Miller: Two defensive players that would fit Packers’ needs in 1st round

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Wednesday, February 14th

Matt Miller, NFL Draft Analyst of Bleacher Report, stops by. Which positional groups are the deepest? Does he think the Packers should draft one of these QBs?


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We talked some NFL draft now Matt Miller draft analyst for the Bleacher Report joining us on the Schneider orange hot line Matt happy Valentine's Day do you. I am not a part they got I dreamt I don't know we're supposed to say that but I'm feeling the spirit so what the hell so there you go out. To order why would fall in love with him for a Green Bay Packers fan what they said well that's why we get paid big bucks did. WR. A lot of guys a lot of got on the you ought to look what I think. Is that an area are run through. Dollar tree that spot whether it's like parchment from Georgia. Who are known the baucus to work the best linebacker in the country little undersized but. The athletic great. Chick metal ball up let's tackle box. It definitely I would have just Jack in the corner of Iowa eight pictured here at three or are they bigger corner. As a warning about 195. That those that aren't actually Ebert and split. The table a lot of meat on defense articulate your younger receiver from like Calgary beat Alabama on the board so there are a hundred direction particularly go and it's tough and it's argued got a new GM and that we can't just say what the support and counsel would you forward this late in the past it's a whole new ball. All got a gal against a war the corner from our street he think he falls. I don't other great that you guys I think that run and probably. Low or worry that the outline and it's well he plays as physical years as it. Just be like you probably gonna get out and Pickler often doubted. Rate you'd get a Mac and up obviously you know depending on which team gets Kirk cousins were in depicting them we can either quarterback while board. And they heat up pusher gala war I don't think she would get past. Mean even you know like 49 or whether there tiger and are urging it to death ago quarter. On the other thing I know I look at the needs on this Packers team I think right tackle obviously is concerned a primal ought to be in doubt for a period of time. I look at the tight end position. And think they need an athletic tight end they have they have whether they get Jimmy Graham in in free agency or they wanna upgrade via the draft which I don't think the tight end position is very deep this year is it. I I think you look like it at first but now the culture that we get trapped more like he got out it looks like it's not. Maybe as strong as well he you know was probably not going to be at our intrepid in the first round is very neat you are reading Barbara Toobin. It's not a glory you know for tight and it's a pretty good you're right well especially you know maybe not picked fourteen. But what you get into the background and your enemy guys like mark injury list should be stayed or Bryan O'Neal prepared. COLT looked UCLA and they're they're pretty good depth that sack and even program is start you deeper into where. You could go whether you are 447. On defense that are currently come back around to get apple. So the Packers need a tackle they need a tight end. They need an outside pass rusher they get edge guy if indeed you move Clay Matthews duty inside. You probably need a corner although I think at this point I'm Marius Randall Kevin King may I be you'll fortified back there I would like some depth but I also like to see them go out and free agency get a veteran. So if you're a Packers with all the different means they seemed to have. Yard talked about the first round. What area of depth is deep in this draft that you feel OK if you don't get this guy the first try you don't get that position of need to fill the first round. How deep prison who's got the biggest depth in the coming in this draft this year. Well I think in the corner kick it spot or deepened and like that you get you do deal that the quarter. What you have to latch on one's job you elect McCain so they're back to the young guys and secondary or. Are up and calmer in my opinion. Linebacker is he the urgent middle linebacker spot. It's not round one. He might get lucky and end all to a guy like they're ordered to probably. Probably going to be closer to the third round pick but they would use athleticism. In the middle of the lot of that defense. I'm excited he did it finally built on the need to free agency because that's really opening up so. It would when we look. Spot he got a pastor archer well I I wonder after her class especially. For a century was standing up so that's a look the spot you'll get a guy or your cover around in round two and it's somebody who. Maybe RTC with a huge question mark up the field or someone like him Hubbard who are they should not terribly likely so that the other side of it is. You know these positions further in debt this year around here at the Packers are that you know that. Probably not an aircraft and back early after what they get accurate bleak picture that in addition to that your quarterback is great and and the like you were flat it's probably a little more heavy ground cute three I would love to see the back of more Butler. With the Packers what we saw last year with Brett only company it just wasn't good as far as about a quarterback position do you think the Packers would dive into. A backup quarterback drafting a quarterback this year. Price. If they get back that ground war philosophy that you should draft a quarterback. You know every year report what Romney's attracting now people kind of edited that outdated XP every other year but it would that would make sense and it especially with how they can you correct it in the fifteen. Four year deal he got one here in and you gotta make a decision on what you're gonna do it and so. Go that route would be huge surprise but it's not. I don't agree your to do that they're there's going to be a harder quarterback Kamal aborted her. 46 maybe six quarterback while the board the top forty after that. You really had to run out of act to be excited about. And Luke all from Washington stated in a decree gives it an eight Wesco puppets huge and ever strong arms like like western Kentucky. Heard that we pretty armed really inconsistent and I let you start into these guys that. You know normally you would say would be a seventh round or a Greg it's rated quarterback. Lot of people ask him on Twitter about to each