McIlvaine: Are things trending upward for Marquette?

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, February 20th
Jim McIlvaine, Color Analyst on the Marquette Golden Eagles Radio Network, looks back at the huge win vs Creighton. What has been their biggest weakness as of late? How different is Wojo’s situation from Greg Gard’s?

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And that atop which a Mac moving color analyst for the Marquette Golden Eagles radio network come and appear. In just a couple of minutes this portion of the program brought to bargain friends and march field clinic health system and they helped me out they can help you out as well if something or the hips knees ankles elbows. They got to go one on why do is call an 855 MC or through that 855. MC ports though. And maybe just maybe they can that each home in as little as a day you're heard me right in as little as a day. That is 855 and Stuart so find out everything. That is a Marshall clinic by simply going to Marshall clinic dot org it's Marshall clinic dot org. Jim over any color analyst for the Marquette Golden Eagles radio network now joining us in the Schneider orange trial line hi Jim I don't embody. Also odd how big a bowl win a come from behind because I was I gotta admit I was watching the game Saturday night I'm thinking holy crap this is ugly. And all of us and I turn around and they ended up winning a ball game how big of a character win was that for that team a great my on Saturday. I really nationals in this is really the time of the season where every coach the country. Doesn't really. Talking esteem about you need to win these games and you need to get this record or whatever. Event which are all focusing in on American stuff all the coaches right now or save it to a one game season. It'll come out in in which you care what this game because this this game means a lot Hershey's and that's pretty worst case all the way through February what are. Footer for once Souter voted for the Bobble. Cause severe injuries obviously with the with the Golden Eagles right now and looking. Looking forward Howard doubtful for our tomorrow night's game valued yeah how big a blow is that your mind. Well you know it's yeah a great player and I think that surprised people more open market covered Beckett Creighton was that they do without Marcus Howard. And we've we've watched portrait seems do you have before they lose a key player. Cultural appeal goes on her support bet my console also asserts that. Reporters and people Rick Pitino all actual teams can rise up in in the individual players almost seems to rise up to respond. But the question is how long it's sustainable so hopefully. Look at our vineyards are birds and from player doesn't pervert from played more than one game and let me get back quickly can we certainly needed the benefit America on the floor. How much is Greg Elliott's. Yeah and begin now he's carrying kind of the way of the world on his shoulders I mean you're your current advertisement averaging over twenty points a ball game how much is great Elliott feel the pressure. What you are. And I just to have the coaches don't focus. Certain things of this foreign leader. A freshman real battle feel like a fresher at this for the season because. He does well aware of what it was short games of their culture well it in the kind of know what's going on outside I think the pressure would be different if it was the beginning of the year and regulated at the scrapbook but. I think she had been Jamal capable surprised a lot of people. I think people be shot from afar about all of them shooting better from three this season worry about it Marcus orders of the church. So they've they've proven themselves capable outside shooters. They give us a little bit more lately that Marcus Howard coast. They're just the other not obviously the scorer this year isn't able create off the dribble like workers' social others will particular picture. Three wins in the last nine games this team has been consistently inconsistent what has been the bugaboo. Well if you have three I did it seem or are capable of scoring load reports on any given but it would Jawad of the game as much as possible interest yes. The issue is you have to homer short succeeds Paul which creates some problems defensively. And it's not because. And her housing market sparkle or are just because there's. So mismatch aside as lies are so you have been able export and look at what his own against Creighton and they've done that the past what. Not as much success they had more success against Creighton although I think. While over the Craig gave his. Very mature coach wooden coaster game you know what most usually trains or had other bullet out revolver or responsible and I'm achieved or gave our report about a approach. A bird in a situation like that if if you can make a commitment to its best buy in an impression boards. As well both teams shot the shooter took 2% for the fortnight teacher Laura turned on the court scorer retired on the court. If you can it's gossip urine because you're crashing the glass and attribute difference maker. As you head towards the tournament was his team needed doing your opinion to get into the term. In terms Lou Williams if they pay it forward in the last four games about all of your genes. In addition the and in could be in a different types of people and so. That would certainly help our so. For most the geographic as good as the big east is top to bottom and we're Sturgis you know really good that is what stage are covered a strong Libya. 500. We had season in the big east. And no debt losses. Can probably get any team in the conference into the tournament and we've seen that happen with the big east pass so I think that's realistic and American meat market corrections or more game here of the final structure for our recent real loser. I would Jim meddling color analyst for the Marquette Golden Eagles in the radio network armed. There is only we were talking earlier. About you know great guard in the expectation Wisconsin because of so many I determine appearances. What is the expectation right now Marquette. Well yeah I think those are different situations as coach for a post he wasn't nervous system on the ball Williams or wasn't. In Abu recruiting of a lot of the guys are well the rostrum when he got there so. It's you know kind of an apples and oranges between those two thirds. I guess. Bill the accords with the situation what McCain was fortunate in my thought you know get to determine ever watch all should be below acceptable when. And people and they if you were far in the and that just wasn't the case I