McCalvy: Counsell not worried about the innings logged for relievers

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, June 12th
Adam McCalvy, our Insider for, looks back at last night’s Game 1 loss against the Cubs. Can you fault Craig Counsell for pulling Junior Guerra early? Is he buying the notion that the Cubs are in the Brewers’ heads?

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This is the bill Michael's show now let's get the latest on the crew from insider Adam McKelvey. Brought to you by concordia veterans services preparing best to make an impact within their next mission through education find out more at CUW dot edu slash veterans. I'm Kelly now joining us on the Schneider orange hot line and Adam up close and personal last night it was. It was probably as ugly as it was watching Intel last evening listening to write a bill with a call I adjusted it. I mean what else do you say it was a bad game last night in the cubs and everything it could give it away and the brewers couldn't take advantage. Yeah the there. Is no getting here they've made. Did not score a bunch Iran obviously well documented. 36 elevenths is the Nazis and series scoring so far. And they've made they've made mistakes that you know a bad moment in a lot of these. And lap like maybe that BR where they also advances on a fly out with John trader on the mom. They have and the second state of the art as admitted last night you know eats these cities to court. He heard Garcia. You know are signaling that arms coming. And you need to. May detect it up baseball and that was a little tiny thing and regain that are being very big thing Jason Heyward. The unbelievable. Job traders. Better. And becomes taut game and go on you know to win big eleven so it was you know right in front of you com. You can't make mistakes against good teams in the burst and done that a lot of these games against the cubs and it's it's led to the lop sided. Outcome in terms of the season series. Even though when you watch the game each Israeli competitive it's not like they're getting blown you know they're not getting worked in these games. What they knew that east and back we look at the result and it looks like they're getting work by the cup this year. Do you think the cubs had. Now I mean I don't and Obama and knowing that number one com I don't. I don't know at a baseball works either you know where the content Jonathan your head and he didn't make jet lag. I don't know why he needed to make attract. If Hitler. Like the higher heels went eighteen year year year year and robbers. The opium crop. That may be a little bit different and players in different years different managers and I don't know probably eat that you'd you'd necessarily concede the brewers in the pirates. All those years it just was one of those. Corks were one team beat another longer time Deborah have been really bad. Earl Long period of time like multiple years all these players. I would say that. I've seen a lot of competitive games between the two teams American neighbors. You know. Brushed the the bottom lines of the leaders. I have a hard time looking. Nine gains insane that one teens and then others. Odd Craig Counsell talks about the decision to pull pitchers when pitchers still don't have high pitch counts and well it's a particular cases I understand it put at some point don't you begin to pay the piper when you start which so many innings on your bullpen. While they're there after that from curt I both know that. On they are very pro with the inning set have been logged by hater Albers jumpers. And able to hurt so it's a different case. All of their you know their cork or main guy. Com that have fueled does and captured Oprah and we after councils they are extremely comfortable with the workload. That it's totally sustainable. That they need these guys. Are they believe they will be just appeared in August and September as they have been so strong arm doesn't just. This is just Detroit but other opting to get their routes junior Garrick grip pitched our longer and a game yesterday. But it's spot in the order was coming up number one. I'm they're trying to score runs against the team in the cup that the person or bury you run against. Of this year trying to get some offense going and he had fresh job creator. And an accord enabled it in the pitched once in the entire month of June. So council felt like he had more than enough to get through. Final three innings and win a game against the team they really wanna beat. And you made the decision that you know he thought was best to in the game arm. But you know again and they they are not worried. About B innings. That these leaders are locked and we'll see whether their you know others which cater example. There's no track record in these never pitched in this role first season before. Armed so. You know they're going on there conversations with them what she refused telling him on what he looks why. What how this cup is playing with the data it says about how to stop flying armed all of those factors. And dom they believe that they are. You know that there that there are a good spot with. Whites. What you can do with Garcia Amin is RC a Destin once faced come back to full strength and sell the nose back and you figure our. The new acquisition is up to speed do you think go our she is on his way back down. He got to now build that from the total mystery and their resolve the other air disk it's talked about inside. The wall cloud up in the front office so just what in the world happened. And how does the guy told from a pretty promising. Year lecture and he did this up as you know this. Sort of that he that he doing with that back leg. She did it last year but he also really able pitches on the inner part of the plate and did some damage in. On the girl had moments you know get a pretty decent option to see last year. When you factor in what he does he's principally. The Orlando are your 2013. And inept play. What's happening this year it's so belt offensively I think Eric when I looked yesterday I think it's fixed the worst. Opera player baseball if you count guys that release armor plate appearances. On its so bad in its own comfortable and he looks so incapable of getting anything on the outer apps deploy. That all you know while they did do something better down and then circumstances brought him back so that Paladino doesn't get healthy that. But maybe three weeks or wait that long term wet and to conduct happen more quickly. Is Brad Miller who they picked up from the raised will get on his younger and a little bit AAA. He's gonna play the middle infield there. He is more let's check in bays and promote your short stop these. You know. These. As the defense short on these guy with a thirty overseas and on his books. That make any sense but meaning he is greater shortstop earth. So you're gonna take a step back there arm by the key you know those are weaker ten days or something like that. He gets to middle until numbers belt and ours continues to just not