Parrish: Wojo & Marquette were so close

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, March 14th
With March Madness right around the corner, CBS Sports & College Hoops Analyst, Gary Parrish, stops by to give his insight on the tournament.  Who’s the most vulnerable number one seed?  Plus, who’s Gary going with in close matchups?

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Right now although gonna talk some bracket topology in this NCAA tournament which. I think everybody else is just up in arms about Oklahoma State Oklahoma beyond that. It looks like the tournament committee at least did many good things and get the play gained one column that after the first round games they want to call whatever they're calling him now. In order to talk with Gary Perry CBS sports college hoops analyst joining us right now on the Schneider points out like Gary I adored. Gaudio. I don't wonderful look I'm sitting right now. I've got a merry go baseball park here in Arizona right from me that's my office today so if I was any better I would imploding burst in the flight Q. Mean being added that there are quite a bit better than it all went three kids are on spring break I'm juggle a lot of respect hostile so he's got. Now whether I I've only met like totally. I've been in New York for eight straight day I get got home last night and I've been so focused on like. Well opt out of town beeped at the reality I had no idea my cute ones regret but like I've it's like. 45 minutes ago just randomly walked in my older sons were looking for something that I ought to stop would permitting could be done right about. And you like sitting there on a computer and I'm like what you hole. Any like it's sprint right now I'd like I had no idea what it is going all my spam. Every year when the tournament comes out the first thing outlook while I never look for the first seed. To ever be the first seat to history get beat by sixteen never get to that I always look for the 512 matchup. And dumped whom most likely New Mexico State I think it's a legitimate shot at beating Clemson. An Ohio State did not play great towards the end of the season San Diego State the aztecs heavily can knock them off which one do you choose. I got I like Mexico's state and the reason is simple hey they're good so let's just start there they're good enough just to be talking that are brought album. But they are put in an interesting little section here because they Opel content. He could have a great year but question about the without it secondly scored on that grant and then theoretically they would play a crowd of 32 all. And Auburn lost. Every Mac will be more you know in late this seat and so there without their best post presence about their best shot blocker and so. Could it seeded based on its entire body of work like Auburn needed but on its entire body of work. But the Clinton team that is going to play heat this week is not think Clinton team that got some of those nights when only that allowed Clinton to get that seat. Same thing with Auburn I think New Mexico State. Could theoretically take advantage. What you like about this tournament and first and foremost what what really stood out you can say you collect committee got it right. You know what I heard you talk about is that right parking lot and I don't think the committee actually got it right I mean that I am at Syracuse stand. I would have made he had notre day and instead of Syracuse. But whatever like eagle by arguing over the last team in the field I don't like more argument over. The step that that that important to the overall. To the overall bracket and I think that eating it mostly right well evidence of that. Being that I do I do not believe when the lines open. AC gold lower seeded team was favored over higher seeded team and that's not always the case there are always. Opening round games where we're seeded team is favored over a higher seeded team Wichita State and I think date last year. In a good example of that I think the committee. I did a nice job and the idea that. You know they they get a possible round of 32 match up. Between the Arizona Wildcats in the Kentucky wildcat. I'm really makes what would be I don't have to schedule private but either Saturday or Sunday I mean high profile game watts at five star freshman lots of future NBA drafted. And up whatever about television window format being yeah that'll do that game is played it is actually play. We have seen before Virginia we have seen bill Lenovo we have seen. Obviously a Kansas all is number one's at some point in time the new one is Xavier and what Mac has done there is nothing short of phenomenal but it. Give me the lowdown on Xavier and Xavier being number one seed in the likelihood that they conducted through their bracket. Xavier deserved its number one seed based on what it has done this beat them based on. Ret I made that deflection but he was looking at based on the way to select committee seeking. I do not believe that they won a best fourteen to America though a baby is bigger fact it is the only of the one seed but not ranked in