Sparky: Bucks still need a big man

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, December 7th

Steve ‘Sparky’ Fifer, Host of the Bucks Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The Fan, discusses the team coming off their win vs the Pistons. What does he think of the DeAndre Jordan trade rumors? Could Rashad Vaughn become a pivotal piece off the bench?


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We bring announced he's party by pros and bucks post game show 1057 FM the fan. Sparky did you know all that did you know the numbers of John ice were as good as if not better than the bronze putting up and better than when LeBron was putting up when he was shown. Yeah act I didn't know but it is not all that and you know it's. Allen scored players that it heroically okay. Start they all brought shall write app. Or app they tried but it could get up. Players. That is our a tactic situation yet but yet they had a couple injuries last night where not a you know it's gotten a lot I'm Middleton blood all over Washington that you got an idol or one point you're gonna have a chance Lamotte oh. So the team now the last to me and I talk we're talking about the change we were talking about. Bledsoe thinning in we are talking about some of the injuries right now so now that things are coming back. Kind of where you're getting a few guys factored in addition to start a little bit better basketball. Reaction to how this team has jolly. I think you're at the law I mean obviously besides it's something that aptitude YouTube. OJ before the pot. Or you know stop and a quarter pre. Getting up wide open read. And continuing to attitude and that he got the ball a little bit of hot air on the here have fired these are all I'm content trapping doubling of Gulfport and hopefully that will come around at the Eaton comes around and Q what happened I thought a art park will be back at some point yet they say. They'll be outlawed but it you know because technically January Michael peek out the seven games over 500. They're once edited or part of that were like yeah right it really got serious on. We've got some wind in the second half the speed and right now other outlaw pay you write about 67 game over probably bought it so late yet. Are you wanna sell you re more when you look at this team and IE eight and it's hard to believe they're young. Because we've seen these names and heard these names for such a long period of time. But when you think of him song maker some of the guys that are on this team Brock did and you do there's there's some young cats in this team and I keep forgetting. This is that's still all our needs molded clay so to speak you know I inside maker forgetting 23 minutes or notes on was getting some playing time early on and he has not been overwhelmingly impressive. That's the guy that I think I was counting on is kind of being an X-Factor this year and his game progressing what have you seen out of him that has caused him to regress. Well I don't know regret a certain delighted Bocachica big step forward like everybody else hopefully. I did at midrange jumper or a couple of games all black or. I don't at ought all that well yeah it does today they are they still are here and we at multiple. Get those whole OI. So. That while upper. It still. Our all go out. Also I didn't. Kuerten has bought her portrait finish Richard Burt out out of debt. Greer or your an awful I have like but so awful even more ordered. And it is. Wind you going back to on maker for a minute. You're right he get a pretty good post season he had it coming into the post he's a pretty good post season I think that let us auto believe that he was going to take that big next step the one thing. You talk about there is is adding muscle adding weight. It's sometimes it's tougher guys who don't have that extra 101520. Pounds also may have it. And that just changes the way they move. But once they are if they say about Thon makers his footwork is not big he hasn't it looked as quit. I just wonder and trying to add weight to him is just it is it's taken them awhile to catch up to where they won his body to be. Probably I think it's you know hurling into what your body is. I'll make you continue to develop and at and and having Kevin Garnett via pertinent there that can help him you know Garnett with another guy. I'm inquiry. It may partly because it will also the top spot in high school app. Yours yours yours ago look at the at a developed his body over the course I've never looked at guard Adam and thought you know he was. I. Did we figured out. They'll be athletic still rebound at a high level blocked shot he knew he had to also an ethical I'm wanna get them to that same level. What do you thought John Henson's play since he's had more us starting opportunities. I was really really good really good beginning. Debacle little bit here at least it. What we're at it out of place. Sports apple put it on the Arctic that. They believe that they I. I don't think there's anywhere around the epic figure out how to add another big man that looked so what would be your to get inside. Equity bidders like I'm very comfortable. Lot of rumors floating around out there is that is there one that you're latching on to saying this would be beneficial. The attic or rumors is it the date of our politics and that all. The doctor what a guy that you're gonna have idol watcher you know I'm not street forgot that at player opt out of this year he can pick up the week. I don't get get court that agent which obviously. The guy who went to the block all toward the net or additional player coach who value look at okay that we thought battery door and a lot term. Extensions they point 530 million dollars a year. What is happening to Chris Milton Milton had feel like over the Internet and even change it he believed that protecting it and you are what went. On a yacht reported injured two pieces after the first beat them. In the new stadium and I jordin Everton went by and do you got app like we had earlier or whatever you wanna hear more gave half happen. Art so now you're not only you might be good as our blocking shot in rebounding. Yeah hundred ordinance and I would definitely help ease up but you're you're going to be lax and it's going to be hard. I'm Bonnie equality peace. Do you what what do you say go go back to when he returned elegance you get your thoughts on him because last night comes in gets a couple of steals a new team itself only god you know handful of steals last night playing defense put. Give me your thoughts in his song more than a few minutes last night. Unrelated to just shoot a reporter. Eating just learn how to shoot that he's human thought a lot of money that we gain at you know Indies player got a plate on the wing you know locked down another cute about dark. And then shoots nothing but read from the other side or in the late upon you make a lot of minor problem that he not been able to catch up. That's why he's out all over the leaked that. There's stub is always spark would appreciate it we'll chat again next week Al Karen. I want other Orly. And that the first shot on one. I eat proper bench. Quite well actually got on seventeen minute I think last night. I had an impact on the basketball game boy games get talked about earlier dropped shot are organs get more along with Jerry injury. I kind of chocolate yeah sure I've been. Actually get bought rock and I think market yet you check back with the bench. If it integrity like Michael Short so always do app of the week and got back to back the week with the mavericks in the gap Riley matter don't get it bought boxed. Yeah the that you should have plenty of tickets are real for them mavericks game no doubt you get down there and check it out because it's it there's a lot going on downtown too and if you. You don't go to the bucks game right away and you just wanna kind of meander around out there and think about it. They know all the Christmas lights are on display there's a bunch of plays going on down to get downtown and check it out is if plus you don't receive the new building have you been over there or did you want judges media walk through. I do the media locked in but I I've been down there and check him out and I know one of the guys that was the original heated ticket holders of apt at you know the opponent for numbered years. I had to go at the pretty cool bill what about you know they let a late penalty kick at the media members be the first people in the seats at current players but. Odder the original he'd take on living their sticks on. From the very first day in the bought torn nation I thought about her class. What about now absolutely couldn't agree more real quick one thing away from the court what do you make of this stuff with the Weinstein lawsuits in last three being a part of this soon. And his name popping up. Not out of date and have an obviously. You don't want anybody organization captain negative light obviously at in the media. And the one thing that I you know I know absolutely nothing about what happened brightly Harvey Weinstein and and Marc Landry comment one way or another. I'm I mean you you would hold. That the bush and they can not be disappointed find out that he exceeded a war going on that note the you want them on the back about where Kabul that we don't know anything. I. You well if that would come alive I wonder what the NBA would do if anything. I don't know a record I don't that we had anything remotely or her right. Now no doubt good judgment talkies and they go that says he's 45 for most of the box goes insurance which were you wanna 57 FM the fan.