Polzin: Can Badgers Basketball be in the Top 4 again???

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, November 14th

Jim Polzin of the Wisconsin State Journal/Madison.com discusses the nice start for the Badgers Men’s Basketball team. Is Andy Van Vliet in for a breakout season? Is there a firm rotation in place?


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We have on the line with a snow Jim polls mean it was Gaza City journal joining us for couple minutes Gemma Wright event. All too well I want to ask you first and foremost more so about badger basketball obviously does and we're talking major football before winter break but that being said. This badger team a bit basketball wise I I find interesting so is much we can talk about. Leadership but he that we need all that stuff you see this thing kind of rotation only working. I'm. And the answer I want you that you played somebody now you know I I think what we've seen so far is that Dave's. Played really well together and there are some intriguing pieces he's sort interest I think that's great work describe the scene is really interesting that's got your interest. To see how they develop. This season however. Until they play somebody as a consequence it's really hard to determine how good they can you know we're gonna find out really soon. They they're confident Thursday. You guys got to determine Kansas City next week they played Baylor no need to Craig do you LA. They have Virginia at the start of Big Ten play in early December temple Marquette and there's going to be plenty of opportunities over the next week following Ecstasy. Where the team that is just it's way to early to say right now. Public. I am really issues to see how good they're going to be in the Big Ten obviously they have to get their first but. Would then I wanna go back even have because we beat and have I look at this guy as your leader. What who we Aires where is the extra words that he's gonna come for. Or write you news and yet well I think the interest of things so far and again you know. You base it off of games against teams that has earned the content quality but the incident in so far that it has been a lot of answers that question I think. The versatility the flexibility in the lineup has allowed different guys to step up hat that doubles as well can't decide to try. But one game and eventually and Democrats alert at eighteen and seventeen got and I it was. Claritin that seventeenth there's been exhibition games Terkel became a freshman from across. That are altitude or seventeen point. So I think they have a lot of different pieces that can score and I think each night. You don't know it's going to be that's an okay thing and that makes them really hard and in that they have you know different tactic and scores so the long mishap. Didn't do what he's doing I think crisis of the early as terrorists not start the season I think those are here to Constance and then you know who doesn't around them that it had on the night. So our our our the other question may have criticism completely maybe threw you for Lou played how good is the Big Ten inch. Well I limit predictions for the season started one of the reasons but did not have got the top floor which would mandate a remarkable streak that you know they expect Antoine. The one reason that it tablet hasn't. In the outflows not because so much what Wisconsin has boat a couple of press conferences. And I hit it up into the top or. An established council Michigan State has threatened to read anything related this year. Minnesota much plant province last night and literally get in return almost everybody its last season and before you know last year and then entry trying to match. Produce going to be good again. In northwestern pedals or by action Nancy took McCain so I think that's a top score in the night before our side isn't bad either got and that group I think Michigan could be. Potentially good this year Iowa's got almost everybody back Maryland got some really good pieces back and then Penn State which has that tradition that nicotine. They have almost certainly backs so Everett. But the nineteen ethnic or forget so to answer over a question I didn't they can literally get this year. Which is why I'm gambled legally on rosters experience roster. I wondered how Wisconsin is gonna. You know. Compete and and and if they're gonna win again they have the past. Interest in receiving in any event lead being able to shoot from the army our community if this guy really butcher say heats up early with his size and his ability. How big of a how dominant a player can become. Well I think this is the thing is they need they need him to do that because. Teams are clearly gonna double team even after every game this place our exhibition or regular season. Would have hit the ball in the post. He's got the guy on him and another guy comes flying Adams with the double teams are gonna contest Jerious. And the only way to you know defense that the only way to get her out of my dad has to have guys on the American act are shocked and and and make opponents transport. And that would one of those guys and he's the perfect inside out compliment to even have to look he can continue to. Knocked down three point than I think you know these record could probably go four for five or haven't you in the opener but if you can make 40% of it requires so. That acute weapons they have and it'll it'll. Force teams to say hey. They're doubling you can have the best option and