Miller: I don’t get too warm and fuzzy about show-business

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Friday, April 13th
Dennis Miller, Comedian/Long-time TV and Radio Host/Five-time Emmy Winner, joins us. What does he love to follow? What was his coolest Milwaukee memory? Miller will be performing at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee on May 19th!

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When I was at the other station. I was his lead him. Whether he knew it or not. Mel Oman numerous times to a non Monday Night Football as a matter of fact when I was working with the Green Bay Packers sea and then now. We bring him on the program you know the name and he is done so much in his career really from on united football to stand up comedy easy a political guy he's a funny guy he's a light guy. And now he says is a little crank here now that he's older it's Dennis Miller joining us on the shatter orange highlighting why don't Dennis. IMAP guys during the commercial break I was on hold those listening he's sounds more apprehensive about discussing theaters very. Heartland but from. OK I will pass that along so bad man because I was you're my guy that you know I got up the air and I would sit the studios and uncut and stuff and I'll listen and view it. You remind nighttime entertainment for so so long in this you've been since. Umpire and I did eight years and time to re up for two more. I was just. I don't know eight years of three hours today. That it may I enjoyed it immensely it's just remembered thinking. I think it can be breached diminishing attention and they are starting to get more Kurt. On the followed equal starting and he is you know on a plane gains of Arcadia. For my help her through to the duke of thoughtful during his. I'm sure if that might be advised quite a departure but I and I look that I look to the world terrestrial radio I thought people were nice. But there are less attractive than people and other mediums that short term. I enjoyed the honest communication with the people in the free form nature of April oh victory are it was great it is obviously going to therapy but I can say. When we dial this was a great question of Fred Myers who tried you're coming on the show asked me and I never really thought of this but when you wake up in the morning. And you have everything at your fingertips. Whether it's information through the newspaper through media social media on your phone whatever. What is the first section that you like to read what he what are what are you what is Dennis Miller George duke overall jobless. Well I'd like to three a total of two things that are closely watching Turner Classic Movies show which I watch every night and it looks like Bobby. I don't know from Asia it I didn't make it. Short of that I would watch the stock market channel because I have the Serb failure in my head where we're talking in a public that contribute that kept things go let it. I'd like Hulu like that earlier or are there with the hey match years ago we are Lambeau Field in and we had a chance to Chad you're talking about you know dreams come true and you you've been able to do stand up on some of those. Most critical stages in the world and then you said you know being able to come to Lambeau Field and in not only witness again to call a game. Only dream come true dean it was it was a great conversation very off the cuff and and I never forgot that it what do you miss. About doing certain things in your career. I think admired my courage. Trying to get through. Org clumsy but shall prisons and get warm Fuzzy like you're there things that happened like that I always think of the career united. Showbiz is pretty brutal games that get your game is awful. From the porch with a country side Lebanese people can pick. And I didn't look like this Saturday Night Live actually anniversary thing about nothing to do it records and so let me. Triple frontier but still can't do that on Antarctica and don't allow that part of the and I elected to use your job outlook and quite frankly within a couple days it felt like about an addict or once true life. As the standard which is still continue to get to do. And show business for me at least relatively bloodless exchange I think the talk rub it in show business and does not come what they trailing just the actual bottom line real life. So does it just line look back and say getting answering my life is great for. Lump them delegate to rhapsodic. You know the short list. Volatile when Dennis Miller comedian longtime TV radio analyst Jeff five time Emmy award winners got to podcasts are right now red circle sports with Dennis Miller the podcast one and twice daily syndicated 62 says the feature Miller minutes you got everything going on you're still very very active. You're coming to the Riverside theatre on May ninth might now may nineteenth you have a new you're filming a special now right you're filming in new stand up special correct. Along GAAP and should get injured and antigen pretty good shape right now that'll be one of the final date squabbling like. I'll do it in June and nor can look at you know my favorite memory of the accused being. Keying on stage and that. And sober but there all the sort of jumped ship with them. A reserve Robert. Ladies and gentlemen from Carol boom boom. And obviously it solely about the completely excellent what was gonna work at parliament. A. Or yeah I was it. It's funny you mention that Lewis Black was in town one year and Paul Simon was on the next day's news is does the middle of it. Johnson out Bonnie so what we're just all women want mixed oracle is an Apollo he's gonna be dead shortly. Well I think. And that a billion acoustic over the Ludwick alone your street sister which is always nice and it just. That's absolutely I completely get that hey I'm console when it comes to the stand about no I was reading some of the stuff some revised up they sent us. And because the world has changed so dramatically from the time you got into it was Saturday Night Live all the way until today. And it's all the social media what what is she changed via your. Your round your life you were what is it what it is you do not a social media has becomes a problem. Ole personal about Saturday Night Live when I was whoever was in power and great. It was just that simple you know my net is that it will be an update. But at the Mike is a prisoner might save your problems close lipped out yeah Russia and don't like one night they. Three young. This is different. Three young girls saying just sort of look well Portuguese. Barack Obama. You know completing that you look at that this can be great images there say it was just. Oh wow. Differ and more than one would have us. Ripping power and see job description as far as social media goes I think he's made absolutely. You know war hole. What homeless quite frankly. And he. Well your ear wouldn't let everybody would be famous for fifteen minutes and shorter than. Everybody can be distracting their for the last summer so all of us that the slow. I was voted the worst way I would say that about social media never apply let little bit more chronicle. I believe there Lewis and Clark in those situation book as Kardashian in the lunch with a broken through to simply convert on New Year's world. And been wearing different clothes along the way I'm sure there are no doubt about it. Maybe as some wingers don't think does is always a pleasure to RT it's it's been fought it's been far far too long and Adobe strange we love to have you back on anytime you wanna come back we certainly appreciate it man look. You can learn how you look at it we. It was. Jesse you know what they wanna Super Bowl everybody got rings and it was fantastic in and I had kind of one on my own network in Annan trying to do what you do and that's watch the stock markets is on deck can be Dennis Miller. Well good for human and can do remember somebody kicking me pointing out where. Where the block out what to Wear and by the way I got Jerry finally yes the if that was you or somebody you're. I followed. Brought tears to my leg. Out of luck actually does a pleasure as always we'll talk to Seneca. Artillery bigger Dennis Miller comedian longtime TV and radio host. Five time Emmy award winner he is coming to the Riverside theater and he's gonna be there getting out they're getting ready for his. His new as you special they're getting rid of so many specials so you're going to be a doing something. And you're looking for something you know a fun night out to and you love the satire that is everything in life. The Riverside theater may nineteenth Dennis Miller is going to be appearing there you can find tickets online but don't forget he has his podcast called red circle sports with Dennis Miller. And he also has the twice daily syndicated 62 radio feature. The Miller man and you can hear his stuff. There as well he joined us on the shot or challenge shot or hiring drivers right now you were car they treat you fair eighty plus years and getting attacked. Call 844 brighter gonna shatter jumpstart on 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs. Dot com.