Nagler: Tramon was a very underrated signing

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Thursday, May 17th
Aaron Nagler of the Green Bay Press-Gazette/ weighs in on the Packers heading into OTAs. What does he think of Brian Gutekunst’s job thus far? Plus, is he expecting the offense to be as explosive as they’ve been in the past?

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The onset begins as the rookie orientation is now done how's the offseason then. For the Green Bay Packers Aaron mega from the rebate pressed his impact is used dot com joining us on the chatter orange how wide area I don't man. I'm doing well built experiment on. Glad to have the army so their personal just to zero review of what the Packers and more so the new general manager Brian good cases done thus far. I think he's done. Pretty darn good job opening at the expert shot out of the game obviously opportunities then. Pairing or or her number of decades now and I think given the roster he would and it comes at tough decisions that he's mating cutting or else on the the trade down to collect metric first round pick for next year although there's a major moves in seemed bad diluted. May be called let me be made. Would you look at you know kind of the in and out the day today what he may have done your free agency might we may have done in the draft. I think obviously you gotta wait for things play out to judge whether it all of these. Decisions but for the most part. I think young GM first shot and negate that strong policy. Be the holes is still remain are what it. Well I think anybody's vote this team. You know for X number of years will tell you that the you're wondering you're looking at a paper in your wondered. You got Clay Matthews an area that is their job. It's the quarterback. Hubble everyone who watches the Packers nose they haven't been able to stay on the field any kind of regularity. And Clay Matthews as well as he played last year he actually have one of the best seat last year from eight pure football standpoint. He spent a lot of money to get to QB and the fact numbers have really dried up now. The Galapagos in that at some of that is the fact that the real problem back and covering people quarterbacks have been able to it ought to act quickly. But you know four in Italy where the rear passengers are paid to get to the quarterback is production has not masses sorry now. With that that. That you saw on the tape and you guys playing at a very. In the same can be said nick Perry the big problem paired courses that you unable to stay on the field you get out those two guys. You figured at some point they're gonna be off the field. They didn't do anything. Save for a late round pick to kind of bolster their outside pass. There's still in need blowing generally a report defense and Mike at. So you wonder they have to be banking big time on the development of guys like since eagle who had pretty much in about oh wasted. Rookie year. And then Reggie Gilbert who. Has been you know it showed real promise last summer. An actual little something at the end of the year when he found a got a chance the last two games but it. That the bulls are two pretty big unknowns to be banking on to improve your abstraction and this kind of follows in the mold of what to tell you want to develop begat and let them grow and let them grow over time. While the Packers. They're coming into this season knowing that they can't really weak these debt anymore perhaps or produce. We're talking yesterday very interest in peace our Tom Silverstein. I in the journal settlement written about well is he mortgage frankly it is more like no Ron Wolf for Ted Thompson in this kind of a medium. Line of both that you can witness in the short five months he's been in charge. But in the end I got to believe he's going to be more like wrong wolf just for the fact he's got a window I mean both Ron and Ted took over teams. That were flailing network there were in in disarray and they needed just acquire talent. He's taking over a team that has talent and a great quarterback. And now it's putting enough talent around him immediately. As the window begins to close eighty in mean it might assessing this correctly. Yeah I mean I think. You know apart a computer. Those situations Bryant at Washington just because yet you know heading near term at broad and the roster is ray but you know problems turn around decades they'll. And obviously the government stepping in to. Anything close to back up like he's sabres talent on this property yellow one out it's not the best quarterback in the game like get cute like up. It's funny because I look at the windows they average about eighteen really cannot set up as a last push if you will for constant Cold War. And by that I mean guys like Randall Cobb Clayton Matthews these guys who are in the last year or deal obviously it already shown dirty now that don't work. Com I think you know pop old got coming off the books couple with 21 round pick next year and really set up or. Yeah about ninety. To be real be kind of first hole onslaught of mutant guys speak com. But that's you know your job as general managers not only to. And the future at all like you say to every year as an opportunity especially in Iraq is a quarterback I think done enough to make the team a contender. I think. And an eighty's Super Bowl champions. Had along the way you gotta get locked out of the ball bounce your way once or twice. I've got it yet they helped relative. You know in those are things that are pretty much on his role I think what you've been able to control he's done well. I