Sims: Admirals need to be in playoff mode

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, February 14th

Aaron Sims, Voice of the Milwaukee Admirals, stops by to talk about the team. What does it mean to have Bobby Butler of the Admirals competing in the Olympics?


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It is the sincere origin ally and you do me chi he's not a big fan of that vernacular. Yeah that that's that that left outside. The I tell people all the I bet you know they're. You know that right there there are very good player on the how accurate that it that that is a part your. A lot of that out specially that I got a little gap. You have that that this to Europa need to be hearing what our people are. Yeah I got to believe they agree that I get it but you know I'm thinking to myself as a drive and today I couldn't wait to use that. I just it is talking to my motto is pumping gas they don't think I can only to use that parents to our program it to check your the wars in its we are bigger oh yes they tell talk you do have some Valentine's Day stuff happening for people that wanna go to the game and read 2000. Did married by you know Roscoe is a stand up which is and stuff like that right. We did get a few years ago yeah and they were bringing a packed about it to the other you can renew your probable future ought on the ice you can. Even say your first I do is if you'd like we can make that all happened so the guy we urge you to get the get in touch with the office there. The lucky apple dot com and is the information also the first 2500 and get a Roscoe cupid Bobble head doll. So yeah we're really got to love it in the air here tonight there's no doubt about that. Yeah until of course the B opposing goalie hits the ice in the chance go out use Sox are strolling through the arena and I live alone from the opposing fans is always always a wonderful thing. Yeah it's exactly exactly yet no huddle up BI it's not Hirsch sixty monitors all the other little little well we have intermission and everything shall we can get back Corretja. Bomb a guy got to ask you about the team itself give us the lowdown is that how the end resembles god doing incredibly hot start this year and things have been going rather well. For the most part yeah right now unfortunately outside looking in on welfare actionable Gupta took place in the central divisions are not far back of actually second latest that standing between second and six are crazy tight. So why the apples are are hoping for a playoff push their right now working and winning streak. After putting themselves by an eight all of this six game losing streak so that drop the number six. The slowly on the way back up. The interest in doing is that the scoring a lot of goals fifteen goals this last week in and they won three of three over the weekend Friday Saturday Sunday against. Fifteen goals and there's certainly our number it was bibles in each game. And they did it without their leading schools score Bobby Butler who is taking part in the an Olympic team USA so. Whoever shows up on the wing with Trevor Smith crews there this week the American Hockey League player of the week they seem to be getting some often just to Kirkland recorded his first career hat trick and yeah uptrend in rookie from Russia is getting some point so. It didn't seem to be clicking pretty well right now but but it shekel can it can change really quickly and the uncles need to be leery of that because they certainly know what it's like to be on that six game losing its. What tell what it mean when Butler got to get chosen to go with DR US Olympic hockey team what remember that team. Horford could keep US aircrew Milwaukee Milwaukee admirals. From Milwaukee admirals all models are just make sure this year coincidence sure this video was running and and that that video of Bobby telling his dad had practiced on December the 28 city had been chosen for the US Olympic hockey team was. It was the biggest thing we've ever put out on line. And you couple that with the run that Daschle had in the Stanley Cup final what are nineteen former admiral took part in the Stanley Cup Playoffs it's been quite a year. The kind of away from the actual apples games for the Milwaukee admirals that they're they're getting a lot of play a lot of rock a lot of publicity. Certainly having and an Olympian who is currently in Milwaukee has been great and a lot of Q we could you know what happened they would be going on the road. And James are honoring Bobby Butler how there's a lot of respect for that so it's it's really need to she. I think it's translated into maybe if you market it certainly is translated in the war coverage. From from media outlets that that of our more and more cutting coverage of things other than than than the two main export so. To maintain to remain in so it is giving us nice Porsche even if we're not getting the w.s and l.'s. On the news or in the newspaper where at least getting publicity would Bobby Butler and at all. YT guy has it been and what will it mean when he comes back I guess is my next question. I think you get kind of a hero's welcome sort of when he comes back I don't know that anything is in the work there regarding something like that like an official