North: Wind will have major impact at Shinnecock

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, June 14th
Andy North, two-time U.S. Open Champion and ESPN Golf Analyst, previews this year’s U.S. Open. Plus, how excited is he for next week’s celebrity foursome in Madison? Does he think Tiger Woods can still win?

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North the US open two time champion Wisconsin right now joining us on this matter orange allied anyhow you deal. Gore got baseball we got got called Mary adds it's a fantastic time a year or so. It's a little bit about you should talk right now in the sense that. Guys are over par it's playing is differ called I think is the US GA and many people wanted to see it play. But not overly are no redo of the overly difficult so tell me a little bit about fish don't come back to Seneca. Well I think basically right now the guys struggled to win the wind is blowing from a different direction and have all week. And it tumbled from yet another direction tomorrow it's on probably 1518. Maybe twenty miles an hour. And does in the golf course that. Driving the ball all the fairways not that difficult because a much larger than they've been in the past but getting the ball on the green hitting it also all the greens. And then party on the greens that the biggest part to green complexes are is typical those and UC. Analysts see some amazing stuff out. Today goes on dries out more later in the day or see if these guys are struggling now it's gonna only be worse later in the day. Any guy I was reading an article earlier this week that said you know after chambers van after the disaster and Erin hills and I'm thinking. What made Erin hills even though it was the longest course. What why why I was there such a negative reaction via the media outwardly looking and sit today Erin hills. Welcome it was a setup that the way to US chase ago of course and out of focus Erin hills did an unbelievable job. Gene in the course ready. It was beautiful. It was all the setup means. You can't give the best players in the world fairways are sixty or sixty yards wide. They're gonna issues they're your great scores I mean you winning it 350 yards. You better find a way to make it difficult form and you'd better make some narrower fairways so that. They have to drive straight is just not all bought in is our candidate because I think. I mean the longest golf course we've ever played at all and the champion never get a call more than seven. So you know that the soldiers out. I'm looking at this US open there's a lot of guys it communing contention there's some guys we've seen if you come out of nowhere. Last year I thought it was interesting because for as much criticism is Erin hills took. Open the top seven of the top ten players in the world and make the cut show is that it I mean I know it may not be a good thing for television ratings. But does that that then determine how the setup for the next course would be sued edge and a car could they take a look at that and say okay we need to make this more aren't the games are a RO. Do you ever take our original. I don't think so I don't think they look at that I think your GA as an idea what they wanted to setup why isn't a right now it's much different than a Wallace 25 years ago. As far as you know with British Airways that sort of thing. All in all I think. You know I think you can questions home to several of the top ten worst of the world missed the cut. What does that tell you I mean is that the golf course is that ago which showed up is with the players you know I. Was that a fluke I don't have any idea. Are what I ask you about obviously Jimmy stores come back to Wisconsin it's always an exciting time anytime you get any kind of a major any major at all any turn and it all coming in Wisconsin golfers come out for this they supported heavily. How much you enjoy this bringing his own. Are great you know the stadium in years I've talked about that through what. Twenty years and G Mullen away I'll that we it would be nice you know event back into town Steve. I was able to bring American family outboard end they've done an unbelievable job. It's a great event is one of the top senior events on tour. And it's great to see golf or continent and if you have the number of people have been able come out and watched that age. You know about 50000 each of these each of the two years so we're looking forward to another great year this year and have people have bought funneled golf again. Dominating north ESPN golf analyst two time US open champion and you get a chance of playing a celebrity foursome now. I know your body's Ehrenreich you get Gisenyi Allen him alive but then you go to the older Packers quarterback and that is Brett core I like to play those guys. Well you know they're they're one they're good guys aptly that law marsh for an anchor at the biggest thing. All of this year is going to be Brett myself again mr. Leno went and Derek Jeter that should be an awful lot of fun trillion dollar stop talking so. They'll be good. But it is fun to see these guys your brow was really good player when he is playing a lot of golf trees in twenty years ago doesn't play very much anymore stills. So strong and such a good athlete is just fun but it's fun to play with guys that log our sport and and you know both in there really do. Now I know you'll playing golf and you love again a golf but are you gonna have by any chance make it to the stage when Shaquille O'Neal's gonna performance this is a concert 122. Well actually I have I'm volatile all week until Saturday call. Four on the board meetings over Accenture. The whole week so it is it is that. Interest in reforming Iraq and Iraq after the open and then turning your back and try to play play some golf on Saturday afternoon I probably won't need to shop. Between now on Saturday afternoon so. It better it just safest place probably locked down militarily. If any there so if you're outside the ropes I could damage some people would. You kind of get out of the game you get into the analysts side of it how much you actually get to vote you need to go place in these courses prior to just get some of the nuances or do you play much at all. I I really don't play hardly at all Tom Watson tightly together in the elections. Every year I'll try to play at all. A week or two before that China is not embarrass myself or him. And other that I probably ten robs your heart is just a new get busy doing other things and the things you enjoy doing in all the sudden you haven't really got altered short by six weeks. I'll wanna ask you before a couple things before I let you go and that is one tiger being played pretty well this year it's kind of like or waiting for him to put that fourth round together. And then breakthrough so what in his game is it just a matter of getting at fourth round he's played three good rounds of golf many tournaments this year. I think the bottom line is that you know and I don't care how good you bet in order to gain control well. He's now back to where you are not worried about. Forty Kenny can't do because of those injuries he's now back to sort of playing golf again and he and you really have to work out of when he. Oh you've really done a million times as he. You don't have to get in contention and and be able to hit shots when we need to make those putts when you need to and I you know I think. You know everybody's. Think in that he's got a great chance this week you know see what he does this afternoon in the top of conditions that. Looking going to play it so wrong this afternoon in however great opportunity. Hey you've been there done that two times obviously is Steve Stricker have been and guys it's been so highly acclaimed and so many different ways. Are you surprised he doesn't have a major under his belt yet. Well the other hard to win you've got to be lucky to win a he's got a couple of good opportunities that you know on Sunday things didn't go his way. You know some of some of these golf courses or are. Better for other people but you know he's an unbelievable career. All the things he's accomplished. And I know you have a blocked 211. But at the same time I don't achieve waste any sleep over so you know that's good. One more thing I house badger basketball look in his upcoming season. Well we've got. Ponte helping guys coming back that's going to be different to last year. I think if you if you read in the social media stuff these kids are all there work in our. They understand that they don't want to ever have a last year which that's important sometimes. A program needs wants or I'll get people to realize how important it is to work hard and do things you can do make it happen. And it's always a pleasure to Jeffrey thanks so much for taking the Communist course OK Al you are absolutely talkies soon they go any north.