Millar-The Brewers are for real

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Thursday, May 24th
Kevin Millar from the MLB Network talks about the Brewers hot start, who is the biggest surprise in MLB? What is going on with the Cubs and more.

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Kevin Millar the MLB network analyst joining us now on the Schneider orange ally hello Kevin how you doing. I don't we're doing awhile so I ask you the same thing we were taught analyst at about earlier today. The brewers continue this has been a phenomenal run. Yeah you know what it it is because they're not want them and the make baseball so I await this ginkgo now. It's it's you know they're they're trying to close games now 67 they deny it to rubble money went free agency. This tops which are open arms and you saw a lot of your fifteen to your skirt and are also when you could close games back in opposite our favor. Which in every night or someplace striker on. This has been unbelievable for you guys but you know why not well why can't they continue. No I I completely agree I mean I think it's intercede because this year you saw guys like cheek here yet or waiting for those big dollars in the long term deals and they didn't happen and I'd set at the time I think there's been a shift. Correct me if I'm wrong. But there's been a shift in thought process for some of the younger general managers that look at Saber metrics that say why am I gonna pay guy 250 million dollars to pitch an extra inning and a half. When I've got guys in the bullpen that can equal those extra innings and I can pay them a quarter that price at best. And and we can still get as many outs I mean I it's very indicative when we were in spring training and David Stern said there's so many outs we just have to figure out ways to get them that's the way guys look at it now delta. Yeah I'm okay you're exactly right it's the way to gain. There's still a lot of information. And I think almost too much information at times. But it used to write in proper measure it works but the market like Milwaukee and abaco contract. And your dollars and then you look at them right now that piper for that for basically. So there don't think rights and give a lot of credit and Craig Counsell happily guys blow up planes polonium. You know you feel commander. You know the group that you wish it seems like they they just get along a scrappy and they believe themselves it doesn't. Doesn't have to be national media to believe I just it's nice to play the underdog role. And you talk a lot about Chicago Cubs they talk about that St. Louis Cardinals are division and the brewers have been very solid last year I think. They were first placed rehab once last year. And you know fell off but the back end but. They've had to battle starting pitching and they panic and there are Balkans and assault and he played the big leagues and authentically good start get healthy. We know what kind of brought him back so we have depth. You are an unbelievable job you've got to give credit to the need. And we don't be additions of geology change have been great but this team has played great baseball out what they're not signal what are. You bring up a very very good point now wanted to ask you specifically this because question the brewers. There were lighten up and in the all star break came I said at the time it's it's not a good time for break for this team because they seem to be firing on all cylinders and that to mean woke up that cubs because the cubs have remembered the World Series hang over and then they got that break and start to get back on pace. So it does a team learn how to win after what the brewers went through last year. Yeah I think you eat you gotta go to those times to basically understand. That there are constitute better through these. Good times and now you know why in that locker room Leo paper and again a couple of success on the guy for their last year. You figure out what was the issue what it would fall out of it wire nicotine's you know it's it's basically. Americans aren't real sure that must Brent it's not frequencies in the six month season and you're gonna go through that time. You know if you look at there's a backpack she got swept them they were fatigue that they want ninth straight Siri does start to beat him. And the amount it lost thirteen or fourteen games they're not a bad kind of Dockery last year rock paste the 130. They want to oh we here and game losing streak right familiar though with their hair out. Right but that's baseball and so the brewers understand listen we're not going to be as hot all year what you got to do at those rallies. Quicker. This year than they did last year they just could not overcome. That drop and that's you know he'd like to cops and they keep baton and they can have money in the key going to make banner and experience and sixteen yeah it was a World Series here. They can definitely start start seventeen but the brewers where talks so open this year and counsel voice. They can maintain the dollar note. Told Kevin Millar MLB network analysts also working with CD go to C keep dot com for the season and now used. His app to use the app in it may enter the promo code below are MI LL ER by the way for those of wanna know for a twenty dollar off the first CT purchased. I wanted to ask you about it because there seems to be this perception that is the brewers and cubs and everybody else is just playing for for you know runner up after that. Or they are the pirates were really torn Simmons point one. Terry what their plan a lot better numbers are right you lose obviously. Cole your loot attraction here click OK fully rebuilding year but you know the