Novak: Budenholzer fits perfectly for Bucks

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Friday, May 18th
Steve Novak, Bucks Analyst on Fox Sports Wisconsin and former NBA player, weighs in on the Mike Budenholzer hire. What’s his best trait? Did the organization get it right letting Budenholzer meet with Giannis and Middleton for breakfast?

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Steve Novak from fox sports Wisconsin in bucks analysts as well joining us on this matter orange ally. Steve I don't my friend. There are very good how are jobless report marked as our pilots set. Yeah hi I am not excited about their did out relax a little bit when you hour chatting yesterday. I ignored you know the first thing I said was give me the lowdown and you. You raved about this is a friend of mine get out and legacy covers of Vegas league in the summer leagues and knows boot no holes or he said that the box not this one out of the park you kind of feel the same right. I do feel the signal when I get mainly because. Of all the candidates you look at right there was there would be questions about it. Everybody else. Was with boot Alter registry keys could prove it and somebody waited that. I think maybe it during the surge there was you were looking for someone I'll root for her to the borders are all so argue with. They're a lot of fearsome in their partner you circle you'll go without. But you kind of new ballpark our thoughts when you look at the list that would Alter terms of credentials Terkel oracle bought our. I think it kind of coaching years that he was a perfect fit soul RR couldn't be more excited I think you Kirk. Tell me what about him coming out there and you're familiar with the pop system obviously after playing their for a brief stint but tell me what about him. Makes him that right candidate euros. You'll get so there's there's a lot of things that I was going to serie. This what excites me the most based on who the books are two years it would be. The way that he. His style offense. Which if you look at senatorial seems obvious that he was what spurred by Tutsis and don't want to you can take full credit for what he was in Atlanta. Both Atlanta teams were. Working is that shared the ball almost to a fault that at some of the highest. Pat I think he's the leader pace was fast. I think that goes to characteristic shared the ball and bat. You've gotten into do a lot of talk about that like sharing the all cern the ball it's such as there was because what it doesn't happen. Which has seen you seen. On its roster you can go to a lot of pretty much say all of the players play for him. Has succeeded and I think that to me is very telling there's not a lot of order Shubert on the roster. The I I guess the biggest question because people say well. He got to the Eastern Conference finals couldn't get over the hump with Atlanta and then things began to erode from there. Bomb EU not to say it's all a coach's fault blight. From the time they went to the Eastern Conference finals two today. What went wrong in your rise in Atlanta. You ought to look there was as much as things went wrong I think that there are franchised that are in their place. And I don't think that that the front office in Atlanta and put food balls or worked probably yeah. In the end in the right place and I think that's. Very much how you saw the relationship there and court or go to leave. Very much mutual thing work in our opinion watching it happen it was a front office at great relationship which is I think it's telling an important. And them having the conversation thank you are probably not the right coach or group that were built it what it is. You can probably pick you can get a better spot and could achieve over ought to be a competitor. I think could be at the box and that's excited because. He's truly the vehicle walk you were you must think or who wouldn't take this job had other options. That this team can't be especially can't make that jump and you better a lot of coal Orson does it increase the record for current troops so I think that's also. What do you think it affected dead they'd be interviewed him in New York flying to Milwaukee where he sits now Middleton and Udonis. Udall. I loved it I do and I think it is the immediate should be the norm and mr. Lugar sort of a season or ownership group students. Do that ordered broaden their top guys their guards that it is important they're happy it is important that they're on the same page because. And be a player at a top players these guys are not important she's their partners. Very much partners were owners bonuses that these are guys making twenty million dollars. So that's what they're not just supported support the current pay guard one village to buy are going to. Yes he wanted to be happier you'll also want to make sure that that tiger ranked 45 million. Is going to mesh with his boss who you might be together with for the next hopefully ten years. Soul. What do you draw if any thing now there we were come back and forth yesterday are starting a couple of people Gary a wall full says that the official season doesn't begin until July 1. So therefore Jabari could've been inside that that that breakfast but as an unrestricted free are you restricted free agent. Prom be you know your thought process was basically no you probably wouldn't wanna be there or at least be involved in something like that what did you make out of the defected Jabari was not a part of that breakfast. Not my understanding of them and this could be wrong was that ski. There's not a lot that you talked at all or part of although sprint what's to become careers are and what tiger Kirk Kirk July wondered if there are older I get. By understanding what that he wasn't there because that. That it can't bring an outlaw division all the people try to shawl. That very much impression that longer I think there. You know just in speaking which are already there in the weeks of the season and their. Are very much have heard the word is talked about Milwaukee being a place you. Hoping to stay but you understand the process that they. Just like the book shall. Our home. If not being therapeutic based on. The conversations are that would bar it shouldn't be read in two I think that a group that monitors and was because he couldn't beat. Things that I financing and I said this yesterday. Was that and again iconic touch base with a couple people that neighborhood. You know he's got family here now he's got you know at least old chat when neighbors still being seen in the neighborhood still renovating a house. It seems like for all intents and purposes in you when he told UN neat. Down there that night at Ed Merriman social we're doing the Milwaukee best bar that Milwaukee's his home he wasn't didn't do this is his home now isn't. You know it is an electric you know you know this from speaking of a bigger problem is. He settled things and I think there's a lot of guys that fatal neglect of the hole where a lot of beat. That you go. I think he's just saying that it passed that