Nightengale: Brewers are for real, NL is wide open

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, May 17th
Bob Nightengale, Baseball Columnist for USA Today, is very high on this Brewers team. Is it crazy to think they could compete for the NL pennant? Is Jimmy Nelson going to be enough to put them over the top? Who has been the biggest surprise in the game? 

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All over the government test joining us now speaking of all over is a Bob nightingale columnist baseball columnist for USA today joining us on this night George Allen Bob Prado. Warburg are great to have you back on the so we're we're sitting here talking just before the top of the hour break. And I kind of threw it out there are some look this was the litmus test for the brewers because. With some of the injuries some of the guys have had up and down. The did you step overall ranks seventh in baseball and they're going into different venues in Colorado and Arizona. Against teams that are above 500 which the perception what they had and faired very well and actually they've got a winning record over teams above 500 that are named Chicago. So did at what point do you start to look at this brewers franchise are you know like they might be for real this year this myopia. Inevitably there for real and they don't so grow up to where regain English so also. They'll pick in the National League is down this year in the best teams jar of miracle they have very little bully and you know the Burris had a chance to win. The unit has an NL central. But you know took to win their slate candidate as well. Let me is wide open and yet they got us all the club as anybody if they're going to be performing like yet but they're tough you know. Sit through their starters out is really admirable. All it's you're the brewers you're looking around brawn going on DL stint against one million dollars a year now his salary begins to go down as seasons go on but. Egged it ET you remember a time in which he saw players in productivity and big name guys like this just kind of fall off the table last year and a half have now been good for a broad. Now what you're seeing it I mean even like any you know Craig counsel to get certain you know time the time of the opinion that. And everybody is gonna walk through it. Robbie Alomar is the US you know he wasn't the same player at the end. You know the age you know Jim Thome is it just happens. And I think just via. Injuries have hit those guys a lot. You know a lot. End you know this could mean now they went doppler as a cane and and Christian notes this is sort of how much. While let me say. Guys can bet there's yet another huge national and still be a perfect situation. But you know when those things were developed brown reaching out to all the purse based. It'd be playing you know she poured it weakens they incisions. Bob let me ask you should bring up the DH and I wasn't gonna go they're gonna ask you anyway and what what we see down the road is is the DH always gonna remain just the American leaders eventually. All teams or grow adopted or they're gonna get rid of it completely what do you think. They don't give it a completely tactical teams about it really do. You practice and actually GM privileges in the bank that has just national office is so down. Militants but now I'll be up and so that was you it's an original intent. And now in office more than ever so I think you're going to blow things we have to which merely playing anyway. You know it's never realign. You know that that didn't have to do that for sure so I think I think eventually vote but at least have a. I wanted to ask you about the rest of what's going on in Major League Baseball as we kind of circle around I do wanna stand in national accents were just a moment but. Or are all week to look at the Pittsburgh Pirates in golden bear for real on the ready to fly there or is this eventually the wheels are gonna fall off of Pittsburgh. I think wheels fall off and I think they're two and you're looking to start having some injuries and things like that. It's going to circle of commitment would be scary to insert your call but I also appointed by the kicking themselves. Clear minute you know way to get that Richard get a call in this guy right now as the severity of these various and they're based off. I certainly don't see anything it is you're Pittsburgh. But certainly he's you know physical so you've been there he's now. So that I I don't think you have enough. I think eventually fall off in young's been marked. Activity trade deadline even when they order you know in first place angle reports such hit it at its editor that amount. Are going out to the west we know Arizona is good that we just saw the brewers take them on 25 and eighteen on the season their leading by a couple of games or Colorado but. You always wait for the cyclical Sampras has energized to show up in the east they're starting to but what de L happen of the Dodgers as you just a simple as saying some injuries. Now let me look at doesn't Donna back to the brewers have had warned there's no doctors yeah I think it everything went right well last year. Now every quarter on. I didn't let me read about