Kasper: Not 100% confident Packers can beat Browns

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Thursday, December 7th

Dan Kasper, Co-Host of “The Morning Lockerroom” on SportsTalk 105.1 in Eau Claire, weighs in on the Packers vs Browns. If they lose, should this signal firings within the Packers organization?


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And guard the co host the morning locker room on spore start 105 point one Dan Casper now joining instead I don't. Do good bill of our little cold Delaware directly address your source pencil place. Let's first go to save our guys are involved and and we did does the big win down here legislature station last week in that you guys are where are you exactly. I'm about potential goodwill of the new special foods locations here on retreat acquire 2 o'clock in Torre's donations all goes towards the similar promise that you will rally here. Perfect then how is how is he dead how is traffic been throughout the day. It's been off the bill has been off so we have some volunteers here rather open about they said this is the best they you know a couple of years here too so yeah. Great turn out so far on day one here for everybody and it's about helping out a bunch of families that need especially those given me you know you guys did your drives. Last week billiard story it was awesome. It's like that all around here everybody. We will need to double these kids these families make every kid out of that little. No doubt about it now you guys they're all week. Are we started there were aren't here are okay wasn't sure the guys were out there the entire week now but that's great hopefully everybody that you Apple Valley area. And even in this surrounding areas beyond that that are listening the program to choose to come down and then drop off some toys are cash monetary donation you'll take it no doubt. I did and that I was smears and you're talking about how meaningful this game has. And as Joseph and I both agree I'm personally got to win this. But after that I mean the big game is going to be coming up against Carolina he beat Carolina you have a really legitimate shot at advancing from their because I think both of the games after that. Are probably get a bowl. On the so give me your thoughts on this team going forward and the likelihood that Aaron Rodgers in your opinion should or should not combat. And I think you don't particularly by a week and a big game visits regain its Cleveland you know it. It's green Bay's somehow loses this game and you know I'm not even architect Colin that McVeigh. Go to Cleveland get a victory but a lot rides on his game. Mike McCarthy talks on getting attacked wins. I don't know this year sent dwindling even do that play they got to start off this weekend against Cleveland. Take care of business and then I think you know we have discussion. Aaron Rodgers coming backs if they can get this victory against Cleveland get the seventh six. That would fall special man I mean you when you have number twelve on the field and and from reports he struck the ball over replace anything can happen. Go on into Carolina potentially a team that's in the fighting for a playoff spot to that's going to be a tough match up. They're deep they're playing really good defense over there Cleveland to sell. Or if you think Carolina. Daycare business this weekend. Make sure you come away with a victory in Cleveland and then let's get a little bit excited and look forward to be potential playoff push. The likelihood that the Packers if Aaron Rodgers comes back to win now. Move that's a good question. You know what. The Carolina game I think ski I think that Carolina game is getting a bit of those played extremely lawless defense does legit. The column back to Lambeau you've got to got to want you know it's a rivalry game green bay of course we're gonna wanna put you know that there's going to be some emotions of that game because all air went out. You know what is injury against. Minnesota that game so it's that's a tough task idled all they can do it you're asking me to put a percentage on a bill one of all of those 657%. Then you look at the defense Obama you know they play a little bit better in the last couple weeks program a couple weeks ago they weren't necessarily great. Played this defense really since Chicago his his played better as far as giving up points it's been less. Do you think this is starting to come around now they're getting a little bit healthy your obviously with Kevin King going going going on the IR. In the secondary it's still going to be extremely susceptible. He had that Kevin King who prosecuted not even with what Kevin King you look that your report live from district about house builder injury even Dmitry consider they activated. Off the populace he had a hamstring injury on that group or so the secondary. Government to the last shall build a secondary I mean there is Gunter starting games and has so they're taking a beating. Yeah the defense hasn't played better in spurts I think a lot I would hope all of that defense too with the offense just you know over better time of possession. These last few weeks of defense has been on the field all law you know a lot of minutes you can kind of tell it deems are getting. They get a little bit drained out but yet the defense hasn't played better but. Losing Kevin King that's going to be huge huge for the secondary. If by chance god forbid they lose this game. Is this say signature game that in which you would say a serious changes need to be made or you think it changes you're gonna be made anyway minus. Ted Thompson Mike McCarthy. I think there will be changes made within that I mean if Green Bay loses this game Arnold I want to commend comment Monday morning relatives of resources that's that's that's that's going to be head hunting. On Monday morning so I think to most fans point of view they've they're gonna want drastic changes if the Packers lose this game on Sunday. I agreed that we build and market. Mark Murphy Ted Thompson they're not guys that are gonna make drastic changes are not gonna overreact I think you'll see. Some changes regardless of what happens is as game media it's a different defensive coordinator of the future I I don't know but I think if there was going to be changes. They kind of have an idea what it's going to be reporters in. I was I was gonna say my assumption of their community