the top ten. At him Paul Martin out in palm of course being. The most respected metric that analyzing college basketball team and sell their blood and they can't get to the final four player. What they are people portable one seed I think that's why out of that regional if you're looking for a place but not take a ones being. Because only what's in history apple portable what he's actually gotten to the final four. Even look at a place not to take a one C that plate is probably in the west regional. And I inaudible would get back. You know get back obviously went to the final one last season. They're up foresee in this bracket so. But I've got to do with bear. Quality of Redmond made betting that the quality actually give that is actually a top eight can Tom Kean right now but point being in Baghdad. And bigger end up playing in the sweet sixteen even though bigger as the ones beating it Beckett before you could expect you better be favored. In that game to date has to figure deserved the meeting but I'll be surprised that David and pop. So looking at this looking ahead I mean there's a lot of intriguing matchups and I I really like some of the playing games as well currency ceiling in saint Bonaventure Liu Brooklyn and Radford. Syracuse in Arizona State NC central. And Texas southern while that we know that some of these names that are out there like UCL a 21 and eleven Syracuse between thirteen up and something's approved. Arizona State is well. Is there a team one of these smaller teams sing Bonnie which has been in the term of before and LU Brooklyn rant for. Our one of these teams capable of knocking them off and getting into the postseason. I really like that it Bob entertain I'm concerned about them because their over. Court Stockard with their third best player I have been averaging an excess of twenty points per game over the past eight games and so he'd missed the eight and terminate. I don't semifinal. With a leg issue until I'm told he's going to try to played the first war. He's obviously not going to be one other question that one of that you know it is if Kourtney get it is not injured and actually quite significant semifinal. He will probably. Lead them to win or help them to a win. And it yeah. You know that the bulk of that should ring. So. So but. A team like Notre Dame actually get in the field and then say on average are probably isn't in the post for my one big net. I'm Courtney started getting hurt put them and post war now we've got to come back and play erratically on Tuesday that there are dirtier Friday it really makes it tougher than it otherwise would be quite. It's that they about a major gene you somehow some way marched into the bracket that the little a little deeper than most expect it wouldn't surprise me because they've got. Two of the best guards in America in jail and Adam's apple. Real quick no we know the Marquette doesn't get in they go to the NIT. I think a couple of tough losses down the stretch really hurt them. But you've got Wisconsin not there for the first time since Moses was a baby the first time in a long time we've seen Marquette that we just right there on the cusp and they didn't get in. Given the state of basketball in the state of Wisconsin your opinion. Let him won't go he had a Jeep right there and you know they they just you know if they don't lose at DePaul they don't lose at Saint John if they don't lose their homes apartments. Vietnam in there they're probably in the field right now. Those things happened out so they're not and that's disappointing quiet I do think he's got a program headed in the right direction which would cut then you know what wolf city. I mean Greg obviously immediately after replacing Bo. I'm did a wonderful job but. Well Bo Ryan never had a season like that even graduate. Wisconsin you know the ice and ultimately that's and one of the problems. But Michigan State you know getting a repeated that you can usually rely. On Wisconsin. Giving you an opportunity at equality win or Indiana giving you an opportunity at equality when Indiana being dealt with content being down. The attitude about programs in the Big Ten that's what that's the main reason the beacon of doubt and so. I'll walk me off of what happens next my instinct tell me that that that would cut it will bounce back. But clearly that would. I've seen them. You know we've met and unlike any seat at least been a long long time that it the end that would cut the program one of the most reliable programs and America. And yet struggle the way it struggled to cure what. I'm was obviously surprised and somewhat. Gary appreciate it is always great to talk to enjoy the time at home by the way the kids are on spring break to see you know for juries in death it will but Houston and look at our guy I've got it all up up up about it. I dissident military Perry's just CBS sports college hoops analyst joining us for government it's not a witch island. Schneider hiring drivers right now you work arbitrage fair eighty plus years of Indians and call 804 or right. Or go to Schneider jobs dot Khamis Schneider jobs dot.