like Clint Hurdle as a way of getting these technically maybe they're better our world skirt. For the better than people thought you know also Parker American I don't think I think if fourteen you know race. Because they're animals that are. Well right now they're in trouble Bonnie mode that we're going to be but I would never take the pirates slightly by any means and there's not one dominating team. You know we could figure part but in offense. What they do you know offensively the home run threat. But the rats occupants all they got 34 Wednesday's astros' starting staff are the one company's bad period story. When you control guy out Charlie Morton in the Bible nobody talks about them right. But you're looking at. Three American League teams in the nationally there's not that want Dominic eight and nationals are good. You know the brewers are good. A couple of going to be solid you know Yu Darvish has got to ask you Democrats so the good news is that actually it's kind of why don't you can't count the top eighteen Nutley. The west looks crazy when you get the Iraqis in the prime actor in a down slide starters. Start the way they did and they go to central fourteen Activision in the east. The Braves. The Phillies the nationals. So it's it's gonna be a great year for baseball parity awesome. And I think that the bright side I want to compete with the Yankees Red Sox and Astros. Are tolerant they can do it that way. But to actually club that you got ample clubs. Our Al west to the brewers have pretty much owned Arizona they took three out of four from Colorado. As the west shakes out I mean the Dodgers were expected to come back and they've obviously had a falling out. Is sitting three half games back but still five games under 500 winner is the west right now. It's crazy right you just you don't know what westerners on the Oprah hasn't been great for Colorado expect a lot of money Nazis and wait papers. Out of you know thank could have been okay they're going to want seven yards and a rep that so far and a bit. In the bullpen. Offensively in as you know distraught when we got big contract Aaron I'll start charred black does that. But you look at Iraqi team they're probably you know a solid club last year shocked the world the paper the wild card the Dodgers got to conserve our. You know they have played absolutely. And not so good but are quite better Utley could currently be able wake up at continental assault while they could ever get there. They've gone you know one Robby ware went down. You know they haven't had Jessica regroup and you know Goldman at the Helm at home here almost the end of may. That's an odd scene he's MVP candidate here so the west is very flip a coin right now who wanted more. More to the brewers need to do to two and two it's kind of bolster their position on you mentioned. Eric things coming back crime bronze coming back you look to see both of those guys pick up in and really count you know kind of at a specifically Ryan brawn really earn the money so to speak. Both do the brewers all the talk here is that they need a veteran arm if they're gonna go deeper in the post season and I sit I while that's great first of all they're not gonna do and let's he's controllable but right now you're getting it done with the bullpen. So is a starting arm and necessary requirement. It's a great it's a great question royals won the World Series with an entire Balkan you know outlook term papers and Holland was in the back and maybe you pick up and Iglesias over Cincinnati he would be there may be just keep our inept bullpen. And you shorten the game look for five or six innings and that's what the will be when they won the World Series doubt it's being. You know it's a different era now bitterly what are faced guys you like the third time around. Right and we're Gannett you know we saw that with the Rich Hill situation last year you know what forties in the World Series so. It's unique saying if you go get a horse obviously the number one thing to say give me day. Spoke to Justin Verlander that's available now returns of the Justin Verlander fifty years ago actual mail that you know he is available they're great for every body a downhill slide so. Maybe you stick out of stock. Eight that's available out there who is that tells you you you know I think it's easier to keep. Adding power arms open and you just got to get creative for teams that are adequate. Maybe pick up a Chris archer I don't know is he the answer you know but at the end of the day power in the open winds. And before I let you go while we're doing ask Hillary about CT because I know you're ripping them as well go to CT dot com for all your baseball seats in but if they wanna download the happened. And in through your name out every toy box off how they go about doing. Tremendous that argues that personally actually also look now and it's great for concert tell me who government it's great for baseball hockey football. Anything you need to compare prices got you know what is your seat so that really ask. Coach you can advocate dealer bad deal but the bottom line it's also have to go buy your tickets for anywhere will be between the top aria. Put him or not Miller alarm urgent. That's why this ballot MIL eight. MIL LER summation you get DA in there instead they Kevin it's always a pleasure Italian we certainly appreciate look at. Thanks Trevor are up to argue San Diego kept my alarm MLB network analyst and host. The lead with a which by the way he works over there at demo being catches up there was also was CT go to CT seat geek dot com. For all baseball season and don't forget the putting in the promo code Millar MIL LA ER and you yourself twenty bucks back.