changes most likely. You know you are indeed you Marty Mason decisions abate based upon that knowledge is the four regaining your four remaining games but. I just ahead it is so tough to say you're gonna make drastic changes. Because you're so late the career Aaron Rodgers however you can also say if I'm gonna make changes on doing it. Because we need a fast fix that is going to take is an energized direction. Because we wanna make sure that this thing gets a couple more shots at the Super Bowl before it's all said and done. I don't see Mike McCarthy going anywhere I know that done listening though these are a lot of national shows are saying well again it could be on the hot seat. You know proving he can't win without those guys who we might McCarthy Mike McCarthy for for Lesotho one about Brett Connolly. But that did the game against Baltimore he looked terrible other than that we've seen progression. And we since you've seen some better create more creative play calling last week wasn't great for brenly he missed some passes. But for the most part at least we've seen him progress but I just think he is what years. Yeah I totally agree either backup quarterback you know any any talk that create baker traded him for maybe a higher draft pick. To a team that's looking for starting quarterback I think that discussion though the window there you go back the draft there was that rumor that. Greeneville was close to trading Brett Conley added there was Al wild rumor that Green Bay it was actually attracted to shot Kaiser like guess they'll get a firsthand glimpse. But to shut Kaiser you weekend that would be something just shot type of light so that these. Right no doubt about it Tom offensively speaking. Do you believe the Packers are legitimately found a run game four when aaron's mark Rogers comes back. That's an interesting thing we're talking about that the couple days ago and this seems like we've been talking about this sort the last two years they go back to Eddie lacy rookie of the year. Good base finally got their running game and then. Kind of trailed off there you go back to even able 45 g.s start they don't make that they don't win a Super Bowl without James Starks but that he kind of never. We developed into that number one now running back. And then slasher type Montgomery also OK finally green Bay's got that running attack Walt injuries pulled out his progression so I mean it looks the part so far. But I think we got a guitar so these are rookies Aaron Jones and Jamal Williams they've looked the part due date they have different styles of running. Williams is more than bruising type but earning back. Jones the big play threats so it looks like it it's interesting because. That you know that's off season in the upcoming offseason agreement and have to make choices with the receivers in the body's gonna get. Get a big contract. Jordy Nelson's got wonder laughed when a cop out when your life. Does the emergence of these two running back kind of make it if you a little bit easier for the Packers front office to make of those decisions with the right wide receivers because. We have been not well known to bring about a wide receivers and I'll order Rodgers but. If Green Bay got two running backs does that make those decisions a little bit each of what to do what the offer. They real quick before I let you go I died I've enjoyed talking Packers football but I wanted to find out because last time I was there. There are some people are generally enters genuinely interested in what the Bucs had going on in talking about Jonas in company as John assists rise. Given two more discussion. In that valley there. I got definitely has more people are paying more attention to a box especially the honest the whole lot Eric Bledsoe trade. Kind of got everybody a little excited now the rumors with a hundred Jordan so it's a little bit of a buzz I think you'll could couple a lot more low one football season's over west you know football game. Badgers. And the Packers right now so it has peaked. A little bit more here and especially on it started out this season you know MB peacock and all that sort of stuff I think it'll really hit its peak it is football is don't. Yeah based on his way I still think he he can he can pull this thing off this team has to get to the photon four but it. You get Jabari back and get him a little help by I think there's going to be a lot more recognition for his team. Down the stretch when it counts Dan always a pleasure great now tell everybody where you're out again Helen you're gonna be there and you're here today and tomorrow for sure. It you know we're a special foods with a new special foods here no clear on birch street. We're doing our hustle of toys here all the toys of monetary donations going to the Stanley Thomas and the chippewa valley we're here until 5 o'clock tonight and then. Bright and early against all morning rate at 6 o'clock in the morning until 5 o'clock tomorrow as well we have some auction items. On our web sites Forestar while 51 dot com billed as an autograph football last time when you rocker you were gracious enough. I want Barack. How about devalued Helena football. I had they've got a couple redundant to also. But they just are doing now for us and I'll put us race a month our space and money. After all these kittens or non. It's my pleasure and if everybody need out there and support those guys and B hey I gotta ask you real quick are you NA at tent or you just outside elements magazine here in the elements grew even more kudos you. Arm in the helmets are now walking out walking around the park and up and have an RV here we wanna warm up a little bit right now about side. The RVs come in handy this time here are my goodness I saw an Dan always a pleasure royal Dutch descent. Thanks so pretty well they go dad guess from the whole crew at this festival foods on birch tree and he he series say if you're in the chip or valued over their help out blue please use. Take out a couple of minutes today lunch hour and to get up for this afternoon tomorrow in the morning before he had to work if you're in that area. Head on over birch street and the special foods and say had a dental crew they do that to a great job out there really really do a good chance to listen to every now and then when not cruising around so. Say hi to us forces program was brought to buy our terrific terrific friends over cousin sub.