Packers Roll to 51-34 Victory Over Steelers

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Friday, August 17th
08/16/18: Green and Gold Post Game Show

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Hackers gain this over and now it's time to bring this one down. This is the polar most teen cheese pizza cleaning goal post game show. Now along with the former packer and badgers running back Gary Ellison. Here's the big. Bill Michael's. Not quite over as of yet but the Packers have pretty much running a race or running away with this 151. At 34. The score right now at Lambeau Field and a lot has gone right of the Green Bay Packers walker the program its regal post game chill on bill Michael's alongside not. Based out of Milwaukee for this one as and neither was able to make it to Lambeau Field in Gary. The only thing if I wanna take a negative away from Asia a couple of injuries that you might be a little bit nervous about but other than that. Tackling seems to be the biggest bugaboo but this team offensively speaking man. You shot Kaiser looked good -- look good too we went down the ankle of bank Aaron Rodgers looked fantastic in his brief stint so. They seem to be decent offensively gets pretty good play defense of. Yeah I mean it really did you know steel bill we saw the offense and you know air Rogers comes out and we knew what was gonna happen in you know give it to Jimmy gray airman. Did he gave you an hour which you last week we saw Jimmy Graham is an error Rogers pregame their figure out of but I have power. During kitchen passes trying to just you know give their timing down and free game in this game they came offer about foreign minister in addition parents apparently caught the ball and and so I think they're trying to give their connection together we saw that happen. After they look well I mean studio holly are all played well again but he shark Kaiser play well again. Our Boyle is not a is now enemies he's not duly did last game but you're not doing anything to hurt himself. RJ homer role art Harris another great game of double the one that he had last week when Euro longshot Elijah come row. Those kind of makes you gotta keep making we give the week of the week. In order to try to give mr. Rivera the roster spot to be had at wide receiver when they juggles three young guys in that. Jordy Nelson goals are part what they would do Egyptian god he's not injured to bed I think. He beat you got a problem major team won those rookie guys if they can give him Strasser where problem beyond reproach or short term they can develop from defense legal bill. To mean. I and I (%expletive) this last week Armisen again I have Steele trying to find a difference betraying. Dom Capers these fairs and might patents these. Ari you don't want I was gonna ask you about that because the only thing I was up to this week it had a chance how watched things a little bit. The only thing I noticed it Gary now this dramatically we don't know because you still play and some Vanilla sales if they're not really running on two guys out there are different packages. Like the one thing that I noticed was talking to Iran oil Allison was. And also are Rodgers even hit it during his presser. It was that the energy level of the defense. Is a lot more now in camp that it has been in the past where a Yorktown they can use that word accountability you're accountable for your actions. To Mike and he liked to open meetings and in uses the Euro the clicker in the back and forth argues that look at this look at this look at this. So there's a lot more accountability I don't know what that's gonna translate to that we haven't seen the full complement of of defense as of yet. That's the only thing I can tell you the difference between Dom Capers and Mike Patton as a right now. Accountability right we don't try to and we run don't mean you and I'll admit that I we were not in meetings. So we know we we really don't see that and there are still I thought and you know what I mean it appears to be either through some busted coverages. There weren't around where they share some guys won't way to try to came back underneath there's nobody there. What do you look at me read the tackling awful we thought it last year. Mean I mean they ran right through these jokers are first couple series nobody is there and they were player but no other player base. This alphabet that you saw Meredith third series my trip and came back became there was some damage to this first dealers from the get go. Came off the bus blitzing in the U sought it right away. Again saw arguable more so against bomb Harley that I did against Rogers will rot away their bullets in the hotly rot away so we saw that. The Packers didn't really get into that might lead rooting get into that marriage of a third force series for they started doing some cross dogs and it's closer and allowed backers. Brought a corner once or wobble they they just steer remain. A little Vanilla defensively. So you tell me this would you talk about the level of accountability here you pivotal locker room okay now all we don't get a chance to see it to the make it died but it. You know what it's like you know what guys like we just roll the tape and everybody countess how to sit there half you know half paying attention and half not and then there's guys that roll the tape. I do like all Elmo please don't call on the please don't call me and it sure enough they point out exactly what you did. And the difference level that the different levels of motivation when it comes to something like that is why I haven't really had that at the level that you had to. So when that does happen and of course you know Forrest Gregg was a master of call all around item you know you live in diver those kind of meetings. Bush you have to have players so aggressive his defense. You have to have players been in that that's gonna hold you accountable. For their very players. Or adding you've got to be like a self starter within yourself. Nor that you don't wanna let your team is down. Is. It just seems right to me go below that on the defensive side. I just don't know what leaders they have defensively. Amid industry is like to meet Clay Matthews does his own thing he's in his own world. Maybe is Mike Daniels maybe as a one. Seems like how hard Clinton ditches. Do what his own paying and he probably could care less I'm ME I don't know if he does not Burt. It just seemed like they just don't now. You did you do call a guy out. The coast as the new rules that locker room on defense not a ball. Is there gonna. Hold their big guy accountable who we give back on the field I don't know they got that right. Yeah. You gotta love that guy. I mean Charles Schwarz and I think for a minute was. That gap you know I mean I don't know definitively who lives that got them defensively. Our well you like pick got a mile at Kelly Clay Matthews but he's never been there ever been there rise you know out of Mozilo. Mike Daniels is a lot of hawking of people talked about that that he's wild. But you know he said he does back it up to a certain extent but I mean. Unique unique. A captain your defense you either like hot hot Clinton pitch to beat that guy hurt you know or eventually or perks to grow and bedecked. Guy yeah you know and he'll Blackwood guy or not you'll you'll you'll graying hair mid autumn mentally he's a guy. Right and he raises the bar they don't have anybody in my opinion right now at this point they don't have anybody to raise the bar. Defensively like that. I hit 855830. AG Torre led by the way it's horrible bill the first. Yet and I I. I wrote that the united I tweeted it out like in any body tackle tackle the shoulders tackle somebody why you grab guys around the shoulders and try to dance within forty yards downfield I don't get it like I was doing the stuff we saw last year -- why can't go to the wage what can go to the legs I don't understand it. It's like guys are now afraid to put their heads in there and I that might have something to do what you want which are headed because where your afraid of getting more and what. This is the time to do a pre season is the time to do 'cause it doesn't matter so go irregular. Grid operative in there. Pre season is businesses when you go to see what you can get away it worked with all these rules what what what will work what won't work. But it just felt like defense league is saying stuff. That they have a problem last year that they are have a problem right now in these first two games in its first two exhibition game losing. And I think like we thought offensively. They can score a lot of points or effort. 