Keefe: Rozier has dominated Bledsoe; did not expect that

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Friday, April 20th
Rich Keefe, Co-Host of “Dale and Keefe” on 93.7 WEEI in Boston, previews Bucks vs Celtics Game 3. Has the Celtics solid play been a product of Brad Stevens? What will be the biggest key to a third straight win?

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Blocks are back home at the Braly shattered Jason terrier from all over earlier in the show from last night's Milwaukee basketball our hand he is imploring fans to get out you crazy get loud. He believes it's going to be a very physical game if they're gonna respond had any shot at winning this thing. Rich keep co host a daily keep on 937 WEEI embossed and now joining us in the Shire orange hotline rich data art. Oh well after that first game I thought OK the bucks maybe learned a few things in. They're gonna come back strong and they can get game two and it just it never materialized Morse has been a beast in the middle eyed with a new Al Horford was gonna have a big series in. He has thus far so. Is it just keep doing what you're doing when it comes in this series there's there's something else that they they need to kind of pull out of their sleeve to continue to keep the box a little off guard. And you'll be outlawed out of our response at home but the bulk of they're that. We're beginning. Well pretty well for attacking without looking at what they're eating you know. I want editor at our last week out of the box little fury and another goal await the whole book itself which. Look really care. Well you had a career night did you. Or tragic. They don't quite get gluten imports both. They're getting scored. A bunch of different guys and it's people like Milwaukee really allies. Two player after that it though you know how well at all over. A bright spot. Yeah I am I agree they've got Middleton whose middle lighted up in an identical poll Middleton doesn't play much defense I think we're really Boston this guy got this series to always. The fact that he played physical and their transition defense and getting back has been. Absolutely fantastic the only surprise in the last night we had Jason Terry bring this up on our program. Was they went three big and he's today haven't shown that all season long is out one of those Brad Stevens says genius moves. Yeah yeah it's a lot of credit any should note you'll ever thought you got I only use it in whatever it back and got all of the other day. This year he has the ball well equipped. There're a court and were these Della court talent. And it is this a lot shorter and if you like you'd defeat but he finding ways all right and it came in Greg Monroe but those guys that. Don't go lock them up or rebound the ball but their parents. Did you see rosier being in this good. Now no not at all I would. People go to your heart out about it I hated it. Aren't. 88 or got to orchard in order Goer he really shoot. But you'll develop a better shooter and throughout the regular beat him when it partly where or when Marcus are simple market now. If they aim at both got back in the article back in that role where you are. Khalid have a big game but they'd have to rely on but yeah feeling. But it is totally gave it breaks eaten probably the most they look at those. Well the question at all that ball and all that stuff the ballot stop whatever kind of responsibility they give him he would opt for the challenge. And batted well well theory if you had all it ever went well and I did not speak out there. What I love Marcus Morris mark is more seems to have been. You know I go back years ago when the bucks were heading to the Eastern Conference finals and they had the Big Three but the neither role player to kind of come in and stir the pod. And that was like a guy like Scotty Williams or tar and amp. It seems like Marcus Morse has been a guy comment quiet did quite the box and rev up the crowd be that kind of bad asked that they needed. And he's been kind of an antagonist and he's really shown up. He really and you're the guy who acquired they got it. If you had a in opt out of the most popular straight either love it Bradley era the year they could do with a clear capped it's over I'm Gordon Hayward. But mark of course. And it could do it. All started aren't off the bench he's not afraid if you that there were worker or out. It's great that you've gotten into Egyptair profit for quarter you know I added another stock got a bat out and it. You know people and put it up what anybody else had been missing from last year. And then you've got another supporting cast mean brown has been good we talked about Horford. But it seems like right now everything just seems to be going their way and let's be honest I mean. There's even though they're shooting 53% which is still really good the bucks and he shot 59% last you start losing. But there is good is they're they're shooting prowess has been it's really the defense that has been bin. Bin pretty much in transition and able to keep the box inside the arc the Bucs have been good to be able to shoot from outside the three. And they've been able to say jas go read yours but everybody else were gonna shut down. You had a bit more about