Shaw: Expectations are fun

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, March 12th

Bill sits down with Brewers’ third baseman, Travis Shaw.  How is the team handling expectations going into this season?  What does he think about the pitching staff?   


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Read your thoughts on campus or camps are going well. Everybody's tenant jelling well and learn some new guys in the clubhouse. I think offensively we're going to be very good team. Which is a lot of guns. Think. From from everything I've gotten so far and it's always tell us I think when a good spot right now. Like our pitching and pitching carries since they have. Capability of our rotation. Back in the Balkans and extremely strong school. It is difficult. Carry over say confidence her. Charisma of a team her own you know character routine from season to season. He can't be if there's a bunch of new guys. Pretty much position player wise same. Spots. And we had a obviously the coaching change that decides that it's it's the same groups out. I think going to be pretty easily turn this year with a team that has as much talent offensively you guys looked to have. Is typically you got to some guys it mean to make the school is it difficult to kind of look around the clubhouse and know that if you had so much talent. I mean it's a good thing don't get me wrong but added there's going to be some guys are really talented it should be in the bigs who won't it. Yeah mentors in the camp I think everybody knows what those positions are endless battles that are going on right now it's it's going to be. Can you can't there's going to be some decisions have been made. Especially if it's the same group in here and ultimately so. It is what it is and we had them thank you sense can help us as a team and individually there's going to be some guys that are really upset. It's the nature of the skiing right at that position before. What. I'm asking themselves. At some point all these guys in here and I. So some. You know when you talk richer pitching I mean obviously we Jimmie down right now that ace that quality ace guy is not their but. Do you feel when it's that you don't have to heavenly city got some really good twos and threes that can keep winning streak going and stop a losing streak. Yeah I mean. As long as you have guys that can consistently get you to the sixth seventh inning until you really need. I think we have guys can do to us he can do that chase obviously stack attacks. So I mean obviously hurts and I have the guys look to. Five the top of the rotation when Jimmie was last year on the I think chase and in Zack and Juli has seen I think they can step up behind them. Some patents and our guys in his situation Lister it's improved. There's a lot of casual attributed doing good is it different coming this year with a lot of expectation. It's more fun and it's it's just trying to sneak up on people no pressure really the same time that's when you when you earn those expectations that's the. On our top concert happened and then. I'm last year we are expecting to do much and we did. This calls we played we still elegant short. And I think this year everybody's gonna embraces expectations and if you wanna get to what you wanna get too which is make the post season good deep into the season and you have to get arouses expectations. Last thing we know lecherous tumultuous for you everything good now. You're all doing she's that she's home she's doing well.