Rothstein: Where do Wisconsin and Marquette stand at this point in the season?

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Thursday, February 8th
Jon Rothstein, a College Basketball Insider for CBS Sports Network calls in to discuss where Wisconsin and Marquette stand at this point in the basketball season.

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John Rossi from that the college best one senator from CBS sports network now joining us on the Schneider orange college I don't today. Ordinary new idea. Thanks so much for joining us let let's start when Marquette what do you think didn't they need to do to bolster their resume beginning to determine or do you think they have a legitimate shot. No I think they have a legitimate chance you know any time you can get a sweet. Over eighteen like beaten all you put yourself in position to move the needle because he's always seen that. Doesn't that have obviously a chance to be in their go to back and we kind of interpublic Herman even though they haven't played like it so much the last couple weeks. You're beaten all as we would banged out. A neutral site win over tech attack a road win at Louisville supermarket to get to their five big east win. Again the ball in it to win that moved the needle but you know in addition to that. You gotta be a situation. Where you handle business when you have opportunities at home I look at Marquette right now down the stretch. Right now guys they only have two opportunities. You play home games the rest of the way. Though a couple of times right now on the road Marquette going to have to come up big starting Saturday things down. Absolutely now on the other helicopter view I want you to give me kind of that open I look at and that's Wisconsin green Greg Gard has struggled this year they've had some key injuries. Lost a couple of recruits they thought would come and really bolster this situation. Where do you see this badger program right now. We're confident team in transition and you know obviously I think everybody felt like the million dollar question. And the elephant in the room want Harry going to replace war starters for a team that went to a sweet sixteen but. I think it a little bit of spare. You stay right out of the gate you know with confidence at completely taken a nosedive I don't think anybody really would've felt. That it Dmitri tried one healthy if these and that is what have been the result I don't think that I also think you know you have to look at. What you saw article became an early. Colby king with a guy who I know the staff felt that I a lot of Cold War a lot of brown reportedly want a freshman but. I don't think he would be with confidence have the record that it has right now those people are throughout the entirety. The other big tent itself. Does it go all the way on a northwestern getting into the turn emerges they cut off save up Penn State or Michigan. Where is the cut off point right now do you think the Big Ten. Well right now you have working projected to be into the field. And wrap up at Michigan State Purdue Michigan and Ohio State and and you have Nebraska kind of on the calm but the problem with the Brett it is. You know you look at the body or for the cornhuskers the only significant victory that it app on resonate in the win over Michigan. I mean I'm Luke not made that Scott McCain that we gained typical bank arena in December there's no doubt in my mind. And the black up what being in public term picture right now. There on the carpet that we keep winning games and be a situation working around and stumbled but got I got Dahlia. It seems to me that the interest in seem to track. In the big hand in terms of having the potential the played their way into the field is Penn State. Penn State had a couple questionable losses in the middle pick and life law and over on game and on the Minnesota they all the law or what they're in Indiana but in those games. Shot lead and they starting small forward. Did not play due to an academic issue it seems got that thinking went and look at them the opportunity they have that threat. The rat Purdue they have home game against Ohio State and Michigan and they all of a road game against the rat if and they. Didn't get to the big and earn it. Would twenties winds which means they got 13 at their next side they're going to be right on the ball getting Dolly Madison Square Garden. This is about Minnesota real quick as you mentioned Minnesota and the new Minnesota I thought was on the come for a while I thought disease was commute team that was gonna turn around. With the younger pitino at the home where is that program right now. Minute soda is dealing effectively enter regular. And now a program that again had had a little bit murky block out situation in the event that you have read you lynch who had an unbelievable chemistry would Gord Murphy. Born with five. Hate in the way obviously in the middle of these movements sexual assault this hue and they took away river Becker and it took away the best we've got so the complexion of the scene that completely changed. Though John Rossi from my college best ones ever CBS sports now. When you look at some of the top teams in the country and its its spin Villanova and everybody else for a long time as far as rankings go. But given teams in the most of them likely scenario there really for talking final four teams is just you can look at the top by the top aide to top tenth. Or is this year completely wide openers Villanova just the dominant team in and is everybody else. Well you know even Villanova we'll know it had injury problems you know looked very mortal lat night against Saint John couldn't golf they've gone looking at more accomplished game. And you've got know that you know I have always belt. That college basketball. Normally had to type these. You either had it you can build the parity where obviously you know there are a handful of being that when the national championship. More than usual like eight. And there or you act superpower like you don't want it means what he thought he was confident you really that dominant regular season at all the remote up. At the final war this year the levels that police in between teens. You quotes that I've ever seen or. So what I mean not that it for the last couple weeks. It looked pretty clear to me that Villanova. Purdue were quite. All the redirecting me out there but will look what happened though when you look a little quote there we talked about being count beating Villanova and what about Purdue. I'm nineteen game winning streak you but there are now winning streak the only Big Ten team. That would do played that it currently projected to be Indian you know late term and what Michigan and then what we beat Purdue quiet scene. That upper deck of the an appeal. It was a pack your arena so I think you're going to see it doubly hurt it. Were you on me let I think you're going to be in public Herman we're maxed out. What ultimately prevail and that's what going to give up a bottle once they have Sony don't be shocked if you know use the active I hate your actual somewhat odd at all coming up there on the left Saturday marked. I was gonna ask you some of the some of the royalty North Carolina 21 of the country Kentucky has struggled at times this year 124 the country you normally seat. These teams in that top ten heroes go okay there they are all over again yet CNET this year you've seen some top says so some teams that have been toppled. They've been and some are read Woolsey revamp what we always know Kentucky's revamp because against me wanna guns and are trying to figure out chemistry each and every year. But you're not seeing the traditional sitting right there at the top of the top of the W sort of speak. Now you're definitely not and you know I think in some ways. Did you the opportunity. For certain team that had hit that the dual file or come up short. The finally break through look at the run that Mick Cronin that it Cincinnati evident in the late term at seven consecutive year that you'll be gate you've only got a second week and want. Look at what Sean Miller has added Arizona multiple these days are we pick in the regular participant. These programs that have been going had bad year review year they're content now well the UK accident. They are quick before I let you go away when you talk about a lot of these teams that have a legitimate shot they've gone back to the Big Ten. He talked about missing you talk about Ohio State talk about Purdue and Penn State possibly getting in. What is going to be the determining factor as to 567. Teams. Is it gonna be some of these mid majors again this year that's going to knock out some of the additional spaces for these teams are the bigger conferences to get and. What you gotta look right now what can happen in the league that currently have a dominant paper in the Atlantic and Rhode Island is the only projected mean. The make the field at saint Bonaventure or another he wouldn't be able panicked and target that. The bit away from looking like Nebraska and the same thing obviously another conference did it let that day in the pac twelve would have been down. Morgan was a packed full term and are you dealing with the actual permanent team or projected to be in the field your going with the team. You know for like we're talking about like a Nebraska you know be left out of the field altogether. Great shot John we certainly appreciate it thanks for hanging out through this for Coleman's okay. I think perhaps may have read that version of how they go John Rossi college best one set for CBS sports joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider worn challenge.