The Maui Jim Maui is right around the corner for Marquette!

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, November 16th
Dave Odom, former College Basketball Head Coach and Chairman of the Maui Jim Maui Invitational, previews next week’s tournament. What does he think of Marquette’s chances?

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That being said Osaka such a warmer weather and some nicer things and Dave Odom the former college hoops coach. Chairman of the Maui Jim Maui invitational and getting ready for us to accept Marquette and company. In Mallory I don't buddy Ed Rendell of. Bartlett and I got a great visual for you just closure guys. Use and people just think I'm looking out cool blue Pacific Ocean with a backdrop of alumni. The island of alumni in the back all guys to the right we got some wind surfers out there early morning course is only 730 year. We got people paddle boarding out there. Out of that down that you guys want come over and enjoy that. That's an idea that that's out there well that's yeah that's that's not a bad wage all right we're at. Willow will open the doors that you command not. Watch our market ticker kicks some people but to. Yeah thank god there wasn't DCU I think is a first came up on the docket correct. Yelling it at yeah and out at a bit tough day. Matt hurt I think that may be the best first round game. Of the term that's just my thought both teams that are rugged and I think well stocked with talent and they got. Two good young coaches going to edit public reporter Greg. Yet you've got to market VCU Wichita State's determined taken on cal Notre Dame Shyamalan in Michigan and LSU good good grouping of teams there this year mean. It's not hard I guess when you invite teams of the Maui Jim Maui invitational because it's obviously Mallory good. To put together that kind of competition is pretty nice job right there. Well this. You know and you know it's it's becoming. More. Not not difficult but it's more competitive now committed more tournaments that are. Spraying out but still O'Malley mallet this'll be the 21. Straight year that malady as an island. Has been chosen the number one. Resort. Destination in the world we get down toward the other day 21 street ear and erode. That more people come to this island and any other place in the world up to an unbelievable Lola. Statistic. When when you get these says these teams are getting through first and foremost this. If so you're playing and so massive 20000 seat coliseum as a very intimate setting and what's the first thing teams the walk through the door recognized. Well you know they basing it don't TV news these kids the players only trouble at all. Come one in four years so yup they are a little bit stunned by the intimacy. And tightness the the arena itself. Right now we're over here a week early. And of what they should we bring our crews and then we start the conversion from. Being what it is ice to him Trulia and carrier recreation and two an arena on calcium but it's an arena. And you know we hold a thousand. And it regain. And so you know we've got a lot of work we have to do it for just dying right now we're about half way through. Get all the signing jump in the wars in place and you know the year of the day a different. Labels that have to be here so it's a lot of work to do. And we bring in our own fruit do. Which are locally because I don't know who exactly we want to thank so it's it's it's an undertaking and I think what that means Meehan. They're a little bit shocked by. Every gain we feel every game and non unlike most of the other tournaments this time a year. They do not sell out we do. We've been fortunate enough to do that teams like Marquette. And Wisconsin to come in all and an all year. Those teams really helped us because they bring just a truckload of and and you know we're we have to have those kind of changed. Have a great following. Philip sang out. I would Dave Odom a former college hoops coach himself chairman of the Maui Jim Maui invitational and bringing Marquette and yeah mark Kelly playing their games be she was we had just mentioned. So image particular term these pre season tournaments you know and as a former college coach what does this mean to get your guys away from the essay to campus. A many innocent good weather situations obviously but to try to get this experience give him on the floor get a move around get them you know get them ready for the season what are these what are these trips mean. Well early to reach coaches it may be something they're crowd but I quicker out I think most coaches agree. You know getting your team away from there look now. And in in markets case the Milwaukee the greater Milwaukee area. If you have a chance to have some scene bond. Because you know when your older but he kind of does her own deal. But here. Everything is done pretty much together you know use the together in. You've practiced together in huge shock together and you're. And then of course you play your games together and it's in a different environments gives you a chance to. You know give your kids a chance to bond together and get close again. I think beyond that from. Technical standpoint. The coaches looked to try to sit there are they're out there rotation whether it's an eight man rotation. Now a man rotation whatever at tin man whatever Adams debated in the look different. Roles of the players are games that you can do back home because it's just a little bit more difficult over here. You know this this tournament can make your bright yeah remember. Seminar a year ago it was Pete Campbell walker coming out party nobody can walker coming into this term. But he comes in here three straight days he scored thirty point gain egos and economic apple then that. Regular season in winning a national championship. So at that time. I coined the phrase now he magic. Because it's something magical about this island and about they. The way the games are played and the the intensity. Of the term just Beatles two or three days and kind of the question though of the final game has always. Amazing so you get a chance from coaching standpoint the sea Harrier. Your individual players in your keen is their response you're really really high pitched. Pressures situation. Pay day before I let you go people or more information on if they have got to take it cheddar wanna come over find out more about the amount you Maui invitational where they go. You just edit its mallet jam Maui invitational. Dot com that DOJ everything that you that you want and judge about ticket availability coattails stretch station over here transportation why your career. Just about anything that you wanna know beyond that website so lets you guys appreciate you called me in. Maybe if you give me other than your ball soc called in particular you come overdo it. Are there will be fantastic you know what if you if you paid and we would be there RP a hot. They aren't as always buddy we'll talk dissent attract the young that is that they are Dave Odom former hoops coach Sharon the mound you Maui invitational and the market's gonna be heading over their taken on VCU. In the first round game last union ESPN two and look at for those holiday if you will load the kickoff tournaments to that did the hoops season looking forward to it he joyous and shatter orange ally.