8558308648855830864. Rate if you want it was a shall please feel free to do so tonight. This is an easy when we talk about the turning point in the game turning point of the game probably brought by roar health care. Oh Rory gets you back to doing the things you love fighters were health provider in them make an appointment at a Warren dot org to Rory dot org. That and the first score of the gate. By the way. Are the same play Vermont Williams barge that's what I read the guys quarterback never looked away pick six here it. It's. News. It's. There. Okay. I brought about Brian Stratton college athletics hovering athletic scholarships and six junior college sports learn more at the SE bobcats. Dot com that is the anise seed bobcats. Dot com and that tonight. What you had when you had. We get Rudolph and dobbs both in there they both got picked off both were pick sixes but. You know try always been a veteran he was. Gary it was funny because as he dropped back to pass that kept saying he bought the receiver blocking receiver churn up from always dreaded. Takes it to the house so the veteran comes in and shows young guys out how stuff. Rice always if you remember it felt like the same play disallowed a fellow. Long ones who have low ball exactly same veteran he jumpsuit quarterbacks locked on. And he takes it to the house but OK let's look at some positives and womb wanna go to. That's torch from one can do and that's where he brings to the table. And so what is happening in the game you get a copycat. Josh Jackson saying play. Copycat our job is Rashid Al Gore will do you know I saw Josh Jackson. Make that same play against the badgers twice. Down the silent. And that's where a judge judge brings to table his overly France or quick. But he's more of a ball hall. Play maker title got instincts are over guy he's a great guy can play zone latest slot. I think if you were to try to run a go route or a's they already long post on him I think he did have a problem if he doesn't have any up overtime. But if you're running inning being short and he's got to cover anything in the slot I think he's got a great instincts for that and jumper in route. Eight by five feet 30864. And all the highlights brought to by hackers TV that was Kevin Harlem by the way on the call us to this I'd take a quick break. When we come back we'll start lighting about give us your thoughts the Packers. Knock off the Pittsburgh Steelers jets he's calling from Brooklyn New York ties are what he ties back Philadelphia would be to all your phone calls coming up next in the critical post it show. Sixteen stations strong the will my school's sports talk now. Don't know why new scrutiny. It's time to find out she brought you by steel horse realtor and come. Your road home begins here. Deal or Acting. Real post game show continues backers. Getting out getting a win 5134. Couple minutes to go all the ball game Ronald and earlier tonight but that's okay Jerry emotional oxide I'm bill Michael's. And that we get right to it did the drive of the game the the rush of the game I'm telling you why the rush of the game by the way brought to buy Blair posting she's frozen pizza. Loaded with a half without a real Wisconsin Jesus truly the ruler of pizza by the way Braddock hotly. Caps it off the drive of the game the rest of the game all at one here it is. Kevin dollar once again a Packers television network in the drive of the game is brought by our friends over steel horse realtor and company. Your road home begins right here steer horse That steel horse I can Belcher Mikey and Amy and all staff. Because otherwise it took care of my house I just bought a new house sold two houses I mean they do great great work over there. The drive of the game five play 65 yards in one minute 42 seconds. And capped off by that Brett probably run fine find jobs didn't phone calls Gary Ellis logs on until Michael's. Let's go to Jesse listening to is in Brooklyn New York Jesse -- York. Every year memo I don't know what it's. It's all square I'm so glad to be back with zero. There aren't meant to won't have been written to the pixel and the billboard was so. Put. The critical OK so is my home. I have a couple of questions what we hear. It more likely to make the rock there at the end of the 53 may cut down. Jake could grow. Or quit and Rollins. And the other way. Well. Okay what it is flag football we present going on race here what they're going out. I'll miss you all look at all doctor 120. Worship now Gary when he talks about who's more likely to make that team. Yeah is much is I adore course it would have been at the beginning of the season the big beginning appreciate what saint Jake who wrote me the most likely to make the team. Yes soul I see how that work and our bureau for the job these three receivers were so we are I don't know that. And you use somber look closer at these guys are oozing with talent they've got a lot to serve yet there she served you'll lose you're looking for. The ups out of the house side why I think core moral is Woody's Armenia. But I think these other guys. The three graphics. They have a chance all three of them. Have a chance to be Benedict who morrow that their children is a lot of higher. What you're getting from coral right now because he's been in early for probably years he understands what to do where to go and how to do it. Units in all the nuances how to practice he is right now our head. Of these other guys so if you look at their right now today I think he makes your team he's got to keep gore. You know hopefully he's garnered in certain racial or anything like that but I think he'll make the team. Over one of these receivers. And they are trying to stash one of these guys. All in all to practice squad trying to develop room. Our floor of the following yet and that's what it works out Quinton Ross is a whole different situation. Because he's in the on the defense aside so. They've got to figure out how many do you bees and wanna keep of course there's you know I think yours is square and Rollins is responded to Vaughn house. I think when you look at those two guys. One of those guys may be gone. Quit Rollins though he Morse. Said to be either a slot cover or safety type position because they're thin at safety. Wouldn't you think that he might end up being in the guided hangs on because he's been he's played safety before for the Packers CR a I don't know. And here's why bureau because I think. Under. From Mark Williams has started I think three games at safety for my written. And I don't know you were there if you saw this at all but they had tomorrow Williams Doran. While mobs are doing just drill work he works were the safeties and then out of the individual period become too. A little bit more from group neared the Jamal Williams goes down. To the course so I think in and and this is a meg given where seekers it was well received practice. So I think what is happening is that tomorrow we disarm or is gonna be your back up. If I think Petrino quit Rollins they got removal round probably different places. That means that they're trying to part of our forming. But they don't know how I fit. So what they do know is tomorrow we have plays safety head start at safety would Cleveland Browns. Where my written in my written knows that your mind can play safety. So when Rollins will be the odd man out that if indeed it came out the numbers as a exactly. 