was gonna ask you also we talk about Aaron Rodgers and what he has do you think they now have enough around him I mean obviously the bunt him Jimmy Graham those two guys. While we're on the cup and a headline things. What the issue always for me was what kind of depth at they have if Dovonte gets that fourth concussion in three years and has to be out for awhile do they have enough back there. To be able to get Aaron Rodgers the targets downfield let's just say Jimmy Graham who's not getting any younger. He has an issue were to NK has to miss a few games does this team still have enough to be able to say okay Aaron we've got enough weaponry around you'd be effective. Well I think it could basics so by the fact that you know they went they went to the draft they drafted those young guys. They like they pollute like Geronimo album. And I think we saw flashes from being oh yeah. The last year according to camp so what we'll be expecting some development there Michael Clarke obviously got on the field late year. But you know it's funny you're talking about. Is he is Americans more like wolf or Thompson about any if rubble was in charge right now I think. That Bryant would have been Packard yesterday. That's the kind of move it count underwrite it and they move where you're talking about what if the pocket Adam's gotten some time. You know there isn't a whole lot. Behind him so to speak at the wide receiver spot especially on the perimeter so yeah I think back animal would make a lot of sense to bolster their order but. I understand that they like what they've got and I don't doubt with Aaron Rodgers on the trigger they're gonna move the Obama score a lot of points or about. How comfortable are you always I mean you talked a little bit about the secondary but ate the more I hear from of the about patent. It's not just the pass rush it's about being really good you secondary and allowing what you have pass rush wise. To make an impact. Do you think they've done enough in the secondary to make an impact now the pass rush. Well we've certainly got. You know the potential that the promises that are we look at these young guys have been drafted in Alexander Jackson. An and he got to expect cope with the development of Kevin King but a lot of young talent that. Don't really know what you have there you're open on it kind of development and that athleticism that they that kind of jumped off the screen gadget. Comes to fruition at a coal that is quickly quickly for them. I do you think Jamal Williams is going to be in the car is an incredibly underrated signings. I don't Packers fans Republican Scott has been in an older guy yeah. That are or seen whatever and why we bring it got back but it. I would encourage everyone to go back and watch his play last year at Arizona he played lights out all last year and I think he's going to be a big. To what they wanna do as far as what you're mentioning you know just solidify the back end that they have to be back there be much. You know they don't have to be in the legion of boom they capacity competent they're a lineup correctly. And you can't you know you could go here or played last year's state without. Back in the secondary or being. You know dive out of place that permanently no communication. Is heard it all on the same page. So be a step ahead of where they've been the last few years and that will help. Obviously. You will find the back and letting the guys up front work and what Mike hadn't. He did he'd done his track record is having recovered and being able to make the pass rush work. You never really had a premiere rusher yet Mario Williams in Oslo. But that was after Williams was kind of the you know 152 year guy that he would that in Houston you he's made it work wherever he's gone without premier pass for a and I think you can continue to do the same thing. Always good shot my friend certainly appreciate you joining SA real quick before I let you go how liquid averages is Boehner gonna make your opinion. I think the weapon at peak it is able to kick the leading college I mean history is littered with. College kids who look great on Saturdays and then got in the pros at trouble Sunday so. I mean it's a bold move to collective in the first round but yeah I mean I don't. It doesn't really mean anything mean to put into it and lights and in the. Yep not completely agree I just I'm looking for some countries are just remember to words are well three actually BJ stand. Fast remember that goes down this throughout that outlook. If he is the if he does the skill position weapons that they are pretty clearly some years or think he has. Bob Dole cared that the use of the rampant and Iranian like wrecked it's he is as good as advertised. No 10. It's all about this kid producing at a level I think he's going to. Mean you're absolutely correct Bridgette is always by Carol talks in OPEC. Well thanks Daryn there you go Erin Nadler an agreement press gazette Packers you can always see his blogs and his video are murky stuff on FaceBook as well and does so much in regards to the Green Bay Packers inaccurate coverage of Packers you know we tracked him down there rejoice in this matter or challenge Schneider hiring drivers right now yeah work are they preach fairy push years immediate dot call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com. Brewers beat the Diamondbacks they continue to win on the road in all by the way don't look now. Another team that has a winning record that is not name the cubs and brewers beat as well more about Michael Shannon. You're listening to the bill. Bill might cool sports talk network.