McIlvaine: Marquette has an impressive trio

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, January 4th
Jim McIlvaine, Marquette Golden Eagles Radio Network Analyst, discusses Markus Howard’s epic 52-point performance. How tough will it be to pull off an upset against Nova this weekend?

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Ollie gray and Jim McAleese who was never had to worry about but crack in the fans stands for whatever reason that the Braly synergen I'd donate on the generally weird day what's going on. Camera. You're located but it didn't have to deal with that at our school basketball game a couple weeks. Bluetooth and comfortable for myself and like a half dozen people's for Barack. All that's view of the whole yard you forget about the high school whether that they release of the Amazon wooden bleachers you look down there's some of that signature even your victory for either your tear the other team and every time they stand up to got to hit him up because when they sit down is like our you don't that's what I bring greats Jim writes from now on. She you couldn't stand up she's doubtful I'm I don't blocked work. That being said you've got a heck of a season underway so far your eleven and four on the season in Marquette plays a really really good basketball Novo on the horizon but. First ball. For those that haven't followed it closely because the Packers are dominated most of the news and obviously badger football has as well which gives a breakdown of what you've seen so far this season. It didn't like in the team that kind of lives and diet of the reportage. Last night we we played at Providence which is closed arena in the big each. Team but it came off pretty cool. Believe it based on the spoken Marcus Howard and they're just they're phenomenal well for the remainder of the interval. Youngest and Marcus Howard dropping 52 in overtime to get the win there. It really was a couple of years you're talking about this team you couldn't hit a three to save your life now they can bomb from pretty much the third row of the stands at this one right. And battle that we have three of the very best shooters in the country is such as the one guy can get them put. Close them thousands linger rousing. And it Hiroki. Should have been such an unconventional way you have to watch believe it I've watched acute bake at least. 33 point shots wouldn't offhand. And those that because he talked fix it to go out here. You can commit to solve that he's still trying to shop and some don't let this chance to do it. He did it in the opening possession of the cancer was terminal ushered us a lot of action shotgun four point play. We'll get a couple times this year. Armed last night it was a fourteen to two run by Providence. And you trail and 7569. With an right around from mama say you know two minutes to go on the ball game. All he did it take to do have that running take that kind of a punch what does it say about the sustainability of the team. When they then came back putting in overtime and when that ball in. While I'd like to surmise and a lot of them team I was armed with younger players being Q well are important or that. We didn't really have near the offensive firepower talent that these guys have that. Should be very young and have that much experience on your ball these guys all played heavy minutes as freshmen and generalities. But to your senior. It. It shows there on the road and a tough environment and you have your real I look at. Does that tell you how hard it is to win on the road in major college basketball and how much progress he's got them here in the very short amount. Doug Villanova up on the docket next Villanova obviously highly ranked school is sitting on the what are the right now they know on number two or three in the country. I think just three epic of Michigan street want to. Okay so you play in the third ranked team in the country what does Villanova offer coming up. Coming up this weekend that's going to make them so incredibly difficult that where the three can't overcome and in your ice. You know when you get into this conference player that mark that is just this conference top to bottom a lot of coaches and so it is one of the very best years we've ever seen in terms of the talent from dean went into the backs and Promos. Out west and they have been for the last several years you right. We have the program probably not no jail broke and the first player to Jews and diapers is that America put together in New Jersey. And the watch his progress over the years from preschool well no well. I mean it's it's phenomenal to see him develop the talent. And don't stop whatever number twelve bridges about it even chew on all of it doesn't matter Josh Bard graduate or something else Luzon. Just slip another guy in the air and it doesn't matter peace workforce it's fortunate you're before. Well he's up to 1518 points a game and they just keep well. Going into this ball game it's been pretty fun season like you would mention very talented team a very fun team to watch Bridget doesn't get any easier he really did then Seton Hall after that. Are you got to travel to bomb an Aussie and hall who is at least at home. Are you don't have to pot to DePaul from because I ask you about this. B of DePaul obviously their own three in 78 now in play but. This has been a program that for years has been trying to get back on track any for whatever reason I'm listening and there's some optimism. Not that they're gonna all of a sudden make some kind of Iran and be in the top ten ring like that but DePaul is trying to kind of rebuild itself are they on the right track in your estimation. I think they're moving in the right direction I don't think this is this