'cause he got you money knows where to mark do as he's done it. 855830864. Great if you wanna give us shall by all means do so what it's done now we go to Philadelphia. Tirelessly to us to Philadelphia to I don't know what's up. They've looked Cuomo Kerry look hormones. They marry other two questions we learned well at the left Korolev from east Coppola looks so. That they don't speak so far that the Serbs in the second period put on the peace but it's a bit along the Packers. Well and that the put you'd want a book also they have their own balloon that's. So cooperated straightforward guy electric the world back when it's these clearly developing and we heard clearly have been asked that we don't get on. And my second question. Do you guys think in the wood on the part quite a bit. As he reached the villain and wearing now is walk off. And greenback I don't think that we should it will start from a. That's a great question regarding heart Clinton picks because he's supposed to be the guy that. Now that till Morgan Burnett Morgan Burnett has gone. And then they got rid of various rattled because the very Israeli said he was kind of try to make up for his marriage rattles all over the place and and they were kind of keep an eye opener as to where to marry is Randall was in wasn't more so than anything because he was on reliable. Now Hough Clinton picks is supposed to be suspect they're making plays and a lot of people questioning whether or not. Ease people doing that he wasn't what he was a couple years ago Gary so. They're not getting hot Clinton Dicks to you that but still he's got their policies that bring him back. Where everybody replace them in their support and they had drafted at that position so. Alms. And it remains to be seen. How this works out for him others have come see me in me that if it is a very important season for our. In that he needs to play the best football he completed his career if he's looking to get paid to make that big money. 8558308648. This was from mark who says how much do you really tell about Aaron Rodgers and his connection with Jimmy Graham. From what we saw tonight it was only a series or to do they really get into a rhythm by using by using them so little or pre season. What is not even really rhythm bureau is more are very comfort zone to know. When I'm in trouble and is breaking down worries and I'm just brought up. And that's annually kilogram about. The heat I mean. That's exactly what am I think he's going to see a lot of this year. The brought out it looked like he was throwing it away is a great you know I grabbed his gazelle when asked to run out yeah right. He put you just talk it away I mean are you see that consistently now. Dropped as an end we saw that the other day of practice which aggregates loosed on the middle. And he's got a couple of guys in the vicinity but they just roll it up to him at least a little bit and he's off to the races are right if you see heavy that Jimmy Graham is almost then using lettuce isn't he's almost incomparable. Yes I mean there's no I could say there's no defensive back it's as big as he is definitely the way he can it's almost to where he's on comparable to sport he's almost like. Walked 2.0. Or pork it's grown Patagonia atlases it was wanna look at. Yeah I mean. I think will what I heard Jimmy Graham is. They he'd left and and he leaves new war housing goals. Overtures Schiavo and really did fit that seals dolphins. They know that they wanna run a full ball where it would Marshawn Lynch. And that they knew that they really will push the ball downfield I just think that trade did they may free him. Just did not been feared hero or you didn't do you feel CO they thought they would. He's gonna come to green beret it's gonna have like a resurgence of his career you're just hope that he's got enough in the tank. To dude won't do this for sixteen games or just a supply of many gay guys. As kind of being around little bridge they've got the word terror auto is document play sixteen game like that that contained applies. 85583086455. B 30. 8648. Best hands of the game speaking of Jimmy Graham take a listen here it is. Best chance of the game brought by the Wisconsin borrowers still follow the Wisconsin deputies are mobile app. To find the nearest Wisconsin brewery it's really cool you download the app. You put your location and they'll tell you right where the most what the nearest Wisconsin brewery used to use of what it's good. Wisconsin craft brews that that is the apt to have its Wisconsin brewers' guild was dealt with Wisconsin tapped chaser. Mobile Labrador take a quick break taking your phone calls. Packers Mac and all the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight in fine fashion 513. For the final at Lambeau Field. We're talking about it so should you be 8558308648. Or the critical post game show right after this. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. It's a numbers game and this one really stood out in this one stack. Presented by out royal then make it simpler for companies just like yours to implement SAP and big data solutions and write your future. Brought back the Packers knocked off the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lambeau Field I've built Michael's alongside Gary Ehlers and Gary after each and every game I usually go right to third down efficiency in the Packers tonight defensively did well on the they helped the Steelers 47% three of eleven. Which actually one of those stats that look like OK there's one of the reasons you can talk about a win good I'll tell you what early on his ball game that's third downs that didn't mean blank. Because they couldn't tackle it was a first second doubt it was kill them so we never got the third down because they're allowed it to kind of you offensively go through that defects in the knife through hot butter metaphor so to speak show. Is much zealot with a point 7% say OK good job for the defense could -- job on third down. That's one of the stats that were right now it's misleading total offensive yards the Steelers hit 370. The Packers only 357. Even though the Packers. Were 43% a third of six of fourteen so. The stuff I'd probably go to misleading and that makes sense knowing. It is in his because of where you just really taught them are used to going to grade his is that they couldn't. You know the ages they can never get to third down because that these guys just run all over the dark place and and you know. So we're talking and long term view word Rupert talking to wall. I just think two to be Super Bowl. You've got to be at least at worst a top fifteen defense and fifteen instruction. I mean it just feels like flew the plane makers on defense. Area but not don't I don't take anything away from tomorrow Williams is I just think he's given me more than there where it will although. And maybe more workers and they can do more to. Him everywhere and actually in I don't want overreact but. I think the strong through this team is going to be edited the terms of mom and maybe you did play. More before three than what we've actually be similar as we've been seeing a lot of 34. So far. Are in our in in the pre season so maybe they do some a little bit more different. 8558308648. Part five feet 3086482. When he was shot by all means do so by the way. Reached out of the game it is have brought to our friends at at royal ATP are OYO dot com they make it simple. For companies just like yours to implement SE PMB data solutions so revolutionize your data ignite your future with app royal on the web. Eight PP RO YO dot com that's ATP Oro YO. Dot com arts writes what he's email inbox they guys greeting you back on the air glad everybody's doing okay it's been a long offseason that I miss you guys. I'd rather listen you guys Enron about anything that my wife it by your belt and DIY stuff out there and it's what he did it goes on to say. How often do you see that combination of Rodgers to Adams over Roger hedged grain. Who becomes his favorite part. That's a great question. And I you know Gary we talked about this before well you maturities this guy but he urged proven in the past whoever's open wherever the mismatch is that's where he's going. Why why do you answer a question I do agree with you but I think. Jimmy Graham is far and take Sumner red zone targets away from divide that he got last year. I think he's a got a red zone that going to be looking for to get that match. But they Dovonte council gave more than passes. Let's say from tour and it toward. And probably some more than deep balls too Arty you know the other the other guy that really kind of grown on me and I in the beginning I thought about it just beat you were to ever put. After watching drawn Wallace in the last couple weeks guy that guy's got so much better known consumer fetters a wide receiver. No he's nice and then we had a morrow all right show. Girl Ashley you know did a dead horse and plow. And just such a great guy that you noted you wanna learn he's made some mistakes. Last year. I feel but I think he's understands they're in these bridge to redeem himself. And he's one of those guys that Roger is