it did that they have to lay up that and yet kept working on a lawn and he's very very difficult to judge sentenced array of moves. Post coverage imposing the Wisconsin state journal Madison dot com top and some badger basketball on. Won't we when you tell everybody can have going to back him because here we come again with another guys it's an underclassmen they're talking about NBA statistics in. Teams are going to be looking at him and then he's got that that moniker now hanging around his neck out potential NBA player. With that always comes the fear that you never regression that somebody tries to do too much do you see Ethan have doing that. I don't think so and again there's that the sample sizes small so far but. He. You know there's one game one exhibition games in an attempt a shot are usually don't shot at a shot all thoughtful and what. You know as a candidate has won the Euro Sergio from four. Switched to me you know after stardom on the topic about. His teammates are getting good shots. And that's only cares about I don't think he's gonna worry about putting up big numbers. I I think he is generally done a guy that doesn't get caught up and himself for what he can do. That you talked to winning those kind of bad it was such for a capital I don't know that you regret. I think you know the the. That's past success and give them a young guys around and you know Clinton potential and I think he's gonna you know help them do as much as possible in the great distributor. You know I've adopted their run through him and I think he's perfectly content took. It is it is at the score in opportunities out there for him is we'll get their shots and and you know and create for others. The kid coming out lacrosse Coby king what are what is the first watched he's got he's got an action which is good but I what I'm asking is is what is is and where do you project his ceiling to be afraid if at all. I think you're doing very very that the it took pressure they have their play and practice and and and Cody king air you know a ball very intriguing prospect went this is going to be a guy that. On the floor for four years is if we kept it up the floor and I think Kobe got higher ceiling of the Q just can score and a variety of ways. Inside out can get to the basket. Seems to know not you know when not to force things. And also that note in the car was shot at this program values. I'm either reversal defender you can you can switch all screens with him because he can guard actually guard Tarik have you got or. So you know they really like Cuba and you can understand why and I. I think you know by embassies and he could be one of their you know second third fourth putting scores I just think he's. He he got escorted mentality and and and like I said earlier lot of Detroit you can put the ball. How well how deep business tee because I know I mean I talk to Greg Gard earlier and he said look I. He really doesn't eat even said he said look I don't like to go over a guy seven A guys he says geez I think it becomes. It you know not that it is I don't know Laurie used previous fluid or consistent but. He eat it's not like he wants using night in nine or ten guys I mean I it I did think he says seven or eight that's pretty much where he's feeling pretty comfortable. Yeah I think you'll based off of match ups for the most part bracket is receptive establish seven right now with our starters and Kane Davis and here as the organizer you know the floor. The number eight I think it will happen grabbed him and it's really the matter of irritation at Florida trying to comment that the league or outdo McCain and still there over the next. And that's sort of depend band you know Al trouble in out of the Hapsburg Bentley in foul trouble. And then you know if if you if you're going to give a little more physical Chinatown is probably your guys you're going to team that. You know Timor Martins they're going to do it you know kind of stretch for a woman back deal in order your guy myself. I think it's gonna depend on the night at least I would like he wanted to keep the C that they do need to market just got the fetched. From those guys so you'd like to feel that couple weeks leaned forward Charlie Thomas or vote. You know really kind of come established themselves as someone guard can trust. Page report till I would do when asked a football question just what I did best in Iran ultra quick and that is. College football play ever he's coming out tonight what is what is legit for the badgers defense. I think five and I had the gas and then they're going to be in the five spot there's still more work to do however you know as a physical weeks. The strength of their scheduled still yet to comment saying take care of business person Michigan. At Minnesota and then presumably over Ohio State in the title game. I think they're fine at thirteen and all I can not see a Big Ten champion but significant shipping get locked out measures. The big test commercial power broker for that to happen is I can't see it happening even though elevator. Blue blood programs. Michigan marketer of state. I I think they're fine but that the larger part of that equation has been hectic your business and. It certainly won't be starting Saturday. Jim always gonna show you will judge wrote okay. About judges and they go that Jim polls in the Wisconsin state journal Madison dot com as well talk about your best wide throw the football with. Talk as a badger basketball on the Schneider warned challenge.