Phillips: Will he be frustrated if he doesn’t make the team?

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, March 22nd

Brett Phillips, Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder, had a chance to catch up with Radio Joe. Is he concerned over some of his Spring Training struggles at the plate?


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Well but here's my one on one for a Phillips how to sisters returns apartments what's Conan. You know just. I mean as a team did you know it didn't back in the swing of things obviously. Statistic wise things are going that well for me by you know its its sights early Ellie sees numbers on on back here graceful card which is good but. Overall you arm healthy so far which is something. You don't focus on and obviously. Just getting back (%expletive) with things slowly but surely about it it's all well. On. On a scale from one has sent out there around seven. Seven isn't it did take me into the routine of bricks Phillips on a daily basis for spring training where what are you doing you get up. Working now eating first read yes silent about an hour away from here so why I'm up for nearly a mile around 540. I get the field around 640. One of the first ones here usually the vote is here odds Davies this year. And Jamie Nelson and then Ryan run but. I did hear Alex hots in the morning so just the you know tea hot top and enough shower in the value breakfast and now golf. In the weight room and starts stretch out roll out you know I'll and then from there we'll have like that team meeting. And then I blocked that field to practice. For a few hours we'll come back inside you lions. And then we have a game that one and then obviously I'll get home around. Four or five depending on how long game was and you know did have a few hours myself and I'm I'm a sleeper on 830. Just because I have to be up so early in the us that's about it for spring training it's it's tough play you know some got to do. This is pretty cool though for you think about it you know you've worked your entire life to get to this point and here you are trying to fight for a job it is. It's it's an amazing. Amazing experience. I mean it's not a blessing he you know it it's. How many people can actually say they they're getting paid to do some new life they love and you know I can honestly say that. I'm getting paid to do some dialog regardless of where I'm Matt I'm playing baseball I've played this game my whole life and now that they're giving me a paycheck it's just a blessing in. But I'm very thankful. Barber's outfielder Brad Phillips you know the additions of Lawrence of candy Christian militants what everyone's talking about. And it knew what this does that seem. And head unit I mean how much did you work that the Lorenzo Cain is I know that guy is a natural born leader that's who was in Kansas City. How much have you had a chance to work with them and edited by some guys from. Yeah I've gotten a chance to work with all these guys Christian LH. Lorenzo Cain and obviously a passer here's Brian Ron. And they all have something wearing suits my game just listening to what they have to say you know did I say they've given me just. You know they've been more iMac and obviously the better they've made a lot of money in their career so for me at just like a sponge and on I'll tell you what day they told me because they're secrets you know but I'd trust me ticket seekers that I've learned a lot from all. Yet the depth that self right now is set. It is pretty significant and here you are you're trying to fight for a job is it is going to be frustrating few bright if you're not able to make the team come opening day. No. Not at all. Cop I'm just not so that answer this question of college fifty times at spring training but you know it honestly whatever opportunities I'm given I'm thankful for. Regardless if I got a triple layer in the daily some just excited to be playing baseball. And you know. Hopefully sometime during the season. If some if I get a call today the site I can help this team win. Give this team a chance to win like it did last year but I guess that I right now just making the most of my opportunities. Dividend and that's all we can do at this point and you guys as a team right now playing early on the cactus league the games themselves. Don't mean it Tom but desert second place renowned at this likes those are holding up you guys just locked the senate when it had any you know that but you know it matters Wii U we've got here to play of the game in. That's what we do on a daily basis we we played a win and you know hopefully it translates over into this season which I know will. But as of right now we go out there each hour day work hard play hard you know have fun and and try to win and that's what we're trying to. Thunderbirds out deliberate Baltimore Korea. You know couple of years ago when I came in here it was everyone in this Abbas is trying to make you laugh and that was the big thing. Is that finally get mole two guys still try to do that. Now you're not it's all part of the camaraderie and you know outside so that's what the clubhouse is having fun you know. Make each other a lot it's not just then trying to make me laugh it's everyone you know and and that's what makes coming in this clubhouse on each and everyday and it's exciting and I'm just thankful to be a part of this group because it's a greater good guys and just radiates it's move forward with them and see where this season takes us. Brett that putter and Freeman could lock and natural toxin thank you Joseph appreciate.