season murdered Obama anger head on but. I think progress is being made in the and that he really started institutional level. Are you willing to commit to a major basketball. And they say no scholarship and scholarship where where ego. That's just not true there's a lot of in deflect commercials a lot of these spots wherever they go there are a lot of teams are. Don't monitor all the biometrics little player like Marquette doesn't double. Things on her shoulder and other shoulders albeit expenditure which got these guys stick on court in the go to them agree to make sure these guys have. Every resource available on the outs a lot of old. In the poll shows movies and duo of trees and there are programs where they have a new arena in the battle arena that may be right size for their program and they're good location for their campus were a lot more students should come persons. Trying to drag a busload of students out from downtown Chicago up through the rules model ride you possibly that is not a greater reader has not. Basketball built. It was and in the Bradley Center as the level of those in which it's hot you're either political basketball and that folks who. So the new arena next year will be amazed at every ceding the they've done so much. Things to improve the user experience for fans at games as a broad concern will go a little bit Geithner experience over somebody's move posse leopard Becker. Has that levels seen in the lower. I look at it tell you tuck which are sort of a Marcus how Hauser but do or Marcus Howard I should say with. Talk about Sam Houser talk about rousing talk about cheat on the way these guys have progressed and cheer him. While he's only played the five games obviously there's been some injuries and some things have gone on the season for this team we you're talking about a lot of guys that have some experience that they're hanging their hat on it's not just one guy and that's that when I start to look at the box or each and every night. It's not just one guy is getting it done used to be you just relied on one guy and it's not. Well you hate Cheatham was it was a big part of routine. Both he reached a point RF through returned from Molly good. He's hoping he'd be closer to home and he actually transfer to the bleak then. You look for Gulf Coast it. Sam Houser. Is gathered couture house he talked about regularly experience is hard to. Take him off the court because you don't so many things that also and he's such a dangerous outside threat. Because so much size. Yeah you'd like to put a smaller more Agile player on the state was among the perimeter. They don't respect about it take like an eight Trevor he's so good back about it for jump shots and innate wrote you so crappy and everything he does and it's even the bigs it's it's a different team rather heard falling news eligible in the government court. That's just because he's other extra fault that you worry Matt held you'll jogged out of the creek foul trouble when you particular chart. That that's always acknowledged it's the tremor because is because they had a rousing Marcus I'll order really undersized. A lot of teams go right to have those guys and challenged them defensively so lousy in our little ones. We didn't foul trouble a lot to achieve normalcy that from former players but. I think the teams try to work their way through how we gonna help those guys because. Hard you have to play defense blew harder to treat would be get offensive. And more are you pick up cluster together should shots so. It's a challenge for the most logical one example those guys on the court the same time they create some matchup issues that that they have to deal with. I think we got a baby doesn't give enough credit is that help. Does a great job on ball screens because she shows Dick and it usually on route is guy or power guy. And if you're not playing the ball screen while we're gonna pass that we got a whole basket off screen our way and help those are great job they consult big doesn't play outside themselves physically. And give overcome orders may have been in most situations where they don't give anything up by him leave it and temporarily double team the ball. Yahoo! go America's trolling that was one of the things I ate he'd gotten some minutes against Xavier. Obviously and then have played a lot of time against American now he it's it's got to be nice to have a guided what he's awesome photo right is the guys almost a simpler come off the bench. Few loose and he's got good. He's got a good audio and out smoke frustrated patient coach Fisher thirty year war with them and into the body in the shape of at least have a nickname in Australia it was putting or something like better porch. I'll bogeys is a lot more reps as part of that's gone about his. Ability to sustain high levels of energy has increased. And he has an outside shot he took reporters he's taken couple looks so far. It's just in the America Britain needs more time on the court to really get back into the swing of things were a whole new sort of guys and play were people he's worked out of practice for years. It's different games situation but we're seeing glimpses dislike refugee glimpses of Jamal Cain. Oh really good things to come up hopefully but he votes aggregate of march are going to be quick. Jim always gonna judge William buddy we'll chat again later this season okay. About doctor Su and they go that Jim apple may market Golden Eagles radio network color commentator yeah I said Jim and I knew he'd only play so many games in my first thought was injury north it's ready to transfer around and you're reminded me isn't sitting yourself. Are my erroneous I appreciate it that being said he join us on the shatter worn challenge matter.