says that the Bard not their when he tells you look are unhappy like in the gulf. He's unhappy and it so you ended Milwaukee's all or a lot of period where I hoped to. Kind of chose to beat the start of my career a little bit in the beginning. He's being up this does he heard what our outfield and apparently so does the Arctic he tortured this is where I want to say he's not a I'm an eagle Trace the big city your changes in regard to what. For sure what the story here balked he understands that it's not. It's fair that these are part of that. In his children and part of organizations are becoming whole kernel. Offers Egypt's. When you look at booting balls are coming here and you mentioned it before or the other offers. What does that say about the box organizations say. You know as opposed to Toronto. And Toronto very good team they've got some you know and they've got some very good players there and there's a lot outside the rose and company they certainly have the capability to get it done but they didn't go deep as it is they wanna to a post season. So what does it say that he chose Milwaukee oversee choosing to go to go to trial. You know what does not that you wrote about it a lot regard. So the hiring of coach what was that there was that Toronto law to cover the suitable for converged on. You worse I don't know for sure talk in lippold organizations so. In in my opinion it is completely color of yacht. I mean that because if he's talking about making this move right now at this point is careers order so order your bulk. And in the trial court will Alter the private career. Trying to win a championship as a coach. I think he knows he needs. That you need that superstar Q is that harder. LeBron will work expected to take over this quick answers at all that show that that's what you need and I think the box had a and not as they have also pieces around them that have been bashed that on the conversation. At the temperature. Of the maker Bausch. And he's got a guy I think there's been proven to build a cute guys play together and the way that you. Runs all his offense specifically is so inclusive and then maximize the dark sort that he if he's at the way he coaches there and as a star like that I think puts it over the top to talk about it but you about the contender. Talk with Steve Novak from fox sports Wisconsin in a boxing analyst as Steve I wanted to ask you talking about the cavs. The fact of the box went toe to toe with the Celtics took him to seven games the Celtics give. Bean up on Philadelphia and they're beating up on the cavs right now what should we read if anything in the that is to Wear the box are right now. Also questioned Ellis park feel the same way right when the sheet and ended. You thought also bought loss in the church while I go to one didn't want record of one very seven. And all the sudden you bought the become productive. In the NBA referred through this period of time. And you goal there's Phillies certainly didn't play it off to better on the auction Cleveland it's early in the series but they certainly have either. Which just makes you go okay what are bought the rest of it straight now and but what Milwaukee sort of that your report we will work they're happily for being an insult. I agree with the Sudan that it makes you feel differently epic about where this botched treatment is just watching blocked the merger. And how well that it played against Cleveland intro to settle equivalent truly. Were considered. Worse than Milwaukee when the suit rather sit looking at a combo walked quite a better. Bomb before elegy go at Cleveland going back home and they're going to be taken on Boston tomorrow night down two games in nine. I certainly expect him to get a win at home I yeah I can't imagine this is a big game for them if they lose game three then all of us tonight I think there. I think I read confidence wise they're pretty much shot LeBron and LeBron. And boy that Western Conference series and now I think it's wide open after usage is dominating came out and shot the lights out. I think that really put is for a school mistaken as if you look at Steve occurs face Hewitt he looked as if he was saying they're gone. Guys I told you so you can't just throw basketball's on go to win I think that was a big punch the faced a Golden State as well. There launchers in English so many street right ultimate shopped at Sony says a lot of that is true bought. One they have Peter Tucker make that shot good point two points and really slowly present you saw Chris Paul like a full year Peter Parker and regroup opener. Well big big shocker replete with that that he's got two guards. There's critical state in game one but it is not that that bullies. Arrogance edge that makes them so good and actually it they've got to be an article. Gold states. Our political statement series I think because there are more consistent defense team. Are in the east at this point I don't know I can't help also now and it looked so that there were those reforms cool book out. Yep no doubt Steve always a pleasure buddy look forward to seeing you down the road as well and I hope we get the Ed now did you projectors judging gonna join us next Saturday. A dejected yet as long as my element of the baseball public. Okay check your schedule and if you're good to go there were gonna do some some beer slinging got it standings for charity for the block party coming up by next Saturday so let me know and we'll touch base and then. A let people know if you're going to be joining me next Saturday afternoon. Well ducky scenario that Steve Novak from fox sports Wisconsin boxing analyst joining us for a couple minutes yet. Not this Saturday but next Saturday there's big block party to do this annually. And this Denny's and what's the bars and an area down their get together and it puts amusing in the streets in such second national Walker's point. And Libya celery Barnett bartender down there they donate money to the American Cancer Society. Portion of those proceeds so I'll be down there all the tips everything that I get everything goes. To the charity so he get a chance to come out they wanna have a good time not this weekend. But next week I'll talk more about it next weekend but going to be down there not only is the home of the bill Michael's garlic cheese brought. But best swings around but I'm now I'm gonna be out of work. So you got it from its all outside to his big block party out front of the I'm from the bar restaurant there so I look forward to and try to bring Steve with me Steve. Steve got touch and we'd love to do this has got to check conceive really going to be out of town we got you know some Little League Baseball but it we don't ma'am there's so. We'll find out she's going to be joining me are not he gave joint is by the way on the shatter or John Alan shatter our drivers right now. You work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years in the getting it done call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com. 844. Brighter go to Schneider jobs ducked out.