the fact team alt U and long added if you know it probably spoke to Al Horford but other content audit and don't eat everything he might you deal with what we've got it but he. Solid defensively in the art. Have been and even the young guys like it Abu. Definitely capability offered player first spoke well thought out. But you'll audience that whole team will play well defensively and a quote in the series it is yeah yeah yeah on didn't or the apple yeah. But he got a but the guy and Middle East or well. But nobody else that has really been able to. Yep that's our they've done the right stuff ought to know what what no war Noll brought it. Parker that it visible. And and a lot of that is that what the Celtics prevailed in the Al. Nothing that would say Timmy statistically would tell me that this team's. Liability on the road I mean. 27 of fourteen at home 28 and thirteen on the road everything's pretty much remained in extremely consistent for this team. You know sows so let's just talk about that permit though I mean I don't know what the Braly senators going to be like you would hope that it's going to be loud but and here's a lot of skeptical people here right now and obviously Jabari Parker spoke out there's a little of turmoil. I don't know what the home court advantage is gonna be like tonight but does that in any way shape perform you think intimidate the Celtics. No I don't last year they had them in the book that we inaudible Rhode oil that is not a Gail I'll talk about that whole game only game two but if you have a handful without them you call that seemed a year ago I think it helped out. Better guy and little bird and bark is more a that you know you could be young tactics are caught up in the fact that they were shall fight on the vote and yet for all. Solving important point. Brought even now at the air pollution in the playoff ugly well though. I don't know people quality of their people on the road I don't isn't that being complete shock to them but I. What is going to be a couple of keys for the Boston Celtics get a win here tonight is that at this point in time they get a win tonight they they more than smell blood in the water. Yeah absolutely I am not a short term that's spot in Sydney at the portable or things that they can out play. It or did outplay. What though it and brought it. They're definitely I thought that that was such a hit it off of the early in the wash. But it is that all the bowl game for the Celtics though they can impact. Of the pundits racial here. Obama I'll I look at a couple of different players today and you mentioned Jalen brown this is a guys kind of had the the good. The surging stars so to speak about effect I was reading an article I think it was entitled that a Phnom mistaken looking at ESPN dot com's web site a little earlier today. He just talk about his prowess how he'd grown up. Yeah here's a guy who didn't play a ton the last few of them were illegal and Doug our guy had a talent and looked great in the draft. Are you still won't eat it. Rookie Earl wrote that goes to an upgrade the team and as the rotation. This year and important that our are all well and yet there. Pretty good like you'll call stack Tokyo are that she but again when you when you look cool car. And on out of step up there the sport or idiot proof that he you do it also that issue if you were with air. Another guy had a lot of old uncle that she wouldn't equal better than I thought. And Alter that or boat. He definitely looks like they have really bright and promising career. At the 21 though did it there. So we'll look. Bucks tonight I know at least that was the Montreal last night that that they wanna get more physical they wanna they wanna set the tone they wanted to they don't wanna be pushed around any more show. How likely is it that you've got somebody Boston wise it loses their cool or is this going to be were Bret Stephens convinces him remembered as ordered they're gonna do to yet. Don't buy into. Yet. Cool. Your AD. Yeah court of course. But you know Al Horford certainly young guys aren't any improper food that the matter who communicate with them I don't index. Closed the year. Well I think that's a tough. And along I don't know the book sort of beyond the paper also bought the jump a little bit now. Oh John that's is not gonna be in the game that I am. Yet the U Saudia order former northern neighbor got guys that. It EU which best prepared that would be what they're not being there I think that there's trouble. I would look for a double double crotch punch and I just remain in their eyes are looking for someone to go down I didn't hit the peas and look like Bill Murray when he was in caddie shack breathing whose side of his very. Yeah it could be a sentence that little electrical outlet near Ottawa opened fire. Very got good stuff ritual to idea hey if I have the box and I'm coming back to Beantown they get a winner to them butch again next week okay. Our operation they go that's rich keep co host of daily keep the morning. On night 37 WE RI in Boston joining us in the Schneider or job lined Schneider hiring drivers right now you work hard. They treat you fair eighty plus years living and you don't call 844. Pride. Org go to Schneider jobs downtown.