bite or anything. But it'll be neat I remember years ago. I was happy to be at the airport in Grand Forks, North Dakota when Virgil hill came back from winning silver medal at 84 Olympics and in Los Angeles. And it was also like the airport was packed and everybody was there to see Virgil hill and I. If it didn't I knew a little bit about it but not that much of I'm not saying that we're gonna big welcome at the airport or anything like that but it but it will be neat and it's not every day especially in this league. That a guy comes back who has that experience was played on the biggest stage in the world of granite. The NHL is and pair. I don't know or in a couple of weeks we have Rachel will be kicking itself saying we should have been there but. On nonetheless it's cool you know if you look back years ago of those guys that played over an eighty Olympic team maybe fourteen all the amateur 8892. So on and so on 94. Those guys came back and and it was a big deal and I hope they medal it was a rough start today no doubt but but yeah I going to be it'll be actually comes back and I think it will be. It will just help the cause people he beat. Anxious to see though you know he's not it's like when you get conduct in all right Jack bourses in signing his name is Jack Moore asks her to right Jack Morris Rachel well a Republican kind of do the same thing now. I I wanna know what it has been his for the trickle down effect because you'll see hockey. And it enthusiasm. On like. Just say great NHL play. You'll see a different level of hockey enthusiasm. As the country witnesses what's going on over young Jiang. So do you or how do you expect or have you seen a rise in the interest of hockey in the area specifically because Bobby Butler being a part of issue as you USA to. I don't think there has been a little bit sure you know that there's not a NHL team in Wisconsin there's one at Chicago obviously Minnesota people make. Obviously end of natural because of the affiliation with the admirals. I think there has been you know every four years. And this is not a knock on a but I don't pay attention all the World Cup's of figure skating but when figure skating and on every four years that it attention and I think it is they get a lot why a lot out of Elizabeth. A leak has been in the world but. A lot skiing and shooting on the Olympics so I think there's that. There's so many people who are involved in hockey that that are so upset the NHL should be there they're blowing yet this is not good hockey know this great Iraq. The late Jim Johansson Briere just a couple of weeks before he passed a waste at lake. Told me you know what. There's 25 great stories to this 25 great stories to tell team USA and every country is going to have the same impact. There are great stories to be told people are going to watch the Olympics because we've been conditioned to watch the Olympics these are. This is the biggest stage in the world this is the only place where you're going to see your country vs country like in the in the tournament like this so I think there's a lot of interest. Eight he won in hockey but to basically because it's the Olympics. Palm also as far as the animals go now what needs to happen down the stretch like you said barely on the outside looking in right now water's been the nemesis for this team for output at times. Live consistency has been. Had to ridiculous. You know and and it's aid needs to be playoff mode right now I'll it and that's easier said than done it's awfully hard trip to play that way because. The other keep trying hard as well so you need to go up there and just play a Smart hockey mom the apples when they get in trouble. They may actually plays they make the wrong repay it make. It's a game of mistakes pro sports by a larger game of mistakes you that you did you miss well you didn't locate us all properly or you threw an interception or whatever when he speaks. To be able need to minimize those mistakes and I have a feeling they'll find their find a way to get him because I think the leadership here. Is secured and you know there are rookies that are second year guys but they're all halfway through the sheet and so we you know they don't treat these guys and young guys anymore they've they've been through. 3545. Games. That they're not young guys they've they've seen what this week has offered outstanding to put up and and get into the laps. There are always a pleasure ma'am we certainly appreciate it to and we will certainly be watching the festivities tonight down there because shoes and if you people that are either gonna get married. Or many of you people that actually go to the altar and decide it's not going to be a thing for them special and find out Billy Schmidt is marrying them. All while Elian that. That could be problem yeah. Yeah yeah exactly I'm sure I'm sure will be a very eloquent. Eloquent nuptial. A great stuff but you'll judge is Sergio Bjork. Are got a regulator they go that is Aaron Sims. He is with the Milwaukee admirals the voice of Milwaukee admirals medevac joining us for couple minutes and gender or challenge veterinary drivers right now. You work hard they treat you fair eighty pushers and he had done call 844 brighter should not go to Schneider jobs downtown.