Parrish: Marquette has to win Big East Tourney to get in to Big Dance

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, February 16th
Gary Parrish, College Basketball Analyst/Host for CBS Sports, stops by. What’s his take on the Big 10? Who makes the tournament? How deep will this college basketball corruption scandal go?

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Gary Parrish a college basketball analyst for CBS sports dot com joining us now on the Schneider or child like Gary how you do it. Broke don't wonderfully I you know I wanna talk college basketball as we get to the term and we get into selection Sunday and all that kind of stuff. The story that will not go away but yet we don't know no really is much about a week as we want to obviously is this corruption thing how deep do you feel this thing goes. It can go very accurate the working I don't know that we owe. Obviously win. That the initial charges or plot forward and you realize it got assistant coaches who have worked multiple school with multiple weeks. Facing federal prison in addition the financial advisors in a few coaches did. You know agent. And Irish company executive there's a lot of people there. Who are staring at like actual printed or feel so real prison like the arch criminal they're not. Some cougar that you'd give speeches but they're mostly college educated millions. With wives and children they're not trying to do to your typical prisoner to protect some big twelve coach or an Intel report being there. The talks and when they start telling their story under a boat to FBI investigator. It could lead I mean any number of ways additionally the pick up my blood. You know about it he did and move on Rick Pitino and Brian boulevard right from the start. And nobody in basketball would argue with me. Yeah that's the story but it could be a bit lucky in a Nike school. And and different hall of fame coach in a different part star player or under armour. In an carver school at a different halted coach and a different parks or player been here the the way that business got done in college basketball impossible to pollute without subpoena power but are very difficult to prove a success. But it has long been known. These types of things were going wrong what now the FBI is investigating and then got people facing prison time we're gonna talk. We are and I'm not sure what it is I'm not sure but I do think it has a possible there's a possibility that. Certainly. Other coaches that the program but the players are gonna be touched by. As I sit here today and I just said to Joseph producing the show I said look as if this is gonna come out tie sometimes timing is everything when you wanna put a pro high profile case out there. Does this hit. Right around selection Sunday considering they're saying you know haste to sixteen of the top 64 teams that you mentioned oh by the way are gonna end up on this probe. Or do you think after the season culminates they say okay you got a lot of teams are right right now would have to go back and vacate wins. I want I guess I would say that I talked you know sources within. You know that community like it fit in here because typically the type of story we report on relying on sports figures. Are no sources that we developed over years not decades. To give us guidance you know I don't have many of sources where we thank you say. Prior to October I didn't have the resources that US attorney's office. For this occasion and talking to people. Al what they will tell you is that. Which article we. Our position that you don't hear about the calendar we're not concerned about march that it happened literally don't like Sunday if it happens on election center with a lot timing. You know what you're trying to make a big impact all headline timing doesn't matter and until I know that if this were a lot. At a year at a at a convenient time to create the biggest splash it would be the first time that that that happened. But everybody tell me. That you know if these things take time they are being hello. And when they get to a point where more progress can be made. It when the rest will be made whether it's in late February early march late march or march of 2019. But it's coming everybody so confident that that there were there on warhead lines to come build more jobs that will be all. I wanna get to the Big Ten I want to ask your opinion because last night Purdue loses Ohio State loses things have been a little topsy turvy. How teams is that they are our air is the Big Ten getting yen this year. You don't hit it at the top of the league and it's obviously Ku and we basically state I don't know how I mean you know how. There were only if the receipt according to this selection committee I think that was all. I mean you can sit right now so property and once you get it to still. In that once he conversation and Ohio State has it and obviously the biggest surprise in the big influence. But wanna the new. America and the job that Chris Paul and has not taking that job. In your movement actor the athletic director. At Ohio State basically concluded that pace of coaching doctor exe and it would not go. And now I'm looking at the roster and it's pretty clear that we're not cool what's it going to make the change now clearly Beckett crystal when he picked eleventh the victim pretty simple. And now he's sitting here I reports with him like that national code to your stocks. So those teams I think are absolute locks. I think basic it makes before. And then keep on two other. Nebraska and instead you mentioned Kirk do lose it I mean. Oh happened losing last night that was obviously. They got badly and now look at it they recommend. It's beat you pretty good you know got to succeed in this. If they're able to go outside and it would put duke I think we started looking brackets on one day. Could they would be in the plastic meet quality wins but they'll have a get them like a tablet they. Those who were at the top those are guaranteed there's almost no way that got to make it that whites and that it'll be one more. Either Nebraska or Penn State I'm not sure what what I think or early depicting its spot. Real quick and and a cliff notes version Marquette we knew they were holding their breath for a while they got a couple of ugly losses what they needed to make it to the tournament. You have probably you know at that point and a nobody wanted it to get you know when that he's automatic created just has been going well lately dates. RR one team I actually talked about it on the cut back or podcast wood got two little Clark that scored went market and group like that on put you know like that that it comes up at that. Are committed group. We don't recommend it. And right now they're just losing gains this year I donate in the big east I don't think there's got to be able to pull out of this because. I think it will be the next five games those obviously not my catches them. Big east tournament and it'll be pretty clear that they're gonna have to go win all the games they are cut match. Rep but we plan Iraqi or some other term that that's not incidentally. Always gonna talk to Gary the cause is like college basketball they can check on CBS sports network also hosting the island college basketball podcast great stuff thanks for joining us okay. We're about to occupy our targets and they are Gary Parrish college basketball analyst for CBS sports dot com you can always read this stuff they're always good. But are we just keep waiting for this the sub issue fall in this in this probe because this is supposed leader images rock. The world of college basketball when it's all said and done.