Sedar: A lot of optimism heading into Spring Training

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Wednesday, February 14th

Brewers Third Base Coach Ed Sedar joins us from Arizona. What’s the atmosphere like as pitchers and catchers report? What does he make of the new additions to the team?


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'cause there is no bigger person we would rather love. Then third base coach of the Milwaukee Brewers. Ed cedar who has volunteered to come and give us a rubbed on the day we said Eddie you have to report to Arizona you better get there instead of you agree Betty I don't body. Pretty happy about 98 all Arabs at night I mean I'm glad I was able to get before Joe's mom. I have the Libyans. I wondered about that way out rate implement that might have been wait like you didn't tell us you know there's not at all for George barber garner who care yeah I told Bob yeah Bob well. Now about that you have. When you get those kind of calls you know you've made the big time I'm off to the Smithsonian when they're brought here this is a saw any type of embody. Do about it if a guy get this they started down and Arizona actually we have like. This is reporting David there's already thirteen both had scheduled the day on that they're back watching the market handle it all the baseball ready orchid discs strings activities as well as he. Certain you're catching your I guess he has and he looked at tackle such as well. Maybe just practicing putting is catching your. What our sponsor mark this action on or does stuff from certain obsolete. I don't think you need to practice what they do you are not. I got to ask you know with everything that's gone on I don't think they say hey Eddie by the way were making these trades are gonna pick this guy avid free agency so you probably find out like like a lot of the rest of us. My question is. What what are your thoughts for the deals that have been made in the players that have been brought in NCA Gallic Lorenzen came come back to the organization. Just little wanted to send. Improved. Tremendously I know people talk about there. Ultimately Alex Erica I'm dates a good batting average guy is not like but it I'll slow it. Defense they bring just improves you know that team off all over I mean the pitchers get battered and visit east to just access. Even a better. Armed with the putting now you work well a lot with the outfielders the fact that you've now got the news just plethora of talent. I don't know wrong acknowledge have to work any last year but you all of a sudden you kind of sit back and go OK I'll I got to do is Kim a few tendencies because this is gonna be good right. Also hopefully that earlier works that's not maybe I'll reluctance or he's I don't know maybe I'll go into maybe two and going out I would do some radio show us where. You have to look at it. Yeah 'cause I act DL it and I. Playing nuggets and you know against our set Lauren McCain Karzai had amount rookie actually out one of my house not playoff genes as my right steel barrel what planet a long time ago but not the absolute nightmare al-Qaeda or like. It's. Just get ready to improve the team at all. Do you use do you look at this team as vastly improved do you just think you've built a little bit of bond what you guys do allege levied because obviously Jameer Nelson not ready go and you're still waiting to see if there's gonna be something done regarding starting pitching. So I just cuddle wanna know how much better do you think this team is it and then also always in reality to what the Yu Darvish yielded for the cubs. You know I ask how tight do you think essentials going to be I mean sometimes luck and health just play into what I get that are sitting on paper. It is there this load of optimism going into the season or do you feel like you're still in the midst of a rebuilt. Well now there's not doubt play a lot of optimism and I'd like he's in the cubs are nose you know albeit the usual teams are battle against. Now we're very optimistic. Like I said he'd be a slot up it'll not look last year you know a lot. Eat their young guys or us old guys had good years they have to Ricci he's actually added. You know wondering Andy Keane has two gold glove that's pretty good like I stated if you had to call cloud like secure automatic automatically making your kitchen staff that are. And that he you know ordered tomorrow they wanna spring training you don't know what our roster Earl what cap and ABC. Edit or injuries that people come and act late Chinese you don't know or you're gonna have that. He DARPA and the spraying has that goes like every year there's Ari surprise doesn't usually get surprises. It was what it's like first couple of days attorney can't take us inside take us inside Boris complex. Brewers' complex today that TV GA here like about 8 o'clock practice to date law and access. You know are difficult to meet port eight. The guys that are currently can report actually have Turkey bowl and a yeah. Talk about optimism in people coming here China. You ready for the start of spring training took our games are a little earlier this year. That's a pretty good group of on there's thirteen catchers doable and today