Silverstein: That Vikings game was winnable for Packers

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Tuesday, October 17th
10/17/17: Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/ weighs in on life without Aaron Rodgers. Is this defense capable of being Top 10? What does he make of the rash of injuries across the NFL?

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Tom Silverstein the Milwaukee journal sentinel now joining us from Schneider orange hot line. Tom my personal thanks for taking a couple of minutes what Mike McCarthy emphatic about not just bread only but the entire team I said yesterday. And today the entire team didn't play well after Aaron Rodgers went down I don't think it's just on bread on the shoulders deal. Note. The defense wasn't didn't play very well Uighur autonomous tackles. If you have. Really if they're deeper plays better. In the running game commit a little bit more of the running game. Tech game is winnable it's not like they could build one next game where crumbling now it was. The way to. They offered to Blanco part bet bet. Pretty much decided how it was gonna girl but if it wasn't like our. You know there were blown off the field. They eat they have a chance equates equals so poorly. You know they didn't give themselves such. The only thing that confused me. Was defective Mike McCarthy and I Greta there's a loyalty factor there with Aaron Jones just look like a running back and you know mean to throw the stats Opel announced at a time and again. He just get a good jump cut he had a good three he just had a fuel for the running game. And yet they do you hurry up and get time and gummery back in there was that more per pass protection at that point. Because I don't understand why you wouldn't go back to the guy they just ran for over 120 by guards in the game prior. Yeah I think it'd be there I don't I we have no idea why page. Went that way. They needed someone more a little bit. Our own moment encrypt. Take it outside you know the vikings are fresh beef up to you got to play pass them period Jones plays fast. And Ty Montgomery 2000. And I I really to this state don't. Do not know why they did I don't know why they started Montgomery. And I really thought that Childress. Showed that he did you deserves to be the proper act right now. That was the only question I had coming out of that ballgame now my other question to you is this and we know the defense has to play better. You know I said all along with Aaron Rodgers you'd keep him in the top fifteen defensively and most likely gonna win a lot of games go deeper in the post season. Without Aaron Rodgers this defense almost has to be a top ten defense indicate the question is do you think they even have that capability in them. And questionable. I I think. If they can get help if they Dick Durbin came back I ever kingdoms is for you part of this whole thing. Just because I think he gives them a lot of stability. Back corner east peace. Are going to be a lot better player and a couple years but right now he's pretty solid and he gives you a chance to match up against some bigger receivers. And he's now. Macro lol coverages very often so. Perhaps stable part of and they need to impact. And court Morgan Burnett. If you huge part of their defense are our partner the front were starting. Come around a little bit. Just you know I don't I don't know very I don't know they have enough perhaps Russia it'll all they have enough. Our corners collapsed school year. Well it. You don't know what I'm so curious you would think that they could at least be in the top fifteen soul. What we I don't know they they have a lot of a lot of work to do. Ariel wash Hartman Dickson and one of those adjectives. Yesterday that we used to was he looked lost and I went back and watch that game last night and there's times you look launched a anyway how his his game and in ways regressed. Yeah I I wonder at. Haven't called the place. Effected him here and in ways that. You know he keep it it sort of where it may be on comparable for you know it's something he hadn't done before. Focus. In any yet to be more focused on that happened he did on it and so the longer that had an impact on them but he came into the game plan well and he's he's taken some bad angles he. You haven't really been around the ball I don't know works. What's going on with them other than it may be. Tourists. In nitro package is kind of taken him out of the back a little bit it's kind of put him in the deep middle. And really just now allowed him to. B use Percival looked last year when he he had Burnett both kinda. Played up in the box or alternated going up in the box market kind of a different game for him when they go to that natural Erica. Yeah I think he's played bad it's just there's times in a game we just didn't look like himself and and I agree with you just it looks like he's just a little out of sync. Right now have you ever in all your years of covering taking them back and step back seeing this many injuries and as many. Just guys dropping like flies covering National Football League this has been something that's just been all's all head scratching him. Yes this nursing a little bit worse but I know I've gone through years where. Everybody's. This is the worst ever and you know it are you just don't have any. I don't have any data that are really back it up but. You sort of think that. When you're in the midst of it you're seeing it and it's happening all around me enough value think. Okay it isn't the worst of spin but I bet there's been worse time and so are I don't know the Packers have been. Hit worse. In one single game you know or coming into the game. The number guys out and on the number guys that dropped out rep reps. That was pretty significant. To lose to restart and offensive linemen and start out with Liu. Our starters that secondary out. That once that's pretty impressive. Six starters are. Germantown sourced on Milwaukee journal sent on you watched the progression of Brett Conley over the years and I mean our our watched him his first training camp in the quick Al passes were high they were inaccurate. Down Chile was pretty good non movie was pretty given that the simple passes are always seem to be his bugaboo so by him that's easy correct that a lot of that he startled look pretty good last trains a per. So give me your thoughts in watching the progression of Brett Conley what do you think he brings to the table. Well. Turn hard to say because he hasn't. Being in the have has had to play you with the speed of the game he hasn't. Been around these receivers. I was not impressed by him during training camp I thought you didn't have a very good you know. And McCartney right. Which probably disagree but I just didn't think he looked smaller march. Really that's increasing doubts that that you look for connect are you team up and down field. There and I didn't see that I didn't see or on the road a lot. Being very accurate or they can during many ways outside of the pocket. So I think it it's very possible that. They were trying to. Fit him into. Your normal round pick in which we're earned the other way around figure square Perry could you own hole. I think they're gonna have to. Changed the offense to fit in skills little prep some of the stuff that in Rogers not strength. Brett on the way and I I have a feeling by the time the Stephen Colbert offered gonna look a lot different from the injury now. There was SARS Tom Silverstein the Milwaukee journal sentinel one more thing before that you going that is I know Mike McCarthy emphatic about not bringing any other quarterbacks in there three years invested in Brett Conley. Is this one of those situations where we look at Mike McCarthy it's over the years. Quarter Rex should now be able to stick they have not been able to perform so though the whole Mike McCord the perception of Mike McCarthy being the quarterback guru does a lot rest now. On. Brett Hundley being successful. Sure absolutely are great they've invested. A lot of time again coaching. The pistons who seems. Not only. The current people deployment could conflict as well our veterans the guys they've decided to. He's her number two and don't forget they got rid of are peaceable hill the guy who Lawrence you know 27 years old. But you know has had a lot of worries right spot and a lot of upside. And they did it because they thought they had. Brooke Hundley and their bread only could win games so it's kind of opened if it probably doesn't panel it's. It's. You know but Chet Marco and the wrong sort of their larger. Tom always get a challenge your buddy I'm sure gonna talk more down the road about this team as it moves forward I appreciate it okay. No problem like our artillery bigger towns over China Milwaukee journal sentinel joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider orange Colin.