Pfaff: It would be criminal if Aguilar doesn’t make All-Star team

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, July 10th
Hour 4. Why hasn’t Jabari Parker signed yet? Plus, we’ll talk Brewers, Bucks, and Brewers with Marques Pfaff from The Score in Appleton.

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Al joining his own shot or top line mark his path. From 953991. FM the score in Appleton are fun affiliate bear market so you know. There are awesome I'm targeted from a parking garage in Las Vegas or what could be. Asks are you putting money down on you are to be in the all star game brewers to win the World Series. On what I made my debt on the brewers. Ridding the World Series India appreciate it I don't know much competent. I'm probably more and pat that anything but. I start to look better and better slugger make sure that that tickets and say well you're also. I used you know as far as what's more likely jacket set. Out of it's a tossup right now I I will say that about you take it you're not at all star and I think they speak for whatever borrowers stand out there. I mean it's an old call it criminal but it it speaks to the farce that is all star voting. In in pro sports because the guy's been nothing short of spectacular this year at statistically speaking there's just no way that you could make an argument against him being air. Right no I completely agree I would say it's more incumbent upon brewers fans and especially the fans who feel on some way shape or form slighted. It's a coming of army boating is free and it's online for god says you go to your damn fault. So you can't complain if you don't you can't if you don't vote you have nothing to complain about bad period. Write your ride god it is it is somewhat of an indictment. You know on knob there that we can't get out there and now. And get this got to Washington DC because a decent idea you can add all the stuff just see the process yesterday I didn't even realize mediated. You call warrants. And anyone or repeat your bodily got to do entering a code that they throw your way saw you partake forty minutes and out out. So let me ask you this what is the what is the former pitcher right now when it comes to our bureau brewers chatter outside of the city of Milwaukee. Well I I think a lot of that probably comes back to what they're gonna do when this trade deadline approaches I think prop very similar narrative to what you guys stressing. Within the city in terms of is Manning which out of the right option key the guy to take this team. Over the top. Which were spurred to go with a picture over bolstering your offense and then. The million dollar question I mean everybody direct or station. Where it's just. Like any trade what what's appropriate to be giving up at this juncture it was a couple of years ago that we were. Two to borrow a box freight loading the future would this brewers even trying to determine how long it was gonna take to re built. It seem like they're there obviously they made the moves in the these were. Yeah which in and change. But are you prepared to give up but I like chest and here are right now to quote unquote go for it and I have a lot of mixed feelings about that. I think you could probably say this about any deal that are not there you have to judge or pasted on its own individual merits. I'm not somebody that's always that's connect in a dig my feet into the ground at saying no. Here is untouchable. Well into it you know what the what the deal is what's out there. And in what what could potentially be at resisting because right now it's just generally speaking. I look at the overall situation select the brewers are set out to be viable contenders for the foreseeable future. And I really don't wanna see them make a move that jeopardizes that. I at this point David Stern deserve an up trusted in my mind that I suspect he he will make whatever the appropriate McVeigh's car. But that that's kind of the discussion right now is what we are they gonna go which I don't really got more credit for just couple months. And and and maybe give up some guys to be a part of this thing long term. Think about it though how many players are they away I mean how many position players do they need your how many players in general does this team need to really solidified themselves is going deep in the post season do they just mean much auto. Or is amateur auto. At a starting pitcher and then more depth in the bullpen what what he what do you think the depth is on this team that they need to as far as ball string of positions go. Yeah how about big believer bill starting pitching in the postseason you get into a fight game series are seven games series. You just feel so much. That are about your chances if you have that front and stopper we know CC sabathia was that I noted and has been brought up a lot in comparison to much auto lately. And you wonder what the brewers might have been Nazi content that she spent help the you have back solid 12 arched. Out of course that it we will we look at the brewers' rotation this year to like what they've they've really made out okay. You know I sixth inning and that Altman has come on and got the job done but. When you get into that short series I still think that my number one priority would be to find somebody. Who can be that anchor that rock for you take the fall. The yard know that and don't cinder garden Jacob to crop would be to green but they were certainly. Such a high price from the