Schroeder- The Defense has been really impressive during Training Camp

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Thursday, August 9th
We are joined by Dave Schroeder from WBAY-TV in Green Bay to preview the Packers Preseason opener.

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Dave Schroeder don't BA YTV Green Bay now joining us in the Schneider or its hotline Dave and I go. I'm doing well have you. Don't OK so I wanted to ask you give me your thoughts because there's a lot of people back and forth on that I'm watching on Twitter right now. Argue about whether or Rogers sugar shouldn't play I'm of the belief of look you at least the first game or two. I don't think any to see Aaron Rodgers out there especially with the outline that is not fortified in front of giving your thoughts. I think tonight it makes sense to rest and I think I would claiming games two and three a little bit. But not some nights he he's got Boxee Arianna then you got a lot of start up practice like he played a so no offense grown here and out there yet I know in camp he's flown a few interceptions aren't there. Is dealing with new weapons in Iraq receivers part of that and defense that he seniors that are. Analyzing that Dom Capers he's had year to year I would wait as well. So looking at the wide receiving corps Aaron Rodgers calls a lot of young guys Alps to tell me about your thoughts when you heard his reaction to. They're quote part of sessions. Yeah we do what not a good practice and I would when they asked the question they capped the older grumpier response because Aaron Rodgers is competitive we both know that. All the listeners out there know that. So for him to be in training camp and she play after play the incomplete because of someone else there that's gonna mount up and on the very last play a practice. It was a missed blocking assignment that led Aaron Rodgers do really. It would have been a sack him normally practices or what that would spare parts QB on the play goes and sometimes it's as touched this time. He gets put on the plate threw the ball out of balance is hard edge he possibly could in the started barking at people that they wrapped up crack that she was not going to be a bit which. And it would you are you can see why you saw people like mark where is spelled it will be dropping wide open touchdown catches. In this and it's coming up a crack itself on and we night which dull it's every bit the same thing saying sorry keep the same mistakes add salt. With the same guys not to say these guys are likely included can't get it together but that was a particularly bad track usage. In the air and restrict entire. So old. Howell overall do you think this camp has gone. I think the camp's gone really well for the deep. And I think we can say that. In camps on really well for Jacque who morale the Whitewater got Aaron Rodgers can't stop greatly. But for the offense that I really don't know. You know we need to games to see in which is why a lot of people want to hear Rogers into preceding games entered sir may or may be a bit worried after watching trinket tracts. But he talks it's not September not Samberg that January to August so patients. BS the offense when you talk about the defense being better than the offense still one of the things that I think this season is gonna hit decline. Is obviously Jimmy Graham and his ability to catch balls into the red zone but to me it's also the control of football. And not necessarily just be winging it down to consistently do what particular about the run game. I think Iran gain world. If something that's clarified that the preceding goes on as much as and the practices start to help you see what the run game to do. It there's no real tackling and also it had air Gerald. A lot of step we can training camp site in the preceding him to just a lot. And what we learned last year that when healthy the Packers have a lot of the first acts can have success small Williams went over under guard couple times. Total yards. Aaron Jones I'm Montgomery and get whatever he played Ayers and change pretty good at other times well and healthy so I think the run game and it is. In that as good spot and has been in years and and that's kind of crazy considering he had Eddie lacy but Eric Julie Goodyear. Attitude down yours one of those including nick retreat. And I think they're good spot if someone gets injured they're going to be able delegates are actually guys had a lot of experience question. All in addition to that now looking at the tight end position you talk we have I mentioned Jimmy Graham do you this the depth of this. Group this trio. What do you think that adds because we know that they lose Jordy Nelson used a veteran experience everybody seems to think that's going to be made up by the presence of Jimmy Graham. Obviously we ran a crowd about the atoms they really like Toronto or Allison is this enough now weaponry around Aaron Rodgers to keep his case consistent as to when he had Jordy Nelson as a weapon. I think it can be I am I got that covered the sanctions on mile and Jimmy Graham was actually taxed. And I know that Jimmy's older I know Jimmy didn't have as much access outside the bird dog in Seattle as he did in New Orleans by. Jimmy Graham got a bad stretches the field makes it in the middle field we know is a big red zone target what you look at the last two years two years ago Jordy Nelson. 