Kramer: So many moments to take away from the Hall

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, August 16th
Jerry Kramer, newly inducted Pro Football Hall-of-Famer, reflects more on the memories from his weekend in Canton. During his playing days as a Packer, what was the most special thing about Lambeau and the fans?

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This portion of already brought by reference because it's not the officials sub sandwich and go Michael's sports talk network. Pitcher headset on their generic. And hang out what you for a little bit. Try that the ego yeah did you hear me yes there there we go how big it actually drove over from Marcia what nordic. Yeah it's been a whirlwind this. That's been very vividly how to hit it has it. It's slowed down at all have you had a chance to kind of take it going you know. Now I get about five or six day period. After the induction ceremony at camp. Kinda catch up below the gap of certain at home and what's in the TV in. But and around the house of them start to think about highlights. There you go there so many moments of so much. Happening at the hall there in so many guys that you're known for years and haven't seen for a while. That there was just. The rats to hook moments of a couple of and that really. Stand out of me and a there were three guards in the gamma gamma her gauntlet right and start to walk through. In combat. From the rams Joseph it'll homeowner from buffalo. And John Hanna from the New England Patriots Erica we're all together right and they will lead me. A third start Hogan and Brian and Jerry non-GAAP sailors who have been there for quite awhile and just very pleasant moment and I start crime ago Wright missed the but it was just a very sweet of them to get together and do that. And then there was another moment with Bill Polian. The general manager from buffalo right. Bill can lower to a table were having dinner with the kids than hate to Gerri I gotta go play them with if that you've changed my life. I think Howard that. It is well when I was in high school Abacha book and I had planned on another. Profession in life and I had my ideas for wells that. And it your book changed my mind and I decided to go in the football. So he's in the hall of fame as a manager. And Somalia and wonderful career in buffalo. So that was very gratifying. To know that the things that I talk about generally speaking engagements. Or the Lombardi principals and and they worked for me. And obviously nothing to work for everybody. But they were Graham and that was kind of nice to hear and have that kind of feedback. What has it been like and because obviously Packers fans of one arguing for a long long time what does it been like from the organization itself. Wonderful yeah they're just they're there is a party. It can't. And we had like 200 and quality of her closest pals there could attack there. Could do really really had a blood grabbed a former ram and a great pal alliance fluid from Palm Springs. There and kids came up from Houston and focuses payment from Seattle. And indecent or my nephew and my sits there and so. People came in from all over the country and it was just a welcome party and beautiful. Setting. Well in them vineyard. With a hole on the close by in the windows the doors were opened and there that was evident in everybody were used to have a wonderful time in. They did it extremely good job on that there they've been right behind me right with male way. You've seen a lot from this organization. From the time you got here. Obviously from a guy that you played with and and Bart are obviously becoming a coach and general manager changes as president changes. Paul Blake because of the setup and because of the culture because of the size. Is it is there. There's never wish to play anywhere else but is there anything else that here toward Green Bay news. You know I think. No I think they'll they'll note that advocates an anomaly and it's Leo. Typical thing to qualify right in the sophistication. Of the packer fans. Is way beyond anything I've ever ordering. And I think on line. Though waking up moment with my final season with 68. Were player all the more coastal authorities in general manager or. Play where the fourth quarter and were at the ball on the thirty yard line were down three points. We know our goal down the field like guys bowl we're gonna go a charge being bank will cut. It took up the yardage to six yards eight yards nine yard we get across we'll give them thirty yard line. Which poll you. Look at the clock. Admitted there. That it's over. Arrows over where knuckle of the plane but I gonna win going to be there. It's over and I started to walk off the field. And I hear a smattering of applause. And stunt that it's over. It's over or or done it's not it's not gonna happen. They get closer to the bids. And the moral clauses and people are standing out. The gold what in the pole. Holes they know. They do the moment I knew that there is over. And they were saying thank you there in the whole stadium in remote bill standing ovation that I think about five minutes. Powerful apple. Fumble for the years right that we were there at the championships little Joey we brought out. So if that gave me you know a whole new perspective on packer