you guys that's. Getting more three point shots that you felt that the rules for itself or you believe the way that you guys are doing things is going to be good enough to beat the boss so it's the first round. Yeah I don't think them out there you that'll make the difference that's it's that simple. We got to tone it simple we got to force the play defense. And when they when they try to play within the shot clock. Then you see a lot of threes have book you know to stylist on play defense. But I understand what to do Laden's defense man obviously two or three years plus a black guy. Pilots there went like Alabama position Ellis slowed it over here and everything else and it's for I mean there's been adjustments obviously but as far as much saying that's right. This same defense with a lot better. Get on all ball defended business. That is terrorism lol that's their lesson. And you know we Ryan is rhinestones. And we've been a good position and cents. All that well one of the real quick go to. In your article that was written to execute said it was about not necessarily Penske becomes the players its commitment. Trying to teach guys to be great it would be great in it or for different things. Not not talking specifically about it but when you look at the guys and his team who with the leaders that say guys. Put down the video games or whatever and you know we we got some work to do with the guys that dude you're getting that worked comebacks you weren't all the time right here. With those guys who speak with the who are those guys today. We don't get better. The values who is a big one. He's always a big big leader. Of the voice. Sons now. They did his experience. And as far as like the relates to what Jason did. I don't specifically for him you know how to write write you wanted to plant their coach right away so those come with tough. Transition because. It wasn't wrong per say it was just. Inexperience of the relationship that you have to have. Back to direct. Flight to not treat us like teammates with treated like players and that's there's a lot of pace and that's it takes a lot of news. Okay this is little difference on whether it was or don't normally hear. Which isn't anything you. Is that what you take away from GCQ let's start there with a pot was ticked away from June's. The boy allotments that see the court from the third. He always. Brings up plays that you never see. We'll let you always have the hard for the game always has the feel for the game to be Credo like he wasn't afraid to be creative let's listen with us and teaches us. It's okay that total ball off the glass if this don't make the defendant know and the guy on their team get the ball through open later this hour infinite so like little things like that hosts. Oh font. From from that perspective. The other thing that I always here and it doesn't Matt sport football baseball basketball and then you know like if the good fortune a workable what Butler. And he tells you something else we always hear well picking a coach it's look at people motivate him get in the play hard night in and night out it. Right game they play sixty games of football where I sit and you're motivated by the person don't. Everybody should be cool to be important to you that you want players they'll want to play. That's always been it's kind of respect about it. What is your perspective body it's days at the end of the do you beat that coaching throughout the season he gives that rah rah speeches that motivational speech to teach you guys re fired back from going to get to this along to. Yeah I mean it is in a few plays a big role without the day like we've tossed the x.s and no zones don't report. It though we'll down now. Want some more. But obviously who has that those deals that might steal it just takes over a lot of not a problem that concerns you know Houston. They that the biggest defense team everybody knows that best team name BA but that's because they're so out of the tickets commonly known as possible positions and Nevada fortitude to do more when it comes the plane again. Think they will go to state like that the biggest offensive team. But you know they just keep it going so Steele really hopes. And we have that skill is just not a with two to begin and the other thing I've. Notice and other people of north of the products now posted soon I don't know seatbelt back litre here but it seems like you are one of not very many. That seemed to be very vocal when you're out on the floor whether yet he fixed supper for whatever that you always see the kind of be talking. Altered communicating on the floor this is. We need more communication when you're on the floor a senate first unit the first unit it's. You know I'll talk on talk constantly talk this because of so far behind my having to catch myself well. Which is trying to be out there talking C wanting to be vast while talking about. But first the first tape with the first unit that they can do that a little bit more than second today. There's going to be better. That the coach did you come and now he taught you to talk that's all sorts of knowledge of the Nelson won't Jolson coach K talk to them this this definitely that's