Kimball: Road America has everything

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, June 12th
Charlie Kimball, IndyCar Driver for Carlin Motorsport, stops by to preview the upcoming race at Road America next week. What makes this sport so great? How tough has it been for his car to compete against some of the powerhouse racing teams?

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He card driver joining us here on the shatter orange top line Charlie Campbell is in the house Charlie how you doing today. I'm doing well extraordinary step off my pleasure so they'd tell you why road America is special everybody has a reason as to why the road courses are so cool would this one's got a lot of the regulations in such a telling one about road America you like. I think it's the fact that it has never and that the elevation it has fast corner like turn one. Carousel the king. Definitely breaking in and are slower corners like turn five in Canada corner. It it's got at all and it's been a part of racing country I mean it's a great that I went you racetrack I went to which there are there and form a sport that 2000. And what this June Brent. Will be back in 2002 there so it's it's one of the great racetrack and in the US. So when you start to have because right now sitting about midway sitting as far as the standings go in the seasons under way just getting under way. But that being said we when you're racing at road America. I mean it in reality how many opportunities are there to really get somebody soon as it. But passing opportunities abound because the racetracks so law. But the IndyCar Series race in knickers here it is so competitive. That that makes it really challenging there's such a parity within this series since and for us. He's been number 23 Novo Nordisk car. We're quick and Eugene this year I didn't matter to you color in eighteenth. Common race saying. Their first foray into the IndyCar Series in. I think we've we've shown huge improvement week to coerce myself and Gallagher. As sponsor teammate Alex Chilton in the number 59 are both qualified in the top twenty feet 500 but over the last. Five weeks we've had quite a few top tens. Qualified twelfth and finished that last Saturday night down in Texas so hopefully we can keep that momentum going when gets or Erica for the court grant great. Tiger I got to ask you because that's seem to be what everybody was talking about was coming out of Detroit was the fifth consecutive driving the pace car and an. Smashing them in the wall and that our race number two you ended up coming in eighth place starting 121. And that what what is it like because you guys go from an Indy. Big super speedway to some of the smaller tracks to the Texas Grand Prix and you've got the streets of Detroit. On. It's challenging I think that's why things that makes it curry and created there are so many different. Types of racetracks and types of races that you that we can that is Indianapolis Grand Prix as semi permanent road course. TV Indy 500 where we get a week of practice two days of qualifying. 500 mile an acute half mile racetrack. We go to double header on the street circuit and a violent past so all of which is like great fighter jet to land at Japan India and that we can look to road America. For just over four idols in. It's a chance encouraged to stretch their legs and it's not just us straight or other support series there's a lot going on with our be campaigning and disc golf since the fact that it sixteen and under get in free with a paying adult makes it such a great. Stanley weekend. I'm with your tie with three top ten finishes and so far this season I believe is that's what you have three top tens. Does is gonna get you over the top as he's just been as something where Regis not enough on an off day hours left in the day or what's been what's event. Why can't the challenge for a new team is we're competing against teams like Penske they have seen Andretti who has 253050. Years of experience. And we're at a new IndyCar payment while I catch. And I have seen that experience under my belt that and act as a couple two and a half years under his belt. There's there are things that the team just doesn't know they don't know and we're learning those were cleaning up little mistakes here parent. Twitter IndyCar race. You have to be perfect and sometimes get a little luck. When you're competing with those tower houses so we're getting there were making huge progress I'm really proud. The operation. The mechanics. Make a huge effort it took it to run pretty flawlessly October November last year didn't have a single bolt the IndyCar. And come away with the first half of the season. Three top tens we both cars in the top twelve at Texas last week and the second. The double headers in Detroit. Mean that sure is real meaningful progress. In this series. You know I know guys are close in our body obviously week to week to week you're gonna see a lot of these guys truth. When sitting back you're sitting at seventy for an a when you're sitting back and you're watching some of the other abilities on the skills. Admire and it's on either on the search and our guys that you watch in the past. Well growing up I always watched guys like Dario frank ED Alex and our eat faster. But and then getting it to be a teammate Dario was pretty cool it now I think Scott Dixon and underrated feature is. He is so understate it. As a driver beat the hornets 43 career victory Saturday night in Texas that. And his ability. To get speed out of the car at all to get fuel mileage was something that. I learned a lot I was thinking maybe they can actually. I think SeaWorld continued to write. New records. The guys like will power who were our students to the sport and so much. If there was a time where. Is results follow on the ovals works. At the at the same level of his broad street circuit race thing the only. He learned a lot and became more with the 500 win this year that was totally her. And I and it's the beans should be power as well. Being able to sort of see what he was capable of giving her on the Indianapolis or street great is always. How difficult is for your crew presume you mean for a driver obviously when you talk in a road courses specifically there's a lot of Wear and tear on you but. How difficult is it for the for a course has so many unusually Asians as road America does. Are how different is set up is it for your team so to speak as opposed to say like you said in IndyCar when it comes to. You know Indianapolis Motor Speedway here when you're flying fighter jets in the gym that type of thing. It hit it that's completely different race card at the same chassis and very similar body work but the setup is totally different. And we will continue to develop that learns that from a rate that our promoters were sparked in Alabama and April. Indianapolis Grand Prix at bank will take it didn't development and learn and I work with our technical partners to decent simulation work. Polish on it and trying to be better at road America the other challenges that America's with such a long lap. You'll it is a real issue because if you beat the colts becoming the pit lane. For a while it's not like you're gonna live around that make at all he or get her out of fuel and Ed ruin your day so. Getting all of those things right are are really important coming after America. What is it about IndyCar no we are taught him this last week from where some of the other series we've seen there are. And their numbers their ratings their viewership their numbers as far as ticket sales go seriously decline what is it about IndyCar where not necessarily IndyCar rocketing up boards. But they've either stayed the same where they've actually had to take an increase in other areas. I think it. It's all under the leadership. You know mark and out came and Jake tries to create jobs on the competition side developed and good news and your body work for this year something that the drivers on it that you can't kick the feet up the drivers were the car former. The news TV package moving forward the fact that NBC and carry. All of the races the action here here there's an uptick on network TV pursuit cable. Over the top programming is more available. I think it comes down to the fact that the be on track product as you couldn't stay consistent and stay solid. And the more people watch. They keep watch. And so when can't canal to the racetrack or watch on TV. I think there road America race to beat however on NBC sports network. And when they see it it's all about what that and they keep coming. Charlie bass a lot to deal we're out looking forward to seeing up the road America here about a week in a few days show a best of luck and we will talk to that OPEC. Absolutely and that people want tickets are still available even for campaign. At road America doc. They don't always promoting Charlie version but we'll talk to soon. Thank you I.