Ruiter: I’ve given up making sense of the Browns

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, December 7th

Daryl Ruiter, Browns Reporter for 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland, discusses the team’s firing of GM Sashi Brown. Why is Head Coach Hue Jackson sticking around? Who on this team could pose a threat to the Packers?


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Darryl Ryder he is the eyebrows reporter for 923 the fan in Cleveland yeah I don't they man what's going on. Then I'd given up trying to make sense of the Cleveland Browns that. That could write this resolution for 2000 being. Now I I've got to tell you when it may give you the here's the disclosure here I grew up in Cincinnati were I learned early on if it was brown push it down that's my dad always screamed at me. I am I the point now is that gotten now I I am I grew upon Bart Starr and packer football and Kenny Anderson in Bengals football and I remember seeing particularly on own site and all that stuff and from years gone by. When I got to tell you. I was saying this that I feel bad if I'm part of that I feel bad for Cleveland Browns fans they have been screwed royally in this deal this such rain rat. So at weigh how. Is this thing even begin to get back on the rails. That the current question. Yet to. I earned the right people and let. Yeah correct of operations and higher this morning there were out of thirty. Armed with a certain that there. About four. Other guys could cut it this thing browns owner and any or somebody that's the only shot I immediately hit it probably shouldn't that outlet in the open air out. You're an app eager to go after the fire burning car. I stick to current political warrior. And take over the full cooperation and you saw a bit to complete. So. On all. The that it is back. Next year and now I will. Get a shares of corporate. Repeat of that well record first. 7 march he has a lot of this is there. But you're eating some. Going to survive. All you look at a guy like Mike Zimmer Jay gruden both of those guys came out of moral Marvin Lewis is coaching no trees sort of speak is those guys were pretty successful in Cincinnati. What is made hue Jackson. Culpable in this train wreck. Well I'd want people. Are being. Called the way. I enter. Or some of the solution we meet at quarterback. Both been trapped on loose. All. The true. Belgrade they're also been some type position it has the opposite. But let her ordeal. Ohm you've got blamed what it. The victim. I think it summer and if you call it good in your life that I did not. Picking each tremendous amount of Blaine is it get any leak it. So young player suspect when this front I don't yell at an. Early Tucker. Spain or your supporter I don't I don't know. I could throw up their socks so our. Eat it all very excited yeah UB couldn't get there yet another shot at saint yeah. The article here at the Albert yet so eject the black. These cases what the orders not Nico shotgun mayor. And they'd ever work. Do they have talent on that team. Yeah they do. And you know I know what you saw ground like the course. And that the I don't know what is called the billiard ball. I won't. Who executing the treatment at the carrier which clearly showed that orders won each quarter. Ankle whatever amount weren't able to do their cork incident yeah it's simple legal office it time to to constantly that you work. Puppetry and Michael when you look at it like a bill. He got wild Garrett who has battled injuries. In his you can but this shown a lot of prop beat even that was I think we. I get bigger picture group very welcome out of Miami. Up or the back and the first round at ground. Gap or touchdown that I record or I don't and all right he's shown his ability to make them play. Jury picnic is is I don't last year or quarters Coleman. Or could it a couple of that they get it back. What he's been on the as you know so some flash. In some you know some comments I think the biggest problem for the proud to be don't have. Alex who compete at this level that's why we're. Yeah there's only really a couple of guys on this team that are making. And he kind of money from my mistake and it's Joseph Thomas and what's cellular one or the other country or Jamie Collins right Judy Collins may but death cab money I think he's got a boatload of money come into. Yeah editor says there's a lot that they have got a group were I saw. Yeah its been a problem I'll. On the field from our standpoint. In my opinion he's not a very good in what was it courtroom you're looking good quality veteran Croat and Kenny Britt is not it. Again and action that it could be brought in Kevin slightly Caricom. We added as well as directly cracker. That are pretty basic site. Peter what are. A puppet got hurt Dijjer. The young kids. Spector could Durango. You know political and cold it. These are young right apple that they out but the Purdue they are now that you are now. Well we all call. You know