Nagler - Bringing in Dez on a 1 year deal would be a great idea

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Thursday, May 24th
Aaron Nagler from discusses the Aaron Rodgers comments on Dez Bryant, what position is the biggest question mark heading into the season, is Aaron Rodgers still upset with the front office.

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Airing negative Packers now joining us in the Schneider orange hot iron I you don't. I don't do well on the I'll start out by asking you about how Aaron Rodgers has looked in sounded. Did the biggest thing about Erin is is it all revolves around there and we all know that within this team has a lot of successor. Little success but. One thing the last time we saw him throwing a football he didn't exactly have the most zip on it. And then the questions remain is he still happy or happy with the Green Bay Packers new organizations or give me your thoughts on that. Yeah I don't know people have been reading into his comments when asked about Dez Bryant and saying. Why would you cut your brain dead. I think if you dig a little deeper you know why do not cut out and it is set to make certain amount of money they went and got two other players or that money that same amount. In model percent and Jimmy Graham. Obviously if they were to reinvent Bryant. LB in a cheap when your deal you know all of but he's putting that out there because he's not happy not happy with these mystery help you made that very clear. And motivate people are kind of privy to the fact that prior to that answer Arens said. We've been over that I'm paid to play quarterback I don't make those decisions. So he knows. You know that the business but he delegates taken out shot Google passer. Passive aggressive moments to kind of you know make himself heard those B. Did I I come back to what I can contain pretty much all off season one you know September rolls around they're kicking off wee ones. Most of this is going to be long forgotten you'll have been made the highest paid player in the history to lead by the actors. And bill set their sights on trying to win another Super Bowl that the ball really good stuff for the offseason. But that's pretty much. Should he be the highest paid player without regard or team because there and said all along it was about money. So the I mean isn't the team saying that you have to take this amount of money or is this air and saying I need this amount of money and and then the questions that the follow up obviously is if he is the highest paid can they win with him being the highest paid. Out I don't produce any questions absolutely can to move because he's back. Is the best currently. I'd I'd only Burnett operative point. Just because there's still that now that that. Just aren't what he's going to dictate you can get and with the market will bear question if you are I mean. Matt Ryan sided deal. Brees signed his deal. You know staffers in our sign their deal. So you know the market it back and I'm sure is representational push for him to do you Wear and I'm sure the Packers will. Obviously operate from the standpoint of trying to protect themselves and makes sure. But you never. Become a problem cap wise that's what they did such a good job of laps. With two years remaining and it still must like about our. I think both sides are you know a lot of it gets caught up in in. An emotional territory. Outside of the building. And outside of the actual negotiation. But both of these you know Russ ball and David daughter total pros and I don't think much. Animosity or acrimony. When those guys are on a phone the other trying to work out deal. I do think a lot that swirled around it obviously because of importance to the organization but ultimately it's a business deal and don't. Now a going beyond Aaron Rodgers has this team done enough defensively speaking to really fortify you what should be a pretty good offense. WEB learned just got to go back to what Mike McCarthy says news you in any press conference that the defense has to be better than in the off. I know rocket we well we also known outside scoffed at. But I'm sure that the record you'll kind of legitimate goal. And I think would be it definitely made in the heat of the backfield Koppel with that he ordered they've brought him. Not gonna figured they got it ready LeapFrog the offense but I didn't think they're ready to. You know holed up there and the art I know Lockett made about the lack of pass rush and for good reason we've watched them. Struggled to get to the quarterback with regularity the last several seasons and haven't done much by way of bringing in outside help. I know they're counting out some young guys over. Eagle on it in some interior rush from workers and maybe untreated Adams helped in that regard. But look he is Mike Patton has prove. Many times over as you can produce high level defense. No matter what kind of pieces you get. If he had been successful everywhere he's gone as far as the defense of side of the ball. And a lot elect pushed back because his tenure in Cleveland I was sitting back respected. Stacked against him mightily until one in Cleveland which is kind of amazing in this teammates. But at the defense of coaches in front of mind. Coupled with the pieces they've brought in. Yes I think their defense is very well situated to if not surpassed the offense at least two complimentary way it haven't you like. What else needs to be done. Mean guys that that's I don't like where he asked in the borrowers if they need another starting pitcher I mean you know if I guess the biggest question mark you know Clay Matthews addressed to the outside line backing depth is. Not necessarily want you where you want to be relying on some guys you're. You know you really don't have a proven track record in like guys like Vince Beagle or such but. You know it is is that the most glaring weakness or is I continue to circled it they got to have an an option I guess split. That right tackle position isn't solidified it this point nine. To me there