mystic last year and I gained Justin Verlander you want to go there. They're very clear to our panel owner there with a belly helping out there isn't. You know not they cast their work in the money so it would get that you Darvish is caught up across the World Series. I'm not in the the more elite Houston. It to a new World Series and it took a page out of there are braced playbook Barack today we keep trying to get a fresh blood in there whoever won before that and they would dare call. In you know there are better you than a year ago right now that there the national cathedral and urged when he needs. They're that good for the Dodgers is that. We want them the luxury tax. You know this it cost them a little lucky that there was warning weighed in on west. When they're not out of it. Do we expect Atlanta to be good this good this special and a right now atop the east and Washington everybody picked to win the division only a couple of games back but still there's a jumble over in the east as well. You know I get nearly as big surprise in baseball that they say I don't you know lasting. But the numbers now if you haven't PGM. Yet those prospects weren't his guys. Indian very aggressive about it topless when he was enough. What it's sort of blue jeans so weak that can that you what you do at the tread that line where they go that they enter politics. Reseda what you play the course. But they're a good young year artillery is scheduled. You know does it look like it the brewers a year ago don't cut that was gonna happen I think in the race in in the base present thing. Are then the American League side which is extremely entertaining out to be honest with I'm I'm I I like national league baseball I just always have I like the the thought process that goes into as opposed to sending up your best nine hitters but for the American League has been entertaining we between the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox battling back and forth. Both teams right now get it done and then I like the fact that Cleveland's there again even though we don't have the total wins as say Houston or the Yankees by. I like what's going on the American League side right now a lot of good races nobody really get blown out of this thing every Baltimore obviously in Texas obviously but. Everybody else is gonna hang in and they're in the White Sox with the worst best record in baseball even in the central still only nine at nine and a half games back. Yeah out in America settle just that and Geithner eventually. Yup craven takes up and run where that they're just a bit of a team. Yeah direct uses that then or Toronto good team in electing me. You'll yankees and red artistic. You're used in the angels same thing yeah right there that I received in the baseball. Are all America land. In. And only want that while card games in whoever loses an elite which involved in the arch. Is target a particular yeah angels in what took place date and angels and autonomy in the locker did you know anything can happen. Before I let you go one more thing and that is gone back to Milwaukee Brewers are what they have going on. Do you see this team because there's a lot of talk and maybe towards a trade deadline there has to be this move made to bring in another starter. Do you really have to get a starter maybe you did Jimmy Nelson back to maybe I'm not saying a shadow but. Maybe a three quarters of what he was last year when he was really a dominant pitcher in Major League Baseball you gave him backseat the end of the month the beginning of Jude Joseph lot of June. He could you then say when you don't really have to go out and get yourself an extra starting our because it's been all about the bullpen. It has been about the bullpen you know there and I try to copy what is your oil that everyone will there is that way. I don't think you need one more dominant arm. I couldn't get the pace slower but you know implications talent you one of those set as well. Not like it's decades ago it looked at with us double and in the have to you know and and now those side. Dominant starters. But you know there's been so there's nobody seems now they're already other race but get seven teams official was honored. Well there's going to be a lot of pitchers available a lot of opposition players as well. So I think you know. Was never aggressive first you can jump on. In in war and gravel. I would be surprised that the brewers. Didn't go get you know. Oh please you know one more doubters. Might be somebody that might be out of do you think that would be of good ill to the Burris could use do you do you know Tucker and. One guy like Sully got a nice resonate as Cole Hamels attaches. Personally that's radiant they're going nowhere. Not going to back to the National League from the miracle it. Well in making better it got a great great track record in postseason. So yeah I'm like yeah we're talking to Costa. To get him in terms of processors like that. Great guy and clubhouse so some allowed you heard it yet. Bob great stuff I certainly appreciate you joining us for governments okay. Thanks Al judges are they a Bob nightingale from USA today the baseball columnist they're giving us the overview of Major League Baseball and.