Smiley: By the end of next year 10 or 12 states will have legal gambling

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, May 15th
Brett Smiley from joins the show. What will change with legal sports betting? Why was sports gambling banned in the first place? How do they regulate gambling on the web?

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Yesterday in case you didn't get a chance to hear at the Supreme Court shot down a rolling. From years ago they basically took the power out of the State's hands to have gambling sports betting basically. And yesterday. All of a sudden states perked up and smiled specifically New Jersey in many others. To say they were ready for this were ready to make our own money possibly as much as eight billion dollars is reported by New Jersey. Could then come into the tax base. So ought to talk a little bit more about this in the ramifications. From sports channel dot com Brett smiley joining us on the Schneider or in Charlotte Brad I don't today. Thank you so much for come by what does this mean for states in general are we gonna see basically opened sports book like we see in Vegas now. And some states yes. There's by the end of this year you'll see pictures doesn't states. Which with legal sports betting Nevada style. Teenagers it's going to be out in front. That the way it's going to go with a lot of legislation were seen is that. The guillotine brick and mortar casinos is complete riverboats. They'll be don't want getting a licensed and from there they'll offer online and and apps some people can Tibetan restaurants. What about the hole is because we don't in this discussion yesterday about while the brick and mortars may go away if you've got all these kiosks inside. Like you know how to restore from the NBA wants to see an inside the arena is where you can actually go bad on quarters your. Go bet on the game itself in such. It do we see something like that happening yours is still going to be more mostly brick and mortar we have to actually physically go and have a presence in the venue. It'll be a combination notes the other sports but in the casino and there ought to grab the deal the ability to. To create mobile apps in Nevada right now in the majority of waiters are coming in on mobile phones or maybe it's about eastern edge art key outs. That does exist in. United Kingdom and in some of the place that you're I don't perceive that happening I don't think. And nearly one against quite tacklers. But also it veterinary at golden knights gains in Las Vegas people at their mobile phone there you go to wager from bear so. It's a definite boon to. To our existing brick and mortar casinos. I don't see them. Get in and let's put traffic there's no purpose. So how much how much money are we talking here on average do you think. Is going to be Gerome Gamal and different states in an edition of that so wary because some people they at least gamblers are concerned. If you the government involved they start setting lines. To make it more profitable for them are is that really gonna take away the corner bookie so to speak here because people are suddenly allowed did to gamble within their own states. Or do things change I mean as you know are are they gonna hired guys like used or setting lines all over the place and news how do you see the industry changing. All this really means is that. Each state is going to be serious too. The senate. Yeah they're they're operations and and license. During casinos how they see fit they're going to. Need to figure out what is a workable actuary that you're it can't act that you hire electronic. Difficult for operators to to compete where the black market which is not going to go away at least not anytime soon. And and a lot of the the properties that are going to election and in a variety states there are owned and operated by. The bodies corporations are experienced investor probably can assure some of their resources. Have experienced directors and mayor bill will be the one setting alliance is really want to state any good chew. Tutu whopper about products to consumers that'll that'll. Force them to just to save the black market. That made it clear that states and and citizens. You know we'll have the opportunity to do is now. My assumption is for your business this is a boon because there's gimme more more people now seeking out advice correct. Correct yeah I live with a good game smiley also yesterday. A couple laps around there and and shouting and they'll per person so long time that is that what was it quarters or Israel that's. It's been advertised at the same time. Fully embraced in their statements on his he and that. Discuss sports betting and Al Michaels making the records here and there it's it's article what's in Nevada so it's. Is sister agency that people who enjoys sports betting talking that few bucks and Monday Night Football while the opportunity now. Why was this law enacted begin with you your opinion. It was enacted not long after that the euro's scandal which are bedding and games that he was managing members also support shaving scandals in recent history and going back in the sixties when a liar acts which was fast. It was thought that. Sport steady woods wouldn't dominated largely by by the modern market so there's always had that connection. And end here in the US and its cast. Got that stigma and beat the legislation that was passed at the back into the league and that's kind of frozen times worse or spitting bullets in 1982. By the way we're talking with the Brett smiley from sports handled dot com so. A bomb patrol for shows like there's there's a guy named for route remember running a scout for ought to mean his business would then boom because of something like this authority has and he's been very go to what he does by. Peter Odom and looking for more and more advice when it comes to sports betting that the opposite side of the coin is people say all my goodness this is gonna lead to addiction and there's going to be more homeless and now all they see