Kidd: Jabari’s doing great, don’t expect him back until February

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, October 12th

10/12/17: Milwaukee Bucks Head Coach Jason Kidd previews the upcoming season for the team. How has Giannis been since the passing of his father? Is Thon Maker and Malcolm Brogdon ready to take a big step forward?


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Now Simon talks and bought two basketball joining us now on the Schneider orange hotline head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. Making a return visit to the program Jason Kidd is now when this coach I don't. Our corporate America were only while law always optimistic at the beginning of the season I was just mentioning this agreeable things I wanted to ask you before you came on and one of the things I expectations are. Top four get through the first round of the playoffs and continue to grow as a team what are your expectations this year. Well I think those are all great expectations. But I think for us you know dishonest they were still young. We're we're trying to go through experiences of last year or have an opportunity to patrol that first round. And learning from a from our mistakes and getting better internally as the pain and and that's our our person and in the only thing that would bring about right now is how we get better as a team. And right now or have itself playing hard and passing the ball and in the other things that were true you know really concentrate on this pre season. The death of the father of Yasser identical poll obviously hit him very hard and I guess my question you is every player deals with something like dead different as a coach. What do you do and how do you handle that. Well I think characters from past experience. You know on being able to ship that was honest. Losing my father on the same page just trying to help you know but to Palestinian this is is especially in the visual image as a a beautiful family the very close and again everybody handles it differently or think up to this point announces in his own zone it you know. Of the loss of Charles whenever you lose someone important always hurts. As a young man I think you know ounces is wrong and it can you know get through this and move and help them do their. Com players deal with that differently I guess my question you would be how is John is still whether do you think. I think he's dealt with it incredibly well. Only bench points to I think so this is by its experiences. Can help him through this in. Again whenever you lose someone special. Like a parent. It's confident you have good days he's gonna have bad days. For as much as we talk about the guys on the court the guided isn't right now Jabari how is his health and how is he progressing. He's still great again this is someone who's been through the center before and he's. His final one on one right now again we we don't expect him back until February but. But he's working extremely hard he looks good. I think one of the biggest derby you know things are looking for coming in this season as the progression of song bomb maker really impressed me last journal buddy minus saw him in the rookie league. And the summer league and here he was draft and say that guy's got a lot of raw talent he can be a player become hones those skills how is he progressed in your eyes. Yeah I think again for our. Being a rookie last year going through the experience. I have an opportunity starters and also participate in the playoffs. By giving him an experience you know always helped him and I think again if he is stays healthy and he's going to get better or more times on the floor. Then you've got a guy like Malcolm broad and I'm really interested because people always wanna put a ceiling on a particular player I don't know what his ceiling is do you have. Kind of an expectation for Malcolm and his progression this year. Yeah I think you know being a point guard to be available to be a leader and run the show. You know I think having that he should know is his second year. You know we've got to raise the bar understand what he did last year was special as a rookie but he's goes you know or be able search. Help guys in different positions and put guard their position to be successful. In your head do you have the rotation that you want to you is that something that's a feeling out process through the first saying you know 1015 games of the season all through pre season. And though rotation. There'll be kind of defiant after Friday. Try to use the precinct in the pro guns and different positions in your a lot of these guys that we'll look at that. Of minutes so we can make a decision on the fifteenth spot. But also lot you know he's there with significant practice since two different combinations since so open. You know the rotation will be. Politburo want Sunday comes. Solid Bucs head coach Jason Kidd joining us for a couple of minutes in the shatter or challenge how were shot Vaughn progressed because I know he seemed. More than a few minutes in the pre season is pretty well orally our house he progressed. I think it gave you talk about on. Was drafted a eighteens. Now he knows he goes to congress on the payments say for one thing Carter might be Congress's point. But again three years in the league and he's worked and extremely far. In in this past someone else please have a great camps so I think you know for the fawn. He's he's improving and