think there's a long term expectation that. Well approached it sit there and find his footing. The reason mark checkbook whatever resources and and support to. But he's up there that can make you shall interpret every year in uncertain years mixing pretty deep for a. I guess the question then becomes Wayne. When do you say is a guy that's been through a system and you've looked at you say okay. Now this guy's got his feet is it two years three years or what he has all those guys when all those guys have come through and he's got another your owner's daughter what point do you say okay apps I've seen this guy. To know enough that he's either a really good coaching east tournament down consistently or I've seen enough of a guy to say he's good good tonight good enough. Well I I think each individual system is different each situation. And I know there are some other coaches struggled approachable. All probably have a cute little bit this year but you have to have people. In the program we're really good basketball minds in it and if they might broker as well about some of the country. And when you look at a team. They are good boost came via federal shall stop looking in couldn't go pro early. And so you're gonna have things like that but also you Beckett could help in the short term there. They could search back below that more true because you may have missed some votes Obama high profile recoup because it'll open the frontrunner also were. What are BJ if you give up treated picnic public editor program pursuant to. So. When when you factor in things like that are earth gets transferred per variety of reasons. Well yeah accused Europe of a better picture perfect. They look at the roster of it looked at the age of the players and in how the kids are developing a better in the program because it gives them a bit Serbs of well wherever that was in the pipeline of it will the church's. You know a year two years out with this scheme and is attributed the right order and can I I get the feeling that. People can think works such trivial little report. Bomb on him before let's go wanted to askew com we talk a little bit before we brought you on about the one and done and I know that I'm sort kind of addressed the one gun rules and Jerry palm talk a little bit about college basketball regards that as well. So we've got both different perspectives give me your thoughts about this talk is every year comes up every year we get into the discussion. And every year the NBA's pressured more more say open it up. To eighteen year old that we know it's a minimal fuel but give me your thoughts and all of. It's it's on the Castro right now and if it goes the other one concert is that you that a high school levels of and the people of influence and an hour or all of the stuff. The payoff scandals it would go in the chartered out federal Trevor but there's this should go out there that are getting batted voracious. In and that kind of muddy the waters and in in an essential or do something to protect chaired. What you can from consult sometimes and try to give them a leg up on the future serial shipped early college. Social for a year and understand what's going a bit. Academically wrote it really doesn't help because all we really need to do stay eligible for the sort of structure of the block for questions sort of Lester. The award from a year out of twelve or fifteen credits and and really not eating any weight immediately meaningfully closer to a degree that they work for which started. So. Sort of Byron Symbian and subject though certainly the Europeans triggered a sell out and probably the solution that makes our surveillance over certainly assure. I hope they do. Because they're. If it's good for the game to have these sorts of things sorted out and the return bad examples Pol Pot which is legal black iron. You ask. The good news is and not to I'll mention a whisper of anything improper with the market program the what are your thoughts on what's going on with college basketball right now and he and I I guess in the impending charges that are gonna come through numerous basketball programs and Yahoo! Sports article it says as many as sixteen programs. Could end up vacating wins in the top 25 that are gonna be Indian civil interment this year. Actually there were bought about a the other day and then I'm worried a little bit purposeful. I end up. Cast in the Berkshire or college basketball like I assume you have when they have the death penalty because of the the actions of our football program that didn't just impact the football forever. People who were prejudge about certain you were good people who had not produce oracle for all of in the negative connotation that went along with. The death penalty for everybody associated of that university. In linger for years and I think people need to understand. Whatever comes to all of us whatever schools are impacted but everybody college basketball's cricket. The fact a lot of people straight in different sort way and I'm not just talk about cultural soccer ball players. In there could very well be situations where. Kentucky where are getting. Well the numbers are thousands more dollars to local school. And their teammates don't really think about it didn't want anything to do treatment like that and had no idea that was going shall. I hope people will get a ordered isn't certainly there's some directors that's good. I ordered the neutral and their entire game because it's its knowledge about our speakers actually a lot of coaches who won't say anything because it's you know. That's their job they can't really promote Serb but I think there's a lot of coaches looking forward to prepare for all about coaching programs because. Didn't struggle through the industry try to do things or wait and watch other people take the shortcuts and they're really have no negative repercussions because. As a matter of fact as we sit here I don't know if you've seen it but Sports Illustrated ESPN CBS all saying the same thing. That were just broke that at University of Louisville will vacate. 123. Wins from 2012 through 2015. Including their 2013. Championship after their appeal has been denied. They must also return millions in conference revenue from the 2000 import twelve through 2015 NCAA tournaments that is harsh. So character rather than. Yeah well let him back viewed let her college you would like that they go to the big east whatever it was very yeah you would like to thank. Yeah here. You can Samardo. You would like to thank put man that is a harsh harsh penalty and one of the one on the Alice is said this is one of the quote dirty is programs. And quote we've seen along.