brewers in return as well but I just. That's what I keep coming back to Indy next you look at the middle infield as well right now in the shot it would certainly help put that. A key point shortstop or eat at third base and they moved Travis shock circuit whatever the case like beets I do think they need to find a way to eat better. Offensively at those two spots shortstop and second base but it by and you know on upon forced to pick and I have to prioritize. Here. I I like somebody at that sort of rotation because I think everything else fall in line there as well in all and it's a little bit stronger. It did the starting pitching goes a little bit deeper and guys can battle. Hey as far as the brewers chatter goes in general we know that outside of the Milwaukee area usually should know north of city Appleton area. It usually is all Packers all the time what is. The the pitch right now with everybody kind of paying attention what's going on inside Miller Park. Yeah that there are a lot of pro stock and I and I do you think that they dominate. Most of the conversations that set your right you know slowed and that the packer conversation never really go away so this year. Figure out an establishment all bar stool you're gonna probably get a start with the growers at some point you will make wed Packers. Especially now that word is couple weeks from. From training camp getting going self. I I still think though that the excitement is genuine. It's it is fantastic to have something else this time of year. Choose to be excited about to look forward Seward and in the borrowers missed out last year but. It is it is it is enhanced certainly data conversation in the excitement level this year just because of the fact that the expectations were a little bit higher. And we've seen these via the acquisition but that generated or local excitement of the artsy and Lorenzo Cain and Christian Ellis chief among them were seeing them perform and it it gives people a lot of excitement I think in and hope for. Will be not only deceased and but be that X 2345. Whatever it might be your child so. Still talk Packers football there's no doubt the the at the growers are right there are right now. When it comes discussion and generally talk about the brewers and then you mention the Packers you do the bucks for it and that anywhere outside the area Milwaukee specially in the fact that so much you like you said boring the phrase all in the future and you honest in the new building in now a couple of good deals to bring players in does do the Bucs fit into that discussion anywhere. They do rule and it's it's interesting yarn I. I was back into the fox cities after having been away out of state for awhile in 4014 and at that point. There was really little box conversation to be adding. And not just conversation you go and anyone at the retail stores in the area you're going to be hard pressed. The find any piece of box merchandise out there that seemed. You ball. Certainly at it and you know that's I think that's fair to say that it happened in Milwaukee's. When you develop a superstar like yeah artisans and things start to shape the the excitement grows. It is still something of a niche crowd appeared well in terms of our expand them what they did see. Is when the postseason roll around that's what a lot of folks who maybe are casual observers or just check the box score night in and night out and aren't necessarily. You're boxed that they got on board and and found a way to get out to meet up with friends or people are. I take in this game so I do they change. That there is a market here it was dark and hurt certainly help that in the the structure area as well and try to that. A marketing message edit any. Is it perhaps six sacks which I think we're all hopeful they take it big next step this this upcoming season in the winning a play out series. That that that's gonna go a long way it really. Allowing that sand based blossom there. Before I let you go what is your level of optimism for this Packers team. One in being better defensively speaking for all the more so than anything in to be able to take the crown off the head of the people purple. Yeah are optimistic bill paid in the united and I'm curious to see you know what part of our lives he did just by changing scenes. From one year to the next in and certainly there's take out there and might that that what does what you liked to do what. Now with the Packers personnel so you know how did that switch alone. Allow them to maybe take a step forward but it certainly am excited about some of the personnel that they get they brought him and including. Well kinda contributors and maybe junior wants I'm upset I'm cautiously optimistic is probably the right way to put it right now and when you factor in. About you couple that with Aaron Rodgers being healthy. I don't think they're right in airing in in poised to be able to compete with Minnesota I do think that it at. Last year but I but I do think that I do feel good about their chances to take that down the fire a couple of weeks and hoped would bring the division crown back. Marcus always gonna judge did you stay well and not throw a little extra money down on the brewers just because maybe take some progress as he did towards the end of the season mount. You don't know that it's like spell armada and I'm walking into the casino as we speak perfect enjoy yourself we'll talk soon okay. Our man appreciate you literally there you go those markets back.