Johnson: Let’s temper the excitement for the Bucks

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, February 13th

Marques Johnson, Bucks TV Analyst on Fox Sports Wisconsin, weighs in on the team’s good run since Joe Prunty took over. Would Brandon Jennings fit as a stop-gap option?


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This sets go to Marcus Johnson bought television analyst for fox sports Wisconsin Wisconsin markets say don't money. Absolutely wonderful article on. Noise while from now all I don't think in any way shape or form you would ever be is disparaging as I am. Off however I am I don't think Derrick Rose for those who once he Derrick Rose from the Milwaukee would be a good fit I think you were even better it may be Brandon Jennings would end up in Wisconsin uniform applied. What are the Bucs need right now with some guys that are a little bit nicked up and banged up. Yeah maybe you're right I mean I get a lot depends on on Delhi I'll bet you he'd get back Malcolm brought him. It is going to take a little bit yup little bit longer. But I mean you know you kind of stop gap mode right now Jason Terry played a lot of minutes out of Patrick. You run him in and out of one. I guess. Benefit that you patent that god has. Can't be up primary ball handler for a lot of minute that he's on the orbit you don't want it. Overdue debt and you know you go out of it and end and that we get some help with that position. I'm not sure read zinni's right now is viewed. Is that guy but. Barbie Twitter too I guess he was about that Milwaukee so I don't know what's going all the bad but you know debated that but organization typically whip. And I get yet a pretty nice. Pretty nice but over China though in an estimate always about a guy like that is that but we gave him. Oh what you get when you get even by that it is when his career. He's just look at that it is a positive note play with a good team and it's like basketball once again I think start. It on this team right now is they started do I head towards you all star break you get to you get to Jabari back. Tell me how you think Jabari his kind of fit in felt his way through this so short period of time and his team. Well you know departed done really well at and I'll. I thought the Miami game would be what what the door for and it turns kind of struggling. He would be out of the gate but yet the rebuilding solid double figure games. Welcome back want to return. Yeah look he's a competent. Still. You know the because we got with with the with a you know with a look at the epic that apparently can do it in what got himself back into. Now that the expected. A little bit of that that it's just kept on a couple of things to open the crowd I think won the first game back but again that all the expected. But overall I think that he's exceeded expectations. At the Miami game to beat that was that was kind of how I expected him to hit the kind of struggle of in the small. Part of the game catches balls. Obviate. If that is aggressively you I'd respond to that. He got it in look at the effort to immediately got like. Back to beat the Chicago that it got that you're out. Came back in January. Get the up and down game but you know you'd be spread of 35 point game. On a typical Woolsey at a game with a human duck. Because last ball game and so it is it it. Going to be that kind of what you're we're going to be some really really positive moments where you are going to be the moment where did we struggled to let it. Quick then at but it did that thought they expect it but overall and I'm just really really. That that fight let anybody do anything major at the trade debt because you get that guy. I'd like that you are part of back in February about a around this time that that dedicate you have great great. Boosted terms of what does all the victim and that is that everybody changed what people. Marcus Johnson television analysts for fox sports Wisconsin cover Milwaukee Bucks and do you would you talk about kind of getting that veteran guy back in and being that guy and Jabari. So with the change at head coach and what Joseph prods he's been able to accomplish and Jabari coming back you get some guys back from injury. Most people are saying this team should be a top four team in the east do you see the same way. You know we're happy about you know half the game out a bit about fourteen right now the outlook. Let let's count temper the site within those gathered that and we all. How to deal with it right now but does he put billions of publicity that we play. During quote but because Joe's first to gain. The weight of your world beaters it and you know the talking about the knicks and Brooklyn and basic hand in Orlando but I don't see that that that should it be but the heat is it a lot of these. When I look at a look at the piece that debate over the last ten games but an effort to. Indeed the debate. Look at how we didn't have at some point. Outward number one and number three that went 24 beat. But the root. That they that's what exactly I'd be so that you can let you hit that approach. He would be. That that in terms of stopping that and want to vote at number two at three point Google to get that out about etiquette when it's what important to get. All the numbers are really really are encouraging. Now that wait until after we get back from the all star break it. And get a look at survive so would endorsement of the wizard of the citizens of the pages a couple of that is that you did it in. In those games. Does that got to be our cannot put cannot get the market beating victim of that and then have a winning record after playing. Oh caliber team that you're looking at it. In the right direction but but now they physical and as look at you expected it and don't let skeptic is that I talked to a lot the last. Coverage unit that it here and he's just up ready yet. Basketball but book alternately you typically get spirited descriptive of a variety of topics. And I didn't make that it paid. You look real pick out fashion plate but out that she cut out as you move out quickly initiate all that. But all those things he's a person more than just look at teen accused of all quickly just put that issue equipment so. All that deep and I just think Kurt but Kurt elect yet that the that. The mind that the coaching staff. And I believe that we get. Very well up to get out fourteen. In this conference. Real quick before I let you go and also wanted to ask about the rest of the league in the sense at least there wishes him more than so the conference. The cavaliers and the Celtics still battling towards the top of the cavaliers making unbelievable changes. And it looks like LeBron you said gimme a much young energetic at 1111 letting guys and I'll figure it out. And it looks like they have how big of a changing your mind why is that to see all those different players six guy he's. Traded away coming into the system and the fact that two will they be able to put together in time to figure this whole thing out. Yeah I mean that you you know you don't wanna vote. Strickland about how they look to get off to put mad at the end and put out what sort clarkin. In LA a lot this year about always about his game and not have a situation weapon. Is that I have yet second third double double to the pot. On the floor towards shield as one of the top three point shooters always have been that he definitely has been knocked down. Kick shoot three point shooter. Great deepen the player bigger point guard Larry excuse me gives them about that it would not let the media has got an underrated. You know smaller got sick sick and played about six. Said the picnic by the who developed with the three at about 3730. And we didn't exactly bring in the budget got athletic guys. That that that it's gonna help the people that's what they had issues it would it would ignite it deep it. That you don't get much better than that to be competitive in. They have yet we have. I think they are legitimate contender to equities and property now. Well we always know when you got the wrong you're the legitimate contender I just don't know much better they got like I thought that might have been a train wreck. And boy the first double games issued holy mackerel they look good so. We've ever get you know you're still gonna get him back you don't read about about playoff type team. And again that the big issue with Yemeni anti liquidity finished you work through. Developing consisted chemistry and that's what tickled by that first gave everybody of this year is that you know adrenaline rush that first arc and together. You're gonna have to issues at some point but they don't let up so early I think outlet built the players that they acquired. You know I think album that hit a I'd vote that they thought it would take a look at it the proper look football awaiting him he immediately chemical balance sheet vote. And abroad kind of doubt we'll look back and let me and you can do about it he had Kate Kate is built more. Civil and the problem that place. And so is it. Let it hit it well that would make a move that made it I think they picked me up is that that is. Without a doubt always gonna talk to mark as we appreciate you joining us for a couple minutes okay. Our. Due out talkies and they don't Marcus Johnson television play by play voice of Milwaukee boxer analyst for the Milwaukee Bucks they should say. Joining us on the Schneider orange challenge.