really like in Medicare I got he can rely on. 8558308648. Gives you shall. This was from Joseph Joseph is hey Gary as a running back what do you think Gary Jones missing a couple of games and try to come back can be effective. How much will the suspension or. Told again far behind but on the thing of it is I I just don't see anybody else backed. Timer gummery Jews. I don't know what he's doing I mean he's is he missing huge blitz pickup tonight had a fumble. I mean he's not looking in the grays and you start looking at those that third that left position in a spot. Timer gummery is not doing anything to separate himself. From Erin Jones nor I mean he's he's right now he's not. Separate where you thought they will be Jamal Williams who will be timer gummery. Anti age is not doing anything to separate from Erin Jones. If your gives you shall do so otherwise it is a point where he can hit me up at bill underscore Michaels at the waters or Michael's or bacteria act Geary tellers and at Kerio hours in his well you can also had a radio show at radio Joe's sports. This was from breyer's is one Packers make bold move go ahead trade for Matt they wanted to with a Super Bowl Reggie White that it Charles Woodson won a Super Bowl. Third time should be the charm you guys agree there's a lot of talk about the collegial Mac thing. And I was asked it's funny cause I was. I was out today a little while and it's also people that were kind of taking care army they want the first things I was asked was. What you think of the colonial back DO do you think it's gonna happen and carry as much as I wanna say yeah. It you know it we can talk about that 21 round draft choices in your well they're technically kind of second routers anyway it's going to be late to first in. It just hasn't been the Packers weight oh let's go to kids all of a sudden just. Goes ahead does that you would have to do with this week if you're gonna do what you gotta get it done but the thing I keep coming back to his if you're gonna pay the man. You can't pay Aaron Rodgers. So what are what are you gonna do. Well I think you can hear. Because I think mixed year you you have. All quite come off the booklet comes all the books. Run a cop comes off the books. And so that's what does that by about twenty million right there are thinking is that for 22 so I think there's some room do would you Reese and our Rodgers threw an extension there'd be some extra money there so yeah I do you can actually do would it mean there's a way to get it done there will be so money's there. The problem Tuesday with the raiders want more than that now view do the the Jimmie Johnson's. You know little. Grade Baja you go by gig draft picks. Did those draft picks will be in the tour means. And I guess as it stands that they take to draft picks will be the equivalent anywhere between do you fear. Or eighth pick in the draft that you can get maybe lacquer warning sector it. Or forty fear of Rick. In the first robbing your goals to predict the written and plus the rays worked bureau they would own the first round because then they would have three picks. In the first run naked rumors do what they wanted to just don't think of it gesture Meehan and it could be wrong about Jon Gruden but it just feels like to me Jon Gruden was a you know that's due out on the big dark here. Right that does my outlets exactly what this is my house I don't wanna get paid a hundred million you know right. So we we can do without you I goto somebody else know we really don't need to talk about what a permanent communities don't judo move grow. Without. All it's just by the way it looks when you talk about different guys went off Randall Cobb. Make in the what does it this year things like make it open yet claimed its interest your eleventh. So you know as far as a cap its ghosts who aren't talking about point three million dollars between these two guys correct that you're going to be able to take off your books IE. Let me ask you this is pulling on my core point million a year. Yeah his. His the other guy that they don't have defensively. And he's he's zero Rogers on the thoughtful. And they don't have that he automatically makes Clay Matthews. A bed dude again. We're also has no the 'cause it got out there right now is that Barry. And they are aren't going to be honesty here I wanna watch it very the other day going out and you know you probably kind of work on the Shia. Don't get me wrong I mean I know he's come back from injury with doctors usually work on the side you know what do coaches are watching you gotta get after them you know here. He doesn't talk about guided dogs on the house. Man. As he looks bureau if you watch him he looks the looks as though the down looks lumber mean and mean. He looks like the defensive linemen did they turned into it out Thailand. Here's what it defensive linemen got paid. Well yeah but I mean this that's what it looks like if they got it got me Dave Wright went out arguments when you saw a Julius Peppers you you would like. Okay he passed reactive like right we knew he was defense in Lima but he can play outside backer pure don't say that so martz were with. Nick Perry blow to you know it's. If you're brave little Mac. And you bring blue America you directly Matthew then you've got nick Perry you've got some. Right well the other thing you got I and you and I just talked about the person whose show is I think there's your leader. Correct that you guys the guys yes of fraud both in Mike the angels in Toledo Mac. That you're talking just jet fuel genuine damn right. Grown ass men that claim up front and our leadership of the policy as well take a quick break come back we've got some more phone calls to get to Eric listening to was an all court to be first out the chute. Packers get the win they knock off the Pittsburg Steelers. Tonight at Lambeau Field large crowd there tonight yet again 5130. For the final stay tuned for the regal pose a joke right activist. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk and work. Sometimes you gotta stick and then sometimes you got any yet. Let's find out that it took the game sponsored by boilermakers 107 die. Building and rebuilding America for over 225. Years. Back to the program they hit the game it came it was a couple of guys that met at the quarterback cannot say what theory god I was watching closely camp the other day Reggie Gilbert a guy they continue to talk about. The college freeagent they've brought in last year. Really wasn't expected to do much but he's gotten bigger he's gotten faster he has certainly saw a lot stronger he meets at the quarterback with Tyler macro. Yours it in the game. That is brought to the boiler makers local 107 building or rebuilding America for over 245. Years you can check their partnership opportunities. At boilermakers won a seventh. Dot com Gary a few words critic guy that might Clemens has been telling you about for years now. It's a keep watching this guy he's in better he's a guy that they keep talking about what he's given an opportunity he's got speed he's got tenacity and it's one of those guys it just. You know to use the Iraqi terminology he's got kind of guy that tiger right now and Reggie Gilbert's been impressive witnessed it. So that they don't go making cherry would bloom that that's because they are so high on Gilbert. Right. And and so he showed up tonight image that he would be the reason why. If they don't already tray they think they may have something in him mobile mobile always seeing guys like this were. In regular season comes as does disappear Isner come since the numbering thing to the to the plate where we're we're we're we're Julio MacKey nowhere to go. It let's go to Eric listening to his and held court was Johnson still on hold Eric I do it that was going on. Not much so much. I just actually went by about Josh Jackson or a quick. I note in the second half but. I'd love in that takes six because that got the ball hawk you know watching him in Iowa he always found himself in the right place at the right time. To get the bond picketed in the bends down and I'd love that he did that in the preceding do incompetent. And that he's a playmaker and such right and I just think he is going to be incredible coroner. I've never cheered at the draft but when Dietrich drafted Josh Jackson and I'd I'd jump I was happy to keep hitting bay so. I'm pumped on them I'm