is a catastrophic worst. Is there any statistical information or analysis to suddenly backed that up. Yeah no doubt there are some people that maybe aren't any right now that are going to be exposed to data and apps struggle a bit. That's for sure a lot of the people are party wager not sure where. You know they're not terribly concerned with. Responsible gaming we offers an edit permission to interview doctors and Sunday Easter rotten and he. Our program. So people and their families simply want to. The lookout for any signs. Well it's it's immediately we're comfortable right now with people in the scrap just tickets we're. And the beauty and status of a lottery go into the casino and pumping money issue. In this slot machines switch over so I'm gonna lose. I I'm of the mind that people enjoy sports betting in tremendous quantity and this is certainly there's concerns for people who like you prone to addiction but you know that's that's the case with anything. Real quick before I let you go as well lane and in in the talks of all of this I know that there's some racetracks horse tracks and such that are already. You're talking about adding this in this sports betting it's gonna be there right away. Should do you see like a resurgence in some of these places like these are going this is going to be a big boon for some of these other businesses. There were struggling to get drivers along pretty time such as horse tracks. It's absolutely Darnell horse tracks you know if they ask where's that in the and they do it widely used a reliance correctly there. Going to boost profits. It's it's not going to be an Asia and the horse racing handle. Not a waiter has been going down. Steadily. That industry has had some problems as it's got a salt. It's a desolate yet shall a source of revenue by. I don't know how much of the younger generation is really engage a sports page so. That's humorous enough. How are they regulated when it's on the web. Apparently daily and it now in your news geo tracking error urine. Somebody what happened is not going to be able to use less forceful at state and Iowa or Illinois. Is that technology is that we are there. Okay just because I know that there's some people saying what a fine. Traveling yet I'm based out of Wisconsin in May is it just strictly BIP address of geo tracking user other. Mean I'm not a savvy when it comes to that kind of thing but I would assume that they're tracking IP addresses of what to Wear their bases. Per active that this deal and it is that is not the way around that but. I suppose benefited. Look at increasing that states that are going to be offering wagering day say you're traveling inheritance they wanna club down and box. It should be as simple as to which you. There let's say to register. Well it's going to be interstate about how soon I mean that you said seminary states this year ready in the year gonna be up and running a mean I've already seen reports that New Jersey say by labored erred by Memorial Day. We're gonna have everything in place ready ago. But at what point do we fully see this throughout the country so to speak I mean I'm sure there's going to be a few states or does that we really don't want and maybe go those that were reluctant to the lotteries and early on might say the same thing but how soon before you think judge about every state has this enacted. Yeah and we go to a track from the web site where people can check out where restated that by the end of this year you're gonna see. 56 maybe seven states that have legalized and at casinos and racetracks that are offered it in person and mobile. Pats had the big West Virginia already legalized. Mississippi is going to be ready to go security of course. I think by in the year New York Michigan will be on board and probably. By the end of next year could be another ten or a dozen states there's there's is that. While automatic conversation hearing about sports betting and states yet at the source of revenue elites it's activity is starting occurring welcome incurred by the league's. So at this is the wrong it was a really watershed moment and no pun intended to game changer. There you go Brett appreciate the the information thanks for updating us okay. Or should they just rubber it's Miley on sports handled dot com at sports handled dot com you can read his stuff there. And it's it was a landmark decision you know I'm down a house to put him in some who say it was a landmark while because. States were not able to create their own power when it comes sports betting and gambling and AdSense and now has basically wide open it's what you wanna do and it's what's your. Constituency once and when that again I said last night in the piece that I put out many of the stations. This guy got none of the almighty buck as it has all the time I mean it's gonna come down how much revenue can they generate. One other services where can they put the money and I in this is where I encourage many of you to get involved because. With a lot of these other should remember when it was supposed to be a lottery was pretty much forsake. Say you know education and suddenly you know that there wasn't enough money coming in and education are being cut and cut and cut and cut. This is where you agents say this is a brand new stream of revenue. And keep your eye on watchword goes. Is Jimmy infrastructure is it going to be a police fire is it going to be education which I think is probably one of the most important things you can probably. Sink money into in the fact that they cut it every year is absolutely positively ridiculous but. You know and see where the money to follow the money BA's upset about this when it comes of the spending a money issue would be is if they receive gonna. Put attacks and in place and then end up buying into marine I mean because that's worse people than get up in arms about it and don't even know what's going on. Yet you wanna get there you know have something like his present all OK we're just generating new revenue involved involved I'll encourage.