Price: Patriots RBs are the heart of this offense

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, January 18th

Chris Price from Boston Sports Journal previews the Patriots in the AFC Championship. Does he expect Bill Belichick and Tom Brady to return next year? What will be their biggest challenge vs Jacksonville?


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Can Chris price up from Boston sports journal bringing us the alone on the patriots. Now joining us on the Schneider orange how line I don't our friend what's up. Good good I'm doing well don't you do. Worked on good yeah there's there's. On what Daniel look at it says man this is just a machine that keeps on Rolen and there's others that look at it as you don't wanna see bill ballot second Tom Brady overtaken championships Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr at least from this perspective but. So everything spinning around his team first and foremost about him discontent between some of the parties involved. He can you give us kind of alone out as to what's going on right now behind closed doors over there and doing what. 00 or by saying that many going to be that got that out ought. Could you needed it's back. At the truth army. Always fly somewhere in between. And it's my understanding that. Shouldn't it popped up this. Your belt between check out greedy. They are all clear idea so burn up under him the look we don't need each other people get to where you wanna go. If so what was article. Years. I expect the camping out here. Note that there was left and sugar. I don't know what to expect ultimately impacted. You know. John what are you crazy or they'll be impact all that it quite frankly but it does seem time. You know my feeling is that they are already gotten it wrong or going. To get. It's being out of port bulk. So. If they win that's. Is it just status quo everything back again next year no problems no arguments are we gonna see something come out leak out after the end of the season. I think it'd be well I think the speaker you know you talk about that. It's been steady she goes 017. Year cycle dating actually I don't prediction at that Belichick could be head coach and pretty going to be the quarterback. Regardless of the weight being. Gergen carpet out making. All this that this team facing a Jacksonville team that gets after defensively did tell me what did to them the patriots side of things have to do to win this ballgame. We've looked a lot of or. Nittany motto here and what you're about what it a lot you are ordered to court or Welker in and Joseph bought a double life. Always one of those guys we've got knocked out. I expect you know going or really don't expect an up. Continue that we meet you. Go to our core unit great. And operating it hurt I hurt you and your heart it up and eat. It's. All recording back and you look like Jumbo jeans white expert at the three. Bert and got to our barracks at least Bert character and thirty Gerry and seem. Both guys are really hard out there to greet it shouldn't be on import import car aren't a magic carpet white. Market match our linebackers that didn't speak dole out their real out of your boot dart in and out. Defensively speaking this has played morals look at is is guided doesn't have much experience like this so any experience like this for that matter. What do you expect he expected they're gonna come after him try to rattle. Bigotry. Knee. Or are you or the volume. It was shut down what are order because we are. Jack's got. The ability. And been not been all over. Good morning. With the action in sort. Of running. You. Mentioned you bet away. First or more really. Thought much the locker room as we. He. Came in that aren't in their play action or. The action. Opt out at you. I regret approached you at. The or. Not quite quick action we are you able. The next action packed. Ottawa Ornette that the course. Well let's give him my next question for now has been a guy that even though he's broken off some big runs he's a guided very slowly just grinds on you but as for next in the way you look at him. Is he a guy they can they can pound the defense continually throughout a game until third or fourth quarter and it really sort of break things free or is because he's a little bit of a smaller back. You got just beating up a key signing him to where he then wears down. All I think you know you look at it and Europe are broad term car running back. They look for us through the old guard. Seamer. And they are correct that at that point alert for dirt. Area. Court amiga or what it all in the eye which made it. You beat boxer. Argued that artwork the body immediately try something like it all. Or. Play action. Thought it a couple of times and you are that. Like or. Football or. We're out that it all back you're absolutely perfect play action out of the game their media or. You're the guy who got a call a lot of big run yet. But it just sheer volume of being able to weird hour ought. To get out at all. So well also when you look at the mind of Brian Bill Belichick Aminu is. He's he's always going to have something in his quiver for that that you haven't seen. That a team has an expected some kind of tendencies that they they have never run throughout the season I mean this is where Bill Belichick really shouldn't really kind of shines doesn't. Yeah it is or pork. You're the one note. That you're always. Been seen them get direction. Egypt and you're upbeat. Flickr Chris Hogan beat to pick up much to the big art aren't U. You haven't seen that direct. Now running back if you're one equity are all in all where it looked like all generally from Brady to running back which. Now they can work better two point conversion. You look up the yard talked about you know little or Joseph Louis. Phenomenal year in Munich and god we got beat in the situation like that. A little bit surprised at jaguar wouldn't expect magnet on big equipment. Hum looking at this game and a sense of two defense is the defense is can win the defense of the patriots is it is a team has given up a lot of overall yards overall defense in yardage. There at the bottom but yet they've been a very good scoring defense what is made them so good inside the warning. Click on a couple of first important orca and orders actually linebackers coach. But also served as he'd keep it don't coordinator. I would get out of view at age an incredible what you guys Eric. Hurting her and what are well here quote. Well titans. Iran department have been there or coming up big in the big moment you saw. You don't you don't you are so. And different. Urged. You know situation you know big Mo what are in town and torrential. The putrid. Fair bet secret that the bat in the red coat of oil orbital travel. But in the short order call. Regulars. Political. Or. They are out there that. Brought a lot of important but more pressure on Jackson look we. Almost early. Eat you know I'll be the necklace. Patriots get the way I'm sure talked down the road but what does this mean going if they make it again to another super ball they get to Minneapolis is what does this mean to this franchise what does it mean the fan base. I. You don't work work. Out you know you but that would mark I think it don't last year. Properties are a little bit separate talk about the pets or back all but I bet you don't. Usual debate weather's great. You know what would it be in this where rating. Art. Become you know no doubt should be patient but that's all you're. With six or if you don't. O Paulo to hammer out here it was the Red Sox and everybody else. Yeah well do we use. The peak on what you're what you're not sure DP ball count anymore. This is not just counted and corporate. This betrayal that they had a lot away become a look we're going to be like it is. In all out there but Western Europe I don't agree there aren't that but it being at. Should people aren't you really permanently. Army football perspective and win football. Talking with talk with Chris price from the Boston sports journal about the matchup coming up this weekend equally morals and company coming into the year. Korean Gillette Stadium I wanted to ask you this because who is much as we wanna look at Blake morals and say this is a big moment for him something he's not ever thrive going to be a part of before. The defense of the patriots. They've been terrible against receivers number one and number two wide outs all season long they rank no better than twentieth in defending him and they're the worst against the men against the run overall thirtieth. Than the past so. Is this really to come down to Brady vs portals every two weeks really the legitimately with a straight face say that. You never know what it or are gonna get it I think you wild card and it ain't it. You get that guy who. Lot of ways and you're. Orgy. Who struggled to currently Clinton to win all the all. In the locker so you know it. Did you ever think there were battered in I think it. You know the oracle probably lies somewhere in between it and bit. A lot of weight hurt by it absolutely. According. Connecting it went here's what you missed it. Or edit an anti you're in. Good position vertical deep and it. I always. Look between oral again for no other acted. You'll oral and while we. Are not be able you know or. Or go back the. Always appreciated Chris thanks so much for taking a couple minutes with a soak I. British did talk to you soon and well I'm sure will secrecy if the New England Patriots get a win we'll see him radio row there's no doubt about that they're going to be up there. Indianapolis. As well he joins us on the Sharon challenge.