kind Josh Jackson at that level or content type guys. No I I agree I was watching Josh Jackson this week earlier opening dampened. I tell you why I like him I like Josh Jones too I like the fact that there's a lot of communication back there they're culpable the kind of jaw jacking a little bit put. Put Josh Jackson having don't get me wrong. Alexander's got good wheels big arms long lanky guy who looks like he got that down if you really well in distort everything coming back the shoulder injury. I think they're pretty good I I I give Fukuda is right got to go against what they found the net secondary knowing that they're not only needed to fortify but it had to be good. I'm look it's pre season it's training camp what are behind these guys and excited to see the regular season Gator. Nor I would agree with here Brit you know when they made those two pigs registered. To mean you go your jury here Alexander and he's I thought more was. Punt returner. Slot guy. Bomb and then you follow was Josh Jackson didn't have a speed of Alexander. But like you said it is a playmaker. Currently in a slot. Cured makes him a blow wasn't overly fair so. Would like to see how Mike Hayden used both of these guys. To work districts are too to make them better or what we do know is that I think. Josh action is learning I mean he's you see that play god songwriters for rush talked film may. That same way against the badgers twice right in front of me and right pharmacies sell. We know the guy can do then we know he can jump routes and that's what he's done is caused her. Let me ask you this do you feel that the is it stands right now. That the strength of that defense is now the secondary where the weakness was before. No I think to strengthen the team is is probably different line. Well what is it but if you are you asking me is it better than what it was last year. That remains in recent Lindsay if you really reduce those proposals that are really good season mean you don't allow us to start to blur and he was Libya's DV. You'll especially be after he got bench yet or off the lead in the year. He was the best gathered ahead here. So I mean I mean right now you do bring in tomorrow Williams we know woody is. That's it Yvonne how and quit ros almost one of those guys may be cut. And then evidence Jimmy's got a butcher of her. Young no name guys and mean Lindsay took in do we we had a Marshal. You know bill you and I did opera and she'll Borg and work. And then you've got what herb Warner's. Mean you got a lot of other just got a lot of other guys out there. Who really don't have. I AB huge present mayor what they can do. This is from John who says tonight. He's at the Packers will keep cool overall it probably keeps seven wide receivers here's my question of that though. And maybe you agree great. I I still think that there's a big question mark that offensive line and others then you've got that is specifically the right side if you've got somebody that goes down. You know I was talking to my Clemens on my name my excellent point that they don't know what's gonna do left tackle if somebody goes down and and you gotta start moving guys around him. The talk about Mercedes Lewis. Being at the stopgap per per you know like you know kind of chip blocking it just staying on the left side and hoping and I I don't know they can afford to keep several wide receivers because they may have to keep it a tropical climate just to be sure. Yeah they do and so that's the good the bad part about Murphy bureau with Qatar would allow a comeback but Murphy tonight. Did not look good enough to. Oh waited not noted that. One more time the Green Bay Packers get away and we got another hour the regal post game show coming up light alliance are gonna from Mike McCarthy Aaron Rodgers. Some of the others inside a locker room like punishment of groceries radio writer Joyce is well 5134. The Packers knocked off the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lambeau second pre season game under their belts. Now they have on the road for a couple but stay tuned we're not done talking about it one hour yet to go. More critical post it show coming up right after this. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk and at work. Packers gave this overt and now it's time to bring this one down. This is the polar most keen cheese pizza cleaning goal post game show. Now all along with the former packer and badgers running back Gary hours and here's the big. Bill Michael's. Welcome 5134. That's the final at Lambeau Field as the Green Bay Packers knocked off. The Pittsburgh Steelers. And they did it in fine fashion to home games two wins now they head out on the road and boy tonight a lot of offense seventeen in the first seventeen in the second fourteen in the third. They kicked long field goal in the fourth a couple pick sixes defensively so. Not a bad night for the Green Bay Packers welcome Michael Michaels along side of metaphorically speaking I am in no Clair Wisconsin and our affiliate here WA YYN. Gary's back our flagship station it is portrait of one approximate from the pin. In Milwaukee a little bit split apart but still put together again and so Gary we talked a lot about you know the offense and Jimmy Graham and some of the things in the beginning and has put. The number one thing people are talking about really two things people are talking about one is. Will they go out when will they go out and what time will they go out vehicle we'll Mac. And widest tackling sucks so bad not only in the Green Bay Packers organization but pretty much across the board. And I tell you I wrote tonight it's. Tackling global people's civil little practice that's fine okay I understand that means some teams doing some teams don't because some teams are better than others. But tackling you know as well as that it tackling is or will its heart it's it's. It's it's a tenacity what is it somebody and there's too much DNC there's not enough technique there's not a nasty. And AI I think when we talk about legal Mac that would go hand in hand you bring in the nasty brink in the deep that you bring his skills which I think another reason of people clamoring. For bright good case to go get this guy Ron Wolf put his stamp on your organization with Reggie White men with Brett Farr. Ted Thompson came in and said you know what we don't need to Britain's got the next Brett Favre and the stable. I drafted Aaron Rodgers he's our guy and oh by the way we're gonna Charles Woodson he's gonna develop that defense and were good ago. You've got Aaron Rodgers if defense truly wins you championships. This is a no brainer that you should be are probably on the colonial Mac let the chips fall where they may go from there. You read about fifth or as an attitude. And I just don't have a tough attitude to get a guy in my games we don't know where more work is going to be brought. Dick you know they need. They just don't have it that I don't have that that guy that you feared that. And and the NFL's kind of got away from that ride and they don't want those guys in their. League anymore host gadget did you head out but still. You've got to have some sort of pushed back some sort of through local in this Q who your defense I don't know they have that guy. Defensively. Yeah I. If you had to pick that guy we we don't we both would say OK so Mike Daniels right you look at Mike Daniels I got that I would really like spirit quiet. But it got a really like Clark. I mean he's kind of geek com. Peace in the middle suck it up double teams play extremely well I'm really happy with the progress. Continues to look good. I don't know he's got that stand out nasty tenacity you kind of hope that my treatment treaties out had a couple big hits the other day in the padded practice I was kind of open while it in my trade he's an expenditure. Bill. No I mean it will wasn't wasn't much he no impact there are so Bronson. Yeah is so easy I just I don't I don't know Lawson would be maybe Oren Burks living develops and bad guys to life. You know put. They don't I don't and adapt it yeah ago they don't have anybody. And that that's kinda. They're probably you you talk about your right do you target Bob stands you talk about. Wrong wolf Brett Favre talk about Ted Thompson. In in in its intended and give it credit he deserves would hold Charles Woodson. The Ryan Pickett immune forget about arrived at a big role