right at the biggest question mark on the roster there's no doubt about that and I know my colleague Tom Miller started what about. It. Created item from Jacksonville. In for a visit this week I think that would be excellent if our navy. That alleviate some worry there. When you give back whoever plays and playing tackles help on that right side. Up yeah use an excellent blocker and bill offers little bit back. But yet to meet absolutely right tackle the big question mark because I can't imagine prime blogger ready one. Considering he suffered a torn ACL in November. December intermittently was beaten and you know we've seen Jason's breaks in the coming up injury himself and he did not play very well when given the chance. Several times after blogger went down. Our cal Murphy he showed some promise. He'd definitely struggled in in you know. Third and long passing situations. So I've I guess they're gonna go to camp than what those guys battle it out and see you who comes out on top and perhaps they'll be the starter. Week one but I would not be surprised at all that are in scouring whatever waiver wire available as far as. Cut throughout the summer and maybe salary cap casualties common. Maybe someone shake loose from another roster right now to meet that is you biggest question mark on the team no doubt. Culinary Naylor Packers we knew we'd get yummy sure you get into it I you question that I won again this morning and on the Packers did Dez Bryant I've said all along I I thought. At best it's an extreme long shot for them to bring him meant. It is the only thing that makes sense to me and we just talked rather slow awhile ago and Erika at home from pro football weekly would be. About that was with three concussions in two years and he's your veteran wideout beyond that you don't have a veteran wide receiver. So that would be the only reason you would bring Dez Bryant and obviously he still has some talent but. You yearn other than that you're gonna let the young guys shine have Dovonte Asian number one you've got your good slot receiver in your combat guy your familiarity guy. In Randall Cobb and you've got one of the best. Tied touchdown catching tight ends in football history now as a party your squad the only reason you bring Desi and is to have some other veteran presence. Yeah I mean I think he. I think he makes a ton of sense of the Packers really do I think it. Everything outlined there as far as. Adams being their soul kind of legit weapon on the perimeter Odyssey and a cop it's still there as you mentioned Jimmy Graham for the at all it mostly interior guys brand and operated outside a little bit let. As a complementary piece you're Conning undrawn Morales banana sponsors rookie. And young guys inspecting your. I think pat like that that bringing in dead ago one year crooked deal. Makes eight on its sense especially when you're talking about right there with the body Adam's in his injury. History and one injury enemies started OTA as we saw with the district. And you go out there now also in Iran onto. At the media paints brown. De'Angelo Yancy you know I mean. Wind up all outside lights so. Yeah I think like I continues they epidemic a world sense I understand why there probably not going to do it. Aaron Rodgers says a blocker in the locker room they liked young wide receivers like bring guys up in their system. You rarely if ever go outside especially at wide receiver so. I don't think it's gonna happen but I think it would make a lot of sense. It. No I I completely agree if they brought him in. But the good the only question I would have then is is dead is going to be happy if he's not seen the ball all the time. You know I mean. Right now and I know a lot of active. Yet a lot of attention black hat thing at much of that in the past and I would also today. I think a lot of that block that guy demonstrative there's no doubt about that. But time and again we see you know where it appears like he's quoted quote blowing up on I. And and it felt totally would be audio and it gym quite literally encouraging. They don't once famously and votes by lack of years ago where. All a Twitter just exploded without horribly. You know it was just all like on paper so terrible. And then you heard the audio and he was literally yelling at Romo it's okay c'mon dude you can do receive. We got that ought to be. We we. Support you pop. So I just think people have formed their opinions off of images in court. Headlines what have you had to pick I just want to win they get really passionate he wants to win. You let that show and looked. You gonna go for one year let era just on the football what better place could possibly end up. To pump up the numbers on approve it deal and get one final deal whether being Green Bay or somewhere else and that's what his kind of stated goal is. I did a better spot form an angry about it but. But at that I doubt it happens but I think it would make a lot of sense that it did come on you talk about. Oh I don't mean to him much more than 34 million dollars as a and that's when I was singers yeah. They I don't ridiculous settled up but that's what it would you know that's what I would. And it's draw the line so to speak. But I Idec I think you've already turned down a multi year deal and Baltimore. It doesn't wanna one year deal but it. He would do it or for that amount of money I don't. Aaron always go we will talk to you soon I'm sure you gotta get back on the scaffolding to put those lights him up there that Lambeau Field is getting the. Absolutely gotta gotta make sure everything it's the only action. Now and VI LE idealize him showplace going to be blue now when they turn those things on. Not a fan not a fan though I'm I'm a traditionalist and I don't know note to yourself man patent. Well five a statement. Do you say about pay go -- Hagler from a Packers used John joining us on the Schneider orange Alan shatter our drivers right now you're currently treat you fair eighty plus years they've got to get done call 844 pride. Org go to Schneider jobs died down.