got almost all sealed up the system players here already run their reporting date isn't even here. Or five more days itself. That's that's kind of nice to see I can remember a night he looked back at the 2008 achievement we opened spring training for pitchers and catchers everywhere but here. Another you know it's kind of up. You think that you can get airbag of people that I see already action. Just walked in and see Travis shawl. Entertain. You don't burger or personal touches that they've got to be your debate but on the other is a good group of guys that are here her you don't got to got to go out take part in practice at 10 o'clock. And that really that he would first part of that and get at that apple meet the ground keepers let him know where Delaware and the person Israeli in the saying. Forecast for Ramallah side Redknapp what we could cover about stadium field it doesn't rain we can get at least some of our practice and Ramallah to import and. Which is the trial so it is going to be a busy here foreign policy is Charlotte the airport they are what did you. Yeah I arrived I bet here I days are ready. And so on that came on Sunday. Come on Saturday about got delayed try districts under the terms remember. Actually better here Y eight plateau while ironing out judge go get ready don't know her meeting. He duke might have been a stop before we actually. Actually stepped onto the field. I led seater Milwaukee Brewers third base coach and I wanted to ask you about Major League baseball's quest to speed up games and we talk about this every year. As far as pace of play goes. Let me ask you this first and foremost do they need to speed up the games is the pace now I granted it was for our post season games. But do they need to speed up the pace of play your opinion. Enter I would say so just. I don't know because sometimes earns. So these big vault and you don't GameStop and some stuff can be spat out where. We'll see what they come outlet while China are now they need it done it in Arizona are only weeks or years you know trying to do. Some of honesty apartment bettors can't get out like that pitcher's got to well. And second periods of time does that but haven't really I take our meeting but Joseph Torre's coming up you. Atlanta saying Monday's show won't get all of us exactly what skull and it's. Yeah any time you can. Make it more enjoyable we're seeing that he no more rapid fire I think it'll be jeopardy and that there are sometimes and based on where you do have to step you know take a grafts out we'll see how that works out like a senate they've been trying to do stuff for quite some time now but like you sense for our game that. That kitten to the long par four hour nine inning game. Is it just as simple as putting a clock pitch clock out there I mean did that does that released at a cure everything. Yeah I would think they you know as a kind of you know when you think it dates are you think and all the other. You know think about all the other sports they have and what are they haven't passed the bonds stocks like apple are. Alienated our senate and other evidence they've been able. You know like an associate. Maybe we can make strides in the direction. Yeah I don't understand why there's a reluctance to Irving are the players are reluctant to. A pitch clock or certain pitchers are reluctant to pitch I don't understand where the the animosity towards an actual pitch clock is coming out. Yeah I don't know either. I don't know really doesn't know all but I let him yeah I I have no idea I know shoved it just like to take your time some guy who tried to get the bomb go look at the. Aren't valid. Yeah I don't notes. I got that that's what makes based all based are about I'm sure they're gonna try to do saying that. He did the right way you look she let it happen. Yet before we let you go one more thing and that is going into this season a lot of expectation to build upon what you guys did last year now I've heard all kinds of things about this group being a loose group a tight knit group. Well like nothing phases them coming in this year with the expectation do you. And I'm because they're not altogether so it's hard to do this has been do you get the sense that this team would feel any kind of pressure at all. I would say no but that Nikes at last year we went and that not every expectations. Are now and you are also and have. Expectations coming from the outside we. We'll see what we get but I've had direct. I was a betting man I'd at a pretty good. A lot of money that these jags and jets jets go along with and just own people are tired of RH connected with each other there haven't. Trying to kick each other it's kind of kind of area. The receptionist you don't even know that I got another little celebrations they come up less our locker room and stopped echo John it's pretty intelligent. We always good we will chat again soon I'm sure enjoy spring training and in less than a month we'll see out there as well okay. Purple you got a great. Well I'm a hard body talk to you later they go ahead cedar third base coach the brewers joining us for couple minutes on the shiner orange out Schneider awards how life. 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