these played. And and Aaron Rodgers and so you know what is good Nicole's will what is going to be is his big move his stamp that he leaves on the team right now. Nothing so much and so maybe he's waiting for these two picture he has next year by. Did this one your father remove away from Rogers try to give tradable. That's in and again it goes back to whether or not you believe if Gilbert's the real deal that you say okay. I I I understand it will sit on the knicks will go pull we have we believe the scheme we have is going to work in that Mike Patton is critical to muck so to speak. But when you leave a guy that sitting there to scroll in just wanting to go to a different franchise different team and get new life and get paid. And proud to say okay I've arrived ever in the money I'm coming in been nasty for TV it's a legitimate shot at winning a championship. When you've got approving cats it now there. It's harder than its currency while Reggie Gilbert's are gone beyond oil like particular what he's done right coach Lomax a whole different level correct. Correct and here I mean yes they're they're not. They're not the same book mobile you told look at the upside if you go get Leo met. A what his defense came becomes a kind of met Joseph that they can have. If they can keep room. And and to move big schools so they decide not to trade. A Clay Matthews or not betray me merrier midterm not betray Gilbert you had him with clue meg you've got the they held the defense. Initiative hosted his yard often Limbaugh announced that you broke little bag you you are. They favored to give it to the Super Bowl not win it but your favorite to give to these Super Bowl with Pluto met his death Jack. You would certainly take your defense almost have to then be considered close to top that makes you do he's done that makes everything about 855830. 8648855830864. It's good materialistic to a zero Rosemont Minnesota Gary I don't that I mentor rock. I'm doing great still think particular call. Well I got a couple of different questions on that first and concern about you know people rail contract hope for obviously your reasons. But you know what what I want people. You seem like. Pat let circle that point agreed to turn recover most foot injuries because you know it's great back to overcome backed by. What do we have after that you be hoping people come around but. It is very important at this point. I'll put is ports deal goes scare me they were eight this is like the rookie year old over. They didn't get training camp pleasure him or our attorneys at so they never got a chance to really. Etiquette in that rhythm to go through that appreciate the phone call Gary's always thanks for listening Rosemont Minnesota. Dated night get a chance to go through that yet they get a chance to go through all the pre season games in. It got to go through way the films and when they got thrown into the fire was already you have to performer perform now if you're behind. McConnell it's kind of like learning math. And error calculus. And you missed the first three months of the school year end on there that they were removed on. Mean everything you just try to catch up at that point this is the first time these guys had a chance to really kind of go through it and they're absorbing it for the first time the rookies is like some of the other guys that are. No they are and if so that's what you gotta give you you look at Beagle lost a whole year last year so you're right in essence this is his rookie year but as severe you. Fourth round it was pretty Han. Our federal I think it was a fairly. High pick as well maybe fourth round somewhere and close. And your kids nothing that either one of those guys and judges. And that's our ticket and that's not a bridegroom has problem that that that's attended drought that that. Those guys endured now you talk about big old bill with the two for one they're right I mean there was Beagle. Who else. Kevin King giving Kagan could get defensive back out right so you go back and revisit that mold humans who would you rather. The white kid are these two guys right now I think what it is wouldn't that. That didn't played in nineteen right Y yeah. Right note D. J. White yet did you seek D. J. White sweep by the way nor did they they officially elect when they when the experts who have landed in Wisconsin he says first job call overs. Yeah we have now wait a great view that it was got the first out Colbert I've mechanical liberals we're. Let's let's throw a little on that's regular border perk early today through her. Up by the way the injury report tonight and there's a couple of guys saw that Brett Huntley he was toppled little bit one point this ball game. Obviously you had him Craig go down with a injury it was another one that I'm missing. Joseph do you remember Tucker head I don't Jamal Williams had also ball Williams since he left the game right yeah and because McRae was calf injury. And that's what they label it they won't they they start the movies me. What I saw on the field that started movies the really was haven't been in the need is for that you think a result like got a alignment got rolled up orders something but it was more calf injury. Williams went down Huntley got hit from behind he was topple a little bit and hold him out that's when John Kaiser payment. Put up an added it was somewhat of a clean EP for the remake. Packers well a couple other notes McRae said in the locker room tonight that he is going to be fine he says that he took like a helmet or need down there. To be calf but he says he's gonna be fine so that's good. And Jada Cordero. Had left the game right three scored that touch when he left the game with a shoulder injury they were sane. Walt cougar attacked on the lot groom are burial might Clemens said that it's just a stinger. For coomer okay so okay that's that's pretty city is run and not a gasket into the end zone that's why he rolled then and that caused the stinger initial. Congress are we not do that anymore. I brought you by the way from. But we're Luigi frozen pizza frozen pizza that takes fresh guaranteed available at most quality grocery stores ever all throughout Wisconsin when you get one of the weak cheese pizza from a grocery store. Get that big daddy all my good the them goodness the meat all over I think. Big daddy is fantastic that Tuesday that that's a big Eddie Jordan itself it'll kill the kids up to trust my kids love that thing. 855830864885583086. Quarry to what it was shout. By all means do so eight RID 308648. Or take a quick break Packers get the win they knock off the Pittsburgh Steelers 51. 34 state to more critical post game show right activist. He ordered to a mortar the film Michael's voice told the network. What about the next opponents of I don't gamble or how old Green Bay game plan for this 100 and Hezbollah. Yeah time for some forward thinking. Sponsored by for our financial partners moving forward together and find your way forward. PW I dot com. The port thinking moment of the broadcasts critical post gave Joseph the Packers get the win and they knock off via the Pittsburgh Steelers. An easy fashion 5134 at Lambeau Field so Gary Aaron Rodgers played in this one. It does say so he starters in this next game upcoming you see all of them get in all of them get their work. And then that's pretty much all the guys trying to make the team for the you know couple quarters and then a full game after the fact. Yes she's got a little ball Rogers I thought maybe this is going to be his. Only game visuals and played doing pre season. So they may run amok there again are in the next game was in Oakland and may run him out there gambit. I thought this or maybe the only time he played me what we'll see how they goals. Most certainly I think if you look at the quarterback. Position. Erin does in the latest tremor would Jimmy Graham he does need his term with some of these young receivers is gonna be playing on third down. Are up but I think the battle is between Carly and Kaiser and and Boyle and tonight Tim Boyle. Really didn't have that stand out now named that he had last week. Now I agree. Music either it was talking about last week and all you gotta get this guy he was the case and hill. Of the of the Packers staff last week and then this week had a chance to shine played OK but I mean there's nothing stands now like we've seen bright lad. Lastly right