the. Is that's that's true only if you look at it I just wonder how to what is. Well I think what you know back while it doesn't have to be wasn't up to the outlook for this isn't just passed it. Mean why why does it stop again you know mobile professional to who talk now I want up. I don't I don't think it's too cool thing I think it's a very real thing though that when you go from high school to college you basically think you know everything as a senior eyes glued to technology to realize you're. Not that good that you don't know anything right that you leave college. Educated on basketball. You've been. In a very militaristic a lot of times environment taught I don't know how to sleep that you how to practice how to talk. Or you'll be forced to talk to salute the NBA yes it just does so happen at some of the players make twenty million and the coaches make five million. So as not to be as much yelling from the five million dollar guy at the twenty million dollar guy. Is the power structure broke him. Maybe a little bit but that's why college they'll tell you I will play you would lets you talk it's so yes that's where it happens with things like that you. You do you think college you going to college coming out of high school your high school hearing team got a Pallet guidance point three. You're coming out of college. You're 2324. At most that you play with a guy that's in his forties. You know we get a guy to be your dad. You don't think about everything there's such a difference of maturity of eighty Q what should shouldn't say you knowing your place in. You don't say you know if I'm wrong when you first in the league you look at the guys that the that the 3637. Understood that the whole favors what it would. That conversation. I think it's it's. It's relative so if you didn't pitch in this for me for 12 I got through Marquette tonight not to watch guided Dwyane Wade in front of me. You can and was never told them he was stuff. High end of the ability spectrum and I was the bottom of the vehicle inspectors so I think. Relatively speaking as the guy who if you get drafted in the NBA. If you're looking at the highest of Libya got I think the split is opposite this picture of me as a as a freshman or the party not government not to part. Where is the way I want I got to the Houston Rockets as a rookie of looking around at guys like Tracy McGrady and helping. It's like the relatively speaking that depth while the same even though it's only a few years in college of the fifteen of them. But I understand what you say but let me count of witness I don't care if player a mixed one going and. The coach makes a billion bucks that's not the point if the what is that would championship if apple were point four. If that's the point tell Bob Wright on the board the board you couldn't get on the floor the better chance you have to succeed. I think Steve Nash you know if the meant that of a survey. And team that's not the hands of both and a woman games. But that's not here. That's true it is. It's no it's not that it's necessarily. Writes that just because you be paid a lot of money you. You can't be told the to talk more to do it sounded defensive stance what's yours different. In the NBA. It's a business okay sure that if that for example Jeff Van Gundy wants to Denard with Bonzi Wells. And Bonzi Wells suspended for two months and see these Big Five million. Your going to have ownership in your office thing hit by the way that has making five billion you can get suspended him yell at him like that if he responds poorly. If you're a college and you did you guys and you suspect were picking up where. The AP is most likely docket the coming off to tell you how to run your program there is the difference structured it yet. But I make twenty million. Really angry. And lose them for five months. It's a business so there are there are very real difference is I'm not saying it's right or wrong but it is prepared politics doesn't make it. That a lot of money in his ownership. Five welcome back to my partner at debacle we can Wear this lets you know I thought. So let me ask you this you come into the NBA for a coach it successful program one of the best in the in the country obviously do. It's his way or the highway duties like plot. Yell wing anti with sky after guy after guy to begin yet right so we know that works. I'm sure you met your perception is a couple of as far as you can get in that business aspect he talks about how long did it take you to figure out that man. I'm not counting. He's our citizens maps that have trouble with that data through I still do. This because not a lot of sincerity not a lot of honesty it's a lot of light. That was stuff that's out of control and my attitude that we're confident because I just wanted to know if the odds were. But that's our hope is gone hope be like I'll never look at negative things. To be weakness is don't be used to want them. Which you have to have. A trust factor though. As well going to mean the most successful team while maybe not let's just needs a lot of successful teams have to be at the trust one another if you have a lot of figure one behind John and everything else of people talking