we get address. Eight Democrats. Also apply. What should get you want the ball I only heard about all of I. You know it's. Regrouping. Ain't. If you look at the legal content on your. Beat the titans are properly odd idea crow well at the IP strict decree. Her are now they eat consistently inconsistent with the camps of Eagles are a couple more strikes. Against each action but. Isn't it is the youngest albeit. They look like. Dell writer of the browns reporter for 93 the fan and Cleveland sharing with us on the line Newsom break down the Cleveland Browns next opponent the Green Bay Packers talked to us about the rookie their first pick was Jibril peppers this year playing champion. How is he looked. Well it probably riddle is that the later hurt your quick a lot of hurt out there that the crowd support is currently sit here that it. It's like wow that's a whole lot of big at. Yet we box it like. Turkey not playing in the box so you got a lot of late. In practice again I got to it hatred he kind of try to work through you with your status Sunday or. I won't eat potential when baker what you could you'll. Get a pocket or are you. Natasha brown Kyle the court that you either do it. Go. I'd like to go a lot I'd want to admit it I think at. I didn't. Want to get to coach yet. How has Greg Williams defense amused defense is pretty good I mean it's not pusher I really thought they'd be better offensively when they secured the offensive line I agree with you injuries have decimated them by. I really thought they'd be better offensively but how is this defense. Been able to visit defense is. Input is a pretty good positions throughout the season ever and they've given us some big plays but it's it's not that it that aside the football is is may be a player or two away from being much much better. Where they're not the train wreck that that the team appears to be. Yes good luck on our scenic college. He does it it was an out and yell surfers or else we are. It is beaten Daniel are Welker looking young and prevent another one all year ago. So this can't be looking lit. I don't Garrett. It yet or that you. He thought. That he did well but it is down pat the put all. The problem for. Her great leap right out directly on the correct it's worse than the National Football League basically. If the Packers get that the forty on our day. They're guarantee. That the crowd leak that he thought. The course of older okay you go out. C. It could happen a lot this year so get the what are your come away with a critical report likely target of Kabul haven't. And yet at the picnic either it was it was. It went well they're about. Eight Aruba are getting more pressure on. The quarterback C completely out from an analytical. Yeah. On that side of the people are a lot court. The site a while ago that matter the score or the ground give up at a. Real quick before I let you go I did start out by talking about this whole parade thing at how the fans taking this or they just looking at something to grasp on to Iran how how is Charlie looking at all this. I hated it all well the Cleveland it been like this Bernanke dear all. 88. Hi in twelfth while. And uniting our. You know that apple should they get older they are big key to the actor. He said he doubted all they want I ain't there I all. So are older. I'll let 2012. We must create the perfect great whatever there are called it it's just this yelled they're when they're co. Well it you know. We can't have a Super Bowl rating click that are at about. I heard there were yet. Who would eat a bit of bitter about that and let. Out at. Eaton and that would be but. On that brought it. Markets are out of the cope with what is com of course great charitable. Man I wish the best the lockers at this point after I feel sorry for what's going on a clear that I really really do man. Unbelievable. It could be eight they're playing at. Rain here including artwork and that seat he are they want what I came back. In the agent pool are well I'd eat all the league is their go to a couple of I'm trying to help out got Colin. If it to doubt it that was the ask. Only made it help local apple won't go banner. That'll last year. It cut the circle and try to help the law hasn't helped either so openness yep help build equity and anything. It's meant we appreciate it we'll talk to you soon okay. I still talk to assume their writer he is he Brown's reporter for 93 and the fans in Cleveland giving you the break on the browns. Miss fielded good about if the Packers matchup with the browns coming up this weekend. Blades I don't think any program you gotta get a win I mean that's that's the number one focus it doesn't matter who we all pick the Packers to win. And especially since the fact that you know a brat obviously on the road that he hasn't home someone said Brett he's gonna have a better game. But I think he's still got a hold your breath going in this one until the lead in the wind is secure he join us on this matter which ally.