remain Edmonds the kid out I believe he's out of Virginia Tech and I was an outside linebacker. Bomb would he be a fit for a guy like Patton who can run 34 or 43 utilized personnel be an outside edge rusher. Do everything but great the nineteen year old textbook five. Fifty he can play off the LG platinum medal he can really Doolittle but don't eat it gives you a lot of versatility. I've I've you know talk to go to and out and they're a little good argument about where it is that position and I think some people feel. You're did have been better and it currently India beak at the he got after the quarterback the last two year yet yet and sacked last year now Courtney that's well thought out so. Detail how lucky though now in Turkey India. A letter or type guy like with the bear camp where you draft this. It's kind of lanky power structure you turn amended to some of more war you know you could try to and about that happened B Anthony Bart type player that it really showed up or sterility and musical outlet athleticism to be a match up player. At linebacker so yet. And year out and potential. I think a bit surprised if you saw the board Gregory baker but detect at fourteen the crazier things have happened. Can't imagine there be higher ranked players they'll have boarded up. Or die when Matt Miller NFL draft analyst from Bleacher Report wanna go back averages a second this kid and if you're from what I understand remembering just I think a silently maybe one or two games which they could use him in passing situations in which he could actually cover like tight ends and slot receivers on worries that personal right. Yeah it is very light and they're answered it equities said it would be okay no lineup we cover slot or athletic side in and you never know not but he did bulletin. Being covered me. I think covered quite the biggest question mark would be just a football IQ sad thing about their currency cutting yet still got lost. You need to get stronger if you get a handle IE in the next level you know he's not gonna handle. Rocker Travis Walton not that anyone does but even adults or like Al Rudolph I think you get a little bit stronger they'll make impact would that. Pretty didn't do. It it's easy to make it stronger offer for an. Odd defensively speaking at guided gets a lot of play because from UT San Antonio that's markets Davenport and I've heard his name brought up a lot because he's just the true pass rusher. But coming from those smaller schools how much trust you have a guy like. Very little that is the Smart way to do you really want to make that surprise you. And so we have that opportunity to report showed up at the first Judy also looked law. It Thursday. He starred in an enemy gains circular orbit more so. Speaking they'll figure out he's he's still not wait which spared their due on is pre I'm lecturing last elect talked a little like fifteen pounds and the season ended for him and in mid December so he's. You get there. If I play high. But he's such a great athlete that you almost there and well. We actually think that our that we don't love are fixable and under the just not cool tool that you bring them are are pretty crazy and part of Apple's. I'm seeing him. In the top ten. Looks that keep we talked and yeah well say probably going to be a mid first round pick you know in that. Well it's warning range to pear Alley cat but I think it can attest pretty well league Indy in a couple weeks and and that could put him in that you know. I don't need in productive but that would put him in the high range of those in thirteen. With not knowing about the way Packers will do things now. I guess my question becomes how much if at all do you see teams now trading could weigh one year we saw a boatload of them. And then last period slowed down a little bit also in the philosophy was just stick with what did what would get to the army and obviously the bears traded up and many people believe they just gave away the farm. For too risky but do we see a lot of movement this year do we expect a lot of movement this year. I didn't do and and free agency get a decent future that because if you know what's in the jet anchored and they're gonna make hack around him well late entry at that suspect we'll come up get a quarterback whether it. Immediate the dolphins or Washington or Arizona they're lacking that that have that new quarterbacks so. Into Denver to get perk up they can also look to trade out of that spot the week with you ought actually outweigh. You know the cold to three. Have been rumored to be log so epic it straight. You could give pre creaking I hope so commercial on whether Lotta activity in a lot of moving parts and it gives us a heck of a more talk about. I would be remiss about and mentioned Torrey from a dollar a lot of people was cuts wanted to find out where you think he is rated where you think they go see a third round guy sector around dire further down. I made and it was got paired bat last week and rushed to critical logic that they could invent. Like oh this is not a guy I expected her to got an early in the year. I think he's probably a fourth round pick eastern. He's not a great athlete. He's not getting if you add up like ability where he inflection out you can build one pat. It out now emerald and Herbert strike everybody out biography it figured out there and I know the run through that age at except. I know that you know he's got better blocker this year. These pretty limited. Now about the other side. The dude is always open without put the number and it but it's our ability there obviously does not care at all yet to catch traffic you saw. Both those things you love adding for energy Eric had a deck at the black and let after you've got a pretty big issue. Always gonna jet that is the draft draws near or chat again okay. Bring about a popular they go Matt Miller FL draft analyst for the Bleacher Report that's where you can read his stuff he really does a great job of watching film and breaking it down and always good to get a chance to challenge specifically when you have NFL draft on its way and we know that the Packers have some specific needs so. We'll see what happens. Will seeds will soon after scientists you know your open that. Your open that of the Packers are will fill the needs and a fortified his team through some free agency put themselves right back on the map and it right back in the thicket and he joined us a shot a large college shatter our drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years of beginning you don't call 844 prior to British writer jobs dot count. Schneider jobs dot com.