stories started so that he deserves minutes. For as much as we hear rumors I'm sure the guys inside a locker room hear rumors you talk about John Henson and to let eventually contracts in the possibility of trades and such. When guys told kid traded coach how they handled better do you have to go in and kind of reassure guys are massage egos I mean how tough is that for guided hears he might be garment isn't and then you have to going deal with a. It's that this part of business there's always rumors about. Different people we have traded contract extensions. So you have to be a pro in his blog shoot shoot straight with the players and let them know where they stand. There's there's really no need to go to massage and I think. He can't do anything about the Romans it's going to be honest with the players and that there was a trait to take place you know that's that's as far as the business. Digit Wilson give us gives the update on DJ since he's come into the team. I the rookies these who makes. Her. He's doing is still far and mr. brown folk rookies go to make mistakes. At this level early but the mormons they get the better off the table he has vehicles comparable periods so extremely. Bright. They play extremely partisan urgent we're lucky to have a. But we keep talking and keep hearing about you know shooting guard more points where you gonna get the points from is it you're gonna have to make it up in different areas obviously is Chris Milton the guys cable to an eighteen to 22 point tonight. Yeah you know I think for Chris either guard who could that improve Yaris is gonna improve. You can't lose our he can improve. Are his court Tony. So you know luckily we got it internally I think we can make up points I think for a assists. Can we be consistent on the deep sense of panic and we finesse players are rebounds the ball that they can we can do that I think it was final approval offices. I'm always says defense and basketball's got to come from the heart 'cause it's not you know chicks don't dig the cut off at the baseline you know I mean they always dig a three pointer so. How do you get guys to buy in with a heart to say this not only do I have to play good defense week we don't lock it down as a team that's been what you preach and you got it. Yeah I think it's about one thing that is you know put sacrifice. That is longer play and he says the team defense. When you look around the league goes with teams that won championships and so. That's what we you know hope we can be won very you know you know in defense where. It puts us in the position to win a championship. You guys brought in quite a few free agents trying to find that fifteenth guy how has. You know because you had to take a look at a lot of different players how is that change your approach of this pre season. Well it's making sure the guys. You know who rotation guys. If their minutes. Also get their work and a lot of times it might not be in the preceding games. Social that we don't have for problem this year so. Making sure guys got their work done try to make you know it's because their comfort zone. They're training camp and the other responses against. You know world we're looking now a lot of different bodies but if you and I think it's in his days. There's fifteen guys going to be important to us. When you go through the rest of the east and people wanna knock these all the time and say look it's LeBron cease and everybody else is just trailing for second. I don't wanna say Hoosier direct competition but how strong is the east in your opinion. Well I think pieces in Austin stronger acquire a few teams have improved in the you know things are gonna play a part of these are professionals. You know fighting for substance so no matter who were play and we we we don't have a lecture triggered by lightly so. What Serbia's you know there is he's just how if you look at Boston. They've gotten better Cleveland has as well LeBron is going to be good. I'll Washington if so what's so you know we have our work cut out there's we're not just. Feel would be and foresee we've got to earners and there's other teams out there that says believe that they can go. Could their fourth super hard to. You played it in the day with a lot of stars and their store stars in the in the league but is the legal littered with stars more now or back when you play I don't know whether I'm just living in this fantasy world from the past the go to all day so to speak but. Was the league itself. Top to bottom star Weis stronger per team or because these teams in in today's des nations gathered stars under one umbrella. It's changed a league I just. I'm trust trying to figure out the real level of super stardom in the National Basketball Association right now. I don't think there's a lot of stars there's a lot of our priorities and to raising a lot of younger stars. In the game than in the past there's always an older restorers. Who are have been in the league for some time but now I think you have a lot of younger stars sort of fire at a very high level and make the game look easy. Coach always a pleasure to challenge him and I appreciate you coming on for a couple minutes and hanging out what is best solitude on the season we'll talk again general okay our pressure built like you are about jugular they go head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks Jason Kidd joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider orange hotline.