at all then I think it's something here at least look at. The other pitching staff I know that the bullpen has taken a couple hits here's a blade on people assure you say well they just pitch above their heads last month. Are rescued the pitch above their heads last month. You mean and a well I don't know I mean his junior year I need it would argue is pitching a resemblance I get the crowd it's really care and shall scene or driving. At least from the starting. Com suitors spin pretty good. Lately. They're you know they're trying to figure out again. Not maybe maybe it knock. Your curriculum a little better than you Denny's grand. And then try to get back in neutral the so you know. I don't know I think they're performing at the at least is starting out. Not too far off what they bought on the bullpen has been better I think and everybody. And when you put it together you're getting. You know at the job certain pitchers. Give me five. With a chance to win the game. I think more often not a doing I don't think they're committed and that dumb that simple answer I think and that's sort of what the top. You know those who don't watch the team all that much an internal look at the stat. Either gonna do I think even as watching the team I think burger tomorrow during Richard Adams Mexican trade deadline. You build it worked out in case you Jimmy now achieve is to be slow in case back Davies. Takes more time and keep handers and these court and again you know write it into a good rhythm again. I don't think they're gonna add but he Tibet rotation is that you know again this particular streak bill if you look at it. Statistically that's the one area were that are you know they're pretty below the edge and down in Mexico and arm would sit there I don't. No but I would wanna sell our upper arm but I would you know be intrusive and adding slightly there. What is your D'Amato or retire without the caliber judge Thomas LB dot com. And you and I talking and said you know at some point you gotta just kind of legacy points the cubs in the face would you be trying to do read metaphorically speaking. If this team should lose another game or god forbid get swept in this series. How will hold you think that puts them men. In the emotional state because we talk so much in an Ed cedar came on last year and talked about how this team. There would count about data de upbeat team and called good clubhouse and such but. For whatever reason it's it's this this cubs nemesis last year from the time the cubs delivered the knockout blow at the end of the season. To the beginning of the season the way the season's unfolded and then you don't get him again. Until relieve the chips could be possibly down and then you've got to walk into this team and face them in September and try to beat them if indeed you're right there on their heels. Vying for division titles so. And how important are these next two games. It the you know again I I can't be in the players. What were that important or is not an estranged. That won't go where one. India and the one you are listening to ones. Living and dying on me gain. I really don't think the players are and I can tell you hold going to be if they get slaps. The old going to be two games back in the division. And then you don't see them again until aug. So it's two games back in the division and light. Ninety. Jeans supply or 8080. Games supply. So. That doesn't bat bat around mathematically doable to arm. More than map doable but it's or it's for the people watching and and you know that the court totally saturated by. Down and looked again it's it's no fun to watch your team. Get beat by you know your odd. I'm and that's without the burst of partisan witch a term from you know a logical point of view the very worst thing. The very worse situation numbers can be as of Wednesday. Is two and a half games back. Where you know more than half the city's plight and that doesn't sound all that bad. Bad to me so I think it cute you know look at it from just that point of view verses the emotional frustration that a lot of people that they must be feeling after watching last night again. You know that the bet that just the way you're gonna happen view of those that want to answer along. Our real quick before I let you go I know they take Craig Counsell and and David Sergio talked about making moves in what may or may not happen down the stretch. So what do you think it needs to happen to kind of give a little bit of a jump start to this team released to give this team more for vacation moving forward. Well every lap and get the best record in the nationally so you know. I'm not certain that. They need to do to jumpstart it. I think they held a couple of positions so that they're looking hard at whether. There are upgrades to be made over. What they've got it don't cost you so much in the long term that it that it it hurt you from an organization or do you. So shortstop and obvious. The racquet trick remaining the child but are there other more marginal move. That are available. Seagate users you know which Roland are you just vote is producing. Captured one. I think they're really like I mean he does behind the plate. But offensively she's not giving you. They're they're good stretch here and there. But but again in the if you step back and look at it Foreman. To just report abuse others that's an area where they too can use a little moral and I'll look out this. You know jumbled goes out left field and first space weather summer emerges or there is an extra piece there that means the you know turned into. The part of a traitor or something like that raked in great deal to be in the same camp as another. Player who's been very disappointing numbered at what he did last year so there are couple places on the diamond I think a reserve noble but. You know again I think it's where. Remember even everybody's really do this morning they had the best record in the National League. They have started the eighth inning should. And I think kind of were. Thinking about that you're thinking about what this team as. And you know but look I think gave concerns will will upgrade if there's upgrades to be made and were kept clean and that he's not those discussions are beginning. Always good job my friend we'll talk again later ride down the road and also are good luck tonight because it's just it's rough listening to Miller Park sounds so loud for team that the unit report. Yeah. That's another thing that greatly adjusting about does it. It was very one sided last. I would venture with the kid got. I thought it would be better. I'm with ya though you better Joseph and I talked about this yesterday joke called a Joseph know it's gonna be Wrigley north all over again it's going to be worsened boy recalled later is it certainly was last night. Yet capitalism baby yeah people are making money. No doubt Pittsburgh people or almost tickets and making their money their student tickets and whatnot nobody gonna do a meltdown itself as always we'll talk next week. At the adults.