Keefe: I think the Bucks win in 6

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, April 13th
Rich Keefe, Co-Host of “Dale and Keefe” on 93.7 WEEI in Boston, has serious doubts about the Celtics’ chances against the Bucks. Will this put Brad Stevens to the test? Which players will the Bucks need to contain?

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Boston Celtics gonna be hosting the Milwaukee Bucks. And for their their bank down the entire U underwent a successful knee surgery reduces seasons pretty much done. Fortified months as a matter of fact with a knee surgery. They got a lot of a lot of injuries a lot of stuff going on right now and talk more about it. Our rich keep peace cohost of a daily keep on 937 WEEI embossed in. Ginn that set up for this Sunday's ball game and matchup between these two teams rich I don't know man. Are. Well you talk about too the difference between two teams and in the box they didn't have the best of seasons but they are now back to 100% full strength meanwhile Boston. They're only I mean how banged up his ST. I've never really backed up and it started game one of the season when court doubt but that it at that devastating injury. Knocked it up for the evening I think people overlook the it's been. And that our. Chances of getting the NBA final. But what don't you ought. But that may bounce back they want to the box in game 21. Game. Sitting up properties are proper for a while they both urged the second best record in the east but. However are being done a year markets are. I would say it out for the first broke out of a perfect game that though there are two best players out they smartly did their best player though there are a lot of trouble. How do you see this going the bucks have been a team that and I've said it all season long we have not seen them beat consistently good teams. For more than two games all season high IR a are called it's almost like a pointless series I'd pick the bucks sectional loses series because there are many able to stack success. Can does Boston have enough to get over. Yeah I don't think it goes so you'll put itself without picking up that I did think. A playoff Arnold all right ovals all. With the most pal the guy in that case it's dominant and it's not even close. Any action at Hartnell or tablet does well. The Celtics. Just I don't they give you a bet that they opt out how to read a look at a good policy yeah hot or so. They couldn't wait any game they can beat anybody but at its best bet your. Without having the best player or. I think I did a lot of trouble that let me be very well coached. But I just don't think they have be consistent scorer begin at dark. What will we talk about consistent scoring the boxer team that basically is an inside two's team we know it's morphed into an outside threes and shooting league. This Boston enough firepower from the outside to be able to just over com the Milwaukee Bucks is we've seen the box that they've lost game they've outscored teams. By six and seven buckets but they still lost games because there inside not outside. Yet that's opened up a lot. Where all of our or gotten down outlook for Marcus or to a bigger. Guys. Bill that alone should a lot of I political rookie Jiri that a franchise record for most for. On he certainly an Olympic bridge where I would say. No ripple. Of error. I don't know. Mean that a lot. But. Alcohol but I don't. That's into the rough or when the leaders. Colin rich keep our coach of dale and keep a 937 WEEI. In Boston and normally this time your race talking yankees and Red Sox and fights and brawls but. We got Celtics basketball they get ready to host the Milwaukee Bucks is coming Sunday. So it is banged up as his team is does this really tests the mettle of a young coach. Like Brad Stevens I think Brad Stevens has been fans I had my doubts but he has been fantastic and it seems like everybody has bought in. Do you think it can come down to x.s and o.s of scheming and coaching. I think everybody that you have to cut short. Their quote. Oh you're funny you're off. It will at all at all or coaches in the inventors and everything else Brett. Not that criticized since he got here because he route that I a lot of people anticipated. Adequately thought both the here and make the play out yet no talent. That the State Department make the close but it bounced the first the next year there are they get a little bit better they don't if last year they get all the copper on our anybody we will look that we thought we could be prompting me out. And additionally. It along to you at BA finals. And unfortunately. All that crept up and now I think reject or. Don't you you. Can't make it back to the panel that they have. Unfortunately. I did it get old enough that you at the other horse which they have. Into my lady is a quote yeah I don't we deal yeah the first. Even though injuries suited stacked they had won six in a row prior to losing to the box going back to Tuesday April 3 after that they just reliever never recoup Tareq. They lost four out of their last six ball games. What was it about that loss to Milwaukee that kind of sent him into a tailspin. I I. That you know how long are the smallest yet I've heard that there would have a game. Ever thought that that eat that they've put it got a little while yet if they're lost or added that a car or anywhere. This course. Undercover agent at the light and edit OK. But actually paid off or. Brawl or Al Horford also. At Portland. After a lot of acoustic battered pop about. When you look at Horford is game and then in the one thing I appreciate his effective he Indy crashed the boards and he'd get it done Bucs are real good when it comes to be rebounding team. That's right take a guy like pork for becomes so valuable because he can really own. What the Milwaukee Bucks are doing if they don't really have that energy that defensively and offensive for that matter because offensive rebounds had been a problem for this team. So I think Al Horford you're gonna talk about a key cog in this machine as they move forward towards Milwaukee is got to be out or for in this store today. I didn't pick it out yet hopper that you. You know it appear that Mack truck. He's got a tech guy out of that guy. And outlook is regarded it as well eight. Hawk. And little. Read the whole week. It walked. Really no outside game. Got a little bit what are you have a big game or are you wrote that urged. The a lot closer problem how to guard Donald would go on as well it'll. He's got to work up or. They'll be you know those are pretty. Or are now sub external a lot of trouble when we get out. On the subject then it will keep the tears. So you've got the the Bucs winning this thing how many games. Six games okay. Another box sort of the bucks faltering in five or six games I had just. Again I haven't seen them stacking up wins I hope they prove me wrong but I just haven't tuned to a consistent enough throughout the season we'll see who's right come out I can't believe him a couple of weeks by the way. Well and a half hour. All out holy macro rich he's gonna jugular and we appreciate it did real quick go what does the what does the vibe right now you got some things going on -- with the NFL lot of stuff swirling around the patriot slugs of swirling around the world for a Red Sox as well. Yes it certainly. It it. Won't pack or rookie manager all thought there were a baseball. B jump an ordinance that you are right out about it but you know this well. It's change you know well out here. Or pay attention you're gonna do it surgeons were critical reportable grant. They don't simple virtues second round this first aren't built ultimately that that polish capital who were trapped. But he. Our outlook rule or what have. Last night and they looked like at about. Our own fault or the awful amount. Yeah shame on me forgot about the Bruins as a matter that's a real quick one more thing and that is his EI and Tom Brady can estimate up. I think I don't think. That stick up a hole. All. About it. Well those are gonna do everything is good they're looking back off. OPEC Milwaukee but I monitor at least in the air to it all right. Yeah Asian man judges are. Since they are rich keep Dylan Keefe on 937 WEI. In Boston that's the the infamous station that had a couple of different personalities if you will have some issues and they ended up going darkest just turning off the signal for awhile and had a day of human resource. Soul searching I guess that's what are bloated but they're all they're all back in things are good and did you hear their Richie good guy thanks for joining us for a couple minutes on a shot George ally should matter. Schneider. Hey they've been getting it done for a long time wanna go with a new team a good team beat team that is Schneider and our good friends over there I got 844 try to go to Schneider jobs downtown.