McCalvy: How concerned should we be with Braun’s back?

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, May 15th
Adam McCalvy from joins the show. What concerns him about this Brewers offense? Can the bullpen continue their dominance?

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Let's do this is bringing man Adam McKay how we brewers are coming in a leader account. My best brewers coverage. This is the bill Michael's show now let's get the latest on the crew from the insider Adam McKelvey. Brought to you by concordia veterans services preparing best to make an impact within their next mission through education find out more at CUW dot edu slash veterans. Candidate Kelly ever judge nominal lead I'd Tom now joining us. On the Schneider orange online well Adam how you doing. Hello bill to. Talk and I'll last week about the upcoming road trip and is so far not bad. Mean when you look at the overall you know wins and loss totals when you're talking about teams over 500 because for awhile it was. Well they're only beating up on the Cincinnati's in Miami's would now they're getting it done against Colorado and obviously the first came. Against the Diamondbacks but two things I wanna start out with first and foremost our Ryan brought in last night some back issues. What do we know anything in particular. That it's not Biggs the exact same issue that. I'd like him before and I'm a little different thought that maybe a little more concerning medical news ailment arm and you know we know this is is going to be Iago uses the suit so where he's at in his career. This is why they have the basically for guides surgery spot. I I don't expect this to go away epic there's going to be days parties in the lineup a little uneasy not because these gusts. You're kind of took open nor is just the new normal. And last night we had questions. We have a couple of callers and talked about it seated on third base with. That quick ground bought on the third which event Pena took off. And got thrown out on where it was that a go on contact type of player was that something that was delay or our talk about that a little bit. That look like contact. Which. Always makes everybody that we don't work and then. Certain doesn't stand out as much when it does work and it's you know went would have dug markets run scoring ground out and talk of that Saturday. I don't know to me. We got comfortable about this before he used said they're going to be aggressive. But at Peter's been instructed the debts and and it Jeter last night but just I'm talking generally. And Jeter's been instructed to be aggressive. And down in other wizard I get an offense so far. It makes a little bit of sense to be aggressive and spot because you're not getting a lot of hit. I'll say it one of the things about this trip that happening as their scoring round. It's at least five they've won or fired its release fired rounds and all those victories they got shut out that and the other and that was again select the Kyle three though I think it was you know to score some runs they got a couple of runs off of Patrick Corbin was really good. That you've actually been to win a game against a lefty starter. I think as big if not prevent that's when things quietly going on this jury consultants. Is there not producing gets left Easter near the bottom of baseball and PS. Against lecture and the pictures and M when you look around this lineup it makes sense Ryan bronze not done. Merely what's been expected to make a change can't come on. You know even before this road trip probably in the last homestand. But his numbers are way down are skewed numbers are way down Kenya's coming out now he's he's just gotten help back. Arm but some of these right handed hitters who produced offense early last year or not this year. And it is. You know it's legal control against lefties so that was another thing that. Happened yesterday at our problems you know a little bit notable as you try to look forward. But the electorate so things are going to be aggressive and send guys and it's gonna lead it out to the plate back because at Jeter's bat third base coach because that's what we're trying to do. The the other injuries or whatever Jimmy else or quickest he's on target in the month of beginning in next month. I don't know I mean I've never I don't think that is a hard I don't know I mean he's still in the background hundred strictly be. Every now and then I do an update and it's kind of the same and they knew it it bit. Finals these are large arms going to be a long one the next state is getting up and mom and want to get a mom that you can always gonna. That's when you can map. You can't map right now because you know when he's in the law so with every time you know we asked him. There's no step back there's no he's are used they say he's too Ed of what the schedule should have been when he went and all there's no you know there's no problems going on these ski gear in about Jameer Nelson is like. You know but he didn't sweat every day working out. It's kind of like a running joke that vote Jamie's working out again shocker. So he's doing the things you need to do but he just need to clear that hurdle where. You know he's got arm strength to get back of Ramallah and it's it's not there is argued armistice secretly happened yesterday made all the other dot org. It hasn't happened yet but but I think he's getting there every week or two week I ask you just have a make sure we're not missing anything Betty is that getting past the lack rounds. So with this team may offensively speaking we know that the only some guys we won over the numbers a little while coming you know got some guys are stern have. Pretty amazing years when you start to look at the numbers if they get all the way through the end of and the main. Some of the guys that you thought Matt Welling edge questionable seasons coming and that they're gonna be a little bit better. Guy like we are starting to hit the ball things are looking good Cain obviously is is having good seasons so is so was a guy like yellowish. What concerns you right now offensively just Pena's still conferring things concern you and all of this does. Does do you know Domingo Santana who was not hitting the cover off the ball for awhile that he's finally starting to come back a little bit is he feeling good I mean. What what concerns you right now. You know a bit lefty thing in outrage. Is that numbers that are gonna after true. But that's gonna come and performing better if Garcia can get some that would help that. You know I I think I I don't and agreed dual alarm about what's happening offensively I think they've had feuded. If given time this book from around I mean at second base. Is a former U wanna add to that two spot where you have. Because