Marve: Oren Burks is a special player

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, June 20th
Chris Marve, Inside Linebackers Coach for Vanderbilt, gives us the low-down a new Packers rookie Oren Burks. Could he be a very effective blitzer? How about his versatility?

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Linebackers coach for Vanderbilt Chris Maher now joining us in the Schneider orange allied coach later on. Nor Greg are you were duo while so we pick up what are your guys in in more and Burks in. I'll lodges gives a lowdown first of all the other helicopter view Warren. Opie and he's a phenomenal match you know actually he's he's tremendous in terms of his work ethic. How goes about his business and we did as a person that you talk about. Being invested and other people outside of himself and having a purpose for your life he he's the quintessential example. So the ability now now I know he played some safety I know he then gets moved to linebacker. So talk about his ability to get to cover because that's one of the things that the Packers are gonna meet. More than anything or middle learner and he's very much to him again and so he did a lot for us rep rush now they have to play a little bit of safety and actually finish evidence out linebacker is going to be doing a lot of things. We got that Wisconsin and so his versatility. Are the things that really you know makes him special holiest now he Lawrence well he owns fast and he communicated you can roll and he's physical. And so you gotta gotta spokesman up there. When you talk about his ability how fast two years is there's guys that run forty fashion and there's guys in you know close I'd there's guys you can see the ball in the air and they to disclose on and suddenly you go ward held XP come from it's that kind of got. He's bald man I mean he easily and if so combined sort of did his pro day you also if you watched the tape. You go to see a player plays classic special when he knows exactly what he's supposed to do exactly we're supposed to be. He the guy and get it done. If they put additional weight on him how much you think it slows you down. You know hard to say you know as you as you continue to gain weight if it's good way has been forced his body you'll also get stronger faster. And social disable or what just happened waiter top end side will be what they don't know that that she put on weight here he did really well with it he became. Stroller in the box he became faster more powerful visible body. Until Scotland for him. If they use him in blitz packages Howell Howell and I. A guy can play both safety and linebacker usually isn't guided you just bull rush up the middle specially done about big offensive lineman in the NFL how well how would you use him. You Gobi where you'll know when it comes to blitzing specifically that your question he can bend. He can bid when you're rushing the passer who best can do that whether or come off say it's. The bit right down the middle that are open offered land taken on a gore sitter or rush him back based on the protection. But he could have been with how long he used to be abused levers and uses chips and you just hand to get to the quarterback now he's passionate persona ball. He either high effort high motor guy and so whatever they use him on the U Nubian. Good but just when you say bill and people may not realize it that the in other words skinny in a hole. Absolutely does it's you know row abandon these get it back. And decreases his height yeah really do extremely well. Yeah they always said it's getting an a hole either sideways lowdown whatever just don't lose your balance you get skinny in a hole and there's just a small gas small window of opportunity small amount of light you've got to get through to get to the quarterback and that's what you're talking about so. Now you're good how intelligent is he because this is one of the biggest questions we have regarding secondary is. It's not necessarily your physical ability it's the ability to play physically without having to think about. So obviously Warren is extremely extremely bright from the standpoint of being able to play multiple positions so we would've passed in the do then that she was yet that the mental capacity to pick it up. Secondly. I think having beat the background and perspective of playing in the back in at safety playing a lot of crimson outside linebacker. And finish it off and out the box where you had to be taken care vertical state about to take gaps gained. Or power of gas in my power encounter and also played its own schemes. He is the young man who's extremely sport extremely bright now he doesn't know something is not afraid to ask a question. If he makes a mistake he won't make Taurus and sometimes you would've looked if those guests. I know he played a couple of different positions for you guys in in when I ask about being Smart is a football player you then have to absorb what everybody else is doing on the field while doing judge George job because you owing you know you're only as good as you are. As opposed try to do everybody else's job. So being Smart enough to go from safety they need to do in new line backing position and into coverage and such he never really missed a step did. No it didn't you know we asked them to to change your receptive to it and he came in he would dedicate to his craft. And I don't expect anything less and there. These guys surrounding thought thought highly amusing defense and Coke got to move on now mistaken right. Absolutely you know this is a great teammate is a great person to be around. I feel very fortunate to have been around have been coached him and he's great for the guys in the room you still keeps in touch with the younger guys that we still have your own campus I mean that she goes to speak. Wish you with all the stuff he has going home with the NFL being drafted minicamp although other things he steals second. To be invested with people back your particular gather himself. He's a great person and a great player he's going to be really goofy guy. Now I always ask guys because you just never know you get a guy it's a younger guy you get a guy coming out of college. It's sometimes about life experiences has he gone through life experiences to where he gets into the NFL get some money. He he one of those guys and it's a character guy good guy. Or in the bird that you and he always has been you know to it again just going back to the standpoint of being able to change those positions from and in terms of the the conference of football program. He did that and did not miss step on the he embraced the challenge of learned in a position. He embraced that idea of being used differently within the construct any week he went out he did all those things extremely loyal to the extent that you guys drafted in the third round. And so I don't anticipate. Anything of that occurring that that that questions his character who is his integrity policy minister and a young man and he's he's intelligent group. Talked to bludgeon to talk to wish you guys the best alike and we certainly are open up for the best for more converts hearing green Bay's while some sure gonna pay attention but thanks for joining us for couple minutes okay. Bill thanks so much and I appreciate you guys have Mahan good luck. Leadership and so much thought are you sir (%expletive) Chris martyr inside linebackers coach for the Vanderbilt commodores giving us a lowdown on Oren berkes in his versatility and you know. This is another area in which when I talk about the depth at safety. And you look at a guy like Quinn and Rollins who's played some safety and Orrin Burks complacent safety which is some other reason. When you when you kind of look at this team you say OK I'm a little bit concerned about what's behind it Josh Jones in Auckland decks. Worn Burks might be able to be that guy. Our corner Rollins might you'll be that guy those two guys may be able just to drop into that safety category whether stronger free. And be able to fill the bill nor Burks and like his versatility. And you just runs and extra linebacker and feel and call him a safety but. For as much is on paper you look at the depth of the Green Bay Packers specifically the safety position you sang and might that be what I'd like it to be. What they have some guys on that roster. That may be able to fill the bill if did indeed. On it in a pinch of Josh Jones or no government Auckland that you have to go down.