Jeffress: Same guys, new pieces, same story

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, March 12th

Bill sits down with Brewers’ reliever, Jeremy Jeffress.  How is the bullpen coming along as we inch closer and closer to Opening Day?  What’s the key to the team’s success?


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Last year this was a team that did have many expectations that your you guys do is it different pressure. On known releases this is. I think it's ago. A new a new drive story you know because classes for us it. I'm not. Nasser who want it it's yours it's seen its new pieces. And store. Is the guys were pretty strong in the bullpen especially the second half the last season I know early on this season might. When a war if you guys down but overall give me your assessment how you guys look pitching it. Everybody wanted to blow to ski and Austin that's our youth but I'm Mano you know focusing. So everybody. And counts in these DJ did they usually stressed out as much as possible that is good restaurants. You know what is wrong. If you want him. The powerful and keep that in time. Biggest criticism of amenities always usual that day when it works they're great when it doesn't they sought. So it that being said how do you win win counts UGU guys. You know my question is. Do you guys get a feel for how you guys are working or do you rely on his feel for how you guys are working oh yeah we we communicating pre and that's what the experts about it. Teams communities. Once we season. The cardinals were storms beginning in. October 2 months and then we'll be confident with these things. Yeah that's. We communicate. The how personally have you field off enough of big government backing out of a you know this offseason moves you know move. We'll stressful with this market you know. McCain says he worked vulnerable work and yet.