you just don't agree on a trench right there. Are here to bomb you know of a prospect now. A real charity impact prospect street c'mon. I I don't sense that they are alarmed about. About the options. I think they think that give it time. Get that warm we've all seen. At Miller Park. Once it starts to get nicer out let that sort of happened. And some of these guys who are off to start has been kind of individual positions slows starts. And a lot of guys have been at the bottom line give them time and they'll get going and we've. You know we've kind of seen that on this road trip in Colorado. The first game they got a lot of production at the bottom of the order Marcy and those guys. And then left again with the barbecue or reduced their their first rally type and outer rally that Diamondbacks had the Arctic documented led ago. To second base because mainly. RCA cash and with a double with respect open and the pitcher comes so. Yeah that's the kind of thing that they're probably talking about Europe were radioed vinik the more you but it for the brewers determined. That because. You are contribution for it in RC got and not look good with comparable. He's not aggressive play. It was you know sort of a chance to him to Google that they averaged. And I think getting from office at the bottom of the order would would answer that so you know the concern is is over arching it to keep score more rock. The other the bottom. Wrote last night for the game bottom four meter would be at four runs per game that number need to come up for sure because that opens gonna go through a stretch. It's not the skill and they're gonna give up some runs and the opposite you have to win some games by at. And you know yesterday. He didn't give up latter rounds but those late run by the brewers offense. Is really encouraging Urquhart. Thumb when you talk about encouraging. Look at your has played extremely well things is eventually gonna come back what are you gonna do. When things comes back and you every. I'll go what do you do when when things ready to come back and at large hitting 313 you've got to Eric same shoes even though he's 250 he's a legitimate power threat. And then you've got a guy that's struggling it's making twenty million dollars you what what are we gonna do you know. Well I mean that you need to deal with that you get to it because we've heard anything about. This team coach that see that your best laid plans can go to waste and injury popped up I mean how many times has that happened that we shall let it be large. And and here come and as something that completely answer the question I would figure things injury. There's one of those in opening regular bank robbery cases regulars so. I don't think it does any good just let what can happen down the line when you don't know what the configuration. Is Jean and beat they they tell. A lot of injuries. As an adult let you do you think about it it junior here go down in the third inning opening data loss or brought early. But we think about this year you know able. They've lost their top of their memorable inserted picturing ouster lead shot made pitches and I. Because jaded and Anderson. They have between injuries and illness and little weird things they had a tremendous number of our little hurdle to overcome and cover and you know here they are Cordova in the auctions and that person. The Atlanta Braves at all three of the best short nationally. I don't know I think get the first six weeks of father and think it's that. Don't make don't let visions like definitely got to make. Hum well I and I agree with that because they've said this before we heard on spring training sometimes in these things take care themselves and don't have to worry about it. Blight you know again you know I know it's a day by day thing with Brian brought that back exist if there's this or else bothering him as it in the back as is have been other things bothering in the season as you struggle. Well the chat and I think the big one it seems that right as an option on bothering him. All you know but fact is an issue yet that he had surgery elect. Two off he's the go vitriol seasons ago. So whoever's in that they've really done a lot of you wrap up which heat before teams and you always get that worked on that's just a maintenance thing com. Look at both think equation for Ryan brought it simple acts of the Hugo or bill simpler for Ryan Braun that any other player I've ever. When he's healthy he's good he's that help the east and Africa. And you know to some extent that your for everybody. To me just. Not I say that is true hero Brian Brohm and anybody else. And he's been banged up again. And you know it's not throw lack of preparation it. You know people blame the training staff and big serves and all these injuries now they're looking at a the soft tissue stuff you know you feel like such a little preventable death preparation. But I know for a fact the prime brought it is not preparation. On. It's just that he's 34 years old. And this happens the farm baseball players who are 34 years old I don't know that you're going to be able you. Get around it. Or at least plan or not being an issue I think you just have to. I've been here that he is gonna miss gains you're gonna miss some games and you try to get him healthy or as many games that you can't bear it I'm actually. Don't think they're to commit. I that the I mean I think you're gonna be a part of this team just not as big a part that he mentioned the you don't worry it's in the order. That that is something that think about it some. Or should he can't get all the armed but you know I don't I don't know when the right point is to to do that because then I'll come on have a great game. And the right Brian brought again and anything you want and the real so it's it. It's really the whole situation is very very tricky prepared counsel given up on treachery in the organization what he's producer in his past. We still looks capable of producing the way opposing teams you know approached him in a way that makes it you know obvious that they abused him is still dangerous. There's just told that this is this is worker counsel count her in his box. Because this is out for for our seed is they looked on them drop them in the order your release him all that saw. And and that's that's an oversimplification. When you're actually making those decisions to little more Dutch. Always gets up my friend we'll talk again down the road next week or ten. Are you is about to audition they go out and accounted Bruce dot com and joining us for a couple of minutes and shatter or childlike shatter our drivers right now. You work hard to treat you fair eighty plus years at me and you don't call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs downtown.