right. And so once again I think you know I think they go three quarterbacks I don't know how they. You know I think your daily life Huntley I think they've been in precedent Lee. I think we're Joseph field and cover and I think that maybe you're an uptick on why he's. Playing a little bit better having played last year. I think Kaiser steel learn the system something big caught and he gave them first round pick for mentally go. And I think you look at your boy I think you know he's there are a work in progress. That they try to urine of righteous. I was saying I am people were asking last week the same thing of us. And I say if I had to pick today he's most likely guy that they try to get through the practice squad around does get picked up by somebody's gonna wanna come become one of those projects favorites of Mike McCarthy who's gonna say how much he really likes him and wants to keep them here and all that kind of stuff then. And after that it's you know it is what it is so anyway that's just it's just our two cents on as we start to look ahead which is also. By the way brought to by which took a look at the thinking forward rockets so to speak our president forward financial brought by report financial partners. Moving forward together or learn Moret FF PWI. Dot com forward financial partners WII count at ftp. WII comic what's great financial information. Let's do this the cedar everybody a whole let's. No we don't which I've got one here from mark though. Out of the email what he's email inbox in Marx's hey guys. Defensively speaking do you think that nick Perry is going to be able to come back and be effective. It seems he has an injury every year always seems to slow down just after it now we're starting out the season with the injury how competitive do you think he's going to. But he. Over another pirated games and enter plea drew. This season twelfth. Clay Matthews. Thirty. Ego Arctic so Visio I mean we've seen it I mean we we've seen it you have the year to year. Are they gave mid period a huge deal. And he he had a pretty good season the year before and that's Roy gave the torment. They always reward the guys that are in male locker room for a blog page somebody else. So you're stuck with a guy that who you're right you both of these guys you can probably 1213 games this year I don't. I don't know what you can do about that. 8558308648. Let's do this. Aaron Rodgers says spoke to the media a little while ago chatted about his night out there's rocked by the grand no business improvement district. Grant Hill fear of the feel the energy in the power ran bill business dot org it's grand no business. Dot or let's Nicholas Aaron Rodgers and what he had to say that. To they go Aaron Rodgers after the ball game talking about it let me back and you know Gary it's weird because there Rogers it got a little choked Jody resident of the Tony gets the ovation. Who is always used to big ovation and I won a Super Bowl you're you're you're you're pleased in bronze went. In Green Bay within a happens but it was coming back from injury that he said that that choked him up. This cat has changed. Bureau this talk about I don't know what's going all of them I mean. Here as Jews. Mean from the whole thing did he do we're. The the back of employers were Donald Trump to. He was also talking about to the MBA in their card sharks are those guys are making a lot of money and then he's. His poor performers and then he. Jumped down was. The media guys in their loved it summarized above or do it and am I bill Ahmad will be to got to do it right. In the end and now he's. Chill out and let me I don't know I mean. Is the race car driver Dermot here on this since the civil war now here's a question that they officially break up or operate what we're doing. Well apparently she had you know take it all his pictures and stuff offer her Twitter account the economic all that stuff in the road and go out. That was a while ago and then. You know they're they're making jokes with the each other and are hitting at the espy's and people a civil they're not so I don't know who's going on around maybe his personal life is is better amounts. There were are told they were due to get this these weren't the milk. That's what did it certainly seem like that exit that they broke up because she took all the pictures offerings agreement very. Well I don't know man you know like. In less it really affects his play in the field hoping Aaron Rodgers personal life is really I got so much else going on in my manages around him Danica you know you do my life becomes people you know neighborhood yeah. Would do you. Your career grown as mayor from. How did you go down. He's got like 34 houses you know usually. And yeah sure to consolidate though the odds that run about. Yeah I got don't like going on today it was a that is completely with the cameras be open a whole thing to. All families and a clear now. Army alert bill every beer pitchers follow you everywhere you go army is three you can do like her huge book be. Adventures of bill Michael's. You know what's funny is when today happened I got a text won the first people to text me was my clemency sit I would call Simon and Schuster right now because now you have the last chapter of the book of blank that only happens to me know I hope it's not the last attribute because in the last two after the that means you're gonna die so that means that resemble well I'll tell you those fees go. I wasn't there nor here he's got it I guess seven or lol let's do this we got like McCartney governor of next that a critical post Asia. Six clues stations strong. You might school's sports talk now. What's the big guy got to say about this one this segment of the you might regular say stores where Wisconsin's saves on groceries now let's hear from grew. Head coach Mike Mike. Back to the program Packers get away and they knock off the the Pittsburgh Steelers 15130 for the final at Lambeau Field Mike McCarthy had a chance to chat with the media after the ball game Matt he's brought to fire threat to pick and say where Wisconsin's saves on groceries Nicholas in the Mac. And they go that was Mike McCarthy after the ball game talk of the media and a lot of good stuff to talk about lot of good things again on film. Good night for you know we've talked about the backups a little earlier Brett Conley. Not a bad evening himself read only goes on nine of 677 yards. Zach a couple of times. The along especially it was a 2.3 yarder he also ran a couple of times report yards but took it in from ten yards out. He got himself a touchdown but the guy that really. Did the damage tonight at seven at 120149. Yards a couple of touchdowns in that long 82 you America pitching catch and then run. Jake who were all. And now is to shine Kaiser quarterback rating of 140 twos so last week. Both imminently kind of played about equal today Kaiser definitely has separated himself. What Brett and I only did he is our Chile's MVP of the game by the way to John Kaiser having a big big night. For the Green Bay Packers chili's is that maybe it is back and that is from our friends at chili's and so Mike their Gary. He talked a little bit about you know some of the things that are now on tape some of the guys that played well tonight it seems like a lot of different aspects of the ball game he's pleased. But I still think that if you have the circles say the top three things most concern one obviously tackling defensively to draw that line is still in flocks. And I think offensively speaking though. I think the hardest decision is not necessarily going to be affixed with the offense line is but it may come down to who you would cut analytically you're gonna have to cut because it seems like offensively speaking. There really deep and I don't think their tournaments Jordy Nelson beat. No I I think that's why you were you going to Jimmy Graham I think that you know their lives were you make up some of that room for. Mean knowing it was really you're two for one deal if you go back and look at the package YouTube that Jordy Nelson go. You do Jimmy Graham MI hum workers and four for the deal a source two for one. Are you turn when offensively you I think it's going to be some big you know big decision made at wide receiver spot but also bill. We keep we keep talking about Leo McNamee is. Maybe the operative who and we need to be taken a look at especially. When