Kocorowski: Can Hornibrook ascend like Tolzien did?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, December 6th

Jake Kocorowski of Bucky’s 5th Quarter weighs in on the Badgers loss in the Big Ten Championship. Does he still expect Alex Hornibrook to improve? What does the offense look like next year?



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Wisconsin Badgers. Twelve wins and one loss don't overlook it when you think about the play off. And the discussions. And everything that happened surrounding the Big Ten championship game this was a fantastic. Year for badgers football they were twelve and O and a regular season. It did come up just short against Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game. But they're headed to the Orange Bowl pretty good ball game gonna face Miami. In the orange ball. Jake Coker rescue but he's fifth quarter was in Indianapolis for the Big Ten championship now. Jake radio Joseph has said he was also there in the auxiliary press box please tell me you wind from the main box to the auxiliary box. And at least mocked Joseph a little bit. Probably. I thought that children. Oddly it less than a third stadium that I at a LC and that's how real got badger game and it got say pretty nice. Pretty nice yeah. And you know it's an opportunity apple search cokes and such a great about. Yet it was fun it has grown into this terrific event and and people forget. Wisconsin has taken part in five of the seven of the he's so. You know this is it's not at an annual thing but pretty close to an annual thing for this badgers team is beat continue to get better as a program. It hit it it's a testament to just how old. The football program athletic department captain. Is Rodman and obviously area Alvarez summer head coach a football coach. Athletic directors and just success that they had you know still expected in you know obviously Al. Pat richter to actually. A blueprint sat fortunately these early ninety's and are registered Republican basketball. Other sports obviously to implement Taki. Meant pocket come back around it. Oh it's football today you know. Not the result that you want. Obviously so much analyzed. Yet trip to accountable playoff the Big Ten championship obviously in the Ohio State news channel through the naysayers wrong but. I did a lot from while the god squad. You know that this senior you know mentioned you know. Quarter broke audio. In this team is close I'll. That's a bunch of players of the past two weeks and they mentioned. That this. Squat on the scene is really close its lot closer than. They tell you what other teams were in the past and so. I'd expect that she'll walk in Miami against the L my at a guy like in my in Miami against Miami. Go to usual game quote unquote big note of he would have a road test just based on the fact how. Hope that the hurricane playing basically in their home stadium but ill yes. Florida based badgers that it was there and those out of Fort Lauderdale that interior Williams and other contributors as from quiet Miami. So it's it's going to be fun matchup with the Accenture was out and go out thirteen win season. And make the most of would have been really successful year. Chico Gretzky but he's fifth quarter in that wind is is the focus of of what I've been thinking about this badgers team the last few days which is to say. This season to this point is a nice stepping stone for the for the team they've gotten to a different level I think from from most other years. But what does a win in that bowl game and you mention the thirteen wins and that's part of it but. Psychologically for this team what does a win in that ball game do for the 2018 match. I think it helps a lot in terms. And it's open bubble battle and yeah but it will be a different team you know hypocrisy like chocolate each year is different seeing a different circumstances. But I I think I'll win against Andy I guess maybe from a national perspective. It will look it'll show that the captain can yell beat a program that's national you don't program at Miami which. Now they're resurgent now underneath it Mark Richt did their time into it. About Ford stumbling against Pitt and then. There subsequently captured its clubs and you know. Barely able to shut out they've put the other really argue they're they're coming back in the ACC. Underneath wrecked and it's a chance for them it is another nationally know program on the board for team that they beat in recent years elevates. LSU last year in the season opener in Lambeau Field. Year in jail for that you had. Yeah the holiday able gives you that he had and that you know. Back when Barry Alvarez coached which I think he hopes that its final collegiate game beating Auburn and help apple sell out similar. Has the shell say without it is up among these. Only team that we programs in the nation. But since that I think outlook shows it's about the senior I think the biggest banker would you term momentum but the other days winning a class in this. In program history they they've gone through coaching changes left and right. And they still persevered held. Senses defensively on that street as Egypt is coordinators. Had publisher head coach and so it is wait for them that's celebrate. Move an amateur 2018 I would say to get those kids. Some players the moment I'll buy out and I ended up a good Belcher got the Taylor freshman year that they had you also feel it outscored the can do you know it in the eighties. And the whole perception and I think it showed that he you know he can avoid turnovers against a defense in Miami that leads internal margin. And thanks for the nation turnovers overall. So I think there's me it's more perception based sets yet he had a good game and feel a little bit better about him. But also it's it's a wait. About these seniors on the reckless. Yet mentioning horny Brooke I. What can we realistically. Expects it you know the you'll have you have this ball game and then you'll have eight months. Of you know Corey Brooks studying and preparing in improving you know you begin in the weight room and get stronger that sort of thing. But who we realistically. DT UC like a major step forward for horny Brad I imagine he'll improve samba what realistically can we expect from him. I think it at that trying to figure out like. It's order books are this year like that 2000. And Apple's lead eventually take that step to the 2000 and Scott told dean. Larry you know he told him that year agreement that federal law but also. Johnny Unitas golden arm award after sixteen touchdown only six interceptions. In 2010 compared to a year prior rightly yet one hour twelve text. They are there. You saw improvement from where it was last year Richard freshman and a redshirt freshman last year he. You know be out our interview part of your starting quarterback until later on board that was ten. Quarterback situation rejection worked. But this year yet. Stronger arm his social order that was a little better at least to get better I'm at and also it is only chance to Japan in which proved that our strength as well and the more that with technique and sought work in. Among other things but I think you've got a chance you know another year there at church junior I think he's got a great shut them proved. Serb and he'll he'll he will actually from the valley. Who pretend I didn't hear him girls were trophy finalists which is given to the best player in the nation that started out as a walk got by. You know you also have pal and and that energy level that how his injury progresses and and what the severity of edit them you know. Those sushi that get tight end they have youngster Jake Ferguson who I think would be very interesting to see how he progresses next year at that position but the law and the biggest cause the wide receivers to that you'll have another year underneath. Quintet that he tests. Hendrick prior AG Taylor and Danny Davis who seems to fight through those passes and pop ballad well. Quite often they're that really talented young wide receiver corps. I really. There's one thing the bank on it completely animated series even improving another year and get back healthy fetus. Yeah I think you know real shot to improve and I mean he sees the worst critic he has. But he felt that sound jockey I think Barbara. I think you'll improve next year a goal Ellen go to the odd offensive line. That in the if I will be relieved or how much there's no indication that he would be. Fight it out and they stick together out of line. It should be a good year and yet circuit off. I'm trying to provide them like they get them there the planet they're expensive it's the holidays. Yes all the China China by the way down there otherwise I'll you're writers to make it to our road trip and have liked a little bit amplifier which it. It's more like 24 executed trip by outlook to banged it to the Stanley on board for a little little holiday vacation. Crossing alligator Alley from Fort Myers to slate. You know there's nothing from from India and in the horizon an alligator Alley to get these fences on the side of the interstate because I literally gators are right there like rated shop on your car. I Addai lived in flora for awhile ago. I I know which used heat to A should set it on well Ed thanks for joining this enough fingers crossed hopefully the airlines give your break you can get down there. Didn't think you'd take Coca rescue Bucky supporter on the Schneider orange hotline Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done called at 8044 pride ago. Two Schneider jobs. Dot com.