crap whenever. That's not going to be to successful situation or tied the knot now a baseball you can get away with that but if basketball doesn't see the work. That's what does it work. With a team is that really. Really showed that they wanna win and it's no legacy stuff. They stay consistent for years and years the Senate's own new. You know right. In Pope wants to me when organizations. And that's set out by the leader. I mean that that's kind of put down by the leader Popovich and by their their leader Duncan and Robinson what they'll think started that's what the foundation is built. And did you sustain that leadership and you'll full. Right is that credibility though because they just popped. And Tony Parker knows not personal. Then he'll civil moment is that our however it was two years ago was Clinton San Antonio and Tony was playing really well he was doing bed and first quarter two Kamal runaway pay no supplement you know with the stuff like that. That you don't want it organizations. They really do that. We're gonna go take a quick break before you talk about the European Abraham good drive of the game which it we're gonna get it Jabari it is a big Jabari slam narratives. That you know that you need Abraham drive of the game reminding you never detected drive in Ari Parker her compliments of fox which was not to. Back final segment of the Milwaukee basketball our retreat Steve Novak uncle Michael launch sites he mark piper got more right after this. If you don't want to basketball power and between Steve Novak bill Michaels he's marking five furlongs we only got a couple of minutes before we have to do that it wanted to brigade campuses was originally going to be our last program now that's what is up in the air it will be back next week but. They have is one of the minority owners got it right I have one of them you want the owners got here there its social. Andy this has been a couple of different places. Over time that I've recorded it I think it fell down right despite years ago back in the old days and got them. But I gotta tell you that the food is fantastic it's great athletes great that you reject the so. Thank you very much we appreciate that it's been that a lot of them host of the so it is something different for us and evidently they play like this one. But it's been that great turn out to get a lot of growth cooled down obviously haven't really to buy is awesome to get in comes Chicago but I got myself off Lehman's partners. So viewed as well as an artist you know there on the radio. If I mean we. We never thought that I mean honestly it's it's more rough being it's kind of been here than anything well what if anything I mean I guess outside of the cubs maybe let you know I'm. It's I've really enjoyed what we've made it home you know good about the news now when we look forward to so many more with us here it's part of a lot of future so we're really bullish about Milwaukee. And I love this announcement was now we can abuse and that was. Three years we'll probably go to far north and opulence of we loved it. Real quick what does it mean to champs a team like hawks who were or you don't packer game Gator routes you see it received upwards yeah triggering a little bit here we're anyway. What's at the local businesses downtown be able to have it here and especially now going to posted absolute. That the key to what degree accident but the with the cubs giving them I think you've got. But that doesn't interest him through sort of the prince and the bets on both routes you definitely feel confident that both virus that that there is provisions and environmental group. Do that this vehicle. You know it's into the box and implement it playoffs and I think got a great for business. You know if they're just to get lucky because it's Wilson stadium. He loved you but I'm really happy hour after the dinner and they went down so so camp. Thank you so much for yeah thank you for hosting it to within an absolute it's all the fitness at which you would this French Fries with that she's on the policy is not an event you. Or at least make me wanna have done we can make you feel you need to make that exits they have him with down your parents those guys. Predictions. Flying out I don't doubt about sixty seconds. I think the sponsor of more delta team. I think Brett himself coach we don't know about fronted a seven game series I think it's a coin flip. That's wrong. You know off a bit of a homer but I just think that things are aligning right for Milwaukee at all for Boston I think that's what comes out with the VA is. What is it looking like it is this last stretch there for you don't wanna play Philly we don't have to we could Boston's. I think we've got yet. I wanna see them stacked success they have delegates is we all season long about Betty I have to bet against the bucks. The god knows it was too much with. Thanks to Corey Parker for joining us Steve Novak these marquee fight frontal Michaels thanks to all our sponsors and our group of breaker till we got here today as well sharp literacy third coast provisions Baird private wealth bad records light West Bend the silver lining and and it's what benefit. I pressed to go.