you reprint here rods that type of money he's sure bill castles did you you don't. It just feels like bureau on shuttle war they need to be at left tackle and right tackle right now. Do you think. That they get this game now I know out of chapter reporting their clothes and we've heard this before and James Jones to check Armenian airlines to check with James Jones when it's done everything. What how close realistically do you think there are. Yet the I really don't know I mean I thought this thing would have been done. Before the first pre season game any it is it is indeed done so. Are important no one really knows I mean in I just came word she does deal I mean it's it's gonna be good deal of all deals in his duels gonna set the market. We we thought that. We thought cousins got paid a lot of money. Instead after but it is met Mair crying Gabbert does do is go home loan bank here. I see. Eight it's just hard for mean to you and I guess today's days look I don't wanna see a player that statement. I keep coming back to how much is too much. And no quarterback in history the NFL has won a Super Bowl making more than thirteen and a half percent of the team's total salary place. And and that's his apartment except maybe you know look if he goes on does it then. They break the bank for anybody that's worth boy it's just it's hard for me to say you can pay him all that. And then what you can do you know me AP don't get a guy like right now we're sitting here staring down the the double barrels of metallic Leo Mac. And really in reality the only holdup would be how much apparent. Correct you know because it's not about you know I know the telegraph towards bush. It is what it is is how much gonna pay a busted this is take a quick break and got it's actually inside the locker room like Clemens for a medical serious radio our guys standing by stay tune more critical postage correctness. Everywhere it was Johnson. The bill Michael sports talk network. The program. Critical post game show continues. At the Packers started off with a pick six. To Ron Williams a 25 yard interception return for a touchdown on the very first offensive play of the game for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And the Packers honestly they they never looked back after that they get a 5134. Win welcome back to the regal post game show burial is alongside I'm bill Michael's we now go to Green Bay Mike Clemens. Offer medical series radio our guys at the locker room standing by Michael would you see tonight. I've billing Gary well you know Jake called moral the you know somebody nudged me and setting a rock chick who rose going under the medical category you're kidding. You're kidding after that fabulous. 82 yard touchdown Ryan's. Run the linebacker and dodge in the safety there in the background. Well we asked them about what was the deal with the shoulder cassettes of the what they reported in the press box that just before Jake talked to us. Of course you get about five minutes dissertation from the front office and what to say not to say. To the yeah but then we had talked to Jake about today is big touchdown catch nine Lambeau Field. There is a good play there. You know the offensive lineman on the ground for us you know it's not as big key and passing game's on the line hold down. And I just did my job that I am proud to invest in my ability and keep you flip on the money like they are as duke and then. I caught in turn around and didn't see much much much progress that is for the ouster on him on the Golan via souls. Sure you're okay yeah. Tim find that is you know homeland and I'm finding out listening limits on this if it's a fun. Talk about it and you breakaway league pitcher quarterbacks have turned now you see. The real estate the end zone. Yeah I was just hanging Scania safety and then give victim suffered two way go off of them and my reaction just taken inside a memento and you know incident that is this country is just move on and hit provinces on trying to get in the Chinese girl. Okay jump around and it. They get a chance there. It seemed like you Didier try to play the Bob and try to get out in front of it and you know after he missed. If he didn't have a chance of becoming the tackling because the way for the violence and. And they go that was Jake overall Mike at least it was just a state Ernie does he think it's going to be anything that's gonna. You know people out pretty electric time. No and that two other injuries Jamal Williams number thirty first running back yet an ankle. Just when McCray was down on the field that was attacked entry. And they just briefly sent I don't know I would have gone back into the game or not you know regular season and obviously built on the more spot. Tomorrow morning. I thought Brett probably move the football again but. And I'll sometimes just. He just isn't it that next level you'd like currency as a passer in the pocket. He does and he always more comfortable with each of these games and that having a running touchdowns. I think he was under pressure I think the biggest problem the Packers may be no team right now tonight. Is that outside linebacker situation. And I thought it was interesting that they started Kyle murky at left tackle. Then they moved him to right tackle. And they've. No he started out at right tackle could Bakhtiar was in there when Rogers was in there. Backyard was an effort humbly for awhile as well so calmer he goes is your first backup tackle were looking at him right tackle but tackle. Sometimes these past pressure just get bad past and too much he's big and bulky Sprague got hurt. And belts seem to improve that. You know there's not a real standout that's an open job there and back up tackle Bryan Bulaga. And Bakhtiar but DeShawn Kaiser cannot let us put his passes you don't want to get into the rhythm of his offense. He has that with two touchdown passes. And we talked about that the one there too cruel world and a note to Robert Tonya number 85 and tied at their so deep that tied it here's to Sean Kaiser. Today yes have as good as he gets recorded revenues go on third down and I think most students want to gain in for him to break that plane obviously finisher wade did as often. A book for one. They also you know when you when you get a guy like that he's as athletic as he is obviously key matchup one on. And directing all of us involved right spot on the go make it originated. You know. Due to get a good sexual performance he made her pitch nice putts. That comfort. To this. Exactly and obviously you the red zone situation last week where you did. You know upwards of ten plays in the red zone you know it's that you want out of them. Two to have that happen today from news was pretty nice to see the ball get it down we're exposed to Nazi another great. Of course. An analyst at guys we did talk to come on the Williams who started out the game what that pick six. In the end zone Lambeau leap back in Green Bay talked about to play. The parents. I didn't. Just a routine play you know you know first fifteen plays you gonna do it. But a lot of different looks. From get from change so vacancy which are adjustments will be. It just so happens first of every guy was in dealer and most times most things. Run quick game audience in this because you run a lot of bases and they know they've got to get the ball out queen and I just was aware that and I would just rated exactly at that point OK but I thought when you ran in the end and I'm thinking. This guy knows the quarterback's got a warm up a little bit and goes to the sideline this Paul's mind means. Young guy. A little things that the human young guy on the that's how to stop the game off slow wood and try to get him easy to grow. It was just the wrong that it's not Getty ago. So they go nice laugh good time the Packers get a win now Gary next week the they get it all back for real the starters play what happened we would assume. But Yemen agree to have drew only viewer there's Fred Durst or induces for the third student grants. Tore up tonight. Former all its agenda as we always wanted. That's a great two week. That's been that the good stuff thanks to Mike Leavitt as well one more time before a crowd of 74434. At historic. Lambeau Field Green Bay Packers 51. And the Pittsburgh Steelers 34 tie for us to go ahead. Have a great night. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk.