Palm: What will it take for Marquette to get in?

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Tuesday, February 20th
Jerry Palm, Bracketologist for CBS Sports, weighs in on how things are shaping out with the looming NCAA Tournament. Which conferences will we see the most teams come out of? Plus, if the Badgers were to win out, would it get them into ANY tournament?

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Jerry palm the bracket colleges for CBS sports now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline Jerry idyllic. I'd argue this is where does this kind of the kind of the busy Christmas time I guess for you when you talk about records Knology. So right now I ain't going to the Big Ten because we know the badgers are not going anywhere we understand that but do what right now how many teams other Big Ten we look and a. Probably four. Michigan State Ohio State Purdue but I collectively dominated the league all season long and it Michigan. Looked elegant middle of the bracket team and there really isn't. Great chance for anyone else. Sort of winning the conference tournament. Nebraska and Penn State and got at best. While a shot at large hopes. Teams that we were time of the big east earlier obviously Marquette being in the big east and they were cut on the outside looking in they've had some tough losses. Sub 500 record in conference. Is there anything short of winning the tournament that the Golden Eagles could do to get themselves in the term. Well sub 500 record in conference is that the thing. They don't look at your conference record performance separate from anything else so all part of war. They're gonna have. Two won't work the ball they got the next three games are against you better not turn it. They support among those that went all very. And then you've got great at all. If you don't win net gain and you certainly need to do something in the copper term and again one of the better teams in the legal department. So. For market it really does matter. You know the party got. Questionable losses home losses Providence Butler Georgia beat Robert Pollard Jean Georges. That you need daycare it against the bottom of the leak. And it starts at your site on the team who can help children and. Some of these conferences that are out there that are pretty heavy I was looking the other measuring a little bit about the big twelve what Kansas is Don and obviously Texas Tech in. Huggins over West Virginians such held deeper today held deep is that Big 12 Conference. Fantastic I mean they're the bad even at least they're not an economic department that there are you off or I or they flatly he'd cut the big win. This week though. That there's it's fantastic league this year apparently stopped about other big east to use. It's like one and one day I I think the bottom of the big twelve battered in the bottom of the BE and that. But I think the problem all of the league right there's tremendous. Is there a turn it is there a mid major that could end up possibly would too we always talk about well they have to win their conference tournament is or mid major out there that. He's just that strong that you're gonna get two teams in. You wanted to find it major forming I was the coach. And dagger and think Mary's right. That you don't like to enlarge level seen. No. But you might be like I don't consider it work well I don't use interpreted nature. Period. Of major or not and that got seven major the Specter of the Americans out there this year based on how they orbiter probably goes back well and maybe in the Big Ten at least. Public. But outside of that and I think you Rhode islander Nevada where a border copper targets both are at large teams. That's eight and in the mountain west. Didn't jagged state Mary from the west go look pretty good I think after that you start you did pretty sketchy territory meaty middle and eat. Meaty New Mexico State but I probably not backed two state middle of the Egypt or better. You got guys just tweeting me who's listening to a senate Kentucky's is what has happened to Calipari and company he says he gets all the want and guns and he still can't produce another national title that's the expectation from Kentucky then I get. Or what is it with Kentucky right now. Well Kentucky at the youngest team in division one out 351 teams Kentucky Hedo I think there are set and scores are freshman candidate they're there just isn't up veteran on this team. That is in a leadership role that you can even lead by example all this is what you need to do. Their bit to this is how you need to approach. Going through the rigors of conference play at a comparable better this year to. Well like you just got a bunch of young guys trying to figure it out like they get something. It'll usually be done volley one and done they're usually better daughter to one team that makes the end of this year. It just is. And I think that that Kentucky's biggest problem is that they are. Oval 100% like for. How teams they gonna get out of the SEC 78. Yeah public act yet been a great year mean to be dominate the middle of the bracket Auburn and edit the look like to keep at the best shot. Mean you know they topped 45 teams witches. You know one to sixty basically. And after that you know at the date that like it. Ten car pileup on I know who then they hit work picking it sort of self doubt it. And what we years that you've got you know lucky beacon went on the road Atlanta elect or. Ordered got like four hole walked as incompetent. But you know there's one on the road so effective. They have a lot of weird resonate in the league and you know it'd be fun I get really can be tried for both out. Where is college basketball right now with this investigation kind of looming on the on the horizon. Well I mean to carry things over and you don't really know what coming. You just know they're not done it and that over the report. Week I think with the Yahoo!'s sports. Are talking about how you know that there could be many as three dozen programs under investigation and many of which. Included among that top sixteen committee revealed a little over a week ago it. You know that's not surprising you know once they record of people you're a good start other people are are in and you know a lot of the opportunity to expose it and it will happen on yet eEye digital. When they had the information ready Bill Bennett would have been enough to indict arrest someone they'll do it. But it not. Really getting any consideration to college basketball's scheduled bit BI operate on her own terms. Com and that's are the reason I ask you because obviously one of the coaches are being talked about heavily is Bruce Pearl yet again I'm sitting down their Auburn right now and he's refused to talk and I know that there's it's made some. Some people down there rather nervous about all this and I'd I thought of when I read the Yahoo! article that they said as many as 1516 teams they're gonna make the tournament. Couldn't vacating wins I mean act like I understand where this is that so to speak but. If this is true this is that this is unbelievable this is something like we haven't seen a long time. Pretty well I would like to say well certainly it's like something we haven't you know a long time entered those you know FBI involvement that are usually get the ball basically. Which it yet. Women have won though quite some time but. Yet it. Provide. They get them it is up to say I'm not surprised. At the thought that being refueled. And I think that certainly. Some programs are more boats and others I remember you know back in October I think it was all that started happening wondering girl by November. And I broke Natalie did ease survive. But without the two kids that were recruited. Where but it stood FBI investigation and this coach getting arrested. And him looking like he would need the job is one of the top ten team in the country. And I would get that one of the more surprising thing in golf app. I don't think care and by the way we're talking with Lou we Jerry palm of the prior intelligence for CBS sports I don't think there's any doubt Bruce Pearl pearl can coach. I think that there's always been that that muddied line as to where the fifth. Things begin in things and am in that that's when it comes with the meat for a long time Calipari and their reputation coming out of you know the 810 and coming out of Memphis and such and I know but there's larger wedding meditated doesn't matter and cheer for. Yeah any dad you know both of those programs that pretty lapse. The effort sanctions you repeat that happened while he was there. That it happened at that Kentucky yet. Yet while Bruce Pearl and a corporal gets greater scrutiny be you look at one point. So now you know that. Wendell spoke about his program to get even greater scrutiny. And fail out by the way go back to the badgers if the badgers were win out here that they went out rest of the season they win northwestern they beat Michigan State. Short of winning the Big Ten tournament where that put them in your market. It is an intern to being an NCAA. Seed earlier in ninety. Well what content it is. Got they're like 127 in new York yacht and adapt to win. To the finish 500. They have to win despite gains in a row the finish above 500. They're not getting in the tournament that any adjournment. A look at our 500 team you know. Are you that they wanted they want order rolled in law there's. That not given in the nineteen. So that they're both he and hope that they can get the 500 probably are you know dvi yet he's like they were choose to do it. Hey real quick before also before I let you go via their there's a lot of talk about changing the one and done rule we're gonna hear from Adam silver coming up next put. Give me your thoughts and all the discussion regarding this whole one and done time. Well. I mean as a college basketball and a site at these players in college basketball. I always sort of paper and it would be all wrapped model you're gonna restrict. Players. Did that well you know where you either go on ice where you wait two years. But I also consider. Restricting. People's ability to. You don't go out and and make a living for themselves and their chosen trait could be kind of America. And I realize this is collectively bargained so that illegal. But it bothers me that people you know who are good at what they do go out there are looking at it because of some arbitrary. Great stuff Gerri as always we certainly appreciate it okay. Thanks out to argue soon they'll Brad intelligence for CBS sports that's re curious of CBS sports dot com that is Jerry palm. Breaking down some college hoops in the likelihood of the badgers getting into any term. He's practically needle. In his upped. When we come back and talk about that college one and done rule. As Adam silver has addressed that won't get into that discussion coming up you're surely this portion of the program Roger wire friends over a new male medical.