fan that they were. That in tune to the game and what's happening and expected them to have a certain amount of dollars. Expected there quick and I certainly didn't expect the thank you so it was a great moment from equipment. Talk with a hall of Famer Jerry Kramer when you go in with guys like Ray Lewis in and Brian Urlacher and such. It's. These are guys that are currently fresh out of the game first ballot so to speak but when you look at. When you look at that stage he saw nothing but greatness in every facet obviously. What do those guys from a younger generations see you. As you were then brought to the stage. You know life. He has some preconceived notions about the race and Randy I thought they were little arrogant there I never met him never talked to a good old but my mind that their the other arrogant. In the so I was kind of feeling my way through things look at the Super Bowl and at the the day we got notified the next morning we head into sake I haven't in. Information session. About what was gonna happen and where we're going to what we're doing. In the guy's got a tough individual in Randy. And a start crying like a baby. You're drove those three straight through talk about it mama right and is scrambling. And Ray Lewis did the same thing he cried. And Jerry cries out me really emotional and going well. I didn't know these guys that never talk to a there's little tool there is so my subconscious or my conscious of moderate could be made some decisions about them that was unjustified. So they turned out to me to be really great guys. So I begin to like all the more coal and began to like this Minnesota Vikings at the fifth and hell I even like the Chicago where. A fashion at a Brian Urlacher is a great kid just enjoy it and they've. They looked desperately Randy is openly opened down the stairs and hold on the millionaire and and does things he didn't have to do. But he was due to sweetheart with the very nice man yet had a chance to meet him it's Super Bowl a couple of years ago institute on just one more interest chat with them. And he's completely now Greta he had animosity towards the mean when media when it. Completely different from it was nothing like I expect that we've. Ruled that his behavior was. Since they so he couldn't have been nicer could have been more polite could've been more possible need to take any toilet paper from the time he kind of you know to the tiny things or both. That is if there ever that effect at at that and a he isn't written yet. Work for a while rate. Lewis gave a really long speech address just about everything from the best of his career to the dark days in his career. What would you take away listening to wait Ray Lewis because he was almost he was a much preacher ask the F on the stage. It actually reminded me of southern Baptist preacher. In the you know there's so many ways to go real loose so much information and your history and what and some of the things you wanna say. That I I kind of lose the the little. Questionable but ray's presence laziness that bullet through the air is a showman. Right it heat up the maid Michelle and doesn't show that's all right that's fine. Thought I setback it and do it all the pros places to go to Brian Urlacher presentation. A great deal at back poll Bryant I think. You gave the speech I wanted to hear. There is it will Jerry you gave the speech technology is a so we hugged each other and but I I've finally just. Tried to remove all. Three. Judgment from the situation and judge them for they weren't what they are today and they came up very good. Our before Belichick goes so you're in the hall of fame now youthful at your full ever have that HUS. In front your name now watch what what is what is left for jury years to accomplish your conquer. Jerry would like to make Colombo ordered movie before it moves on really yeah okay now. And virus started some things. In motion. And that's my next big project I've got a couple medical projects have been working on that are extremely exciting one to stem cell project. In ones they CT the project and we're. Product called Bluetooth file that's very common in your body. But we have you know will prize while Cuomo also think they are for. Finland whoever whoever the Nobel Committee is. And he we the molecules so that the body would accept that included there and absorb more completely. And we've gone through couples phases with that that thought the commissioner about it and we're about to start clinical trials. It is an extremely long shocked and I know there voice and data. It is the likelihood of me being involved in a solution as BP used in the possibly small. But there's a shot there and we're gonna take that shot and we're gonna do so we'll try to do with them. That's on my plate too and I'd like Bergman as a unit and a come to through. Well it's always a pleasure it's it was great to see going in and you know we're world champions use however tell me a chance to chat we always says you belong there so they'll want to thank you for that. You have bitten. You've been behind me for which you're one it didn't. If you're what you're one of the numbers in the stats in the games in the championships and ratings and everything you guys have done in. Always it was recognized. I was okay at the kind of liked.