1112 rectum touched catch. Pressured to balk at a Adam's apple Cutler to touchdown catches. This year your Adams and grants I don't think either one of those is gonna get ten plus red zone touchdowns they tried it. I think the key to the acting game having to sort. Success is whether or not Jimmy Graham is a part of the down shield middle she'll stretch shield passing game outside the reds. Looking defensively you've got a good rotation what you at least feels good rotation up front we talk about Moe will proceed coming into the situation. Much previous out of had a lot of hope coming in the last year so that it Spiegel. Obviously Jake Ryan going down somewhat hurts them alive Becky depth. What with the front that they have and the linebackers that they have and the way you've seen Mike hadn't won a mix things up and play personnel packages and all that kind of stuff. Do you think there's enough there there for this team it is to continually climate because you know let's let's face it there at the bottom. After the league they're not going very far what they get in the post season and other what you just simply rely on Aaron Rodgers is there enough there. To get that it is say that copy not talked at the top fifty. I think a lot of it depends on health care and neither so. Those two guys didn't really reliable in terms of being called before an entire siege and open those same time may be a lot. Asked Walsh and all they outside linebackers make each candidate sent to blind so stout. It might not make a difference a special election secondary glitches that likes to do. It's one of those reasons that I really accepted the secrecy in football but at the same time I'm saying they're gonna assume they'll be chances out and I shoulder tire and appreciates. It's one of those things where I am concerned about the outside line backing GAAP. But I'm also old someone who realizes that might never coordinated it deep trench like and the guys. Or perhaps successful. I think it's a wait and see approach they're I think there's got to be some optimism despite. This in outside linebacker corps despite injury. To get right. Looking at the secondary the youth back there how do you think they're going to reform Kevin King coming back from that shoulder injury that he had last year. And really it performed well I'd I think there's a lot riding on him but with the EP. I guess the tutelage of a guy like to Juan Williams who's coming back I'm really kind of anxious to see how much more this group is going to learn how fast they learn. I think health will. Play a big part of that Kevin King missing some practice time this week with an ailment could be of their shoulders and you're wondering. Is this stagnant to have shoulder can't hold upped. And help practices and much less NFL football you're you're hoping it's not that serious and from what you hear is not to be updated to deal. If you guys are healthy. You've got index of veterans the teacher in the ropes and veterans complain more maybe earlier in the season. And I'm pitching that you really want these youngsters out there Mickey place. If the Packers are healthy at that position it's the position of strength for the first time in a long time for the first start since you're at a younger from odd playing. I'm really really in his prime sand shields. Also looking at this team in the sense of overall though leadership you've got Joseph Philbin that comes back you've got Mike that in coming in replacing Dom Capers. You've got some guys move around Mike McCarthy you're comfortable in his own skin bringing in former head coaches not filling threatened whatsoever. And now quote the knocking down the silos give me your overall perception of the way the direction that this franchise is going. I think that new voices were necessary you keep Mike McCarthy bush. On offense and defense you get your coordinators. Are that you mentioned it had been head coaches. Think it has successor as head coach as well both had very much success as coordinators. You've got a lot of leadership. In the fact that they've proven true Mark Williams on seal the coach play. Bring back to block outs a guy that has never been probe knows how to get the job done. And you bring in Jimmy Graham on the other side of all guidance and what's also looks into who really knows how to put football. I think the leadership level has stepped up a notch this year and I think it's. Also some yet to talk about that yet voices it'd been elsewhere in the week that Packers it's along the draft and develop into thinking that power away. But having that outside experience. I think it helps. Good stuff as always we certainly appreciate it day to we will talk decency at Lambeau Field okay. A group of OK talking assume they go that is Dave Schroeder WBA YTV Green Bay joining us. While the shatter or it's not like chatter Harry drivers right now you were car they treat their eighty publish your city getting that call 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com or 8044 try to go to shattered jobs.